Originally Seen in PI Magazine Sept 2002
By Michele Yontef

 Michele Yontef, teaches PIs and LEO is nationally how to use telecom-based secrets to skip trace and ID subscribers of phone numbers in her seminars TELECOM SECRETS- now in their third year. Fine reputation and talents preceding her, she is known by peers as Ma-Bell Micheleí and recognized for TelCo investigations excellence worldwide. Advising thousands online via Yahoo Groups on how to tackle difficult phone based mysteries, Michele has written for several magazines. State and Federal court appointed ëexpert witnessí and ëexpert witness consultí in the emerging new field of telecommunications investigations, Micheleís court testimony explains false number broadcasts, subpoena compliance data retrieval ability, and network routing which via analysis has proved accused, innocent. An Arizona licensed private investigator, paralegal, and officer of court (AZ). Michele (Ma-Bell) Micheleís unique and sought-after personal services include all forms of phone number trace, skiptrace, VIP clandestine relocation and celebrity stealthing needs. Contact her offices at 877-665-6864 or visit http://www.Ma-Bell.COM

Make money as a PI TelCo Consultant
By: Michele Yontef (Ma-Bell) Licensed Private Investigator
Ever gotten an anonymous phone call? Your clients do! Calls showing in on their caller ID as anonymous are often associated to harassment or a domestic situation. Would your clients benefit if they could see the real identity of calls previously received as blocked? Would you benefit by assisting them as a consultant and advisor on their quest? Yes!

All calls to your conventional telephone route via the central office governing your location. The central office houses the switching equipment that allows for call routing in a specific coverage area. Your phone calls route through thousands of switches some of which read addressing instructions youíve embedded in the dialing process. Here is an example ëlocal callí you would dial from home; lets read itís addressing instructions: 555-4444. The central office closest to your home accepts the call into itís switching, the switch sees your dialed number needs to remain in the same area code your dialing from (As you only dialed 7 digits). From within the large regions covered by your area code, the switch locates the central office governing the smaller region of prefix 555. Then from within the 555 region the final switch will locate the single station code (Final destination) of 4444.

If the party at the number of 555-4444 has caller ID they will see your phone number calling them. If you wanted to block your number from being sent to the caller ID you could employ a phone company feature known as *67. The *67 is read by the switch as an addressing instruction too, it tells the switch to ring the destination number, but not to send your identification. This causes your ID to be held at the switch so the receiving party only sees ëanonymousí on their caller ID.

When an anonymous caller is antagonizing your client, they are usually advised to contact the local telephone company in attempt to trap the harasser. If trapped, the caller is warned not to bother the receiving party again ñ but the Telephone Company will never give your client the harassers ID. If your client is not getting relief, or must know whom their harasser was, you can advise them to subpoena their ëlocal call recordsí from their phone company. As weíve learned so far, the switch sees the caller who employs the *67 feature before that caller is sent anonymously down the line. Via subpoena, getting a record of what the switch saw will solve the troubles of the harassed client. Once you advise your client of this choice, you can earn good income by assisting them in gathering the details of who needs be subpoenaed, what the chances are that the desired ëlocal call recordsí are available in that particular phone company, how much the subpoenaed information will cost, and where to send the subpoena once the attorney has prepared it.

Telephone Companies are being faced with a rising flood of subpoenas demanding information, doubling roughly every few months. Unlike tolls or cell records, calls from within the local calling area of a phone company are flat-rated, this is why there is no itemization on the monthly phone bill, thus ëafter the factí the only way to ID the anonymous caller is via subpoena or court order. Usually a PIs client will desire a civil subpoena of TelCo local calls- this covering your domestic and harassment situations. Criminal subpoenaís and court orders are almost exclusively associated to police business, or questionable death investigations.

The process of a civil subpoena vs. a criminal or court ordered demand to a TelCo is quite different. Criminal subpoenas and court orders can be faxed and get immediate attention whilst the PIs primary area of concentration, ëthe civil subpoenaí, is a more complex process. This special ëpull out and pin upí PI Magazine article will focus on ëcivil subpoena deliveryí only, disclosing the procedures and vast differences in the 6 main U.S. incumbent local exchange carriers. Each Telco has specific differences in fees, cut off times for obtaining information, and varying rules on the delivery of subpoena. Your money is made via intelligent telecom investigation consultation on anonymous calls and what is available by subpoena per the clientís carrier. Your client will still need an attorney to prepare the subpoena but you will make even more money when you offer to provide them both with all the data needed to process that demand.

Usually, the attorney firm will be left to gather the subpoena availability data per TelCo ñ this is extremely expensive to your client as subpoena compliance is a Pandoraís Box of unanswered calls and terribly conflicting, or sometimes completely wrong information. Recently I testified expert witness against a ëQwest employeeí who told, police they could NOT court order local call detail ñ how incredibly incorrect! So next time a client talks about bothersome or concerning calls ñ make money explaining their options, save them paying tremendous attorney fees by providing them the full data on subpoena compliance per TelCo at a reasonable fee, then empower them with your wisdom and professionalism.

