My Take On The Cutting Edge Of Computer Technology!

By Ralph Thomas

New Apple Computers Now Runs Crashing
Windows At Native Speed! There Isn't Any
Reason Now To Use Anything Else And
Why Would Anyone Want To!
Here's Why.....

I was using a Macintosh Computer even before the first versions of Windows came out. I can remember those first Apple computers with the graphical interface and the mouse which no one else had until Microsoft cloned a cheap version of the Macintosh graphical operating system with a mouse than ran on top of ah DOS.

ComputerPen! Here Is What Your Near Future Computer May Look Like! Chances Are Almost
Certain That It Will Not Be Running Windows Or VISTA But It Might Be Running Apple As It's OS.

Thomas still has the first Apple Computer he ever owned. It was a Macintosh Plus that ran a program called Pagemaker which let him lay out his own books and his own catalogs before they went to a printer. The Macintosh Plus ruined the business known as typesetting in which type and text along with graphics and photos was pasted down on pasteboards for print publications. When online searching came into being, this machine was used to access the NCI network as well as Leroy Cook's, ION. Today this machine is on display in the Spy And Private Eye Museum along with several other old computers. You will not find any Windows machines in the collection and after reading this article, you will understand why. The computer to the right cost about $3,500, another $4,000 for a laser printer and another couple thousand dollars for software. They have come way down in price!

I can remember walking into a computer store and seeing the rush to windows when my remark was, "What's the big deal! I had that a year ago on an Apple and it worked right then and it works right now! These windows don't even work they only tile!" I have often made the comment that I just couldn't understand why anyone would want to use Windows even in those early days but today, there just isn't any reason to extend the pain any longer and continue to use Windows because the new Apple operating system known as OS 10.5 will now run Windows at native speed. It's like getting two computers in one. Actually, it's more like having about six or seven computers in one which you will come to learn in this article with the new "spaces" feature.

We just upgraded our computers and we are very careful computer buyers. We looked at everything before we bought and we bought all Macs. Our PC machines than run Windows are now on the last legs and when they are dead, they too are going to get replaced with Macs. I can not wait for that day. Windows has done nothing but cause computer users (including our office) a bunch of pain and a bunch of wasted time with stuff that don't function right for many years. Those days are quickly coming to an end and I'm delighted about it.

The New Apple Desktop And The Dock
The Dock (pictured above in the screen shoot) lets you place whatever files or application you want in them by simply Dragging them onto the Dock bar. You can choose to have the Dock at the bottom, on the left or on the right of your computer screen. The Dock lets you stack file folders. When you run your mouse over the file folder, the files within that folder pop up and you simply select the file you want.

MOs Never Seem To Change!
MOs on companies, like MOs on people never seem to change. I remember when Apple released the first graphical user interface that used a Mouse. It was revolutionary. It was amazing. Microsoft quickly followed with a not-so-good version of what they called Windows. When Apple came out with what is known as OSX it was a completely new operating system built on top of Unix which is very very stable. Windows soon followed with some more beta wear they call VISTA. VISTA doesn't seem to be functional with much and if you don't believe me ask around. It's ah buggy, very buggy! A few years ago, Apple released the iPod which took off like a rocket. Microsoft soon followed the me-too band wagon with an MP3 player they called the Zune which was a big flop. The point I am trying to make is that Apple is innovative and Microsoft just tries to copy what looks to be a success. The Microsoft business plan of copying everyone else's ideas and then putting out what's called beta ware doesn't work any more and Apple computers are now light years ahead of Windows and Vista in new technology and function. You either have the cutting edge or you don't. Apple does and Microsoft doesn't.

Apple Commercials Drive The Point Home!
The Guy On The Left is a PC and The Guy On The Right A Mac!
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Beta Systems That Don't Work Or A Completely Stable Cutting Edge OS
Need I even mention VISTA, the new operating system that is suppose to replace Windows? I know about 30 people who got it. I also know 30 people who have major computer and comparability problems. VISTA is beta ware. What is beta ware? It's the same thing Windows used to be until they fixed everything. Beta ware is supposed to be sent to beta users for free who test it and then report back so bugs can be fixed. The problem with Windows when it first came out is that it was not stable because it was a quick fix to come up with an operating system with a graphical user interface and a mouse that sort of acted like Apple's first one. For the most part the "windows" would not open and could not be moved. Windows is more stable and improved now but it's now an old operating system so VISTA is now out the same way Windows was first introduced. It doesn't work right. You may help test if for free for Microsoft (after you paid for it!) and over a long period of time they will give you patches and fixes. Well, what are you supposed to do in the mean time? Forget it and get an Apple. Their system is usually completely stable the day it is released. I just installed the new 10.5 OSX operating system and here is my report: All circuits are functioning and the system is completely operational.The only problem I had was an older copy of Photoshop 7.0 would not open but I have the new Photoshop so we are just fine. You try to upgrade a Windows system like that and it's a nightmare. I'm sure you know what I mean. Then on Windows machines there are the crashes, freezes, viruses, bloated patches and fixes, incompatibilities and on and on. You don't have those major problems on an Apple machine. A lot of people think I never had a Windows machine. Well, I have had about eight of them and still have a few. However, I only use Windows when I have to and now when I need it, it loads on a Mac as a minor feature which is where it belongs!

