By Nicholas Ciullo

One of the most over looked investigative tool is the degrees of separation. Meaning if your subject cannot be located start trying to locate the relatives, associates, friends and best of all enemies. Often times these contacts, do not know your looking for your subject and for what. Therefore, they are rather forth coming with information. We all tend to start our investigation thinking, "Some one is looking for me". I prefer to use the approach that they have no reason to think that anyone is looking for them. This tends to use a different approach when trying to locate them. It seems to start the investigation in a more relaxed attitude. If your mind set is I will never be able to find this guy everyone has tried and now it is my turn this is horrible. Why should I waste my time and effort and money and yadda,yadda,yadda.

The fact may be this guy probably moved and did not notify his attorney or the police department due to the fact he witnessed an accident and the investigation report shows his old address.

The last thing this is the best one I did a recent search on a slip, fall case there was 8,000 out there, and this person had no idea the case had been settled. Luckily I found this person before the statue of limitations had run out.

The postal authorities if you catch them in a good mood in the morning hours and not at Christmas time are great contacts. The name of the game is contacts the more contacts the easier our job becomes. Tax assessors, tax collectors Building inspectors, fire inspectors. These are all great contacts to have and the best contact is the noisy neighbor. My neighbor would dime me out in a minuet he can tell you my life story.

A lot of cases the social security number will come up with others associated with the same number some times it’s a typo but often times it means our subject might have co signed for a loan or a credit card. Alternatively, is a business contact or a business partner? I hope this little article served some motivation for yopu and good luck and never give up!

Nicholas Ciullo
Member NAIS