Proflie: Holmes Detective Bureau, Inc. Est. 1928

Holmes Detective Bureau was founded in 1928 by Edward Z. Holmes, who served in the United States Secret Service through the terms of four Presidents. Utilizing the investigative and protective skills acquired during his distinguished public service career, he joined with other members of the local, state, and federal agencies to open the original office on the second floor of the Pioneer Hotel in Rockaway Park, New York. Mr. Holmes later became a consultant to the NYPD in techniques that would eventually be known as the science of gun detection.

Since 1928 HOLMES has been providing professional investigative and security services for the public sector, corporations and law firms. During the 76 years we have been in business, we have maintained an excellent reputation in the security industry. By developing associations with professionals in all phases of the industry, we are able to provide a complete array of services including corporate, civil and background investigations, latent fingerprint examination, forensic document examination, electronic security countermeasures (de-bugging), evidence identification, and polygraph examinations.

After working on a case, HOLMES doesnt just bill and forget. Once the investigative phase of a case is completed HOLMES investigators know how to present competent relative testimony as convincing witnesses. All of our investigators have garnered hundreds of hours of courtroom experience testifying on behalf of our clients and the People.

This year we are pleased to announce that Mr. Barry Goldblatt, who just retired as a lieutenant in the New York City Police Department, has joined our company. Mr. Goldblatt was a detective in the NYPD Polygraph Unit and now heads our Polygraph Unit. Also joining us this year is Mr. William Patti, who recently retired from the prestigious Manhattan District Attorneys Squad. Mr. Patti retired as a first grade detective and will be heading our Executive Protection Unit. They both join Mr. Dan Mahoney, who retired as a captain in the NYPD and heads our Investigative Unit. Mr. Mahoney directs our staff of highly competent licensed private investigators, all of whom possess a wide range of experience gained in the NYPDs Detective Division. Mr. Mahoney is also a best selling author of six police procedural novels.


Steven Tavlin, President, NYS Licensed Private Investigator
Michael McCormick, Executive Vice President (FL) Captain NYPD retired
Daniel Mahoney, Director of Investigations, Captain NYPD retired
Walter Melnick, Directors of Security of Operations, Inspector NYPD retired
William Patti, Executive Protection Specialist, Detective DA Squad NYPD retired
Arthur Hagenlocher, Forensic Fingerprint Expert, Latent Print Unit NYPD retired
Gregory Walsh, Burglary Prevention Specialist, Detective NYPD retired
Barry Goldblatt, Certified Polygraph Examiner, Lieutenant NYPD retired
Domenick Roberti, Special Assignments, Fingerprint Expert NYPD retired
Frank Scotti, High Risk Security Specialist, Sergeant NYPD retired
Paul DeSantis, Recovery/ Collections Specialist NYPD retired
James Triola, Robbery Prevention Specialist, Detective NYPD   
Griffith Everson, Computer Security  
Jeff Howard, CCTV Specialist                              

Holmes Detective Bureau, Inc. 225 West 57th Street,New York,NY 10019 Voice: 212.255.4444
Private Investigators NY Lic. #11000001970