Blazing Fast Computers
Without The Computer Box And Without All Those Cords And Cables!

The new iMacs have the complete computer system built right into the screen. There is no bulky computer box. They feature an Intel Core 2 processor at speeds up to 2.8GHz in amazing HD color! All new iMacs have built in video/still cameras, wireless airport cards (for wireless internet and printer connections) which removes a bunch of cords. The new iMacs start at only $1199.00 and come with an amazing selection of software built just for Apple Computers By Apple Computer. Simple, elegant and easy to use has always been an Apple trademark.
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Sidebars, Coverflow And Quicklook
On an Apple, finding files is easy, fast, and fun and there is more than one way to do just about anything. See the Smile face at the bottom of the screen on the left on the dock? You click on that and your "finder" and sidebar comes up. Everything on your computer at your fingertips. You can scroll through your files and applications using what is called Cover Flow as shown in the above graphic.

If you want to take a quick look at something without opening an application of the actual file, that is easy to do. And finding anything on a Mac is lightening fast.

Automatic Backup And Time Machine
Apple computers lets you plug an external hard drive into them and automatic backups of everything on your hard drive happens automatically. You no longer have to remember to do it. Time Machine lets you go back in time and see your computer as it was for any hour on any day. If you want to find a file you did three months ago, just go back in time with Time Machine and the system will find it. Once found, all you have to do is select that file, restore it and it's back just the way it was when you created it. No more lost files every again. This built in feature is so cool it makes you want to turn into some bytes yourself and jump right into your computer to go back and forward in time at will!

The Apple Safari Web Browser
The new Safari web browser found in 10.5 is 4.52 times faster than Foxfire and more than twice as fast as it's earlier versions. If you still insist on using a Windows machine, there is some good news for you! You can get the Safari web browser downloaded to your crashing windows machines for free by simply going to It used to be that Apple users went to Microsoft to download the Internet Explorer web browser but that's now way out of date! Now it's the other way around. Windows users are going to the Apple computer web site to get the new generation Safari web browser for their Windows machines and there is good reasons for that. Here is the latest features in the new Safari:

Find inline.
Type a word into the new Find banner below the Bookmarks Bar, and Safari shows you the number of matches and brightly highlights matching terms while dimming the rest of the page. So you can view and browse every instance — in an instant.

Pick up the tabs.
With tabbed browsing in Safari, you can open and switch between multiple web pages in a single window. Drag and drop your tabs to rearrange them, open one in a new browser window, or merge all your current windows into one tabbed window. Safari resizes each tab depending on the number you have open. You can bookmark a set of tabs or revert to the tabs that were open when you last closed or quit Safari.

PDFs at your service.
The new PDF controls in Safari let you zoom in and out, save a PDF file, or open one in Preview — all from the comfort of your browser.

Clip it.
Now you can turn any web page into a Dashboard widget. Click the Web Clip button next to the address field in Safari and select exactly what you want your new widget to display. Then click Add, and Safari sends your Web Clip widget to Dashboard, where you can view it alongside your other widgets. You can even customize its border using built-in styles on the back of the widget. Your Web Clip widget is “live” and will update as frequently as the page from which it came.

Surf securely.
Safari protects your personal information when you surf the web on a shared or public Mac. Go ahead — check your bank account and .Mac email at the library or shop for birthday presents on the family Mac. Safari also uses strong 128-bit encryption when accessing secure sites such as your bank or an online store, so you can transmit account and payment information with confidence.

Even if you are going to continue to stay in the computer Wanta-be category and keep your windows machine and OS for right now, the least thing you can do for yourself for free is to download the Safari web browser for Windows. I'm sure it will not run as fast as it would on a Mac because of all the patches and fixes you have to have in your Windows machine to make it actually function, you will be faster than anything else on a Windows machine. To download it for free, click here. Once you do that, you will be at least one small step closer to having real computer power.

Spaces! It's Like Having Four Or Five Computers In One!
The new feature called Spaces let you open files and applications in Different Windows and then make that Window your desktop. One toggle and you can quickly switch back and forth between windows. It's like having several computers running at the same time!

