Private Investigation Industry Trends 2003

What's Hot And What's Not-By Ralph Thomas

The Investigative Interview In Anticipation of Litigation  
By Robert H. Townsend

Article On John Lajoie-NAIS Investigator of The Year From The Telegram Newspaper Titled: Top PI In The Nation
From The Telegram

Slip and Fall Accident Investigation
By JW Harbert, CLI, FCI

Tractor Trailer Underride Accidents
By Jack Murray, CLI, CFE

Nighttime Tractor Trailer Side Underrides (The Invisible Semi)
By: Robert L. Parke, CLI

Digital Photography for Investigators 2003
By James W. Harbert CLI, FCI

Writing Technical Accident Reports  
By Susie Wright

Forensic Autopsy: The famous death detective Dr. Michael Baden whose autopsy and crime scene skills have been used on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and high profile cases such as O.J. Simpson, Ted Binion and serial killer Dr. Michael Swango. A CourtTV Article

How To Conduct A Workplace Investigation
By Raymond L. Hogge, Jr., Esq.

CyberCrime Profile: CATCH     
Meet the Computer and Technology Crime High Tech Response team

Information Sharing and Protection: A Seamless Framework or Patchwork Quilt?
Remarks of J. William Leonard

20 Ways to Find, Hire, and Work with an Expert
By Jeff Warren A Warren Group Article

The Product Liability Checklist
A Useful Investigative Tool By The Warren group

Student Surveillance
In some high schools cameras watch students from the minute they board their bus until the final school bell rings. In the wake of Columbine, is school surveillance an invasion of privacy or a necessary protector? A CyberCrime Article

The Use of Evidence During an Interrogation:
Part I- A John Reid Article

Models Bring Accidents to the Courtroom
By Wayne Berry- A Warren Group Article

Understanding Bad Faith Insurance Companies
A FBIC article

Google Preferences And Your Online Privacy
An Infoanarchy Article

K-9 Forensics!
Dogs are used for many different law enforcement purposes. This article looks at the tremendous contribution that K-9 teams make to saving lives and solving crimes. A CourtTV Article

Fifteen Tips To Protect Small Businesses
An NSI Article

Exclusive Interview with Roy Hazelwood
Original FBI profiler of sexual crimes and serial rapists. Updated to include information from Hazelwood's new book Dark Dreams. A CourtTV Interview.

Ten Winning Ways to Enhance Product Liability Investigations
A PDF download. By Robert H. Townsend

Corporate Research- Using The Directories
A Facts At Your Fingertips Article

The Spy Inside Your Home Computer
A BBC article

Literary Forensics:
Ransom notes and hoaxes -- what can you do to figure out what's true? A CourtTV Article

Child Abuse: The Scope of the Problem
A University of Washington Article

Sexual Harassment:
What Every Working Woman Needs to Know An NSI Article

Broadcast Piracy And It's Protection
An EBU-UER Article

Alcohol Injury and Violence: A Brief Review of the Literature.
This page gives several specific related findings on various injuries and types of violence.
An ARIV article

Missing Heirs: Put Yourself In Their Shoes
by C. Tim Rodenbush

Toll Call Records And Unlisted-Nonpub Phone Numbers
How To Use Them And get Thems
By Ralph Thomas

The Nightmare of International Product Piracy
By Laurence Jacobs, A. Coksun Samli, and Tom Jedlik, Industrial Marketing Management

Skip Tracing: Use of Trap Lines And Blind Lines
Understanding The Use Of Trap Lines And Blind Lines. What They Are, How To Use Them And Where To Get Them. By Ralph Thomas

It's Elementary, My Dear PC!     
Follow the computer clues that led to a mysterious death. By The CyberCrime staff

Low Speed Accidents - Correlating Vehicle Impact Speeds Using Collision Damage Analysis and Expected Injuries - A Case Study
by James O. Harris Harris Technical Services.

Economic Espionage, Proprietary Information Protection: The Government is Here to Help You - Seriously
An article

A Field Guide To Spammer Tricks
An ActiveState Presentation

How To Find Company Information
The amount of information available both in print and electronic format has grown exponentially over the last decade. With the widespread popularity of online marketing in this new Internet economy, more and more company information is becoming available. At an unprecedented rate, companies of all flavors and sizes are putting up their own website and are being included in web-based directories and virtual lists.

