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March 10th, 2007 Edition

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Investigative Articles


Brain Scan That Can Read People's Intentions!
A team of world-leading neuroscientists has developed a powerful technique that allows them to look deep inside a person's brain and read their intentions before they act.

Stationary Covert Video Surveillance Monitoring Has Changed!
Find Out How You Can Make It As A Covert Video rental Service With These Fast Rentinf Products!

Caller ID Spoofing
In the 14 years I have been actively skip tracing for a living I have come to despise Caller ID.  It seems that every person I call has Caller ID and uses it to screen unwanted or unknown telephone calls.   Most importantly of course, I neither want to give up my identity nor do I want to tip someone off to the underlying reason for my telephone call while skip tracing.  I have employed countless measures to defeat or get around Caller ID since its inception; I’ve used inconvenient calling cards, dialed the (mostly useless) *67 prefix, paid for restrictive “blind lines” and then there’s the hugely expensive method of having a telephone operator connect my call. 

Trends And Technology-Cheating Spouses Being Caught Online
After a Complaint was filed against Poupore for having the website without having a private investigator's license, she agreed to shut down the website ...

I've Only Got (Private) Eyes For You!
In the field-With a bit of detective work, a case of a cheating heart can be cracked on Feb. 14 with some of the gadgets and techniques he uses

Video Surveillance- Usage is multiplying worldwide
Cameras gather evidence, help catch criminals

A robber grabbed a convenience store’s video surveillance tape and cut it to pieces. An FBI laboratory in Kansas City last year put it back together.

Industry Trends-Forensic Accounting: Exponential Growth
The work varies widely, the credentials to practice are sophisticated, unique marketing is needed, but the engagements are very lucrative.

Super Secret Sound Weapon
SARA is the name of the company that is developing a new sound weapon. This is a video of what this does.

New Technology-Palm Beach County police using license tag scanners to search for fugitives
Local law enforcement officers are turning to a new video surveillance technology that scans license plates and alerts officers to warrants, criminal backgrounds or stolen vehicles in seconds.

The Politics of Domestic Spying
Highly interesting issues of spying in 2007 and the political issues it presents.

Privileged Information - Part Two
Once your personal information makes its way to the Internet, it could be stuck in cyberspace for years - if not forever.

Mix of new tools helps fight online predators
Training, software, law are used to cut number of exploited children

Workplace Violence
If the recent studies are correct, going to work can be hazardous to our health. Historically, I suppose, it has always been so, but the miracle of modern media brings every heinous, outrageous and brutal episode into our homes for our analysis and comment. by Jerry MacCauley, PPS, CST

Understanding Premises Liability
The concept of premises liability for criminal acts of third parties has been the subject of great confusion for business operators around the country. For years they have been barraged with information of how businesses have been sued for millions of dollars because they failed to provide adequate security for their invitees.

The Evolution Of Nanny Surveillance
Some parents use cameras, surreptitiously tucked into desk clocks, stuffed animals and houseplants. Others use blogs or affix license plates to their strollers, so passersby can e-mail the plate number to a watchdog Web site if they see any wrongdoing.

Trends And Technology- Advanced Optoelectronic Sensors Enhance Surveillance Technology
Rising levels of security threats are increasingly exposing the inadequacy of the current surveillance systems. This has created a compelling case of optoelectronic systems, which can help surveillance systems discriminate between real threats and harmless incursions, thereby eliminating false alarms.

Understanding False Imprisonment
The definition of false imprisonment is the unlawful restraint of someone that affects the person’s freedom of movement. Usually this involves confining a person within fixed boundries like an office or room.

Inside The Private Investigation Profession
Fiction has permanently identified the private detective with the deerstalker cap and magnifying glass (Sherlock Holmes), the trench coat (Sam Spade) and the Ferrari (Magnum, P.I.). Fictional sleuths tackle seemingly unsolvable puzzles, often while exchanging witty banter with a partner, like Dave and Maddie in "Moonlighting."

High Technology-High-tech stakes: Casinos expand use of digital surveillance
Customer tracking, facial recognition are among the tools being rolled out

Private Investigators – The Fundamental Facts
If you want to find out about someone's life without their notion, be it regarding a case work, about kidnapping, to collect evidence of illegal conduct by your partner, or anything that you need to know, a private investigator can do that for you.

Trends And Technology-Forensic Photography Brings Color Back to Ancient Textiles
Newswise — Archaeologists are now turning to forensic crime lab techniques to hunt for dyes, paint, and other decoration in prehistoric textiles. ...Newswise (press release) - USA

Now, detecting firearms used in crimes will be a
click away in Canada

Soon investigating officers probing crimes involving firearms will have an edge. Especially, in terms of the time factor with regards to detecting the firearms. A database of all firearms will soon be put in place.

