By Jim Zimmer, CPI

On October 12th at the San Diego office of Senator Dianne Feinstein, seven fellow
investigators and I had the opportunity to meet with James Peterson, the
District Director for Senator Feinstein. The panel of investigators
represented various associations, including but not limited to CALI,

In attendance and speaking professionally and eloquently on behalf of us
all were:

Toni Perrin
Joe Laski
Robert Townsend
Ben Harroll
Frank Ritter
Michael Newman
Mike Pierson

I would like to especially thank Mike Pierson from Indio Calif for
making the arrangements for the meeting.

Mr. Peterson was very generous with the time he allowed our group, and
we spent nearly an hour discussing the unintended consequences this
legislation will have on the civil and criminal justice system, locating
heirs and family members, background investigations, etc. Mr. Peterson
took many notes, and he asked pertinent questions, some of which are
summarized as follows:

How will investigators who misuse ssn headers be held accountable?

What type of system do we propose to track who accesses someone's
ssn? Can such a system be created, so that similar to how our requests
for DMV info can be traced, or our accessing a person's credit report is
noted on the consumer report, there is a way to track who has accessed
the header?

Will a consumer know that his ssn headers have been accessed?

Will the access to headers only be available to licensed PI's? What
about the states that currently do not have any licensing provisions?

Will the access to headers be available to employees of PI firms?

How do we intend to insure that it will not be misused?

How we address these concerns will alleviate their concerns for misuse
of this information, and their willingness to allow access for
permissible purposes.

Mr. Peterson has requested that our representatives in Washington work
with Senator Feinstein's office there, and specifically with Evans
Shultz, but to also keep him posted on what type of language we propose
to be added..

Overall, I felt that Mr. Peterson was very impressed with the dedicated
and professional group of investigators who represented us, and I am
confident that through continued communication we can draft language
which will preserve the positive intent of the Senator's bill, while
minimizing the negative impact on the investigative and information
brokerage industries, not to mention the entire civil and criminal
justice system.

This meeting in San Diego, as well as recent meetings in Los Angeles and
San Francisco, are making the Senator and her staff aware that revisions
to this legislation are needed. Thanks to the members of all
associations for your participation!

Jim Zimmer, CPI
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