Familiarize yourself with common local call records descriptions:
MUD (Message Unit Detail) Getting the ëlocal calling recordsí of a subscribers outgoing calls
AMA (Automatic Message Accounting) Getting the ëlocal calling recordsí of a subscribers outgoing and incoming calls
Note: AMA or MUD via subpoena is not included in the expectation of service duty within the TelCo, itís a wonderful byproduct of routing but never guaranteedMa-Bell Micheleís TelCo civil subpoena collection

~Available online via password at

Subpoena Compliance contact number:
Subpoena compliance Bell South: live Operator M-F 9:30-4:30 EST
770-492-4560 (From within FL 800-474-2677)

Availability of data:
AMA: 60 days, sometimes more depending on local area
MUD no

Process of receipt:
Florida subscribers must hand deliver civil subpoenas to Bell Southís registered agent:
Bell South Telecommunications Inc.
C/O Prentice Hall Corp
1201 Hay ST.
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Louisiana subscribers must hand deliver civil subpoenas to Bell Southís registered agent:
Bell South Telecommunications Inc.
C/O Prentice Hall Corp
701 S Peters St suite 200
New Orleans, LA 70130
The minimum charge for AMA is $35.00 for 7 days of information then & 5.00
For each additional day.
Special rules/notes:
~All civil subpoenas must be hand delivered, no mailing for fax
~Civil subpoena's for Florida must originate from a Florida attorney
~Civil subpoena's for Louisiana must originate from a Louisiana attorney

QWEST RESIDENTIAL CIVIL SUBPOENASubpoena Compliance contact number:
303-896-2522 ñ You will have to leave a message if you have any questions
Availability of data:
MUD: No availability
AMA: Up to 3 years after the fact (The farther from the date of originating call, the higher the percent of data degrading)

Process of receipt:
All civil subpoenas must be served upon Qwestís registered agent: CT Corporation. Qwest will advise you to contact 411 to find the CT Corporation nearest you; here is the CT Corporation for Arizona and the proper addressing for your Qwest civil subpoena:
Qwest Communications Corporation
C/O CT Corporation
3225 N Central Avenue Su# 1601
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Contact number for Arizona CT Corporation: 602-277-4792
First day of data is free, each day of data thereafter is $350.00 per day + 10 cents a page + $10.00 an hour of process time

Special rules/notes:
~On June 30, 2000 the merger between US West and Qwest was completed; know that the systems and availability of data from them was exactly the same under US West as it is in Qwest ñ only the name changed. Thus, technically you can still try to subpoena data from a former US West subscribed phone.

AMERITECH RESIDENTIAL CIVIL SUBPOENASubpoena Compliance contact number:
800-291-4952Availability of data:
Ameritech is the only region where different States yield different information; choose your State of interest below to see what is available:Illinois: MUD: 18 months, AMA 60 days
Wisconsin: MUD: 18 months, AMA 60 days
Indiana: MUD: not available, AMA: not available
Michigan: MUD: not available, AMA: not available
Ohio: MUD: not available, AMA: not availableProcess of receipt:
Fax subpoena to 888-635-6615
The data available is always a flat fee but prices change, so call first
Special rules/notes:
~For the Ameritech States that do have ability for AMA and MUD, the attorney sending the civil subpoena must have offices within one of the 5 Ameritech coverage States.

SWB RESIDENTIAL CIVIL SUBPOENASubpoena Compliance contact number:
Availability of data:
No MUD, no AMA, in any State. There is simply no ability for their systems to retrieve such data ëafter the factí, even for law enforcement. Police in SWB territory (As in any TelCo territory) can utilize ëtrap and traceí from within the central office - set up prior to anticipated calls (With proper court order).

VERIZON RESIDENTIAL CIVIL SUBPOENASubpoena Compliance contact number:
888-483-2600 (Choose option 2)
Availability of data:
Verizon calls their AMA by the term: UMS (Universal Computer Search). Availability is: 3 months.
Process of receipt:
Where to send your civil subpoena depends on your former regional TelCo:
Send to ëVerizon eastí for if you are in former Bell Atlantic territory
Send to ëVerizon westí if you are in former GTE territory

Mail your original subpoena (No fax):
Verizon East:
1095 Ave of the Americas
NYNY 10036
Verizon West:
POB 1001
San Angelo, TX
$150.00 for 5 days of local calls
Special rules/notes:
~Data has to be ordered by attorney with offices in the same State as subscriber

PAC BELL RESIDENTIAL CIVIL SUBPOENACivil Subpoena Compliance contact number:
Availability of data:
Within 12 miles of the subscribers, central office:
AMA: no availability
MUD: no availability
Outside of the 12-mile radius of a subscriberís central office:
MUD: none available
AMA: 60 days or more depending on local area, some operators will tell you the only way to receive AMA is via court order, keep pushing, court order is not obligiotory
Process of receipt:
Mail the original subpoena (No fax) to:
485 S Monroe
Rm 115 A
San Jose, CA
$77.50 per day
Special rules/notes:
~Can only be ordered by attorney with offices in the State of subscriber

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