Skip Tracing-Back To Basics
Finding someone for any of a number of reasons. These may be witnesses, deadbeat parents, debtors, lost loves, friends and relatives. by Dean A. Beers, CMI

How Credible are Eyewitnesses?
by Joseph E. Badger A Harris Technical Services Article

Auto Theft: Top Ten Port & Border Cities
by Chris E. McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM

A Four-Domain Model for Detecting Deception An Alternative Paradigm for Interviewing
From The FBI's law Enforcement Journal By Joe Navarro, M.A.

Trade Secrets, Espionage And Prevention In Associations
A Center For Association Leadership Article

Trade Secrets Federal Law
A Saint-Island Review

Understanding The Concept And Limits Of Noncompete Agreements
Noncompete agreements protect employers from losing valuable trade secrets and employees. Here's how to make sure your agreement will hold up in court and understand the legal limits of what protection you have.

Worker Compensation: The World of The Injured Worker
A Prospective From A Healthcare Giver
A Message Today Article

Financial Management 101: Credit & Collections
What to do with clients and customers who love your service but hate to pay your bills. A Credit And Collections Article

Is the Big Hit The Only Successful Surveillance ?
A Article

Top Ten Internet Scams
This article by scambusters list and describe the top ten scams on the internet.

Trade Secrets & Industrial Espionage - Online Piracy
From the articles of the law firm, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione- Chicago, Illinois By Melvin F. Jager & William J. Cook

High Cost Of International Recovery
Typical Expenses paid by parents to search for and recover abducted children. A NewsDay Article

Conducting A Computer Security Audit
An Introductory Overview. A Security Focus Article

Navigating the Maze of Criminal Records Retrieval - Updated
A check of criminal records is standard procedure when due diligence research is conducted on individuals. However, even in this age of instant access to digitized information, old fashioned “gum shoe” techniques usually must be relied upon for the research of criminal records. This article will discuss how criminal records are maintained and the alternatives available for retrieval. By Lynn Peterson

Steganography Revealed
From Security Focus-by Kristy Westphal

Tenacity the Key to Your Success
If you expect your average business to zoom for you immediately — think again! (It can, but for the majority of people it takes a while to build) — time and above all tenacity to keep on going when others believe you can’t do it. by Lena Sanchez
A Credit And Collections article.

Establishing The Origin and Authenticity of Documents
At trial, the origin and authenticity of important documents may be proved by experts known as "questioned document examiners." Here's how they do their work. A Nolo Press Article

International Parental Child Abduction
A Department Of State Article
with resources and aids.

Guide to Researching Public Records
This document explains how to use the FEC's database and computer terminals in the Public Records Office to obtain campaign finance information about federal candidates and committees. 

Protecting A Business's Valuable Trade Secrets
Virtually every business has some protectable trade secrets.  From a newly developed formula or component for a product to the names and addresses of customers, suppliers or sources of raw material, trade secrets are everywhere.  A trade secret has been defined as anything that is treated as a secret and that has some commercial value.  It is, therefore, essential for you to take the steps necessary to protect those items which you consider to be valuable assets of your business. by Leonard D. DuBoff

New Online Access to Federal Courts
Are you sick and tired of the hassles, the expense, and the delays involved in retrieving copies from US district and bankruptcy courts? Has searching PACER got you down? There's good news!By Lynn Peterson

Successful Case Reviews: False Claim Of Sexual Assault
A John Reid Article

The Secret Gatekeeper To The Net
Amid accusations of financial mismanagement, secrecy, and lack of focus, the anonymous organization that manages the Internet is working to impose sweeping changes to itself that in the long run will fundamentally affect what people around the world can do online.By Bobson Wong,

Drug Tests: Junk Science?
A discussion of drug tests as a part of the criminal justice system. A Nolo Press Article

Justice by Machine: Living With Lie Detector Tests
A former public defender recounts his first experience with a lie detector test and argues for their place in American courtrooms.
Establishing the Origin and Authenticity. A Nolo Press Article

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide
A recent Supreme Court decision encourages you to stand your ground if you're stopped by police. A Nolo Press Article

Laptop Security Preventing Laptop Theft
A Security Focus Article by Josh Ryder

Proving Fault in Slip and Fall Accidents
These guidelines will help you determine who is responsible if you slip or trip and fall on someone else's property. A Nolo Press Article

Chinese Espionage In The United States:
Ho hum, Why Should I Care?

An article.

