Auto/Vehicle Information To Help With A Case
By Shelly Daniel

In reading so many posts on different groups there are always
questions about cars, recalls, tire tracks & more. I do hope this
article will help some of your questions.

Before I get to digging into car information, there's something
everyone must have for their vehicles and it's called insurance.
Your "suppose" to have that before you would need most
of the information below. Here are some web sites with insurance
company information.

(sorry, addy broke in 2, & the site has "lots" of links)

One of the site above is called, "Search for insurance by state".
I know the addy will break in 2 again if not into 3 lines.

Some good downloads, information & overall good web page.

State Insurance Regulators

Insurance & "lots" of different auto links.

Buy & Sell, Classic/Hobby, Clubs & Associations
Financing & Insurance, Industry, Jeeps & SUVs
Manufacturers, Media, Motorcycles, Parts & Services
And LOTS more.

Insurance, Reviews, Road Tests, Comparison
Tests, Editors' Choice., Warranties, Maintenance,
prices on new & used care & "more".
Would you like to know what speed your going to be able to
stop before kissing the tail end of a car, truck, bus, etc.?? The
web site below lists various calculations and other
elements of accident investigations. There are a few dead
links, but there are other good ones on the site.

Check out, "Skid Chart", "Stopping Distance And Time - The
Math Is Simple", "Road safety index" & a couple of other good ones.
I glanced at "Road safety index" & one of the titles is "Bull Bars".
I'm gonna have to go back & find out what that is. I live in open cattle
country & if it helps plow your car thru the cows & bulls, I want one <G>.

A few laws on LEO's searching your car:

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)---below is a lil copy/paste of
their home page.

In most countries every road vehicle (bus, van, truck, car, motorcycle,
moped, trailer) is required to have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
which consist of 17 characters, as originally defined by the International
Organization for Standardization ( ISO). The first part of the VIN is called
the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) , ETC..
More on VIN's. (& more copy/paste)
Vehicle Identification Using VIN's
License Plates of the World, License Plate Standards, Styles, Sizes,
Almost everything you need to know about cars.
""Unreal GREAT"" site.
Tires tracks can tell you alot. First, are all 4 tire treads/patterns
same ?? Is there a separation in the treads because of a belt in the tire
splitting ???? Is there a chip or 2 in the tires. listen to them, they can
you alot. First, firestone tires and their recall;
Firestone Tire Recall Information Check out their other links,
they good (Unsafe Toys, 18-Wheeler Collisions, Chemical Pollution, etc.).
List of Legal Precidents , Expert Testimony
Admissibility of Tire Track Evidence
Probative Value / Force of Tire Track Evidence
Tire Tracks as Circumstantial Evidence
Non-Expert Testimony , Admissibility of tire track evidence
& lots more on this site.
Bridgestone-Firestone Tires, Continental Tires
Dunlop Tires, General Tire, Goodyear Tires
Michelin Tires, Pirelli Tires, Toyo Tires
ENFSI Working Group
The database, which is updated regularly, includes information
on tires, track widths, wheelbases and other specifications of
about 4500 types of cars, which are or were sold on the European
continent from 1969 upto now. It is meant to be used by crime
scene examiners or forensic examiners for interpretation of tire
Different kinds of auto forensics: the "links" page for
"Mechanical Forensics Engineering Services, LLC"
Good links, but what do I know !!!??? =)
OSHA----Accident Investigation Search
The page allows the user to search the text of Accident Investigation
Summaries. Words that may be contained in the text of the
accident description. Other information may also be gotten
for a specified investigation.
National Safety Council
Also see Online Resources
Air Bag & Seat Belt Safety, Driver Safety
Fact Sheet Library, Farm Safety and Health Week
Facts and Resources,First Aid /CPR
Occupational Safety & Health, Seat Belts
School Bus Transportation Safety, & "lots" more.
Do you need to see a recall on a vehicle ???
If so, below is a list of web sites that have recalls.
(addy broke in 2---sorry)
Recalls for about anything:
Recalls for about anything, using the makers name:
"Consumer product Safety Commission"
Recalls and other Press Releases
Current Releases, Search for Recalls
Other Ways to Get Recalls and Related Information
(I love making crafts, so for the other ladies that do to,
Sears has a glue gun on recall---just what you all needed to know !!!
The Truck net.
Just part of their lists of sites/links.
Owner/Operator, Online Apps, Lodging, Load Board...
Driver, Online Apps, TruckStops... Professional Resources
Database, Law, Lumper... Education, Diesel Tech
Driving & Tech Schools, Safety..Repair, Schools, Online Job Apps.
Freight, Broker Board, Load Boards... Truck Related
New & Used Dealers, Parts, For Sale,..."ETC".
Car Manufacturers, a small copy/paste:
If you have a problem with a car purchased from a local dealer, first try
to work it out with the dealer. If the problem is not resolved, contact the
manufacturer's regional or national office. Ask for the consumer affairs
office. Many of these are listed in this section.
Do you want to know the value of your car so as to sell it or trade
it for a fair price ???? Or would you like the price of a new car ????
We've all heard of the Kelly Blue Book, here it is :
And one last thing when you but a new or used car,
"Millions of used cars have costly hidden problems. Use Carfax Vehicle
History Reports to check for:" Salvage history? Odometer fraud?
Multiple owners? Flood damage? Major accident damage?, etc..
"Get started now by trying our FREE Carfax Record Check®!"
Do you need an expert witness ?????
I have a book filled with different kinds of witnesses, and these 3
I picked because of their knowledge on different kinds of vehicles, vehicle
accidents, etc.. I will give you a small briefing on what they specialize
in. I spoke to them, told them what I was doing and asked if I may
"recommend" them. They were all "very" nice and said yes. And my
comment to you all is " they're not free, nor or we" =) A free answer
to a question "once in awhile"---"maybe" if you ask nicely---but that's
up to them. They are my picks. Please visit their web sites.

