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Feb. 10th, 2007 Edition

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Investigative Articles


New Technology- Apple Reinvents The Phone!
Two years ago Ralph Thomas made the remark that it was just a matter of time when Steve Jobs and Apple computer merged ipod technology the Internet and cell phones and took over the cell phone industry. The iPhone from Apple is annouced this month!

Secret Cell Phone Tips-What Cell Phone Carriers Do Not Want You To Know
There is a simple way of making lost or stolen mobiles useless to thieves and the phone companies know about it, but keep it quiet. To check your mobile phone's serial number, key in the following on you rphone.....Submitted by Bob Brown

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Watch And Listen! Steve Jobs, CEO Of Apple
Introduces the iPhone (A Movie)

Two hour introduction of the iPhone which reinvents the cell phone. Tis will amaze you and you'll want one!

PI’s, Pretext, Privacy, & The HP Scandal
It's Not Just a USA Problem Anymore

This article concerns so-called privacy proposals that are now working their way through what can be called Canada's Capitol Hill. It's as relevant in the USA as it is in Canada and many other counties of the free world. By Kevin D. Bousquet

The Tiny Snitch-It Packs New Generation
GPS Power For 2007

She's small and has advanced features in real time on the net including maps and satellite imaging! Instant locate in real time and Geo Fencing!All the advanced features are here!

Ten Surveillance Tips for Private Investigators
Here are ten top surveillance tips that will help you on a surveillance of any type.

Trends-Dog theft is becoming a growing concern in some communities
Sean Mallander, a 27-year-old college student in Los Cruces, New Mexico, stood by the gate to his yard and gazed sadly at his two dogs. He was thinking, as he often had recently, about the third dog that used to gaze happily back alongside the others.

Computer Forensics Tools
In general, a computer forensic investigator will use a tool in order to gather data from a system (e.g. a computer or computer network) without altering the data on that system. This aspect of an investigation, the care taken to avoid altering the original data, is a fundamental principle of computer forensic examination and some of the tools available include functionality specifically designed to uphold this principle.

Surveillance Technology Helps Catch Serial Killer
Old-fashioned detective work would have solved a murder that led to the arrest of a serial killer in Philadelphia, but technology left the perpetrator without a defense, police said.

Do dummy security cameras effectively deter crime? A look at the pros and cons of their use
Posted signs indicating the use of closed circuit television or video surveillance equipment are posted everywhere.

New Technology-Taser Releases New Modelfor 2007!
Taser C2- The Next Generation Of Personal Protection .

Nano-Sized DVR for 2007 Reinvents The Small DVR For Covert Surveillance Market!
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Ever want to break into your own computer?
While a stranger gaining access to your PC is a scary thought, what if you were the one hacking into your own PC? Aren't there times when you're away from your computer, but would like to be able to grab files from it?

On Thy Bounty And (subliminially) The Image Of The Bounty Hunter
We have a name we call private citizens who track alleged criminal offenders for cash.
It's called "bounty hunter."

Home Security Basics
Home securtiy is something we don't like to think about. Most people put it off until another day, and that day sometimes comes o-nly after it is too late. Advances in eletronics and battery technology have made home security systems both wireless and affordable. With a little planning ahead, you can do a great deal to protect your property and your family with little muss or fuss.

He's Watching You! - Marc Winkeljohn Profile
Marc Winkeljohn is one of more than 100 private investigators who might be checking you out for First Advantage Investigative Services. ...

Wireless Forensics: Tapping the Air - Part Two
Raul Siles, GSE 2007-01-08

In part one of this series, we discussed the technical challenges for wireless traffic acquisition and provided design requirements and best practices for wireless forensics tools. In this second article, we take it a step further and focus on the technical challenges for wireless traffic analysis. Additionally, advanced anti-forensic techniques that could thwart a forensic investigation are analyzed. Finally, apart from the technical details, as a forensic write-up, the article covers some legal aspects about wireless forensics for both the U.S. and Europe.


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Web Site Finds

Search page that searches both Yahoo and Google at the same time.

Cyber Daily
A newspaper about online computers and high tech. Very good!

Search Engine For Old People Called Cranky?
Give me a break! A .......well...ahm search engine for old people call Crany? It's new and it's real. One web newspaper linked to it inside an article titled, "Old People Are Smart Enough To Know When Something Sucks"

Techdirt is a newsletter on high technology that is criticial and seems to tell-it-like-it is!

Law.com is a very good newsletter on legal trends.

New Generation GPS!
TrimTRAK Ultra Advanced
New Generation GPS Car Tracker Almost Puts You In The Driver's Seat!