Shoe database to help forensic investigators in England
London - Britain is launching a database of thousands of shoes and shoe types next month to help track down criminals, thought to be the first of its kind in the world.

Evasive Evidence
It's a safe bet that a police evidence tech's favorite television show is anything but a “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” or “Law & Order” spin-off.

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Some Free Software/Sharewear Downloads
Audio & Mp3, All-in-One-Jukeboxes, CD & DVD Tools · Converters · Encoders · Karaoke · Mp3 Tools · Music Creation


Search page that searches both Yahoo and Google at the same time.

Cyber Daily
A newspaper about online computers and high tech. Very good!

Search Engine For Old People Called Cranky?
Give me a break! A .......well...ahm search engine for old people call Crany? It's new and it's real. One web newspaper linked to it inside an article titled, "Old People Are Smart Enough To Know When Something Sucks"

Techdirt is a newsletter on high technology that is criticial and seems to tell-it-like-it is!

Law.com is a very good newsletter on legal trends.

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The Naked Truth About XRay Cameras
Officials are bracing themselves for a storm of public outrage over their controversial X-ray cameras scheme.

High Technology-More Ways People Are Put Under Surveillance
Everything from shopping tags to mobile phones has the potential to be watch and locate people.

Texas Public Records Havoc!
State Attorney General Orders Counties To
Remove SSN Numbers from ALl Public Records

Texas county clerks “must redact Social Security numbers of living persons from records” under their control “prior to making those records available on the Internet.”

FTC Asks Court to Order Permanent Halt to Telephone - Record Pretexting Phone Records Obtained by Deception Were Unlawfully Sold to Third Parties
The Federal Trade Commission has asked a U.S. district court to order a permanent halt to operations that deceptively obtained and sold consumers’ confidential phone records without their knowledge or consent. The agency alleges the practice is not only unfair and deceptive in violation of federal law, but could endanger consumers’ safety. The agency also will ask the court to order the defendants to give up their ill-gotten gains.

High Technology On The Fly
What happened early this week with police tracking a criminal is similar to what you see in the movies and on American television shows such as "24".
Criminals can be tracked using Information and Communication Technologies, where detectives put a trace on a mobile number and in minutes they have the suspect’s exact position displayed on a hi-tech phone map.

Private Detective Accused Of Lying In
Death Row Appeals

The California attorney general on Wednesday charged a private investigator with filing bogus documents to aid four death row inmates, calling the case one of the largest frauds ever perpetrated on the state's criminal justice system.


Curbside Investigator- Interview with Jan Tucker
Jan Tucker is one of the more colorful and experienced private investigators in Southern California. I sat down with him to discuss a case that he’s been working on that has direct ties to the private investigation industry.

Curbside Investigator- Mystery Shopping and slow speed freeway chases
Fresh off my seminar on mystery shopping, I talk about what I learned.  I also mention my tough tail on a crowded freeway.  Join in the fun while I try and find out what I did wrong

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For Valentine's Day, Infidelity Expert Tells Suspicious Spouses: Hire a Private Eye
Valentine's Day is one of the few times infidelity expert Ruth Houston recommends hiring a private investigator to catch a cheating mate. After all, Houston is the author of an infidelity book packed with hundreds of cheating signs that suspicious spouses and significant others can find on their own.

Process Server Nabs Federal Fugitive
Federal prosecutors say Stephen Nagy, 54, defrauded investors of more than $8 million. He had been living in the Toronto area when he was arrested Friday on his way to Kolski's Seafood Cove in nearby Clinton, NY.

Flash News! Online auction site eBay heightens security precautions as fraud mounts
xecutives at eBay Inc. are tou
ting security as their top priority in 2007 after an internal survey showed that online scammers may be denting the company's reputation.

New DNA technique provides clue to identity of bomb-makers
Forensic scientists have developed ways of linking DNA on the fragments of an exploded bomb to the person who made it. They hope the technique will prove ...

ParascoptikOptic For Surveillance!
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Legal News/Trends

President Bush Signs Bill Outlawing Pretexting Phone Companies
H.R. 4709, the “Telephone Records and Privacy Act of 2006”, which passed the House last April and the Senate on the last of the 109th Congress in December, was today signed into law by President Bush. ...

Legislation would allow taping on private land Bill inspired by man who recorded police
A man who was arrested after he used his home security system to videotape police at his door last year has inspired a bill to let property owners record audio and video at their homes without notice.

