Profile Lance Allen Wilkinson And His Recoveries By Law

Editor's Notes: The world of bail enforcement is riddled with hotdogs and want-a-bes! However, out of every one thousand or more people who call themselves a bail enforcement professional a few stand out. One that stands out as the nation's leading authority is Lance Allen Wilkinson.

Lance Allen Wilkinson is considered one of America's leading authorities on bail and bail arrest. He attributes his expertise to being introduced to the realities of life at a very young and impressionable age. As a homeless and wayward youth growing up within the quiet borders of New Hampshire, he would become bored with its tranquil lifestyle and jump a southerly bound freight train to Boston, Mass. Once there he would hang around the streets of its then infamous 'combat zone’ during the days when pimps, prostitutes, drunken military personnel, assorted thieves, thugs and brawling motorcycle gangs ruled the night streets. It was during this time that he received an unusually varied education.

Lance is into his twenty first year as a nationally and internationally recognized Bail Enforcement Agent having made his first apprehension on March 16, 1984. His bounty hunting experiences have stretched from searching the Oklahoma rangelands to the Texas badlands for a fugitive who was the prime suspect in the Cross Bell Ranch killing (profiled in the book, The Mullendore Murder Case, by Jonathan Kwitney) to extracting a fugitive from his native soil in a private plane carrying tropical fish... yet another on a rusty transport ship importing rice and sugar to the United States.

Photos of Lance Allen Wilkinson with G. Gordon Liddy And Col. Ollie North

He is a frequent lecturer to college level criminal justice classes, as well as a guest speaker to civic organizations and to middle school children. As owner of Recoveries by L.A.W., a Bail Enforcement Agency, he has been the subject of television specials, in dozens of newspaper articles, featured on a Country Music Television special and credited with over 1300 verifiable fugitive apprehensions throughout the United States (including Alaska). He has also successfully captured bail fugitives in London England, Santiago Chile, two out of Mexico, Haiti, St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, Bermuda and a few from Canada. His 'specialty' is where so many others have tried and failed... the capture and return of several fugitives from the Dominican Republic.

Lance was the first member into the National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents (NABEA #0002) in 1986. In 1997, the revised NABEA, Inc. issued a life membership and certification to Lance. In May of 1988, Lance and Bob Burton, founder of NABEA, hosted the first recognized Bail Enforcement Seminar in the history of the bail enforcement industry held at Portsmouth, New Hampshire; he is also featured in Mr. Burton's book, Bail Enforcer (1990, Paladin Press). During June 1992, Lance completed an advanced training program at the G. Gordon Liddy Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he received the first certification from the National Institute of Bail Enforcement (NIBE). In 1997 he again received professional recognition when he was awarded Senior Special Agent status by the Fugitive Apprehension Select Team (FAST) in Kansas City, Missouri, Rex Green, President. Then, in New York City during the summer of 1998, Lance was presented with a certificate of certification issued through the United States Academy of Bail Enforcement by Ed Wilson, President. In January 2000 he was the first in the history of the State of New Hampshire to receive official registration as a Bail Enforcement Agent under the newly enacted statute (Revised Statutes Annotated 597:7 a-b).

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His slogan is taken from the words of Sophocles... "He escapes who is not pursued."

Bylines from some of the many news articles written about Lance...

"Some of his captures have made headlines in newspapers, such as the capture of Albert J. Collins, who jumped bail on charges of sexual assault in Carroll County and fled to the Dominican Republic." VALLEY NEWS

"In his years, Wilkinson had aided in bringing to justice people who jumped bail and fled the criminal justice system" LACONIA EVENING CITIZEN

"Bringing in the bad guys... Bounty Hunter makes his living going after the ones that got away." THE OVERLAND PARK SUN

"Guile often proves to be best tool in his bag of tricks." THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