Micro Video Wireless
Finger Video Camera
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JJ Armes Visits NAIS -An Opportunity Of A Life-Time
This last week, JJ Amres And Jay (his son) stopped in at NAIS headquaters in Austin, Texas and we had the pleasure of spending the day with them. On reflection, I find spending time with him an opportunity of a life time.


Curbside Investigator-The Missing PI PodCast
Surveillance tips. Many tips you will find useful on conducting surveillance based on past case files.

Curbside Investigator-End Of The Year Paperwork
Get your paperwork in order. Tax time isn’t as far away as you think.

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For Valentine's Day, Infidelity Expert Tells Suspicious Spouses: Hire a Private Eye
Valentine's Day is one of the few times infidelity expert Ruth Houston recommends hiring a private investigator to catch a cheating mate. After all, Houston is the author of an infidelity book packed with hundreds of cheating signs that suspicious spouses and significant others can find on their own.

Flash News! Online auction site eBay heightens security precautions as fraud mounts
xecutives at eBay Inc. are tou
ting security as their top priority in 2007 after an internal survey showed that online scammers may be denting the company's reputation.

ParascoptikOptic For Surveillance!
See Over Walls And Bushes, Around Corners And Up Stairs!

Legal News/Trends

President Bush Signs Bill Outlawing Pretexting Phone Companies
H.R. 4709, the “Telephone Records and Privacy Act of 2006”, which passed the House last April and the Senate on the last of the 109th Congress in December, was today signed into law by President Bush. ...

Legislation would allow taping on private land Bill inspired by man who recorded police
A man who was arrested after he used his home security system to videotape police at his door last year has inspired a bill to let property owners record audio and video at their homes without notice.

HP Investigator Accepts Plea Deal
This time it was only Bryan Wagner, whose sole notoriety stems from his role as a lowly private investigator in the Hewlett-Packard pretexting scandal.

Ready To Produce IMs In Court? Guidelines expand types of electronic info you'll need for discovery!
Companies that do not keep close tabs on PDAs, instant message conversations and other forms of electronic data may soon be in for a nasty surprise, should they find themselves in court. As of Dec, 1, 2006, new guidelines, called the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, go into effect. The rules, set by the U.S. Supreme Court, expand the types of electronically stored information that companies could be required to produce in a lawsuit.

EPIC Alert: 2006 Privacy Year in Review
From Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

“Congress returns to Washington this week and privacy issues are likely to get renewed attention with unresolved questions about the President’s domestic surveillance program, the future of Real ID, and the growth of the data broker industry. Meanwhile courts will consider sex bloggers and the media will try to sort through the increasingly complicated world of surveillance technology. Here are the Top Ten Privacy Stories of 2006 and Ten Privacy Issues to Watch in 2007 from the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).”

"If it's in the public domain, it's fair game"
Computerworld - Framingham,MA,USA
... Five years ago, if you wanted to know what someone did at a college party, you had to hire a private investigator to talk to the people who had been there, an ...


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Flash! Chinese Test Anti-Satellite Weapon
U. S. intelligence agencies believe China performed a successful anti-satellite (asat) weapons test at more than 500 mi. altitude Jan. 11 destroying an aging Chinese weather satellite target with a kinetic kill vehicle launched on board a ballistic missile.

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Investigative Resources For NAIS Members

New NAIS Section Has Massive Updates!
PI Vintage-A Collection Of Links To Historical Gear Pertaining To Private Investigation And Spying
You will live this new section! In fact, you will like it so much, you might spend hours here. Bookmark this!

State-By-State Directory Of Laws On Bail Recovery
This is an excellent site with laws on every state as it pertains to bail enforcement and fugitive recovery.

NAIS Public Records Links Updated
This section has been completely Updated thanks to the help of NAIS member Allen Elfman. Here you will find public records on the county and state level for each state, federal public records links and a host of other links all on one links page. Bookmark this!

PI Daily
News updated each day, every day just for professional investigators. Bookmark this for daily reading. It's like a daily newspaper just for investigators.

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NAIS members now save 20% on books and manuals and 20% on investigative gear through the main PI Mall pages.

Free Web Page For NAIS Members
Did you know you can place a free listing and web page on piclassified.com as an NAIS member? Just click on one year, place the stuff with your web browser, then as an NAIS member we comp and void the auto generated $60.00 bill! Check it out.

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Trends! Cops grab counterfeit merchandise
LYNN - Police raids on three downtown businesses last Wednesday took hundreds of pairs of counterfeit Nike shoes from shelves, leading to one arrest on felony charges. Over 1,000 items, representing $128,000 in retail sale value, were seized during the raid.

Phony goods at 4 local retailers part of global black market
Virginian Pilot - Norfolk,VA,USA
... The investigation began in December 2004 when a private investigator hired by Nike discovered 72 pairs of counterfeit shoes at the Military Circle store. ...

