Smoking Gun Revelations In The Kennedy Assassination
On Its 40 Year Anniversary

By Ralph Thomas

This month marks the 40th year anniversary of the assassination of President John Kennedy. Just months after that day in Dallas in November of 1963, the official government version of what happened was issued in the Warren Report. At first, the overwhelming majority of Americans believed the Warren Report. Slowly, over a period of some 40 years, the number of people who support the findings of the first government investigation into the matter have dwindled down to a very small minority.

America changed on that day in November in 1963. Americans and the news media have become cynical since that time. It’s a day marked in time that everyone remembers what they were doing the day JFK was murdered. As a life long student of the Kennedy assassination, I have to tell you that I have read the bulk of the 2,000 plus books written on the subject over a thirty-year period and written one myself. Many in certain circles call what have come to be termed assassination buffs kooks. I personally know many of these people. Sure, there are kooks in any group of people and I would be the first to admit that there are kooks that are JFK assassination researchers. However, the overwhelming majority of the people who do research on the JFK assassination are not, I repeat are not kooks and are coming closer and closer to the truth of what happened every year. There are no less than several hundred people who have a vast knowledge about the JFK assassination and have made it a lifetime obligation of their own to continue their research.

The Kennedy Assassination has ruined many lives over the years for those who have gotten involved in researching and investigating it. In fact, since Jack Ruby died of sudden cancer, there have been an alarming rate of people who got close to the truth and suddenly passed away. The list of strange and sudden deaths include literally hundreds of witnesses, people in the news media and law enforcement people who stumbled upon things that they evidently should not have. Former sheriff Deputy Roger Craig is just one example. Police Chief Jessie Curry’s life was ruined and he was forced to retire from the police department and take a job in private security. The FBI barred any Dallas Police officer from attending the FBI academy for many years. Chief Curry revealed that he didn’t buy the Warren Commission at all. In fact, later down the road, the majority of the members of the Warren Commission itself expressed doubts. Congressman Hal Boggs became somewhat vocal about it and suddenly died in an “accident.”

My friend Larry Howard who started the JFK Assassination Research Center died of a sudden heart attack in the 1990s. So did the co-author or Gary Shaw’s book, Cover-up who was working on a new angle. So did Joe West, a private investigator from Houston, who was investigating and researching another angle.

Jean Hill, one of the closest witnesses to the Kennedy assassination had finally came out of her silence and wrote a book called The Last Dissenting Witness in the 1990’s. Jean Hill was a young woman when she witnessed President Kennedy’s assassination. She claimed she saw someone fire shots from behind the picket fence up on the grassy knoll. She claimed in her book she gave her eyewitness testimony to law enforcement. The suites who interviewed her told her that there were only three shots and all of them came from the School Book Depository. She was told that it would pay her to keep her mouth shut. Jean Hill claims in her book that she was under 24-hour surveillance for decades and that she remained silent for decades. By the time Oliver Stone started working on his movie JFK, Jean Hill came out of the closet on it and was hired as a consultant for the movie. After her book came out, she started doing some speeches about it. Then, like hundreds of others who have in the past, she suddenly passed away.

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Just this last year, I had called an old friend Gary Shaw who was one of the first generation assassination researchers. I had been to Dallas the week before and had him on my mind. Gary is dedicated Christian man who spends a lot of time doing good deeds for his church. I remember back when I was working on a book titled Missing Links In The JFK Assassination, Gary was very helpful. At the time, there were a large number of assassination researchers and many of them seemed to have their own agenda and their own specific ax to grind. Not Gary Shaw, he just wanted to know the truth. Gary is retired now. He’s selling off his collection of stuff like an original copy of Jack Ruby’s business card. I had told Gary that the History Channel was again doing another week long broadcast on the 40th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination. After decades of struggle with the issue, Gary no longer seemed interested. The JFK Assassination has stolen years of Gary Shaw’s life. Yep, it had taken decades away from him. There was a period of time when he was kind of like the glue that held the different assassination researchers together but that’s all gone. “Too many people have died trying, I’m just giving up and retiring,’ Gary told me.