Quick And Easy Email
Apple's program simply called "Mail" is I believe the very best and most advanced email client in the market place. First of it, like everything Apple it' easy to use with no complicated learning curve. You can learn to use it in five minutes or less. It' fast, very fast and very smart. If it sees a phone number, date, web page or address, you can click on it and it recognizes it for what it is and it will place it for you in your contact lists, bookmarks, calendar or photo library for you. Mail gives you very rich text emails to use called email stationery. You pick on, drag and drop photos onto it, type some text and zoom. Your email is sent. When the reader opens it, they will likely think you spent half a day creating such a fancy email! It's all very amazing but simply to do.

Boot Camp And Running Windows At Native Speed On A Mac
It's Like Having Both A Mac And A PC All In One Super System!
With the new BootCamp built right in to the new Apple operation system, there just is not any reason any more to have a secondary Windows computer to run certain applications because Windows can now be built right in to your Apple Computer and run as a secondary application ( which is where it belongs!) at native speed. The new Apple operating system renders Windows s a sideline thing you use only when you have to to run a program or two not yet made for the superior light years away Apple computer. I believe that in the future, Windows is going to be rendered a minor thing sometimes used on an Apple Computer.

High Level Speed, Superior Performance And Reliability
The nice thing about the Apple OS is it's lightning fast speed, high performance and reliability. It's like a finally tuned race car that's built for speed and she's highly reliable and stable. The new operating system delivers 64 bit power in it's universal operating system.It also delivers Core Animation which is nothing like you have ever seen. Multicore offers astounding performance with up to eight cores of processing power! She's fully compliant with UNIX technology. Apple's advanced security features were built from the ground up not patched together as an after though. Bonjour technology gets the Apple OS to work with other smart devises so everything works together without any problems. Who would really want anything else? I didn't know but we are really just scratching the surface here!

Accounting And MacOffice On A Mac
The day I loaded OSX 10.5 on my iMac I had just received an email from the office with the day's report which has always been done in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. I downloaded it and opened in. To my amazement, it opened in an Apple developed program called simply called Numbers! I checked this program out which had been on my machine for a while and I didn't even know about it. It was part of another software program I had gotten monthly earlier. What a surprise! Spreadsheet on a Mac application other than Microsoft and that program will open a Microsoft file! So will iText which is Apple's text editing program open a Word file and so on and so forth. That spreadsheet was about the only remaining hold-over in our office for using Windows at all in the first place! Bye-Bye Crashing Windows! There will be no VISTA updates around here! Ok I'm kidding. We are going to get one VISTA upgrade on just one computer so we can turn it on once in a while for a laugh!

Amazing Easy To Learn And Use Applications And Software
Here is a review of two suites of applications you will actually use. Built from the ground up just for APple computers. iWork and iLife:


iWork For Your Work Life
iWork is Apple's amazing productivity suite for the Mac, iWork '08 includes three applications: Pages 08 for word processing with an incredible sense of style; Numbers 08 for powerful, compelling spreadsheets made easy; and Keynote '08 for cinema-quality presentations for everyone.

iLife for Your Personal Life
iLife contains applications centered around your personal and entertainment life. It includes six applications.
iPhoto - Now iPhoto automatically organizes your library by Events. GarageBand - Make music, audition instruments, even create your own virtual band. iMovie - Completely redesigned to help you make movies in minutes. iWeb - Create websites that are more custom, more complete, more you. .Mac Web Gallery - iLife and .Mac let you share photos and movies online with a click. iDVD0 Create Hollywood-style DVDs featuring your movies and slideshows.

Built In Programs And Integration For Your Life
Apple calls a lot of their stuff starting with an "I' like iMac, iLife, iphone, iCal, iChat, iTunes and so forth not because it's about them but because it's all about you the user. It's just the way they think about things. Most of the applications you will need and use are built right into and included with an Apple Computer from email and Safari web browser to iMovie (edit your movies) iPhoto (edit your photos) Garage Band (make your own music), iWeb (make your own web pages) iChat (chat and video conference online) Address book (keeps your contact information quick and easy that sync and function with other apps) iDVD (make your own DVDs), iCal (keep track of your appointments), Keynote (Apple's answer to Presentations), Pages (Apple's newsletter and layout program for print media) and on and on. (Some of these programs such as Pages cost a little extra for the full versions but the accessory Apple software programs are unlike the expensive stuff you sometimes have to buy) .