With the Help Of a PI-Morgantown woman finds her father, and her crown
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
... Culberson, who learned that her mother had died of cancer about 15 years earlier, hired a private investigator to find her father. ...




News Stories

Ultimate Surveillance! Surveillance
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New Technology-Smell Marker
London, Jan. 21: It brings new meaning to the notion of sniffing out criminals. Scientists have discovered that it is possible to identify people by their unique aroma “fingerprint”.

Cop Tech 2010
Stink bombs, pain beams, spy drones—this is the future of law enforcement, brought to you by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. A PopSci story.

Anthony Pellicano- Hollywood private eye will act as own lawyer in LA wiretap case
Reminds me of the age-old saying- a lawyer who defends himself as a fool for a client!
San Diego Union Tribune - San Diego,CA,USA
Gruel, who considers Pellicano a friend, said the private detective didn't want him to be hurt financially by handling the complex case. ...

Lawyer Gave Information to Kerkorian
Recordings show how information from private detective Anthony Pellicano could affect a high-stakes lawsuit involving the billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian.

Defense Department Report Warns Of RFID-Enabled Spy Coins
James Bond would be impressed by these Canadian coins. Money talks, particularly to spies. A recent report issued by the Defense Security Service, part of the U.S. Department of Defense, warns that RFID-enabled Canadian coins have been found on the persons of three defense contractors with security clearance.

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Getting Good Help These Days
When contracting for personal services, there's no such thing as too careful!

Suspects in HP case received plea offer
The California attorney general's office offered former Hewlett-Packard Chairwoman Patricia Dunn and four other people implicated in the HP spying scandal the option of pleading to a lesser charge, the attorney of one of the defendants said.

Gang Blinks Casions With 007 Gadgets
A chef who turned high-tech poker cheat with an array of James Bond-style spy equipment to pocket an estimated £250,000 was jailed for nine months.

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Private investigator in HP spying scandal is indicted
A private investigator accused of posing as a journalist to gain access to the reporter's private telephone records as part of the boardroom spying investigation at Hewlett- Packard has been indicted for identity theft and conspiracy, according to prosecutors.

Windows Live Search: Trying to Catch Google
In an attempt to gain a more significant portion of the search market, earlier this year Microsoft launched its revamped MSN Search engine, under the Windows Live Search name. In November the company followed up with a rather large online marketing campaign.

Legal experts to Steve Jobs: iPhone your lawyers
"Maybe Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs should use his new iPhone to call a good trademark lawyer. That's the advice of several attorneys and IT analysts regarding Apple's decision to call its new combination mobile phone, iPod and Internet communications device an "iPhone" -- even though that name is a registered trademark held by Cisco Systems Inc."

Judge sentences 'hacker' PIs, clients
A total of 38 months jail time was handed down on Wednesday to employees and clients of a London private detective agency which illegally hacked into ...

Private Investigator Pleads Guilty In HP Spy Case
The first guilty plea in the Hewlett-Packard spying case was obtained Friday in a San Jose federal courtroom from the self-professed "little guy."

Snooping on partners not a healthy idea
Recently a client showed me a video clip on her mobile phone. It was the first time this had happened in a counselling session and it brought home to me the extent technology has changed marital discord. It was a snippet of film of her husband with another woman, recorded by their neighbour over the garden fence.

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The new face of surveillance -- incorporating biometric face recognition into a surveillance video camera system
Governmental and law enforcement officials are always looking for ways to improve the overall security of our nation. Given the events of recent years, our state and national leaders cannot afford to take this responsibility lightly

As advancements are made in video surveillance technology, the legal concerns of surveillance operations are on the rise
As video surveillance technology improves and the available options expand, so do the ways in which this type of security technology is utilized. With more and more people installing video security surveillance systems the legal concerns of surveillance operations cannot be overlooked.

Evidence Grows Against Star PI
Nicherie admitted in federal court that he authorised private eye Anthony Pellicano to intercept the telephone conversations of a man he was in a business ...

Man freed by DNA evidence gets $700000 in partial settlement - Kentucky.com - Lexington,KY,USA
The settlement between William Thomas Gregory and Kentucky State Police forensic examiner Dawn Ross Katz also requires a review of her findings that led to ...

50-year-old mystery surrounds boy's death
Wilmington Morning Star - Wilmington,NC,USA
... so sure. "Nothing she says has been proved, nothing she says has been disproved," said Fleisher, now a private investigator. And ...

Cameras to replace cops?
Someday, when you find yourself running a red light or making an illegal left-hand turn in Concord, you may want to smile – before long you could be one of the town’s candid cameras.

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