P.I. Magazine Gets New Owner!


Toledo, Ohio - (March 27, 2002) Robert Mackowiak, founder, editor and publisher of P.I.
Magazine since 1988, today announced that the magazine has been acquired by Eastern Publishing Company, owned and operated by Jimmie Mesis, an internationally renowned private investigator and entrepreneur from Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

"P.I. Magazine has always been a very good resource for professional investigators. Now, I plan to make it a great resource. It will soon become an indispensable tool," Mesis said. He also stated that current subscribers would be unaffected by this acquisition.

Mackowiak expressed complete confidence that Mesis will use his proven business success, and experience, to take the magazine to new levels. "Jimmie is recognized as one of the country's most successful and respected investigators. He has given me glimpses into what he wants to accomplish, and I foresee a new and exciting transformation for the magazine which became known as America's leading private investigation journal," he said. "This is extremely positive news for P.I. Magazine readers, as well as for the entire investigative profession."

Mesis currently serves as President of the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator's Association, and has been active in state and national investigative associations since 1979. He recently acquired the publishing rights to The Directory of Private Investigators, the only major, printed, directory of private investigators in the United States, Canada, and 50 other countries. In addition, Mesis will soon launch www.pi.org, a free portal website, unique to the profession, serving as a gateway to all investigators, associations, and related support services throughout the world.

"P.I. Magazine is the perfect complement to the information services I envision," Mesis said. "In the coming months, readers of P.I. Magazine will see a whole new design and concept, which will include four color printing, new writers, and new advertisers. I also want to thank Bob and his wife Barb, for all their hard work, and for the contributions they have made to the investigative profession during the last 14 years."

Mackowiak will facilitate a smooth transition by remaining as an Associate Editor until year's end, and will continue serving private investigators by publishing his new PlatInum Marketing Newsletter. Bob's new telephone number is 419-382-8668, and his new email is bob@pi.org

For subscription, advertising or editorial information, contact Jimmie Mesis at jim@pi.org, 866-435-7346, or www.pimagazine.com

Contact Information:
Jimmie Mesis
Eastern Publishing Company
870 Pompton Avenue, Suite B2
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
Tel: 973-571-0400
Fax: 973-571-0505
E-mail: Jim@pi.org