In the last ten years, there has been considerable advances and new evidence brought to light concerning the JKF assassination. This is a review of some of the newest evidence to come to light.

The Zupruder Film
The Zupruder Film is an 8MM home movie film that was taken by Abraham Zupruder. It's the single most revealing movie taken at the time of the assassination as it shows President Kennedy being assassinated. For years, researchers have claimed that the Zupruder film revealed evidence of tampering but it wasn't until May of 2003 that new scientific evidence was presented that point to that conclusion. In May of 2003, there was a major Symposium of assassination researchers in Duluth Minnesota which was sponsored by the University of Minnesota Duluth. At this Symposium were digital graphics and motion picture experts from around the world. Some very revealing evidence was obviously presented at this symposium. Two new books have been published in the last few months as a result of this symposium and some of the experts who have worked on this film in a forensic manner for years. These new published works are:

The Zupruder Film: Reframing JFK's Assassination By David R. Wrone

The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: Deceit And Deception
In The Death Of JFK-By James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
Reviews off of:

You can view the Zupruder Film online Yourself at the following location

Color frames of the Zapruder Film

Much of the evidence exposed in these two books relates to the fact that the Zupruder film has been well….to put it mildly, altered. That is, what the Zupruder film shows is a hoax. Some of the evidence set out in the two works above include:

1) Scientific Lineup Of Lampposts In The Zupruder Film Are Not Correct
2) Shadow Castings Of The Same Lampposts In The Zupruder Film Are Not Correct
3) Scientific Lineup Of The Highway Sign Does Not Match Up
4) Pincushion Distortion Is Not Consistent With The Highway Sign
5) Pincushion Distortion Isn't Consistent With The Back Wall
6) Witnesses Who Are Proven To Be In Place Are Not Present In The Zupruder Film
7) Ghost Images Don't Match Frames In The Zupruder Film
8) Jean Hill And Mary Moorman Have Changed Color Of Shoes In The Zupruder Film
9) Jean Hill And Mary Moorman Have Been Relocated In The Zupruder Film
10) Head Explosion Disappears Too Fast In The Zupruder Film
11) Blurring Effect In Individual Frames Are Not Consistent
12) Secret Service Agent Geer Makes Impossible Head Turns In The Zupruder Film
13) Background References Appear And Then Disappear In The Zupruder Film.
14) There are Missing Objects In The Grass In The Zupruder Film.
15) Other Shadows Don't Match Up Correctly In The Zupruder Film

The Changing Crime Scene
Another point of reference that seems fresh to me is the fact that the assassination Plaza in Dallas, Texas has been changed. When you go there and look at the place, it looks the same unless you do more careful examination. Light posts have been moved, sidewalks have been paved over, and street curbs had been redone. I mean, after 40 years, one would automatically think that these things needed to be done for routain maintance. However, James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. new book points out that things change often. The reason they do is that this place is a point of forensic measurement for researchers. When points of references, such as the thickness of sidewalks, curbs and street pavement, along with the changing fence post lengths on the top of the grassy knoll, along with the constant movement of lamp posts, any measurements done their today are meaningless. Fetzer even pointed out that the lamp posts are set on washers so they can be raised and lowered at different times. Fetzer also reveals that there had been many small boxes on signs, trees and lamp posts in the plaza that had been labeled rain gages or something. He implies that these might be some sort of listening devises. I mean, I don’t know about that. If someone wanted to place covert listening devices in the plaza, they are now so small you wouldn’t need to mark them as rain gages and they would be almost impossible to spot with the naked eye. Who knows why they had all these rain gages in the plaza on the day Fetzer went there. I mean he points out in his book that it must be so people would know if it’s raining on one part of the plaza and not ten feet away on the other—who really knows!