# 1-- REC Engineering, Inc., F.E.Grim, P.E., Mechanical Engineer
"copy/paste from his web site" I'm not cheating by copying, I'm lazy!!!
Investigation of accidents involving automobiles, motorcycles, trucks,
trailers, pedestrians, bicycles, off-road vehicles, trains and agricultural
equipment. Analysis includes vehicle speed, path and sequence of events.
Failure analysis of vehicle components potentially related to loss of
operator control. Typical clients are insurance companies, plaintiff and
defense attorneys.
Skilled in the preparation of trial exhibits as required; including
photographs, accident sequence diagrams and 3D Video Animation.
There's lots more to read at:
Web Page:

# 2-- Automotive Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Donald Jeffers, PE Consultant
P.O.Box 7391, Ann Arbor, MI, 48107-7391
Regular phone #'s, 734-994-0494 or, 800-924-0494
And his Fax # is : 734-994-0494
He may have a web site but when the book I'm getting
my info. from was printed, he had no web site. But he does
look impressive in the write up about him.
Specialities: Accident investigation & reconstruction:
Trucks from small pickups to multi unit tractor-trailers;
autos, bikes, ATV's, RV's, trains, boats, light air crafts,
brakes, wheels, seat belts, tank & fuel systems, engines,
transmissions, & more.

# 3-- Failure Analysis
Robert McElroy PhD President
We talked for a long while, & he's really nice, but I just
noticed he's a PhD, he was probably checking me out.
I hope he does not send me a bill !!!!!! <Grin>
Copying & pasting from his web site.
FAI is an accident reconstruction firm specializing in the
scientific use of forensic evidence to reconstruct transportation
and industrial accidents.
Our professional staff consists of ACTAR Certified
Reconstructionists who have earned either a Ph.D. in Industrial
Safety Engineering, a P.E. in Mechanical Engineering, and/or
an Masters in Forensic Science.
Some of their services:
Service, Repair and Maintenance Analysis
Design and Maintenance Defects
Mechanical and Technical Inspections
Human Factors
Highway, Off-Road and Industrial Vehicles
Biomechanical Analysis & Occupant Dynamics
And "lots" more at;
Their home page is;
Forensic Accident Investigations Inc.
Boca Palm Professional Plaza
6971 North Federal Hwy. Suite 405
Boca Raton, FL 33487
(800) 646-6781 - (561) 995-6781--Fax: (561) 995-7168

Take care, Shelly & Ray D.
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