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  URLAW Legal Research Center:
Litigation and Business Forms. This site has lots of links
and links to other forms sites along with other info..

Federal forms
The federal forms collection contains court forms for
federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts. These
forms are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
The state forms collection contains court forms for
state courts.
Other Form Resources
Consumer Forms, Sample Letters, Wills, & Employment
Contracts, Corporate Forms, Tax Forms
Sample Contracts - Model Licenses, Merger Agreements,
and Executive Compensation Plans
Forms Exchange - Obtain and Share Forms with Others
Forms Guide - Directory of Other Form Web Sites.
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Affidavit , Assignments , Bankruptcy ,
Business , Credit and Collection , Employment Forms,
Federal Government Forms, General Law Practice Forms,
Litigation Forms, Loans and Finance Forms, Miscellaneous,
Pleading Forms, Professional Service Forms, other forms,
and alot of good info. on the site.

Search our database of thousands of free legal forms. Our
one of a kind search engine will allow you to easily find the
form you are looking for.
There are also fee forms. This site claims to have over
20,000 non-free legal forms.

Legal Documents Online
Some are free & some are fee.
This site allows YOU to prepare customized legal
documents directly online.

Several good links on this site.
Here's the description of just one.
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Legal Forms @ Gavel2GavelT
The Internet's most comprehensive selection of general and
multi-purpose legal forms for use in your personal life or
day-to-day business activities. Also contains a large
selection of government forms (i.e., income taxes, SBA,
HUD, immigration, etc.) that are commonly used by the public.
The main site addy is:

Some of the forms on the site are,
Vehicles & Equipment, Worker Safety,
Compensation & Benefits Marketing,
Business Finance, Employee Management,
and more.

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All About Forms - Free Legal Forms
(Database of hundreds of forms in legal topic areas such as
bankruptcy, corporations, divorce, real estate, leases, and
trusts; keyword searchable)
American Arbitration Association - Forms
(Alternative dispute resolution forms from the American
Arbitration Association)
Forms From The Feds
(Links to downloadable federal government electronic forms;
arranged alphabetically by name of federal agency)
Free Legal Forms Index, Free Real Estate Forms, and lots more.
Most are free & a free are fee.

ILRG Legal Forms Archive
Some of the topics are, Basic Agreements,
Buying and Selling, Employment, Personal and Family,
Other Legal Forms, & more.

National Information Agency
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Legal & business forms:
Uncle Sam--Forms From the Feds
Legal forms and documents
Corporate Forms Free legal forms drafted by
top corporate and securities attorneys.
Internet Legal Resource Guide/forms.
Legal Documents Online -- some have a fee
Other info. on the site,
Types of bugs,wiretaps and methods.
Warning signs of eavesdropping.
Federal eavesdropping laws
Great site. Search for bug information and fixes.
Gives you the power to view the content of cookies and delete them.
Computer tech support online.
Searchable dictionary of computing terms.
Fingers "Find out who is online right now". Great info to have!
Information on cults and psychological manipulation.
Sex offender registration and other state-by-state directories.
Track parolees. And again, more.

Business owners tool kit
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Official Government Forms. A selection of the forms and
publications most commonly used by small business owners
when filing taxes with the IRS or contracting with the
federal government.
Model business documents. Sample letters, contracts,
forms, and policies ready for you to customize - from a
Sample Independent Contractor Agreement to a Job
Application Form. IRS forms, and under Business Finance
is "Sample Collection Letters" which I've heard/read that
some of you need !!! There is alot of info. & forms to help
your business, check it out.

A good list of forms for Gov., IRS.

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