An Amazing 2 1/4 X 2 X Only 1/2 inches Thick!
Powers The (Included) Camera! And Has Time And Date Stamping!
Amazing! Up To 45 Hours Recording Time!

We have seen a great deal of new and unique nano-sized products for 2007 but this little gem takes the cake! Simply put, it's smaller, better and cheaper than anything else in the market place! If you are in need of the world's smallest digital video recorder than can also be used as the world's smallest audio recorder, this is it! It's the only DVR in it's class offering professional grade high resolution (640 X 480) @ 30fps, broadcast quality recording capability. Not only is it the smallest around, but also very user friendly. Time/Date "on screen" overlay makes it the perfect evidence gathering tool. Fully charged "quick swap" battery powers recording for 3 hours. Extra standard Sony-Ericsson mobile phone battery packs (BST-33 series) can be purchased from any battery supply or mobile phone store. Unit supports up to 4GB mini SD card. Recordings can be played back on unit, or via included USB cable on your PC. Included SD card adaptor for mini SD card also allows for direct playback with your SD card reader. Button kit comes with 3 different size button lens and 4 extra matching buttons for each. At only about half the size of a cigarette pack (2 1/4 X 2 X 1/2"), the MicroDot Squared DVR makes the perfect body worn surveillance kit.

This tiny nano-sized DVR is the world's smallest! Not only that, it has time and date stamping and the nano DVR powers the included button camera! You can unscrew the button on the button camera and use it as a conventional nano-sized pinhole camera.

• The Only DVR In It’s Class Offering 30fps Hi Res (640 x 480) Recording
• 4 Hours High Res Recording on 4Gb Mini SD Card
• 45 Hours Low Res Recording on 4Gb Mini SD Card
• 22.5 Hours Low Res Recording on 2Gb Mini SD Card
• New Technology Hi Res (420 LOR) CMOS Button Cam
• Output Power for Button/Screw Camera and Others
• Compatible with Optional Eyeglasses and Necktie Cameras
• Kit includes Complete 4 Button/Screw Cam Set
• AV/IN (RCA) Cable for Use With Any Camera
• Time/Date on screen overlay
• 1.5” LCD TFT Display

• 1.5 LCD TFT display
• 640 x 480, 322 x 240, 220 x 120 @ 30FPS
• Supports up to a 4GB mini SD card
• Recording Times:
• 1GB card, High resolution 200 minutes, Low resolution 666 minutes
• 2GB card, High resolution 400 minutes, Low resolution 22 1⁄2 hours
• 4GB card, High resolution 14 hours, Low resolution 45 hours
• 420 LOR CMOS button camera
• Recording format ABI, ASF, MOV
• 45MB built in memory
• AV in and out jacks
• 5V DC
• .3 LUX

MicroDot Squared DVR Kit Includes:
• MicroDot DVR
• Full Kit Hard Carry Case
• Li-ion Battery
• AC Charger
• USB Cable
• Earphone Set
• AV Out Cable (RCA)
• Hi Res Mini Cam
• 3 Button Lenses (12 extra buttons)
• 1 Screw Lense ( 3 extra screws)

• 2 1/4 inches x 2 inches x 1/2 inch

High Resolution Three-In One Low Light Micro Camera Kit!
The amazing camera for the Microdot DVR is really three cameras in one! First, it's a button camera which includes all matching buttons to make a set. Secondly, you can take the button cover off and use it as a standard pinhole camera. Thirdly, you can attach a screwhead and make it a screwhead camera. This high grade video camera is powered by the DVR itself so there is no batteries for the camera needed. The camera is high resolution and will record clear video in low light conditions making this system ideal for walk around covert video recording inside building and bars! Nothing like this has ever been in the market place before!

Pocket-sized for a DVR is an understatement! Measuring in at a mere 2 1/4 inches by 2 inches by 1/2 inches, this little gem has got to be the world's smallest DVR specifically designed for covert video recording! On top of that, it powers the multi-functional button/pinhole camera and has amazing time and date stamping. The tiny DVR records to a Mini SDcard which will give you up to an amazing 45 hours of recording time! In stock now! Be the first in your area to use one and leave everyone else in the dust when it comes to covert video recording!

MicroDot Squared Tiny DVR
(With Screen And without Butto/ Pinhole/Screwhead Camera Kit)
MSRP: $595.00 Your Cost Only $395.00

MicroDot Squared Tiny DVR (With Screen)
With Button/Pinhole/ Screwhead Camera That Is Powered By The Tiny DVR
MSRP: $795.00 Your Cost Only $465.00

SD Mini Memory Cards
2 GB Mini SD card for DVR: One Card $79.95, 3 Cards Only $69.95 each
(Note: Our Mini SD cards can convert to a standard SD card)

Coming Soon!
4 GB Mini SD card for DVR: One Card $99.95, 3 Cards Only $89.95 each
(Note: The 4 GB cards are not available yet but should be out within
30/90 days)




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