By Ralph Thomas


 A megashift is a basic change in thinking about the products and services we offer and market to clients. A megashift in thinking has just occurred. In fact, it's likely the biggest megashift in thinking to occur in modern American history. September 11th, 2001 has changed everyone's thinking and that thinking is certainly filtering down to our industry. America has become aware of the importance of security measures at all levels. In a way, nothing has changed and in a way everything has. We have been warned for years that it was just a matter of time before something like that which happened on September 11th would take place. But it appears no one was paying much attention. Now, everyone is paying attention. The perception of American has changed. Perception of the way things are, is an underlying driving force behind almost every action taken by every American. When people change their perception of things in massive numbers, major megashifts happen. A few years ago when our embassies were bombed by Al-Quada, the Clinton Administration launched a cruise missile attack against them. What did America do? It cried out loud that the Clinton Administration was merely trying to change the subject away from the Monica Lewiniski scandal. There was not much support for the military action. All that changed on September 11th. In light of the fact that America's perception of security has changed, it's time to rethink the products and services we offer and how we offer them. Here are some ideas and concepts to explore as you rethink the products and services you offer and the way in which you offer and market them.

Pre-Employment And Background Checks
Prior to September 11th, it was sometimes difficult to get some business people and professionals to think about background checks. It was often through of as an added expense that moved the bottom line of profit. That's all changed. Almost every businessperson and professional person now understands the vital importance of background checks in the area of pre-employment and the market is rip for obtaining new clients. But what are the best types of clients to go after? It depends on the types of clients you wish to develop and the type of volume you are looking for but here are some considerations.

Hotels And Child Care Centers have long been a large market for pre-employment investigative services. However, they tend to be quickie criminal records checks and the amounts of per case charges you can obtain are limited.

Professionals such as law firms and important management positions for large corporations are willing to pay for more extensive background investigations. A recent survey revealed that a typical background check for hotel and child care businesses averaged less than fifty dollars but a pre-employment background for law firms averaged two-hundred fifty dollars plus.

There are major nitch areas some investigators have been able to tap into in the area of background checks. For example, there are a handful of agencies that do quite well screening domestic workers such as maids and private childcare providers for the well-to-do. Other operators have developed pre-employment screening with basic services tailored to fast food employees and hotel employees. Although the type of screening investigation in these areas are very limited and based on a small flat rate fee, massive volumes of work can be built up as employee turnover is high. On the other hand, there are agencies that specialize in nothing but pre-employment background checks on new members of a law firm. Naturally, these cases are more in-depth background checks and bring in a much larger amount of revenue per case.

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Business Background Checks
Business background checks in general are on the rise. America has developed into an economy that depends on global connections. Business people throughout America are starting to ask themselves if they really want to do business with a certain overseas company. Business people naturally want to make sure that they are dealing with honest companies and certainly don't want to deal with foreign concerns that might have ties to terrorists.

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Countermeasures Sweeps
Countermeasures has been an area of opportunity for the investigative and the security industry for several decades. In the last twenty years, it has taken on increasing importance as business and industry has shifted to information driven businesses.

With the increased level of security in all areas of American life Americans are rethinking their need for information security. Now more than ever, business and industry is seeing the vital importance of protection of information from wiretapping and eavesdropping.

In the private sector, countermeasures is often divided into two different categories. There are domestic countermeasures and corporate/professional countermeasures. Domestic countermeasures usually involves a search for eavesdropping equipment in a home. These types of sweeps are rather simple and basic with fees of five hundred dollars or below. However, the real opportunity for countermeasures lies in the area of corporate and professional countermeasures. A complicated sweep of even a small business typically runs at least several thousand dollars. The difference between the two are wide as is the equipment and know-how you need.

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Bodyguarding And Executive Protection
There isn't any doubt about it. Bodyguarding services and executive protection services is on the rise. It's important to understand the context in which the lives of the rich and famous now operate. They now understand that there are people out there that have verbally claimed that they want to kill Americans. Has that changed since September 11? No, but what has changed is the awareness and perception of it.

American citizens who use bodyguard and executive protection services are rich and famous or involved as high-ranking members of larger corporations. Those who have not used them in the past are now looking into it and those who already use such services are beefing up their own security.

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Security Guard Services
Security guard services of all types are on the rise. We have all witnessed the failure of airport security since September 11th but airport security is not the only area of opportunity. Almost everywhere, private security forces are being beefed up. What seems to be needed is more professional security services above and beyond that of the typical security guard service.

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Video Surveillance Services
Before September 11th, there seemed to be more video surveillance cameras than people on the plant earth. However, since September 11th, there has been an increase in security awareness and thus a new level of demand for video surveillance services on all levels. Some private investigative agencies have developed strong business in the rental and/or setup and maintained of video camera systems. This could involve large contracts for office buildings to someone as simple as renting out one camera systems for private clients.

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Identity Theft
It became worldwide headlines that some of the airplane hijackers had stolen the identity of a San Antonio doctor of middle-eastern decent. The doctor was arrested by the FBI for possible ties to the terrorists. He was later released when it was discovered that his tie was nothing more than a typical case of identity theft. This case is just the tip of the iceberg. Identity theft has become a huge problem and services that learn to specialize in this area to help people clean up after the ID theft are in big demand. New laws have been passed in many states but the nation really needs federal legislation that will make the banks and credit card companies more responsive to the problem. Is identity theft more prevalent now than before that day in September? No it's not but people are more aware of the problem.

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Metal And Bomb Detection
There is certainly a new level of awareness for metal and bomb detectors. Although many of us think of metal detectors that you walk through as well as though portable handheld metal detectors as something we see in airports. However, concerns and organizations that never even thought of such security tools before September 11th are now buying them. There is a new portable vibrating metal detector that can be worn on a police officer or a security guard belt. There is even one new metal detector in the shop of a small frame in which a package can be passed through which is being used by small businesses to check for metal and bombs. Prior to September 11th, a small business interested in such a device might have been considered somewhat paranoid but today's awareness of security has changed all that.

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Upgrades And Training
Upgrading for new levels of security services of all types has become something in big demand. America is crying for better-trained security professionals and those firms who can offer such services, either in the form of training or in the areas of offering better-qualified security people should prosper. The age old saying about building a better mousetrap will drive the world to your door certainly applies.

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Overall Approaches
Fine-tuning your services to meet the megashifts in thinking that has taken place is important. It's important to understand that the old standard cases such as missing persons and service of process are not going to disappear. However, an overall approach to the marketing of your services needs to incorporate the new levels of security awareness in America. At the same time, you should think about new areas of services you can offer that would tie in with the new awareness for security in America.

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