Highlights From.........
Florida Association of Licensed Investigators

Two Men Of The Hour! Mark J Murnan And Jay J Armes!
Mrs. Mark J Murnan, Linda Armes, Jay J Armes and incoming FALI President Mark J Murnan.
The Keynote Speaker was Jay J Armes, the most famous and most successful private investigator
in the world. With the election of Mark Murnan, the theme of FALI should be to bridge the gaps
and bring all Florida private investigators together. If you are a Florida private investigator,
becoming a member of FALI, the state investigative association; is a MUST! Click here
for information on joining FALI. Note: Click Here for Larger Photo

Jay J Armes mobbed in the vendor area! Likely the most popular area on the vendor floor
was the Jay J Amres booth. Almost everyone attending the convention wanted to speak
with him and obtain his autograph!

Those lucky enough to catch Mr. Armes during slack times on the convention floor
obtained a rare opportunity to listen to this man rattle off his extensive know-how on how
to be a successful investigator!

Two well known private investigators. From left to right. Bob Brown of Orlando Florida
and Jay J Armes with Linda Armes.

The vendor area was loaded with sources and resources for professional investigators!
Above is Rosemarie Testa-Mesis, the executive publisher of PI Magazine talking
with a member of FALI. To the right behind the booth is Jimmie Mesis talking with
other attendees. Mr. Mesis put on a one day marketing seminar before the FALI
conference started. If you missed it, the good news is that there are more
one day marketing seminars
planned around the country by Mr. Mesis.

IRB likely had the most impressive booth!

City College
likely had the most interesting display!

City College had a decked out surveillance van on display. Click here for extensive photos.
Note: City College offers an extensive associates degree program in private investigation.


Friends Of FALI! Ralph Thomas, Jay Armes and Bob Brown!