"If you jump bail pray he doesn't get hired to find you." BOSTON PHOENIX

"NH Bounty Hunter runs down criminals." THE UNION LEADER

"Bounty Hunter tracks alleged sex offender." EVENING CITIZEN

"Bounty Hunter finds fugitive charged with rape in Wilton." MILFORD CABINET

"Bounty Hunter helps fugitive into slammer." COOS COUNTY DEMOCRAT

"Bounty Hunter nabs fugitive." DERRY NEWS

"Bounty Hunter tracks down man wanted in burglary ring." THE TELEGRAPH

"Bounty Hunter tracks fugitive." THE CALAIS ADVERTISER

"Man Hunter brings home suspects on the lam." DAILY DEMOCRAT

"Bounty Hunter led way in Nashua arrests." UNION LEADER

"Bounty Hunter always gets his man." MARSHFIELD MARINER

"Local Bounty Hunter not what you would expect." DERRY NEWS

"Bounty Hunter brings in his man." THE TIMES ARGUS

"Bounty Hunter uses guile, not guns." CONCORD MONITOR

"Bringing fugitives to justice." PORTSMOUTH SUNDAY HERALD

"Bounty Hunter Lance Wilkinson plying his trade in Newbury..." THE CALEDONIAN RECORD

"Local fugitive is captured in Florida." NORTH COUNTRY NEWS-INDEPENDENT

"Suspect nabbed by bounty hunters." THE CITIZEN

"Bounty Hunting not so glamorous." FOSTERS SUNDAY CITIZEN

"Dying breed lives to chase." BOSTON SUNDAY HERALD

Taken from some of the letters Lance has received...

"It has been my distinct pleasure to have worked with such a professional." DET. EDDIE MASON, BARTLESVILLE (Oklahoma) POLICE DEPARTMENT

"This letter is to express the appreciation of myself and several officers of the New Hampshire Department of Corrections for your continued assistance. I want to thank you for your continued assistance to law enforcement and wish you continued success in the future." PAUL BRODEUR, PAST COMMISSIONER, NH DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS

"As a result of an investigation provided by Lance Wilkinson, this agency recovered a cache of stolen firearms." LT. MALCOLM DOW, TROOP F, MAINE STATE POLICE

"I feel America could use more men like Wilkinson." SHERIFF JERRY BROGDEN, BERRIEN COUNTY GEORGIA

"I wanted to again express my thanks in the ****** matter. I know that you went above and beyond the call of duty in your handling of ******. She called once she got back to Maine to thank me for sending you, her 'guardian angel'. You are a good man Lance Wilkinson." JANICE SUE MARCUM, M&M BAIL BONDS

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter thanking you for your help. Your concern and your assistance are greatly appreciated by me and the Massachusetts State Police... you are a credit to your community." SERGEANT JOSEPH W. COSTA, MASSACHUSETTS STATE POLICE

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the efforts that were made to not only locate the suspect but to watch the residence until deputies from this Department could arrive on the scene." LT. RANDY BECK, OFFICE OF THE SHERIFF, ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA

"In my considered opinion Lance Allen Wilkinson is a notable bounty hunter and has become a landmark in the Bail Enforcement industry." LEO P. PEPINO, N.H. STATE REPRESENTATIVE

"If law enforcement agencies around the country were as determined to apprehend fugitives as Lance appears to be, we would not have so many outstanding warrants on our dockets... We thank you for taking Mr. ***** off our hands and delivering him to a place far from our jurisdiction. It was a pleasure to do business with you and we wish you success in apprehending other fugitives and bringing them to justice." JACK WILLIAMS, GRAHAM COUNTY ATTORNEY (Arizona)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation and assistance in the case of ***** and *********. Without your knowledge and assistance this case would not have come to the conclusion that it did, with the successful arrest of both subjects. By your actions you were able to help the Windham and Londonderry Police Departments solve a case that involved theft and bank fraud." DETECTIVE GLENN RECORD, WINDHAM POLICE DEPARTMENT (NH)

