Make Money as a PI TelCo Consultant
By: Michele Yontef
(Ma-Bell) Licensed Private Investigator

You can help your clients find out who is making those ID-blocked harassing phone calls even
when the phone company says it cant or wont.
When an anonymous caller is antagonizing your client, the phone company tells your client it
can trap the callers number after three consecutive interloping incidents but they wont give
your client the information. Instead, they give it to law enforcement.
That anonymous caller is using a phone company feature known as *67 (star, six, seven).  A *67
placed prior to the dialed number, is read by the switch as an addressing instruction to ring the
destination number, but hold the caller station identification at the switch. The callers
identification is not sent in the data-stream read by the caller ID modem on the other end.
But, the phone company computer still captures that information. And you can get it with a
subpoena.  There are some time limitations and restrictions on type of information, but,
nevertheless, theres a lot of information out there for the asking. (Recently I testified expert
witness against a Qwest employee who told, police they could NOT court order local call
detail how incredibly incorrect!) 
The profit, for the skilled investigator, is knowing who needs be subpoenaed, what the chances
are that the desired local call records are available in that particular phone company, how
much the subpoenaed information will cost, and where to send the subpoena once the attorney
has prepared it. 
Unlike tolls or cell records, calls from within the local calling area of a phone company are
flat-rated, this is why theres no itemization on the monthly phone bill, thus after the fact the
only way to ID the anonymous caller is via subpoena or court order.  Usually a PIs client will
need a civil subpoena of the Telcos local calls- this covering your domestic and non criminal
harassment issues. Criminal subpoenas and court orders are almost exclusively associated to
police business, although criminal defendants often need to subpoena phone records too.
The information is the same, but the process of a civil subpoena vs. a criminal or court ordered
demand to a phone company is different. Criminal matters can be faxed and will get immediate
attention. The civil subpoena goes through a different process.  Each phone company has specific
differences in fees, cut-off times for obtaining information, and varying rules on the delivery of
Your client will still need an attorney to prepare the subpoena but you will make even more money
when you offer not just to provide them both with all the data needed to process that demand,
but to also trace all the calls that the subpoena produces. 
                                                               Here's what you need to know:
1. First, familiarize yourself with common local call records descriptions:
          ~MUD (Message Unit Detail) getting the local calling records of a subscribers outgoing calls
          ~AMA (Automatic Message Accounting) getting the local calling records of a subscribers
            outgoing and incoming calls
              Note: AMA or MUD via subpoena is not included in the expectation of service duty
              within the TelCo, its a wonderful byproduct of routing, but never guaranteed
2. Print out the below rules and follow them anytime you need submit a TelCo 
    civil subpoena:
 ----------------PRINT OUT BELOW--------------