Doctor Crenshaw's Story
Doctor Charles A. Crenshaw was one of the attending doctors that treated President Kennedy at Parkland Hospital. In 1992 he released a paperback book called, JFK Conspiracy Of Silence. My good friend Gary Shaw helped Doctor Crenshaw compile this book in the 1990’s. Doctor Charles A. Crenshaw maintained that he observed a bullet entrance wound in the front of JFKs head and a massive exit wound in the back of the head. He also maintained that the front throat wound was an entrance wound. Crenshaw implied that the shot was fired from the grassy knoll area, not from behind the President which is the location of the Texas School Book Depository. Doctor Crenshaw stated in his book that the other doctors that treated Kennedy at Parkland Hospital knew all of this and were involved in a Conspiracy Of Silence. Crenshaw also attended to the treatment of Lee Harvey Oswald after he was shot on Sunday. Crenshaw's most startling revelation in the book was a telephone call he obtained from President Lyndon Johnson. Crenshaw insisted that Johnson called him while Oswald was on the emergency room table and had ordered Crenshaw to obtain a "deathbed confession from Oswald." Crenshaw was attacked in the news media and other circles when his book was released. Many called President Johnson's telephone call to Crenshaw a lie. Crenshaw’s findings, which he stated in his book went like this:

1) Kennedy’s back of the head was completely blown out. This is in conflict with autopsy photographs and implies a shot from the front and to the right, the grassy knoll. Crenshaw is not the only person to describe the head in this manner. Other doctors and morticians have described the back of the head in the same manner. On page two, Crenshaw states, “The entire right hemisphere of President Kennedy's brain was obliterated. . . .” On page 78 he states that, “ I noticed that the entire right hemisphere of his brain was missing, beginning at his hairline and extending all the way behind his right ear.” On page 86 he states again that, “his entire right cerebral hemisphere appeared to be gone. It looked like a crater, an empty cavity.” Although the autopsy photos show something entirely different, there is enough evidence that was revealed in the 1980’s by people like David Lifton in his book Best Evidence that point to the fact that the body of Kennedy had been altered from the time it left Dallas until the time that it was examined at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington DC.

2) There was a small entrance wound in the throat. Another description made by many others and again, implying a shot from the front, not the back where the School Book Depository was.

3) Doctors at Parkland Hospital knew all this and were fearful to speak out. They had been threatened to keep quite. The facts remain that many described the wounds just as Doctor Crenshaw did in the day of the assassination. It was not until after President Johnson appointed the Warren Commission that people clamed up and started altering their story on it.

4) Likely the most sensational chapters in the book is a section in which Doctor Crenshaw was assisting with Lee Harvey Oswald on the Sunday after the assassination and after Oswald had been shot. Crenshaw claims he was called away from the operating room to take a urgent phone call from the President of the United States, Lyndon Johnson. Johnson ordered him to take deathbed confession from Oswald. Oswald could not talk and never regain consciousness. He died on that operating table. Crenshaw was attacked by peers and the news media about this when the book was released. However, in more recent years, a telephone operator who took the call and put it through to Crenshaw has come forward to confirm it.

Like a lot of others who have spoken out, Doctor Crenshaw recently died.

There is a vary good review of Doctor Crenshaw’s book, Conspiracy Of Silence , off of

The Judith Vary Baker Story: Oswald's Mistress

The History Channel recently did an hour-long story with Judith Vary Baker who has been an unknown witness to the activity of Lee Harvey Oswald during his stay in New Orleans a few months before the assassination. Baker was a cancer researcher from Florida. She obtained an assignment in New Orleans and worked with some well known doctors doing cancer research. After she got to New Orleans, she meant and fell in love with Lee Harvey Oswald. Baker states that she got involved in the an attempted development of a cancer strain that could be used to infect Castro. Her story can be collaborated through several different sources. Baker claims that Oswald helped her develop the cancer strain which was done at the David W. Ferrie apartment in secret. (Ferrie was under investigation by the Garrison investigation and suddenly died just as Jim Garrison was getting ready to arrest him) She was working under the direction of a medical researcher by the name of Doctor Mary Sherman (suddenly murdered in July of 1964).

