Julie Posey - "Internet Tracking"

Julie Posey contributed to the national training manual on internet
tracking for The Department of Justice and currently trains police officers
nationwide on internet tracking. Assisting Posey during her presentation
will be Sgt. Ray Williams who works for the Connell Police Department in
Connell, WA.

Joseph Culligan - "Public Records In Depth"

Joseph Culligan has spoken before NSA and many other government groups as
well as seminars for private investigators. Last year he was given the
honor of being named the 1999 NAIS speaker of the year. The first 100
people to send in their registration fees will receive a free copy (at the
seminar) of Joseph Culligan's newly released book.

Kevin Ripa - Computer Security & Canadian Resources

Mr. Ripa, a Canadian PI, will lecture on how to protect your computer from
virus attacks and rid your system of viruses, as well as talk about
firewall programs. He will also present an overview on background
investigations in Canada. The first 20 people who sign up will get a copy
of his manual entitled "Computer Security & Configuration."

DATE & PLACE: February 18th and 19th, 2001 (Sunday & Monday) President's
Day weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Further details and application form can be found at

As an additional bonus, a magazine called "PI Wisdom" will be distributed
to attendees. This publication will be a compilation of all the articles,
tips, and information included in the first 17 issues from June 1999
through January 2001 of The Joseph Culligan Newsletter. If you are
interested in placing a business card ad in this one time publication,
please email me for details. Deadline for all ads is immediate and can be
sent to this email address in tiff, jpg, or any Microsoft document format.

Teri Brown
Newsletter Editor/Publisher for Joseph Culligan
Author of the new book "You Can Find Anybody"
"You, Too, Can Find Anybody"
"Manhunt: The Book"
"When In Doubt Check Him Out"