Subpoena Compliance contact number:
Subpoena compliance Bell South: live Operator M-F 9:30-4:30 EST
770-492-4560 (From within FL 800-474-2677)
Availability of data:
AMA: 60 days, sometimes more depending on local area
MUD: Not available 
Process of receipt:
Florida subscribers must hand deliver civil subpoenas to Bell South's
registered agent:
Bell South Telecommunications Inc.
C/O Prentice Hall Corp
1201 Hay ST.
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Louisiana subscribers must hand deliver civil subpoenas to Bell South's
registered agent:
Bell South Telecommunications Inc.
C/O Prentice Hall Corp
701 S Peters St suite 200
New Orleans, LA 70130
The minimum charge for AMA is $35.00 for 7 days of information then & 5.00
For each additional day.
Special rules/notes:
~All civil subpoenas must be hand delivered, no mailing for fax  
~Civil subpoena's for Florida must originate from a Florida attorney
~Civil subpoena's for Louisiana must originate from a Louisiana attorney
Subpoena Compliance contact number:
303-896-2522 You will have to leave a message if you have any questions
Availability of data:
MUD: No availability
AMA: Up to 3 years after the fact (The farther from the date of originating
call, the higher the percent of data degrading)
Process of receipt:
All civil subpoenas must be served upon Qwest's registered agent: CT Corp.
Qwest will advise you to contact 411 to find the CT Corporation nearest you;
here is the CT Corporation for Arizona and the proper addressing for your
Qwest civil subpoena:
Qwest Communications Corporation
C/O CT Corporation
3225 N Central Avenue Su# 1601
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Contact number for Arizona CT Corporation: 602-277-4792
First day of data is free, each day of data thereafter is $350.00 per
day + 10 cents a page + $10.00 an hour of process time
Special rules/notes:
~On June 30, 2000 the merger between US West and Qwest was completed;
know that the systems and availability of data from them was exactly the
same under US West as it is in Qwest, only the name changed.  Thus,
technically you can still try to subpoena data from a former US West
subscribed phone. 
Subpoena Compliance contact number:
Availability of data:
Ameritech is the only region where different States yield different information;
choose your State of interest below to see what is available:
Illinois               MUD   18 months           AMA 16 days
Wisconsin        MUD   18 months           AMA 16 days
Indiana              MUD    not available    AMA not available     
Michigan           MUD  not available      AMA not available 
Ohio                     MUD   not available     AMA not available     
Process of receipt:
Fax subpoena to 888-635-6615
The data available is always a flat fee but prices change, so call first
Special rules/notes:
Attorney must have offices within one of the 5 Ameritech coverage States. 
Subpoena Compliance contact number:
Availability of data:
No MUD, no AMA, in any State.  There is simply no ability for their systems
to retrieve such data after the fact, even for law enforcement.  Police in SWB
territory (As in any TelCo territory) can utilize trap and trace from within
the central office - set up prior to anticipated calls (With proper court order). 
Subpoena Compliance contact number:
888-483-2600 (Choose option 2)
Availability of data:
Verizon calls their AMA by the term: UMS (Universal Computer Search).
vailability is: 3 months.
Process of receipt:
Where to send your civil subpoena depends on your former regional TelCo:
Send to Verizon east for if you are in former Bell Atlantic territory
Send to Verizon west if you are in former GTE territory
Mail your original subpoena (No fax):
Verizon East:
1095 Ave of the Americas
NYNY 10036
Verizon West:
POB 1001
San Angelo, TX
$150.00 for 5 days of local calls
Special rules/notes:
~Data has to be ordered by attorney with offices in the same State as
Civil Subpoena Compliance contact number:
Availability of data:
Within 12 miles of the subscribers, central office:
AMA:  no availability
MUD:  no availability
Outside of the 12-mile radius of a subscribers central office:
MUD: none available
AMA:  60 days or more depending on local area, some operators will tell
you the only way to receive AMA is via court order, keep pushing, court
order is not obligatory
Process of receipt:
Mail the original subpoena (No fax) to:
485 S Monroe
Rm 115 A
San Jose, CA
$77.50 per day
~Can only be ordered by attorney with offices in the State of subscriber
~Pac Bell calls its AMA a Bill Number Search
NOTE: This Telco Civil Subpoena Collection record does not include details for receiving
IntraLATA and InterLATA tolled calls, which are available, even in territories such as SBC
(Southwestern Bell, Pac Bell, Ameritech). 
How a local call gets from one place to another:
Calls from a conventional telephone route through the closest central
office governing their location.  Calls route through thousands of
switches some of which read addressing instructions embedded in the
dialing process.  When Ralph Romantic calls from home to his girlfriend,
he dials simply:  323-4444.  The central office closest to Mr. Romantics
home accepts the call; the switch sees the dialed number needs to
remain in the same area code.  The switch then determines if the prefix
323 is within its specific central office coverage area if it is then it looks
up the station code of 4444 and routes the call.  If prefix 323 is not
covered by Mr. Romantics central office, but within the area code and
non-tolled local calling area - then Mr. Romantics switch looks up the
central office that does handle the 323 prefix and transfers the call there.
That central office looks up station code 4444 and routes the call to the
girlfriend.  If she has caller ID, she'll see Mr. Romantics home phone
number as the calling line.
If Mr. Romantic is jilted and wants his number blocked from being sent to
his now ex-girlfriends caller ID, he could dial *67 (star, six, seven), which
holds the caller station identification at the switch.  Ex-girlfriend gets an
anonymous, unwanted, call.
That's when she turns to a licensed professional investigator for help!


This article appeared in the February 2004 issue of The Legal Investigator Journal
National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI)

Copyright: 2004, Michele Yontef, All Rights Reserved.