"Inspector Frank Mackenzie and myself, Inspector William West, would like to extend our appreciation to you. Because of your dedication in locating D*** C********** and you support in the dwelling entry of C**********'* home, we were able to arrest suspect C********** without incident as a Fugitive From Justice on NH narcotics charges. Further, as you know, we were able to seize numerous firearms, hypodermic needles, marijuana, pills and heroin, which also led to a subsequent arrest of D*** C*********** girlfriend, R**** S****." INSPECTOR WILLIAM WEST, BILLERICA POLICE DEPARTMENT (Massachusetts)

"On behalf of myself, this office, and the Western Massachusetts Narcotics Task Force, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks for a job well done. Without your exemplary efforts, Hampden County could not have brought two major narcotic traffickers to justice... you will be gratified to know that in Commonwealth vs. Z*****, because of your diligence, R*** Z***** will not realize his freedom [ten years minimum mandatory] because of his participation in a Bridgeport, Connecticut to Springfield, Massachusetts kilogram of cocaine operation... in addition, S****** D****, in Commonwealth vs. D****, will not see the "light of day" until midway through the next decade because of your efforts... the entire narcotics law enforcement community here in western Massachusetts extends its hand in thanks." CHARLES E. DOLAN, ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY, HAMPDEN COUNTY, SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS

"I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to your agent, Lance Wilkinson, which enabled our agency to immediately capture D***** M*****, a fugitive from Massachusetts." INVESTIGATOR MICHAEL E. SKELTON, COBB COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE (Georgia)

"Be assured that your assistance and generosity have not gone unnoticed. Please accept our gratitude as I extend thanks from the members of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department, as well as my own personal heartfelt thank you. You are not only a valued ally, but a true friend to the Law Enforcement Community." WALTER A. MORSE, HIGH SHERIFF (Retired), HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT (NH)

"On behalf of myself, this office and the entire Dominican population in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I wish to extend our sincerest and deepest appreciation for the good will and assistance you have afforded us. I have received positive feedback from your several trips to the Dominican Republic and learned you have made many friends in both the law enforcement and political arenas during your travels through our country. While apprehending wanted fugitives that flee to the Dominican you have managed to maintain a fine balance of professionalism with getting a difficult job done while tempering it all with an unusual sense of humanitarianism which is essential to the success of your endeavors." AMELIA ESTRELLA, CONSUL GENERAL, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Boston, Mass)

"I would not hesitate to recommend Lance as a true professional in the field of and techniques concerning bail arrest." LOUIS DURETTE, HIGH SHERIFF (Retired), HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT (NH)

"A***** R****** pled guilty to Interstate transportation of Stolen Property in United States District Court, Concord, New Hampshire... I want to express my genuine appreciation for the key role you played... [the] Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents take pride in serving their country, but without cooperation from concerned citizens like yourself the fight against crime becomes even more formidable." THOMAS A. HUGHES, SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE (Boston, Mass.)

"Mr. Wilkinson and I have met and exchanged views and have worked together in suggesting changes to any statutes dealing with fugitive recovery, an integral part of the criminal justice system. I found Mr. Wilkinson to be a thoughtful and knowledgeable man. His knowledge of the law and Constitution were admirable..." JOHN M. HEALY, PRESIDENT, NH LEAGUE OF INVESTIGATORS - FORMER DIRECTOR OF THE NH POLICE PROSECUTORS ASSOCIATION & NH STATE POLICE LIEUTENANT (Retired)

"Thank you for your assistance in picking up the three bail jumpers in Pierson, Florida." IRA WENDORF, BOB BARRY BAIL BONDS, (Florida)

"The bondsman that I referred you to last month asked me to thank you for your calmness under stress during that Miami arrest... he was gratified you were able to calm everyone down and yet keep the fugitive under control." BOB BURTON, FOUNDER NABEA

"I would like to thank you for helping me last week when I was in New York. Your knowledge and expertise was in tremendous help in the case of N**** I********. I feel as if I accomplished a great deal. Thanks for the learning experience." GREG SERAFINI, CARVER BAIL BONDS (Florida)

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