Stockbridge Street Girl
By Stan Lewis

Several years ago, I became interested in Missing and Runaway Children. An
acquaintance of mine, who knew of my concerns, introduced me to a young,
pretty women from Stockbridge.

We met in Atlanta's Piedmont Park, and I brought along my tape recorder. Her story
was one of the most explicit tales of a runaway child, that I ever had heard.

At twelve years of age,this young woman ran away from her family,hundreds of miles
away to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Alternately hitching rides from truckers, she arrived
at her destination, lucky to be alive. Between trips she was raped and abandoned several

Things did not get better, as she found herself hungry and homeless in California. After days
of barely surviving, she became caught up in the streets, making her living as a prostitute.
Shortly thereafter, she moved to Las Vegas, where she was up for sale, into a white slavery

Some how, with a lot of luck and God's help she made it back home to Stockbridge.I always
tell here how special she must be, to have survived what many other's do not each year,
and to live to see her own kids grow up healthy. Runaway children do die in great numbers
each year, and there are some 5,000 of them reported here in Georgia every year.

As a licensed private investigator, I closely work amongst dysfunctional families.
Recently, I worked on a statutory rape case in Clayton County. This adult male had found
a thirteen year old kid on a voice mail service. Well after their romance didn't work out,
the young lady accused him of several felonies including aggravated child molestation.
His sentencing will be soon, although I must admit there are no winners here.

Parents, talk to your kids, give them quality time. And concern yourself with your children's
use of the phone, the computer, and the pager/voice mail services. There are predators out
there who will gladly take over the care of your child if you don't want to!

Stan Lewis
Private Investigator
Phone: (770) 413-2367