Evaluating Hand Behavior During An Interview
Nonverbal communication often provides information about the sincerity or truthfulness of a person's verbal statement.
A John Red Article

The Lying Game: National Security And The
Test for Espionage and Sabotage

An Antipolygraph article-By George W. Maschke

Service of Process In Japan
A review of the laws for successful service.
A Department Of State Article

Modern Day Espionage
A article-by Bernie R. Milligan

Roll-Your-Own Net TV Takes Off
You don't have to be one of Hollywood's chosen few to be a TV star. The Internet is becoming a platform for individual and community television programming, and many commercial stations are making content available on the Web. By Manny Frishberg- A WiredNews Story

Understanding The Concept And Limits Of Noncompete Agreements
Noncompete agreements protect employers from losing valuable trade secrets and employees. Here's how to make sure your agreement will hold up in court and understand the legal limits of what protection you have.

Skip Tracing-Hot On The Trail
Sniffing out debtors is critical for collector and investigators. How have new privacy rules changed skip tracing and what are the latest challenges? By Darren J. Wagoner- A Credit & Collections World Article

Investigation Methodology: Indoor Air, Toxic Mold, or Sick House
An Inspect-NY Article

Treasures In The Dumpster
Tips For Dumpster Divers And Anyone Who has A Trash Can! A PDF Download by Robert Fried

Contaminating a Subject’s Behavior
When inferring deception from a suspect’s behavior, investigators must remember that a subject’s outward behaviors during questioning are not direct signs of lying. A John Reid Article

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Eye Movement & Criminal Interrogation By Stan B. Walters & Associates, Inc.
"The Lie Guy®

The Dog As The Expert Nose Witness
Man's best friend? Not if the man is on trial and the dog is an expert "nose witness" who may be more convincing than reliable . A Popular Science Story

Finding Accelerants In Arson Investigations
How investigators can prove that a fire was set intentionally by finding an accelerant at the scene of a fire.

Digital Photos: Mastering The Digital Domain
New cameras, editing software, archiving and printers: What's best for you? A Popular Science Article

Questioning Theories of Repressed Memory
Women who were sexually abused as children and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as adults remember traumatic information just as well as women with no history of abuse and abuse survivors who are psychiatrically healthy, according to a study published last month in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. An APA Article

Still Looking     
New computerized age-progression technology lets law enforcement agents keep searching for missing kids years after they disappear. By Jack Karp-A Cybercrime Article

Deductive Criminal Profiling: Comparing Applied Methodologies Between Inductive and Deductive Criminal Profiling Techniques
by Brent E. Turvey, MS A Corpus-delicti Article.

Interviewing for Credibility: Accurate Identification of Deception Behaviors
by Stan B. Walters

Fighting Fraud At the Front-End
With criminals constantly searching for new ways to defraud credit grantors, vendors are rolling out a new arsenal of anti-fraud weapons designed to thwart them. By Peter Lucas - A Credit And Collections World Article.

Understanding Motives And Developing Suspects In Unsolved Serial Rapes Through Behavioral Profiling by Brent E. Turvey, MS- A Corpus-delicti Article.

Tainting Evidence
Inside the Scandals at the FBI Crime Lab
By John F. Kelly and Phillip K. Wearne

Laid Bare Online     
Photo-manipulation software makes it easier than ever to create fake nudes of celebrities. But stars claim the damage is real. By Jack Karp- A CyberCrime Article

Ballistics Development In Investigations
The science of guns and how ballistics have developed over the decades with major cases in which ballistics were critical.

Computer & Internet Crime FAQ
Prepared by Eoghan Casey

Protect Your Identity Online     
Identity theft is on the rise, but there are some simple steps you can take to stop someone from stealing your personal information.
A CyberCrime Article

Quantum Cryptography- It Can really Keep A Secret- A PC Magazine Article

Google As a Hacker's Tool
Quite Interesting Reading! A Security Protocols Article

Video Voyeurs     
Night-vision camera filters are being used by voyeurs to see through people's clothes. Some of these pictures are being sold online, and no one can stop them. A Cybercrime Article

Nowhere to Turn: Victims Speak Out on Identity Theft by Janine Benner, CALPIRG; Beth Givens, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse; and Ed Mierzwinski, USPIRG.

Best Practices For Seizing Electronic Evidence
A US Secret Service Article
Forensic Voice Prints
Understanding The Technology And Ways To use it In Investigations.

The Method Of Voice Identification
The method by which a voice is identified is a multifaceted process requiring the use of both aural and visual senses. In the typical voice identification case the examiner is given several recordings; one or more recordings of the voice to be identified and one or more recorded voice samples of one or more suspects. It is from these recordings the examiner must make the determination about the identity of the unknown voice.