HP Investigator Accepts Plea Deal
This time it was only Bryan Wagner, whose sole notoriety stems from his role as a lowly private investigator in the Hewlett-Packard pretexting scandal.

Ready To Produce IMs In Court? Guidelines expand types of electronic info you'll need for discovery!
Companies that do not keep close tabs on PDAs, instant message conversations and other forms of electronic data may soon be in for a nasty surprise, should they find themselves in court. As of Dec, 1, 2006, new guidelines, called the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, go into effect. The rules, set by the U.S. Supreme Court, expand the types of electronically stored information that companies could be required to produce in a lawsuit.

EPIC Alert: 2006 Privacy Year in Review
From Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

“Congress returns to Washington this week and privacy issues are likely to get renewed attention with unresolved questions about the President’s domestic surveillance program, the future of Real ID, and the growth of the data broker industry. Meanwhile courts will consider sex bloggers and the media will try to sort through the increasingly complicated world of surveillance technology. Here are the Top Ten Privacy Stories of 2006 and Ten Privacy Issues to Watch in 2007 from the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).”

"If it's in the public domain, it's fair game"
Computerworld - Framingham,MA,USA
... Five years ago, if you wanted to know what someone did at a college party, you had to hire a private investigator to talk to the people who had been there, an ...


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Flash! Chinese Test Anti-Satellite Weapon
U. S. intelligence agencies believe China performed a successful anti-satellite (asat) weapons test at more than 500 mi. altitude Jan. 11 destroying an aging Chinese weather satellite target with a kinetic kill vehicle launched on board a ballistic missile.

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PI Vintage-A Collection Of Links To Historical Gear Pertaining To Private Investigation And Spying
You will live this new section! In fact, you will like it so much, you might spend hours here. Bookmark this!

State-By-State Directory Of Laws On Bail Recovery
This is an excellent site with laws on every state as it pertains to bail enforcement and fugitive recovery.

NAIS Public Records Links Updated
This section has been completely Updated thanks to the help of NAIS member Allen Elfman. Here you will find public records on the county and state level for each state, federal public records links and a host of other links all on one links page. Bookmark this!

PI Daily
News updated each day, every day just for professional investigators. Bookmark this for daily reading. It's like a daily newspaper just for investigators.

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Trends! Cops grab counterfeit merchandise
LYNN - Police raids on three downtown businesses last Wednesday took hundreds of pairs of counterfeit Nike shoes from shelves, leading to one arrest on felony charges. Over 1,000 items, representing $128,000 in retail sale value, were seized during the raid.

Phony goods at 4 local retailers part of global black market
Virginian Pilot - Norfolk,VA,USA
... The investigation began in December 2004 when a private investigator hired by Nike discovered 72 pairs of counterfeit shoes at the Military Circle store. ...

With the Help Of a PI-Morgantown woman finds her father, and her crown
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
... Culberson, who learned that her mother had died of cancer about 15 years earlier, hired a private investigator to find her father. ...




News Stories

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Missouri Bill seeks licensing, regulation of investigators
Missouri is one of six states that don’t require licenses for private investigators.

Thousands Salute Slain Toledo Police Officer
The final radio call to the slain Toledo police vice detective, a taped broadcast played at the conclusion of his funeral Mass yesterday, broke somber faces into tears. More than 2,000 people filled Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Temperance for a funeral Mass for the 35-year-old husband and father of two.

Private Investigator Guilty Of Wire Fraud
A Montana private investigator pleaded guilty to wire fraud Tuesday for bilking a dozen US law offices, including a firm once used by Martha ...

Okla. Private Investigator Sues City Over False Arrest
A private investigator has sued the city of Bethany after a police officer arrested him and confiscated his video camera. Madison Lee Hibbard claims he videotaped the police officer, Robert Lassiter, ``making out'' with the wife of a sex crimes suspect, and that Lassiter falsely arrested him and confiscated his camera.

The Price of Innocence
Cameron Todd Willing-ham professed his innocence to the very end. Belted to a gurney moments before the potassium chloride pumped into his veins and stopped his heart, Willingham told those gathered to witness his February 2004 execution, “The only statement I want to make is that I’m an innocent man—convicted of a crime I did not commit.”

PI Catches Bank Robber On Worker's Comp Surveillance
A private investigator said he was following a 41-year-old man all day as part of a workers' compensation case and the man had just robbed a Wachovia Bank branch.

Strictly Private?
Thanks to the internet, your blind date can find out your most intimate secrets before you've even met.

Coping With Cop Stress
Suicide, breakdown too often go with job!

