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January 20th, 2007 Edition

Breaking News! Apple Computer Releases Even More Earth - Shattering Innovation! Click Here To Watch The Movie Online!

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Investigative Articles

Iris Identification Technology
The iris is the most unique feature visible on the human body. No two irises are the same--even identical twins have different iris patterns.

The Untold Story: How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry
It was a late morning in the fall of 2006. Almost a year earlier, Steve Jobs had tasked about 200 of Apple's top engineers with creating the iPhone. Yet here, in Apple's boardroom, it was clear that the prototype was still a disaster. It wasn't just buggy, it flat-out didn't work. A Wired News Story

A glimpse into a Wireless Future
Since 2002, the Wireless World Initiative (WWI) has been working on a number of user-centric wireless systems that integrate what is currently an extremely disjointed mess of networks and protocols. The five systems - SPICE, MobiLife, WINNER, E2R and Ambient Networks aim to provide a seamless wireless system that connects up all of a user’s gadgets and software in an integrated configuration that doesn’t impact on the usability for the user.

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Conducting A Custodial Behavior Analysis Interview
Investigators who attend our training seminars learn the value of conducting a Behavior Analysis Interview (BAI) as a reliable means of eliminating innocent suspects and identifying the guilty suspect during the course of an investigation. During this structured, 30-40 minute non-accusatory interview, the suspect is asked both investigative questions and specialized behavior-provoking questions. The latter questions are designed to be answered differently by suspects who are innocent of the issue under investigation as opposed to those who are guilty. The suspect’s responses to the behavior provoking questions serve as the primary basis for rendering opinions of guilt or innocence. A John Reid Article

Reality mining: what your phone knows about you
The next big frontier for the software and web corporations is in your pocket - your mobile phone. But have you ever wondered why exactly the search giants like Yahoo and Google are so keen to get access to your handset?

Human Interest
Computer wiz helped solve notorious case

Atlanta's death toll was approaching two dozen, and the calls were pouring in. It was 1981, and thousands of people were flooding the city's phone lines with tips about what had been dubbed the "missing and murdered children" case.

The Google Guide
You will want to bookmark this! Google Guide is an online interactive tutorial and reference for experienced users, novices, and everyone in between. I developed Google Guide because I wanted more information about Google's capabilities, features, and services than I found on Google's website. --Nancy Blachman

Ensure Admissibility of Digital Images
Digital imaging tools, such as digital cameras, photo CD discs and image handling software, can be important assets to the police department as it gathers and presents evidence. But as with any other tools, you must have standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place to ensure that evidence you gather and present will be accepted by courts of law.

Electrostatic Dust Lifting on Metallic Surfaces Using Automotive Window Tinting Film as a Nonconductive Barrier
Electrostatic devices use a high-voltage electrical current to charge a surface and attract dust particles left from shoe outsoles and other objects to a metallic film. Placing this film in direct contact with a conductive substrate, such as a metal vehicle, can cause damage to the film and increases the risk of injury to the analyst and damage to property. The use of a nonconductive film barrier allows for the use of the metallic film and the electrostatic dust lifter in obtaining shoe impressions from metal surfaces such as automobiles and countertops.

New Technology-Washing Machine Forensics? That's Right!
The washing machine of the future may not only wash garments according to the instructions on the clothes but secretly collect information for telemarketers, political parties and anybody else with an interest in people's dirty linen.

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SuperTek (A/K/A: PV800) High Resolution Ultra Advanced Pocket DVR! High End Micro Digital Video Recorder That's Tamper-Proof And Powers Cameras! Now With Wireless Option!

Building a better bulletproof vest
Bullets don’t just bounce off Superman, they don’t even slow him down. Real-life police and soldiers can’t say the same, even when they’re wearing a bulletproof jacket of Kevlar or something similar. Although bullets don’t penetrate–the bulletproof material spreads their force–the force is still transmitted to the tissue underneath the bulletproof shell, causing severe bruising or even organ damage.

Trends- The Increasing Menace of Counterfeiting
Counterfeit products and materials are knock-off, bootleg, pirated or other illegally produced materials that are produced and sold in violation of the Intellectual Property Rights of others or in a manner that fraudulently represent their quality or origin.

Top mob buster calls it a career
When a crooked private detective worried his life was threatened by a brutal loan shark, he turned to IRS Special Agent William Paulin -- and wound up helping the feds uncover some of the deepest secrets of mobbed-up Cicero.


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Gadget Labs CES 2008 Pod Cast
This is Wired New's report on the International Consumer Electronics Show that happened in Los Vegas.

Curbside Investigator-A couple of new laws
I’ve got a real quick one here for you today. On the federal level, take a look at Safe Travel for a new law regarding airlines and batteries. If you are in California, keep in mind that the cell phone law goes into effect July 08. Make sure you get your BT earpiece!

