A Blast From The Past, A Touch Of Class Combined With Modern Technology
Profile Developed By Ralph Thomas

Talking about promotion…if you drive around in 1930’s suits with hats and trench coats and happen to  pull up in a shiny 1937 Studebaker…with two other guys dressed like that…..ah…you think you’d get noticed? Of course you would! In today’s world the odd, the different and the unusual is almost always the talk of the town. Around the town of Auburn, Ca., the talk is about a fellow named Don Treco and his Gumshoe Detective Agency, Inc. 

Meet The Gumshoes And Ah....Say, Get A Look At Those Shoes!
My How History Repeats Itself! Two Tone Men's Shoes Are Back
In And So Is The Vintage Service From Gumshoe Detective Agency!

If you get really lucky and hang out at John’s Grill in San Francisco, you might have the pleasure of seeing Don Treco with a couple of other guys all decked out in stripped suites, trench coats and hats pull up in a 1937 Studebaker. If you do, ask for their autographs as you are looking at some California raising stars! 

 Their quote on their web site is:

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good
men do nothing." Edmond Burke

and their slogan is:

Good "Old Fashioned" Detective Work with Today's Technology

Gumshoe Detective Agency, Inc. is available for private persons, insurance companies, attorneys as well as business and industry and that about covers anybody and everybody!

Now that’s quite an impressive way of promotion but owner Don Treco is quite serious about this stuff.  In fact, the promotional aspects of the old-fashioned  focus may just be something that happened for reasons that have nothing to do with gimmicks. Aside from his full service detective agency that is known for excellent old-fashioned gumshoe work with today’s modern technology, Treco also promotes and plays in a full recreation of the Glenn Miller Band called Moonlight Swing.  He’s also a member of The Antique Studebaker Club, supports The Federation Of Vintage Fashion, and one of his favorite eating places is  (as stated above) John’s Grill in San Francisco which is a step back to the 1930’s and 1940’s.

The Class Act Ace Detective Himself, Don Terco!

We know Gumshoe Detective Agency, Inc. has the latest technology from first hand knowledge but it’s the combination of modern technology with old fashioned values and street-wise street work (gumshoeing as they used to call it!) that makes Gumshoe Detective Agency, Inc. the talk of the town. They also have a collection of PI Gear on their web site that is, well……ah antique PI Gear! Being as old as dirt myself, I can relate to some of this stuff. I’m still (thank God!) a little too young to have used a wire based tape recorder but heck!  I recall doing surveillance with a 16 mm movie camera you had to crank about every three minutes!

Despite the blast from the past, Gumshoe guys have modern equipment and vehicles!

Despite Gumshoe Detective Agency’s obsession with the past, that only relates to the old fashioned service and integrity they provide which seems to be missing in a lot of places in today’s modern fast-paced world. When it comes to state-of-the-art, they got all the modern gadgets and gear. They just like to show pictures of the old stuff to go along with their old fashioned image.

Gumshoe Detective Agency, Inc. Features A Photo Collection Of Vintage Private Eye
Tools On Their Web Site. Check It Out By Clicking On The Photo Above! In Those Days, The Chesterfield Cigarettes Where As Staple As The Sunglasses And Badge.

Here is a 1940's "Webster Chicago" Wire Recorder from the Gumshoe Web Site.
Hard To Believe But This Was State-Of-The Art And VERY Small For the 1940s.
An Actual Spool Of Wire Got Crimped And That's What Produced The Audio.
You Will Find A Display Of Other PI Vintage Gear By Clicking Here.

Speaking of high-tech stuff, ah, Don Treco is a pilot and offers aerial surveillance and photos from the sky in his Cessna. How about an eye in the sky that never loses the guy? You bet! Try competing with that on insurance claims clients or domestics! He is retired from the California Highway Patrol after 16 years on the road (in such locations as San Juan Capistrano, Coalinga, North Sacramento and Amador County) and 3 years in the sky as a Flight Officer in the Cessna 185 airplanes, conducting patrol of 13 counties and countless hours of aerial surveillance. Prior to the patrol he worked in both contract and in-house security for 4 years, experiencing the best and the worst of that kind of work.

How do you define class? I'm not sure but I know it when I see it and you'll find it here! The Gumshoe crew consists of, of course, Ace Detective And Chief Don Treco. But the class act doesn't stop there. Michael F. Zabkar is a Gumshoe crew member, investigator and registered process server. Prior to joining Gumshoe, he was with the Placer County Sheriff’s Department for 11 years as both a Deputy Sheriff and Correctional Officer. The Gumshoe crew also consists of some classy gumshoe ladies, Rebecca Gutierrez and Kim Pittman. Prior to becoming a crew member of Gumshoe, Rebecca Gutierrez was with the Placer County Sheriff’s Department. Kim Pittman who is working on a Criminal Justice degree.

What Some of the Gumshoe Detective Agency Clients say:

"I've been on the receiving end of your good work and know what you can do. Now I want you working for me!" Attorney for Case #0503-125

"You guys are the BEST. You did a superb job of throwing my husband out and life is much happier now...A+." Case #0504-139

GUMSHOE defined....... from the Gumshoe Detective Agency Web Site...

We now use the word gumshoe to informally describe a person who works as a private investigator or detective but the original gumshoe was quite literally something people would wear on their feet.

Gumshoes in the late 1800s were shoes or boots made of gum rubber. Precursors to contemporary sneakers, these shoes were soft-soled and quieter than other shoes available at the time.

At the start of the 1900s, "to gumshoe" meant to sneak around quietly. Later the word referred to either thieves or the police who caught the crooks.

By 1908 the word almost exclusively described the good guys, the people who investigated the crimes by acting stealthily or surreptiously.

The term has also been described a Private Eye who "sticks like gum" to someone as in a surveillance on foot.

In today’s techno-driven world, it’s refreshing to come across something as wonderful and unique as the professionals at Gumshoe Detective Agency. Old fashioned? You bet! High tech? You better believe it. Their services come with all the high technology of a modern investigative agency and with old fashioned service as well as a lot of street-smarts. They are best described as a class act and actually expose themselves to going out, beating the streets and taking the chance of getting gum on their shoes!