Her story gets even more revealing as she wrote on the Internet recently in her own words in a letter for her high school reunion page:

To all my old friends at MHS! As you may recall, I was engaged in cancer research, and seemed to drop out of sight. Until now, I could not have mentioned what was going on in my life. Didn't you ever wonder what had happened to me? I, who had won national recognition for my magnesium project, and whose cancer research project gained Honors in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, plus a trip to Buffalo to work in the nation's oldest cancer laboratories, seemed to vanish.. However, between 1961 and 1963, I was trained to do special cancer research. I became involved in an anti-castro project in New Orleans. I can't even discuss the impact of this project, but suffice that by spring of 1963, I was working for Reily coffee company as a front (my boss was former FBI agent William Monaghan) while actually engaged in clandestine cancer research with 'Dr.' David W. Ferrie (supposedly committed suicide but was probably murdered during the Garrison investigation) and renowned medical specialist Dr. Mary Sherman (brutally murdered July 21, 1964 for her part in the scenario I am about to describe). You may recall that I took Russian (all fees paid) at Manatee (then Jr.) Community College. I spoke crude conversational Russian by 1963, when I was introduced in New Orleans to Lee Harvey Oswald. When I wore my hair and makeup the same as his wife, Marina, --for I was same height, weight, and spoke Russian, Lee Oswald and I could worked together. Lee was involved in an anti-Castro project whose sponsor,. dr. Ochsner, was possibly related to the CIA in fact, one of Ochsner's best friends was 'Wild Bill' Donovan, who founded the CIA and who was, like Ochsner, a President of the American cancer Society. The project included delivery of live biological weapons into Cuba, aimed to kill Castro. Not only was Oswald an innocent man, he was framed in Dallas. He was a patriot who, had he defended himself, would have led to our deaths. We had endured the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, and the threat of communism spreading throughout Central and South America. I have been unable to speak about this for all these years, and indeed went into hiding after the events of Nov. 22-24, 1963. I am writing this to let light fall at last upon what must have seemed my many mysterious activities even in high school--such as meeting with Nobel Prize winners in St. Petersburg, and why I was never to become a doctor or research scientist. My book will come out next year, we believe, dealing with these events, and of my love affair with Lee. A little more biography: AA degree in 1965 from U of FL Gainesville. rec'd a B.S. degree in anthropology U of Houston. Rec'd M.A. from University of Central Florida in Creative Writing/Linguisitics. ABD/Ph.D. University of Louisiana. Had five children: Susan-- M.A. Creighton U.: she has three children. Josiah has six degrees. Professor at U. of Central FL, economics. World traveled, Has two children. James; graduated valedictorian (rank #1), SE H.S. 1991. Won Gold Feather Award. Has B.S. & M.A. from Vanderbilt U. Computer guru. Has two children.. John: graduated valedictorian SE High school 1992 (rank #0, a 'higher' rank than #1, as he also graduated PRIOR to H.S. graduation from MCC with an AA in engineering and had a GPA that was off the chart). Won Golden Herald Award in Mathematics, 1992. Grad. U of Central FL and Penn State with MS in computer engineering. Does classified work for the government. Sarah: graduated 1998, valedictorian of her class at North Central HS, Lafayette area, Louisiana. Married and attends U of LA in Lafayette. Plans to become a professional artist. Just as her siblings did, she attends on full scholarships. Was married 24 years -- divorced after I left the Mormon Church, which we had both joined in 1969 (I wanted to clear my conscience of the project and the pain of it all--I had seen Lee get shot on TV, and I needed a new start in life). I had married Robert Baker just after meeting Lee, and had planned to divorce him after Lee and I fell in love (Lee was not getting along with his wife at all). Lee Oswald had been sent into Russia so that he could then be sent into Cuba. But the Kennedy assassination trapped us. Lee was a handy scapegoat. He knew he was going to be set up, but hoped he could do something to save Kennedy. This is the man who is blamed for Kennedy's death. The cruelty of the way Lee Oswald was treated is unbelievable to me. I had even met Jack Ruby, who had liked Lee. The Mafia knew of us. Forced Ruby to murder Lee, or they would have exposed his part in everything, as he had been a longtime FBI informant. I believe the mob held the lives of his sister, Eva, and of his two brothers, over his head. He knew about the cancer research project. He even thought he had been injected with live cancer cells (he died of sudden lung cancer--which was what our project revolved around originally). Lee was a courageous man -- as will come out soon. I really don't expect you to believe any of this without documentation and proof. Don't be concerned: I've got the proof. Disinformation people possibly related to the CIA may try to muddy up my reputation. They have even claimed on the internet that I never did any cancer research in high school, and many other lies. It doesn't matter. I have my defenders and I've been able to prove everything I'm saying. . I've lived in Mexico and Norway as well as having traveled extensively. I spent seven years teaching college English in Louisiana and Texas, while gathering witnesses on tape and film who knew about me and Lee. Now I am living in Holland due to harassment in the U.S. I send my very best wishes to everyone. Judyth (Judy Vary)