Criminal Profiling? Fact, Fiction Or Fantasy
From The Crime Library

Parental Abduction Of Children: An Overview And Profile Of The Abductor
by: John Kiedrowski,M.A.(Crim.) C.H.S. Jayewardene,Ph.D. Kiedrowski and Associates

Domestic Payback Online     
Angry exes post nude photos of their erstwhile loves on the Internet. Ever let a lover or spouse take a risqué photograph of you in a moment of passion? Well, you better stay on that person's good side if you want to keep those photos off-line. By Jack Karp-A Cybercrime Article

An Imperfect Science-Predicting Dangerousness
Does it keep sex offenders locked up?

The Most Misunderstood Element of Investigation
Good, competent investigators who put themselves through the wringer month after month, jeopardizing their business, even their family’s well-being. And all because they don’t understand this one key area of the entire investigative process. By Roy Miller, M.M., M.C.R.M., C.R.J.

Analysis of Email Headers
From The TopSecretNetworks

Forensic Psycholinguistics Using Language Analysis for Identifying and Assessing Offenders
By Sharon S. Smith, M.S. and Roger W. Shuy, Ph.D.-A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article.

No Dough, No Show
Most private investigators I know are really wonderful people. (And those who aren’t know who they are!) P.I.s are kind, intelligent, resourceful, and truly concerned about others. Having been around the block a few times, investigators know how to be hard-nosed and persistent when they need to be, particularly when tracking down information. Nobody can take advantage of today’s professional private investigator. Except for their own clients. By Roy Miller, M.M., M.C.R.M., C.R.J.

Anonymous Remailer FAQ
by André Bacard, Author of
Computer Privacy Handbook

Handbook On Child Support Enforcement
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Security Clearance Process For State And Local Law Enforcement
An FBI Article

Best Practices of a Hate/Bias Crime Investigation
By Walter Bouman- A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article

Many investigators assume that the real way to make money in this business is to specialize in handling one particular type of case, become well known within the industry, and have everyone else refer that type of case exclusively to them. By Roy Miller, M.M., M.C.R.M., C.R.J.

Imaging With Radar
A NOVA article by Rick Groleau

Stalking The Stalker-A Profile Of Offenders
By Robert Wood, Ph.D. and Nona Wood, M.S.
A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article

Bring on the Bounty Hunters
An Independent Institute Article

Criminal Confessions Overcoming the Challenges
By Michael R. Napier and Susan H. Adams, Ph.D
A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article

Skip Tracing Basics
A TopsecretNetwork Article.

Gangs in Middle America
Are They a Threat? By David M. Allender -A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article.

Detecting Deception
By Joe Navarro and John R. Schafer
Learning and employing basic nonverbal and verbal skills can help officers determine the truthfulness of people they interview.

Don’t Let the Process Control You
Stuff every investigator should understand! By Roy Miller, M.M., M.C.R.M., C.R.J.

Subtle Skills for Building Rapport
By Vincent A. Sandoval and Susan H. Adams
Investigators can employ NeuroLinguistic Programming techniques during interviews to help them build rapport . -A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article.

Kyllo v.United States
Thermal Imaging Technology Versus Individual Privacy

By Thomas D. Colbridge, J.D -A Law Enforcement Bulletin Article.


The Enemy Within!
You’re at greatest risk from people with legitimate access. An Investigator Article.

How The FTC Interprets The FCRA
And How It Effects The Investigator

By Eddy L. McClain
The most frequent misunderstanding about the FCRA comes about from interpreting sections independently rather than as a whole. An NCISS Article

Criminal Profiling: How It Got Started
And How It Is Used.

A CourtTV Article.

An Interview With Dr. Henry Lee, Forensic Scientist
A CourtTV Page

National Criminal History Databases Issues And Opportunties In Pre-Employment Screening-By Carl R. Ernst And Les Rosen- A BRB PDF Download.

Enonymous E-mail
By Michael Chesbro

Email Tracing Basics
A PDF Article

Facts About Shoplifting

Digital Diagnosis     
Websites selling prescription drugs make life easier for many sick people, but they can cause some serious side effects.A Cybercrime Article.

Illegal Interview Questions In Pre-Employment
A PDF Article

Ritual Killings
Linkage analysis is one component of profiling, a method that is part science and part art and is used to analyze a crime and to develop a profile of the type of person who might commit such a crime.

The Trouble With PI Licenseing Statues
An Example By Carl R. Ernst -A BRB PDF Download.

Do I Know You? E-Mail Barricades
Halt! Who goes there? Friend or foe? Internet users frustrated by a rising deluge of spam, or junk e-mail, are resorting to a new arsenal of software tools that block or quarantine mail of unknown origin. A WiredNews Article

Ballistics: The Science of Guns
From The Crime Library

Counterfeit Credentials     
The Internet is making it easier than ever to purchase fake college, law, and even medical degrees. How can you be sure the doctor you're visiting or the employee you're hiring is for real? A Cybercrime Article

Aldrich Ames, A Spy Story
CIA spy who betrayed his country in a very major way. Expert Pete Earley tells the story of this very damaging spy and what may have motivated him.

Concealing Secret Messages Using Computer Graphics
by Tom Spitzoli

Using Computers to Catch Corporate Fraud
A PDF Article


Is Your Boss Listening?
More than three quarters of American companies are thought to monitor their employees' email, even when it's personal. It may be legal, but is it right? Find out what each side thinks.

Insurance Fraud Indicators
Everything you wanted to know but didn't kno who to ask! By Robert Scott

Tips And Techniques For Statement Taking
Howard's article on tips and techniques in statement taking will help you take better signed statements.
By: Catherine Howard

Turning The Tables on Cellphone Snoops
Take a look at the technology that allows thieves to snoop on your cellphone calls and clone your phone. And find out what law enforcement is doing to stop the stealing. A Cybercrime Article.

Ten Tip For Photographing Vehicles For Litigation
Jack Murray is likely the nation's most well known authority on accident investigation. In this article, he shares has knowledge about photographing vehicles as part of the investigative process. By Jack Murray

Interpreting Verbal Phrases
Investigative techniques and tips from John Reid

The Sketch Artist Goes Digital
For decades police officers have used hand-drawn sketches derived from eyewitness recollections to find criminals. See how computers are revolutionizing the process. A Cybercrime Article.

Hate Crime In Ameica
From The International Association Of Chiefs of Police

You Have (Hidden) Mail
Steganography may be the best way to keep your messages private. It may also be the best way for terrorists to communicate with each other. Find out how it works. A Cybercrime Article.

Negligence For The Legal Investigator
This article covers the legal points you need to know when conducting a negligence investigation. By Ralph Thomas


Statement Analysis
What Do Suspects' Words Really Reveal?

By Susan H. Adams, M.A.
Special Agent Adams teaches statement analysis as part of interviewing and interrogation courses at the FBI Academy.

Is It An Accidental Fire Or Arson?
by Tony Cafe and Ass. Prof. Wal Stern

Interviewing And Neurolinguistic Evaluation
Neurolinguistic techniques as an interviewing tool can be highly effective and will vastly improve your interviewing skills. This article gives you an introduction on the topic. A John Reid Article

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Tutorial
An indepth look at how to analyze bloodstrain patterns. By J. Slemko

Rethinking User ID, Passwords And Other Authentication
This articles gives you a basic rundown on why you should rethink the way in which you develop usernames and passwords. A University Of Waterloo Article

Cyber Scam Artists- A New Kind Of .con
By Robert Fried- A SANS Article

The Internet: A Breeding Ground for Online Pedophiles: An In Depth Analysis of Crimes Against Children Via the Internet
A PDF Downloadable Article by Robert B. Fried

Online Attack Methods-An Overview
By Vincent Vono-A SANS Article.

Crime Scene! Barbie's dead. Did Ken do it? How miniature death-scene dioramas are used to teach modern CSI Jessica Snyder Sachs A Popular Science Article

Virtually Framed, or Animatedly Exonerated?
Perhaps it was only a matter of time befor
The uses and potential abuses of 3-D computer models in the courtroom

The Auto Repossession Business
By Ralph Thomas

Successful Investigative Interviewing
By James R. Ryals, Commander
Long Beach, California, Police Department

Basics Of DNA Fingerprinting
An Online Book

An Introduction To Firearms Identification
An Online Book

Computerized 3D Facial Reconstruction
By Martin P. Evison

Evaluating A Subjects Posture During An Interview
A John Reid Article

Shoot To Not Kill!
Noxious smells, slippery foams, lasers that temporarily blind: the U.S. military is developing a host of sci-fi-like weapons that stun or deter instead of killing. Our writer investigates—and gets shot in the back with a pain beam. A Popular Science Story

An Update To Web Bugs or (AKAed) Big Brother Is Watching You
By Steve Nichols- A SANS Article

How To Find People's Email Addresses
Extensive tutorial and resources (updated)
By David Alex Lamb

Some More Ma Bell Telco Secrets
Getting Local Called Phone Records Legally And Other Little Known Secrets!
By Michele Yontef

Information Technologies And Organized Crime
By Valeriy Cherkasov

Skip Tracing Part One
An Article From The Topsecret Network

DNA Extraction And Analysis
A Forensic Files Article

Skip Tracing Part Two
An Article From The Topsecret Network

Power Searching For Anyone
How to use search engine power searches to find what you want and find it quickly.

A Short Introduction to Digital Image Processing
By Allan Hanbury

Scott Peterson: Two Charges For Murder
A SmokingGun Article

Is Your Mail Safe? Take This Security Quiz
Your personal mail can be a gold mine to criminals.
Crooks from identity thieves to "check washers" see your mail as a virtually bottomless treasure chest from which to pilfer. By Bruce Mandelblit

Estimating Time of Death (TOD)
A Forensic Files Article

Cyberlawyers: Potential Suits Galore
By Lisa M. Bowman A ZDnet Article

Analysis of Email Headers
An Article from The Topsecret Network

An Interview Wtih Roy Hazelwood; FBI Profiiler Of Sex Crimes
A Crime Library File

Can You Prevent Identity Theft?
The headline is startling: "Federal Authorities Crack The Largest Identity Theft Scam in U.S. History"! There may be over 30,000 victims and millions upon millions of dollars in consumer losses. As U.S. Attorney James Comey stated, "With a few keystrokes, these men essentially picked the pockets of tens of thousands of Americans and, in the process, took their identities, stole their money and swiped their security." By Bruce Mandelblit

Forensic Hypnosis for Memory Enhancement
What would you think if a method that seemed to enhance recollection could assist in arresting an offender and even contribute to a capital sentence?  The courts are divided on this issue, and memory isn't all it's cracked up to be, yet hypnosis has played a significant part in many criminal cases. A Crime Library File

Understanding Email Spoofing
An Article from The Topsecret Network

The Criminal Mind Of Seral Killers
Where does this urge come from, and why is so powerful? If we all experienced this urge, would we be able to resist? A Crime Library Article

What Sells Good on the Web? Information Products
by Stephen Bucaro

Osama Bin Laden: High Priest of Terror
An Online profile from Crime Library

5 Simple Steps to Protect your Digital Downloads
A PDF download By Priya Shah

Finding People On The Net
A USUS Article

Understanding The Invisable Web
A UC Berkeley Teaching Article

Creeps Caught Online     
A housewife becomes a crusader as she tracks down pedophiles preying on children who surf the net. A Cybercrime Story On NAIS member Julie Posey

The Importance Of Corroboration Within A Confession
A John Reid Article

Public Awareness and The War on Terrorism
By Craig Gundry and Karl Poulin

Tracking the Global Criminal
by Edmund J. Pankau
Catching today's sophisticated white collar criminal is like peeling an onion, going through layers and layers of business entities, paper trails and false identities, ring by ring, coming ever closer to the core of the criminal.

Video Surveilance For Employee Theft Investigations
An Investigations Technology Article

Is Saddam Dead Or Alive?
With Saddam Hussein not seen in public since the start of the war on Iraq, speculation is rife about his fate. Some say he is dead, others that he is so badly
wounded he had to receive a blood transfusion. By Emma Batha

Identity Theft: A Bibliography of Federal, State, Consumer and News Resources
By Sabrina I. Pacifici

Hi-Tech Spying-What's Goiing On In Baghdad?
A BBC Story

Student Surveillance
In some high schools cameras watch students from the minute they board their bus until the final school bell rings. In the wake of Columbine, is school surveillance an invasion of privacy or a necessary protector? A Cybercrime Article.

Big Brother Is Watching You Shop
Commercial databases, such as credit card records, grocery purchases and hotel bills, are the latest pool of information the government says it has a right to collect. Merchants and lenders have been doing it for years.

Behavioural Interviewing Techniques
By Steven Van Aperen -Australian Polygraph Services International

Forensic Computer Composites
By Hayden B. Baldwin, 
Illinois State Police, Retired A CrimeScene Article.

Practical Approaches to Recovering Encrypted Digital Evidence
Eoghan Casey, MA, Technical Director, Knowledge Solutions
The threat [of encryption] is manifest in four ways: failure to get evidence needed for convictions, failure to get intelligence vital to criminal investigations, failure to avert catastrophic or harmful attacks, and failure to get foreign intelligence vital to national security. Encryption can also delay investigations, increase their costs, and necessitate the use of investigative methods which are more dangerous or invasive of privacy.

The Use of the Restitution Question
During an Interrogation

During training in the Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation, we teach that when a suspect appears to be ready to confess the investigator should ask an alternative question. A Reid Article

Unmasking The Mystery Of Hidden Assets
The thought of conducting a hidden asset investigation can send shivers up the spine of many a good investigator. The word "hidden," almost conjures up a thought process that the assets can't be found because they were intentionally hidden. Sometimes this is true, while other times the assets are simply not in a convenient place for us to find them. By Kelly Riddle

A Short Introduction to Digital Image Processing
An image is digitized to convert it to a form which can be stored in a computer's memory or on some form of storage media such as a hard disk or CD-ROM. This digitization procedure can be done by a scanner, or by a video camera connected to a frame grabber board in a computer. Once the image has been digitized, it can be operated upon by various image processing operations. By Allan Hanbury.

Understanding The Global Positioning
System (GPS)

Tutorial on how GPS works. A CourtTV article.

Employee Revenge
Laid off? Fired? You'd better watch out what you take on the way out the door. You could find yourself accused of cybersabotage. A CyberCrime Article

Internal Theft
It's bad enough when an intruder breaks into your plant at night or a robber holds up your store, but when your own staff steal from you, business owners are left dealing both with the loss and the betrayal of trust. A ShadownTracker Article.

Business Pirates Pay the Price     
One man clears his conscience after following his employer's instructions to install pirated software for years.A CyberCrime Article

Surveillance Tips And Tricks
Tips And Trcks from The Info Guys!

Stalking & Surveillance
What would make a stalker easy to spot? This would be the fact that they are, by nature, loners. Most of the time you will know the stalker, and this makes it even easier. A ShadownTracker Article

Techniques Used To Establish Time Of Death
Called TOD, this article gives you techniques used to establish time of death within a 2-4 hour window. A Forensic File Article.

It's Elementary, My Dear PC     
Follow the computer clues that led to a mysterious death.A Cybercrime Article

How To Stop Spammers And Their Sneaky Ads
So, there you are, working on an important proposal. Suddenly, out of nowhere, advertising messages begin to pop up on your screen. A BCentral Article. By Kim Komando

Practical Approaches to Recovering Encrypted Digital Evidence By-Eoghan Casey, MA, Technical Director, Knowledge Solutions
As more criminals use encryption to conceal incriminating evidence, forensic examiners require practical methods for recovering some or all of the encrypted data. This paper presents lessons learned from investigations involving encryption in various contexts.

Web Detectives Do Digital Duty
Online communications offer a useful if scattered tool in missing person cases.

Computer Crime Investigator's Toolkit
Article and resources from Windows Security
By Ron Mendell

Surveillance Video Archieves
From Bill Kizorek's InPhoto Surveillance (now part of Kroll Associates), this page gives you some examples of very good insurance claims video you can view online.

Collection and Preservation of Blood Evidence
From Crime Scenes

A Crime Scene Investigator Article
by George Schiro

How To: Do A Background Check
Interesting article on what's out there!

Is Google Invading Your Privacy?
A PC Magazine Article

Close Up Photography For Evidence
Very good tutorial from

Passengers Exposed!
New airport scanners give security personnel a look beneath passengers' clothes. Is this a civil rights abuse, or a necessary security measure? A Cybercrime Article.

Forensic Art
This is an extensive site of the use of high tech computerized forensic art with sections on such tech topics as computerized age progression, computerized face ID and much more.

On-Line Fraud
A condomenium of criminal activity on the Internet.
Lifting Laptops     
Laptop theft is on the rise at airports and hotels. Find out where the hot spots are, who's stealing them, and what they're after. A Cybercrime Article

U.S. Information Security Law, Part One: Protecting Private Sector Systems, and Information Security Professionals and Trade Secrets
by Steven Robinson- A Security Focus Article

Nowhere to Hide     
Three years ago, a deadly stalker turned to the Web to find out intimate details about a young woman's life. We take a look at what's changed since this tragedy.A Cybercrime feature.

Defining Digital Forensic Examination and Analysis
Tools Using Abstraction Layers

By Brian Carrier- Research Scientist

Forensics on the Windows Platform
by Jamie Morris- A Security Focus Article

Protect Your Identity Online     
Identity theft is on the rise, but there are some simple steps you can take to stop someone from stealing your personal information. A Cybercrime Article.

Using A Bloodhound In Missing Persons
The purpose of this training article is to provide our officers with a summary of how a Bloodhound man-trailing team can assist in locating missing persons and/or criminals.

Police Notes From Lee Oswald Interview
These pages are actual police notes and transcripts of them of Captian J.W. Fritz during his interrogation of Lee Oswald. Some SmokingGun pages.

Hunting the Ghost Hunters
Ed and Lorraine Warren have been investigating hauntings for over 40 years and claim to have mountains of proof for the existence of ghosts. This artricle examines their evidence to see if it stands up to the scientific rigor they claim to endorse. A Connecticut Skeptic Article.

Defining Moments In "1 on 1" Surveillance
Is it patience, experience, positioning, luck, or perhaps a sixth sense at work for surveillance specialists who consistently provide clients with crucial video evidence? By Thomas J. Severin From The Intelnetwork Web Site.

Digital Photography:: An In Depth Analysis of an Emerging Trend Within The Computer Age
What do manufacturers such as Agfa, Canon, Epson, Fuji film, Kodak and Olympus have in common? They are only a small fraction of the rapidly growing list of companies involved in the new era spawning within the imaging industry, specifically in the digital realm. Digital photography is an emerging trend, although the concept has been around for nearly two decades.
By: Robert B. Fried

The First Link In The Food Chain
By Michael A. Gips
The agricultural community is working with academia and government to find ways to prevent, detect, and contain bioterror attacks on livestock.
A Security Management Magazine Article

Digital Photography As Legal Evidence
You won't believe Your Eyes
By Roderick T. McCarvel

Body for Hire: A Personal Protection Primer
Mr. Coyne Details The Market And The Details Of Modern Day Executive Protection.
By Harold F. Coyne, Jr., PPS
From The Intelnetwork Web Site.

Protecting Yourself From Spam     
Is your inbox flooded with unsolicited ads for sweepstakes, fake diplomas, and porn? Find out how to duck all that spam.
By Jack Karp-A CyberCrime Article

Protective Intelligence And Threat Assessment Investigations
Prepared in part by the US Secret Service, Threat Asssessment Investigations are now common place in the public and private sector. PDF reader needed to open. A special 65 page research report.

Investigative Trends 2003
Email Tracing As An Investigative Specialization
And Professional Investigative Service

By Ralph Thomas

Navigating the Maze of Criminal Records
Retrieval - Updated

By Lynn Peterson

Still Looking     
New computerized age-progression technology lets law enforcement agents keep searching for missing kids years after they disappear.

By Jack Karp- A CyberCrime Article

Tracing Email Basics
A USUS Article

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
From The Nursing Home Abuse Center

What's Really Out There? The Internet For Investigations
By David Vine, MBA

Recent U.S. Government Intelligence Mistakes and Changes at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Have Lessons to Teach Intelligence Practitioners in Business
An Aurora Article

Video Surveillance For Employee Theft Investigations
An Investigative Technology Article

Paralingustic Communication In Investigative Interviewing
A John Reid Article

Forensic Analysis Of The Leahy Anthrax Letter
An Interview With FBI Section Chief Joseph A. DiZinno

An Example Of Linguistic/Behavioral Analysis
An FBI Article

Swiss Bank Secrecy
What You Should Know

Handling The Angry Suspect
A John Reid Article

Recovery of Digital Evidence
by Adv. Rohas Nagpal
Asian School of Cyber Laws

The Telephone Corner
By Michele (Ma-Bell) Yontef

Personal Injury Investigator:
The Chiroprator

By Grace Castle, CLI

Basics Of DNA Fingerprinting
By Kate Brinton and Kim-An Lieberman

Turn Tables on Cellphone Snoops
A CyberCrime Article

New Technology For Crime Scene Search
A Popular Science Article

Reversing Wrongful Convictions
Cowling Investigations, Inc.

Summaries of 46 Cases in Which Mistaken or Perjured Eyewitness Testimony Put Innocent Persons on Death Row

Wiretapping Then and Now - An Article for Countermeasures Services
A How Things Work Article

Surveillance In The Workplace
By Kevin Bonsor

Wrongful Convictions---Our Nation's Disgrace -An Update
From Grace Castle's CluesOnline

Wrongful Convictions In Capitol
Cases And Prosecutorial Misconduct

A Series of Articles From The Chicago Tribune

Who's Eyeing Your Email?
A CyberCrime Article

How Lie Detectors Work
By Kevin Bonsor

Step-By-Step Tire Track Examination
By Varfree

Glossary For Information Retrieval
Everything You Wanted To Know But Didn't Know Who To Ask

Understanding Facial Recognition Technology
A How Things Work Article

Anatomy For Investigators
An Inner Body Presentation

Low Cost Search Engine Marketing for Small Businesses
By Daria Goetsch

Sketching the Future
A Cybercrime Article

Types of Identity Theft
by Lee Ann Obringer