Curbside Investigator-Marketing Approach
It’s all about marketing when Scott has the opportunity to present his company to new clients. Watch, listen and maybe learn what works and what doesn’t. There’s some talk about surveillance, rain and apartment complexes.

Curbside Investigtor-Marketing, Marketing,
Marketing Part Two

Did I mention marketing? Last week, it was brought to my attention that I was a little light on the marketing, so I bulked up on it this week. See, I AM responsive

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New Section! PI TV
PI TV offers you instant content from the internet on Tb articles and features you can watch right now.

Sandra Hope Female Private Investigator
Interview with Geraldo At Large.

MacBook Air! Apple Releases The World's Thinnest Laptop Computer
Watch the demo of this new marval!

Before You Hire a Private Investigation
President www.corpa.com tells you what you should be doing before you consider hiring a Private Investigator ......private investigators PIs Corpa

Vito Colucci, Private Investigator - Interview Clips
A short sampling of TV appearances in 2006-2007 by one of America's best known private investigators....Stamford Connecticut


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Surveillance Video Shows Inmate Getting Thrown Off Balcony
A man claimed he was defending himself from an inmate behind bars, but video from inside the Allegheny County Jail shows a different story. (No Sound)

High Technology-Surface Computer With Bill Gates
Top secret microsoft cutting-edge technology

Another Surface Technology Video
Top secret microsoft cutting-edge technology

More New Microsoft Technology
It's called sea dragon technology.

Just For Fun! Area 51: Aerial Surveillance
A terrifying tale of aerial & ground surveillance of Area 51, inside Nellis AFB in Nevada. This flight was shortly before 9/11.

GPS Demo On A Cell Phone
High technology at it's best!

Just For Fun! Old Apple Computer Commercial
Old Y2K Commercial--remember that? This one has Hal the computer in it.

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News Stories

FBI wants instant access to British identity data
Americans seek international database to carry iris, palm and finger prints.

High Technology-FaceFinder
It's called FaceFinder, and since launching this summer, the smart sculpture resembling a gargantuan alarm clock has functioned like a high-tech photo booth in a courtyard off Sunset and Vine. Sheathed in aluminum and fronted by a glass-shelled video monitor screen, FaceFinder scans its target area outside Borders Bookstore, fixes upon a subject, captures his or her image with a camera concealed in its blob-like "ear," then magnifies every facial twitch at about six times normal size on a 5-foot video screen.

Spychief Wants to Tap Into Cyberspace
Spychief Mike McConnell is drafting a plan to protect America’s cyberspace that will raise privacy issues and make the current debate over surveillance law look like “a walk in the park,” McConnell tells The New Yorker in the issue set to hit newsstands Monday. “This is going to be a goat rope on the Hill. My prediction is that we’re going to screw around with this until something horrendous happens.”

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Trends-For retailers, a sad saga of security gaps
Anthony Fussell was a human-resource manager's dream come true. Or so it seemed. He was a well-spoken Morgan State University grad, a former Marine Corps reservist with a solid resume who convinced interviewers at ShopRite, Kmart, Value City, Toys R Us and Ross Dress for Less that he had the retail business down cold.

Pellicano to Represent Self in Trial
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday reluctantly allowed Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano to take over as his own lawyer in his trial on charges of illegally wiretapping celebrities.

US laws restrict computer forensics to gumshoes
US states are moving towards laws that limit computer forensics work to those with Private Investigator licences, ...

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Cyberstalking Arrests
Teens using the Internet are being policed by more than just police. A private investigating firm working across the country helped the Lee County Sheriff's Office make an arrest here in Southwest Florida.

Man investigated by feds for making nuclear reaction in bedroom
The FBI swooped into a house in Rockwall, Texas when it emerged a gamer and physicist enthusiast was trying to create a small nuclear reaction in his house using Uranium.

Private Investigator Drops $103,000 Lawsuit Against Joe Pesci
LOS ANGELES — A private investigator has dropped a lawsuit claiming Joe Pesci owed him $103,000 for services performed after the "Goodfellas" star's ex-wife was accused of hiring a hit man, Pesci's lawyer said Tuesday


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PI Vintage-A Collection Of Links To Historical Gear Pertaining To Private Investigation And Spying
You will live this new section! In fact, you will like it so much, you might spend hours here. Bookmark this!State-By-State Directory Of Laws On Bail Recovery This is an excellent site with laws on every state as it pertains to bail enforcement and fugitive recovery.

NAIS Public Records Links Updated
This section has been completely Updated thanks to the help of NAIS member Allen Elfman. Here you will find public records on the county and state level for each state, federal public records links and a host ofother links all on one links page. Bookmark this!PI Daily
News updated each day, every day just for professional investigators. Bookmark this for daily reading. It's like a daily newspaper just for investigators.

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