Aside form all that, OSX has stuff built right into it that works very well. For example Spotlight can find any file in a matter of seconds and even searches inside files using keyword searching. AppleScript lets you automate repetitive tasks. Dashboard is an area where you can store widgets of which there are thousands you can download for free. Widgets are small programs that do simply things like a desktop calculator, digital paper shredder (actually that' actually built right in as an option when you empt the trash now), different kinds of clocks, specialized web contact grabber such as specialized news readers and podcast grabbers, telephone books, flight trackers, games and a whole host of other really cool tiny applications. OSX has a built in Dictionary, DVR player, and the new PhotoBooth lets you snap photos with the built in camera and do some editing and special effects. OSX has its own built in PDF reader called Preview, it's own set of powerful parental controls, it's own built in automator, a huge selection of screen savers and built in desktop backgrounds, advanced security tools and options, simplified printing ability, a massive selection of system preferences, and it all based on Unix which is highly stable.

Dot Mac-It And Remote Viewing!
I have always had problems with laptops and main computers. I have always had problems with moving from one location to another without files I need I always seem to find are on another computer. That's not a problem anymore become of Apple's system called ".mac." This system lets you auto sync things like your contact information or just about anything else that is then stored on an Apple server. If you are using another machine, just sync it with the system and you have everything you need. I have always though of remote Viewing as a training program the CIA was into. While, in the computer word, it already exists. You can access any of your machines from anywhere in the world. If you need to, you can even log into another computer anywhere through the internet and work on whatever you need to work on. No more limitations on anything as you can now access what you need to access from anywhere rather you have your information with you or not.

The iPhone Factor And As The Mobile Part Of Your Computer System!
When it comes to cell phones, I think I have about used them all or all the major ones. I tired a Blackberry and the Treo. Gave up on them as the keyboard was too hard to use and functions required a PhD to operate! None of those problems exists with the iPhone which is touch screen technology. I got one and within five minutes I was using it and using all of the functions on it. You can get email, search on the Internet, watch movies, play podcasts, listen to music, check the weather, get maps, send SMS text messages, take and store photos, use a very good calculator, take notes, and sync your contact information from your main computer to your iphone in a snap. It's like having a portable computer with you at all times that's also a very god cell phone.

Apple Is Changing The Way People Obtain Music, Movies,
TV Programs, Podcasts And News!

With iTunes, which is Apple's store for instant downloadables in the form of music songs, TV shows, movies, podcasts and news you get what you want and watch or listen to it when you want on what devise you want to watch or listen to it on. Entertainment and information on demand.You have a selection of iPods to pick from that plug right into your computer and instantly sync what you have downloaded. The age of music CDs, renting DVDs from movie stores and watching TV from network TV stations and cable stations is over. You can now download it all and watch it they way and when you want to. If you are just still a computer wanta-be and still work on Windows, there is some good news. iTunes can work with Windows and so will an ipod. You can download iTunes for free.

In The End Different Business Models Produce Different Results
The difference between the development of the two systems (Windows And Mac) have developed from a core business model for growth from each company. While Apple always attempted to create a user friendly computer with cutting edge technology, Microsoft's history seemed to always be to copy ideas already out their and use a steamroller effect to force people to use it. They attempted to do that with Internet Explorer and it ended up backfiring. Internet Explorer itself has become almost a web browser of the past. At the same time, Apple has quietly kept making improvements to what it had and today it's so far ahead in functionality and user friendliness when compared to Windows, it's almost a joke to even try to compare the two any longer. While a business system who's goal is to copy the competition and force an existing user base to use what they develop, is only sustainable for a short period of time and all of that is starting to catch up with Windows or VISTA or whatever you choose to call it. The days of thinking it's the net so let's develop a web browser and tell everyone it's part of Windows so they have to use it, copycatting an mp3 player, jury rigging a graphical user interface system is over. People are catching on now. If Microsoft is going to forge ahead in the OS business, they are going to have to start coming up with a few ideas of their own and develop those ideas into a workable platform instead of just rushing another buggy beta system with very little that's new to the market.

Take The Free Tour Of Leapord And See For Yourself!
Click here and take the tour of Leapoard, Apple's new 10.5 operating system and see for yourself. You will be amazed.

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Computer technology has advanced. Apple has it and Microsoft doesn't. Have you heard about the nightmares with VISTA these days? It's my bet that your next computer is going to be a Mac because there is no longer any reason to hold out on the crashing Windows and VISTA machines unless you want to remain in the dinosaur age of computing and endure even more pain and frustration. It's simply time to move on. If you are still using solely a Windows machine or trying to update to VISTA you need to join the real computer age, throw that stuff away and stop being a Want-A-Be by getting a new Mac. It's about time for Windows to Zune itself away and become a small option of the overall Apple iLife and iBusiness operating system and I for one am glad to see it finally happening before my eyes!


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