Joseph Seanor Retires from America Online

After six years working for America Online as their Senior Technical Security Investigator Joseph Seanor retires and returns back to CIBIR full time. For the last six years, Joseph Seanor has been working for America Online under a Non-Disclosure Contract. This means that Mr. Seanor was unable to discuss his job, his client or the nature of his work. Now that the work is concluded Mr. Seanor's job included:

Tracking down hackers that break into the AOL Network

Respond, contain, research and prepare briefings and legal cases against these hackers.

Preparing legal cases of hacker attacks

Work with the AOL Legal department and Federal and Local Law enforcement to arrest and prosecute hackers.

Coordinate with AOL attorneys for prosecution of hackers

Work with the AOL legal department to prepare cases against hackers and other people that abuse the AOL network.

Coordinate with Federal and Local Law Enforcement for the arrest of hackers

Worked with FBI, SS, DEA, Customs, and local law enforcement to assist and locate hackers

Track down and test security holes and programs designed to break into AOL

Track down security holes and test the security holes and help to coordinate the fix to these security holes.

Develop and coordinate testing of security holes and new programs for AOL

Develop and help coordinate the testing, analysis and fixing of security holes, in new AOL software.

Monitor websites for information about potential security holes

Monitor websites, mailing lists and other forms of information for the latest security holes and provide analysis of these holes if
applicable to AOL.

Analyze computers that may have been compromised by hackers or bad employees

Analyze computers that have been broken into by hackers, or computers used by terminated employees to find out what was done
and how much information was located. Windows 98, Windows NT, and Unix.

Check offices for electronic listening devices, and check conference rooms for bugs

Sweep Senior VP and conference rooms for listening devices and other forms of listening devices to protect the security of

Working with US Secret Service to track down individual who made anonymous threats to the President of
the United States by email.

Train and Manage the AOL Countermeasures group.

Mr. Seanor can be reached at: