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Official Newsletter Of NAIS

January 20th, 2003 Edition
National Association Of
Investigative Specialists, Inc.

Breaking PI News

Smart Cameras Use Microchip
Technology To Enhance Surveillance

A Geek.com Story

Spy Games : International Espionage Is Hitting the High-Tech World
An ABCNews Story

High Powred Microwave Missles
America's Ultra-Secret Weapon

A Time Story

Espionage Case may Face Public Trial
A YahooNews Story

Former Sheriff Gets Life for Plotting Successor s Death
A PoliceOne Story

Hackers Humble Security Experts
A WiredNews Story

With Two Days Left In Power
Illinoise Govonor Commutes All Death Sentences In State

A Washignton Post Story

Power Lines Spark Net Access
A WiredNews Story

Woman Sells Million Dollars Worth of Computers On Places Like EBay But Never Delivered Them!
WiredNews Story

Resort Town: Any Familiar Faces?
WiredNews Story

New US Secret Service Chief
A Guardian Story

Face Recognition Cameras Stir 'Big Brother' Fears
A WashingtonPost Story

Wanted: What's His Name Again?
WiredNews Story

Instant Messaging Goes 3D
A ZDnet Story

Vatican City Is Wworld's Worst
For Crime

An Ananova Story

ACLU Spooked by Domestic Spying
A WiredNews Story

FBI Issues Bulletin About Deadly
Ricin Poison

A WashingtonPost Story

New US Spy Agency Under Consideration!
A Charlotte Observer Story

Nuke Lab Strips Top Cops' Badges
A WiredNews Story

US Army Unveils 'Hacker in a Box' Truck Technology
A Hacktivismo Story

Computer Glitches - Patients Not Dead After All!
An Ananova Story

World's Largest Screen Laptop
A New Apple Computer Product

World's Smallest Laptop
A New Apple Computer Product

Featured Articles

The Telephone Corner
By Michele (Ma-Bell) Yontef

Personal Injury Investigator:
The Chiroprator

By Grace Castle, CLI

Basics Of DNA Fingerprinting
By Kate Brinton and Kim-An Lieberman

Turn Tables on Cellphone Snoops
A CyberCrime Article

New Technology For Crime Scene Search
A Popular Science Article

Reversing Wrongful Convictions
Cowling Investigations, Inc.

Summaries of 46 Cases in Which Mistaken or Perjured Eyewitness Testimony Put Innocent Persons on Death Row
From IllinoisDeathPenalty.com

Wiretapping Then and Now - An Article for Countermeasures Services
A How Things Work Article

Surveillance In The Workplace
By Kevin Bonsor

Wrongful Convictions---Our Nation's Disgrace -An Update
From Grace Castle's CluesOnline

Wrongful Convictions In Capitol
Cases And Prosecutorial Misconduct

A Series of Articles From The Chicago Tribune

Who's Eyeing Your Email?
A CyberCrime Article

How Lie Detectors Work
By Kevin Bonsor

Step-By-Step Tire Track Examination
By Varfree

Glossary For Information Retrieval
Everything You Wanted To Know But Didn't Know Who To Ask

Understanding Facial Recognition Technology
A How Things Work Article

Anatomy For Investigators
An Inner Body Presentation

Low Cost Search Engine Marketing for Small Businesses
By Daria Goetsch

Sketching the Future
A Cybercrime Article

Types of Identity Theft
by Lee Ann Obringer

NAIS Awards for 2002

Buddy Bombet
NAIS Lifetime Achievement Award

Jimmie Mesis
Speaker Of The Year Award

John LaJoie
NAIS Investigator Of The Year Award

Jack Murray
NAIS Author Of The Year Award




Just Released!
New 64 Hour
Digital Recorder/
Automatic Telephone Recorder/CellPhone



Did You Know You
Can Get Certification
Through NAIS?

Certified Missing Persons
Investigator (CMPI)

Certified Online Searching
And Internet Investigator

Certified Insurance
Claims Investigator (CICI)

Certified Process Server


International Legal And Government Links
Extensive link list

Law Enforcement Online
Over 5,000 law enforcement links

Reverse Email Lookup
Not full-proof but not bad.

Corporate Information
All kinds of searches on corporations and businesses in America.

The Web Browser Wars

Meet The Neat Features of Netscape 7.0
Safari-Apple's New Turbo Fast Browser


Meet and network with other
NAIS members through an
Email group for NAIS
Members Only.


Just Updated!
Major New Resource For
NAIS Members!
Public Records Resources!
Online And Offline Sources Of Information!

This Information normally sells
for $65.00 on A CD-Rom
But It's Free For NAIS Members!

Ultimate People Finder Web Site
Good find! This place has hundreds of links to help you find missing persons of all types.

Download Finds!

Energy Spy 1.2
Schedule a shutdown, reboot, logoff, poweroff, standby and hibernate. This program also supports command line options for batch scripts. You can set a keyboard shortcut for any action.

123 STARR PC & Internet Monitor 3.23
This is a monitoring tool for both networked and personal PCs. It lets companies and individuals track the use and abuse of PCs easily and invisibly using password-protected encrypted log files.

AntiSpy 1.60
This tool eliminates traces Internet activity and work on your computer. In IE it can clear the location Bar History and cookies, delete your history and temporary Internet files. When you use Netscape Navigator this can clear the history, cookies, and cache.

SnoopFree Privacy Shield 1.0
This program stops key-loggers and snooping software in real-time, providing firewall-like protection for your keyboard, screen and open windows and alerting you in real-time if anyone tries to spy on you. This product protects you at the lowest level of Windows XP and detects all known and unknown threats.

This program blocks pop-ups and a variety of other annoyances that can degrade the quality of your Web experience. Version 2.0 includes XGuard™ to help prevent the accidental installation of malicious software, limited cookie management, and the option to delete many cached items when exiting Internet Explorer.

NAIS recommends the following up-coming conferences and seminarsings

01/25 Email Tracing Workshop with Joe Seanor, former CIA, Security Chief AOL.
01/31: CALI Mid-winter Conference
Long Beach, CA
02/21-22: TALI Annual Winter Seminar
Houston, TX
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