LAPD Detective Chris Biller spent his nights staring down the barrel of his own loaded .45-automatic on the nightstand beside his bed.

Online TV Newscast! Sex Offender Database In Ca. May Only Be Only 60% Accurate
One sex offender's database in Ca. is found to be only 60% accurate. Wait for video newscast to load.

Female Bounty Hunter / Private Investigator
Husband and wife team work as bounty hunters, finds lost loves

Andy and Traici Crutchfield are not your typical bounty hunters; they are a normal husband and wife with a taste for excitement. This crime fighting couple works together solving mysteries, tracking down bail jumpers, finding lost loves, locating dead beat dads, catching cheating spouses, and more!

'Forensic' Fraudster Found Guilty
A fraudster who for almost three decades posed as a forensic investigator without any qualifications was today found guilty of a host of deception charges
. ...

Judge curbs NYPD's surveillance practices
It argued that unregulated video surveillance technology had already led to abuses, including the police's creation of visual dossiers on people engaged in ..

Private Investigator Catches Man Wanted By FBI For 3 Years
An alleged fraudster hunted by the FBI for three years over a multimillion- dollar real estate scam has been finally brought to justice - by a Kiwi private investigator.

To PI -Assignment: Following That Police Chief!
And No evidence found by village of double dipping by police Chief David Wilkinson.

Cheaters never prosper, but New Jersey-based private investigator Tony DeLorenzo does.
Cigar smoke encircles the rugged face of a world-weary man as he reclines in his worn leather chair, his shoes on the desk.

What Lawmakers Are Doing Now..To Serve, Protect And Fine You $100 In NY!
Law Would Ban IPods When Crossing Street!

Walk, jog or bicycle across a New York street with an iPod plugged in your ears and you could get slapped with a $100 ticket under a new law proposed by a legislator from Brooklyn. We guess it's his idea of another nice way for the government to suck more money out of people!

New Forensic Tools Led To '71 Cop-Killing Arrests
The evidence -- some of which was recovered using new forensic techniques -- was listed in court papers used to obtain an arrest warrant in the case. ...

Mobile giants plot secret rival to Google
Europe's biggest telecoms groups are aiming to create a mobile phone search engine that could challenge Yahoo! and Google, the US giants. -By Juliette Garside, Sunday Telegraph

Finally! US identity theft declines
Adults ages 18 to 24 are at greatest risk of identity theft because they are least likely to take important safeguards such as shredding documents and using ...
Da! Reporting I.D. Theft Doesn't Always Help
Police Departments Have Minimal Investigators.
Overwhelmed is a word you hear a lot these days from police facing mounting case loads and diminishing resources.

Detective agency 'run on dishonesty' In London?
A detective firm has been accused of high-tech snooping A detective agency "run on a backbone of dishonesty" pocketed hundreds of thousands of pounds with an array of illegal hi-tech snooping techniques, a court has heard.

A Hidden Shame: Danger And Death in Georgia's mental hospitals
Lax security, easy escape, tragic ending

Valentine's Day brings out Cupid's cheaters
On Valentine's Day, expectations from loved ones can soar. Aside from delicate roses, sparkling jewels or a lavish meal, men and women crave affection and appreciation on the romantic holiday. But what a predicament for cheaters, who can't be in two places at once.

Top investigator now in center of investigation
The feds didn't want you to know his name yet. He's identified in the Fumo indictment simply as Senate Contractor No. 1. But the private eye in the middle of the case against State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo is no stranger to tight places, or to powerful people who sometimes run afoul of the law. By George Anastasia

Little glamour in L.A., "gang capital of America"
Los Angeles(Reuters) - They call themselves the Bounty Hunters, the Midget Locos, Project Gangster Blood and China Town Boyz and most of them don't expect to live beyond age 20

Trends-Ripped Off: Keeping It In Your Wallet, Not Theirs
A road trip from Boston to Florida. A $200-plus buying spree at a liquor store. A cart full of groceries.

Duke lacrosse investigator was reprimanded as a private eye
Durham, N.C. — An investigator who worked on the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case was reprimanded in 1997 by the state commission that licenses private detectives, The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Thursday.

The Only Thing Worse Than A Criminal Is A Stupid One! Bogus' psychologist admits lying to police
A 'BOGUS' forensic psychologist accused of using sham degrees from a fictitious university to give expert evidence in court today admitted lying to police.

President Bush Requests $10.2 Billion Budget for Customs and Border Protection
President Bush's Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 budget recognizes that securing America's borders is a top priority. U.S. Customs and Border Protection budget request for FY 2008 represents an increase of $2.43 billion, a 31.4 percent increase over FY 2007...



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