The Barr McClenn Story
Blood Money And Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K.

McClellan is a lawyer who worked at one time for the Clark Law Firm in Austin, Texas. This is the law firm that handled Lyndon Johnson’s personal affairs. His new book exposes things never before revealed. The book sets out in some revealing facts that Johnson was about to be dropped from the ticket by President Kennedy as his Vice President. Not only that, scandals had been swelling around him that could have landed him in jail for some of the illegal dealings he had been involved in in the past. These included, influence peddling, money laundering and even murder. The book clearly sets out facts in a convincing manner that the Clark Law Firm was used in a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy so Johnson could become President. McClellan reveals some of the hushed whispers that went on around the law firm pointing to how Johnson became President though assassination. McClellan has fingerprint evidence in his book that is quite revealing of one Malcolm Wallace who was part of the assassination shooting team and who was on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository Building. An unknown fingerprint was found on the sixth floor and lifted by the Dallas Police. This fingerprint belongs to Malcolm Wallace.

McClellan sets out that there was Malcolm Wallace, who was with Oswald on the sixth floor and one Bill Yates who fired shots from the grassy knoll. For many years there has been eyewitness testimony of people in suites showing Secret Services identifications around the assassination scene in the minutes after the shots had been fired. This had always been a puzzle as there were no Secret Service agents stationed in the area and none of the Secret Service agents protecting the President moved out of the motorcade. All of them moved on to Parkland Hospital with the President. McClellan reveals that both Malcolm Wallace and Bill Yates had official Secret Service identification and were dressed in suites so they could flee the assassination scene easily.

During the sunset years of Lyndon Johnson and in the few months and years before he died, McClellan sets out in his book how Johnson became clinically depressed. A psychiatrist was called in to do psychotherapy, which was handled by the law firm he worked for. In that psychotherapy treatment, McClellan reveals that former President Johnson told the psychiatrist about the “Kill’ins” he was involved in including the one in “Dallas.” McClellan sets out in his book one of the last meetings his law firm had with Johnson in which associate Don Thomas went to the LBJ ranch a month or so before Johnson died. According to McClellan, Don Thomas revealed the contents of this meeting in which Johnson told Thomas that he had revealed to the treating psychiatrist stuff about the murders Johnson had been involved in, including Dallas. McClellan states in his book that the Clark law firm set up a million dollar trust for the psychiatrist to buy his silence.

You can download some of the McClellan book evidence in PDF files off of:

And review the McClellan book off his web site at:

After 40 years, there seems to be some major cracks in the case and things are starting to come to light. The American people have a right to know the truth on what happened on November 22nd, 1963. The years of stonewalling, lies and cover-ups seem to be coming to an end and the truth in finally starting to emerge. It needs to! As a country, we need to make sure such a thing doesn’t happen again.

My Best,
Ralph Thomas
Round Rock, Texas