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March 20th, 2007 Edition


New NAIS Certification-Certified Surveillance Investigator
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Investigative Articles

World's Smallest Gun! It's Tiny!
This is the world's smallest gun - and although it might look like a harmless toy to some it is anything but as it is capable at firing deadly bullets at a speed of 300mph.

Legal update
Scotsman - United Kingdom
MORE than two thirds (67 per c
ent) of lawyers during 2007 had at least one instance of a client using a private investigator to confirm or deny their ...

Former P.I. hunts down history, heritage
Although proud of her heritage, Weiner, who was born in California and raised in Iowa, says she is not particularly religious. When asked how she became interested in genealogy, she started by discussing her career - in law enforcement. Since she was too physically short to be a police officer, Weiner took a job as a secretary for the Orange County Sheriff's Department and later, for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

Trends-Private detective use soars as spouses spy on partners
The number of suspicious partners hiring private investigators to set up honey traps for their spouses surged last year as a string of celebrity divorce cases shone an uncomfortable spotlight on a business that usually remains shrouded in secrecy

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Trends-A Growing Addiction Just A Click Away
We all know how drugs and alcohol can quickly rear their ugly heads and choke the lives of people who get addicted. Now, there's a growing addiction that's just a click away. The Internet has certainly changed our lives in ways that you and I probably never anticipated. So imagine the shock of a woman -- who found out by logging on -- the man she loved was leading a double life.

Are you a good listener?
An investigator’s ability to solve cases relies extensively on his/her ability to develop rapport, ask the right questions, identify deceptive responses and analyze elicited information relative to evidence and other factual information. What is often overlooked, however, is the investigator’s ability to listen. Just as there is a distinction between seeing and observing, there is also a clear distinction between hearing and listening. A John Reid Article

Private investigators: no longer in the shadows
Once it was the murky world of dirty raincoats and skulking in shadows. But the private investigator is now fast becoming a standard aid to divorce.

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Workers' Compensation Cheaters Hurt Legitimate Claimants
Fortunately, cheaters who try to defraud the workers' compensation system almost always get caught. These few cheaters should be punished severely. They not only hurt their employers and their insurance companies, they also make it harder for legitimate claimants to recover the benefits to which they are entitled.

Britain's Leading Private Investigators Combat Insurance Fraud PR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung) - Wien,Austria
Often on the front-line of such dissimulative activities, this arguable qualifies a trained private investigator to be in the elite in understanding human ...

In the era of NO PRIVACY, The secret is honesty
Fascination with telling truth and telling lies is as old as human history but remains compelling fare. Why else would Fox's reality TV series "Moment of Truth," with its dependence on polygraphs, have pulled in the highest ratings of any new show in the last year? By Patrick Kampert

What To Do If You Think Your Being Bugged
echnology has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last several years. Audio and video bugging devices have gotten smaller and are more readily available than ever. Concealable high resolution color cameras and audio recording devices that can store hundreds of hours of audio can be purchased by anyone for less than one hundred dollars in a local “spy” store or on the internet.


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Curbside Investigator- Surveillance Tips And Techniques
A listener contacted me with a serious question about an upcoming surveillance. It was the type of question that shows are made of and after I discussed it personally with the person, I decided to make a show out of it. Ironically, a similar yet opposite question came up on the PINow listserv (which I no longer support or endorse) and it caused me to blow a gasket. So listen up and if you are the person I go off on, well you had it coming.

Curbside Investigator-It’s all about business
A listener asked about making the transition from employee investigator to small business owner/private investigator. This is a great question and there’s some pitfalls that are worth knowing so you can avoid them. If this sounds like your situation, this podcast is for you.

New Special Audio Presentation! Listen To The Greatest American Story Ever Told!
"I want all Americans to hear this story about Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner because I feel we as a nation have become too complacent, too spoiled, too fat, too lazy and many of us know not where we came from!" Thanks For Listening, Ralph D. Thomas

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PI TV offers you instant content from the internet on Tb articles and features you can watch right now.

Video Of The Great And Advanced Functions Of The Super Track Stick
Scroll down to see the video.

Gun Control Witness Before A Legislative Hearing So The Truth Will Set You Free!
It's Important To Listen To Her Words! It's Highly Important To Listen To Her Last Statement.
The Truth Will Set One Free!

Night Vision Used By Private Investigators
Good video presentation!

Night Vision Goggles Search and Rescue
Good video presentation!

Surveillance Video Shows Inmate Getting
Thrown Off Balcony


Spy Satellite shoot down actual footage
Military shoot down of spy satelite

MacBook Air! Apple Releases The World's Thinnest Laptop Computer
Watch the demo of this new marval!

Watching The Detectives!
Early Video Promo Of Anthony Pellicano And some other Holloywood Private Investigators.

Awesome Cop Chase
Amazing chase of a stolden vehicle at 125 miles er hour.

GPS Car TrackingTechnology
Video example Of GPS Tracking On The Internet.
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News Stories

Big Sleazy’ trial to expose Hollywood’s dark secrets Times Online - UK
Virtue, once described by an American magazine as “Hollywood’s sexiest private investigator”, is a reluctant witness in a case that will expose the dirtie

Fight erupts in NY over RIAA efforts to nab music pirates
Computerworld - Framingham,MA,USA
State law says those digging up evidence need private investigator's license! The work performed by Media Sentry and SafeNet on behalf of the recording labels requires a private investigator's license in the state of New York

Anthony Pellicano, an indicted private investigator, is sued by former Cook County cop and wife
In March 2002, a former Cook County police officer and his wife were convicted of bilking the government by submitting billings for security work that never was performed at one of the nation's most dangerous housing complexes, the Robert Taylor Homes in Chicago.

RIAA contractors accused of illegal investigation in New York Afterdawn.com - USA... York asking that all evidence collected by .....

PI Mike on tail of cheats and liars
Next time you take a sickie from work or cheat on your partner it is possible Mike Baker is watching your every move.

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Private eye clinches case after New Town neighbours go to war
ALL is fair in love and war, even in the genteel world of Edinburgh's New Town, it seems, where unseemly spats among neighbours are definitely not de rigueur.

Pellicano Trial to Begin
The man once known as “private investigator to the stars,” Anthony Pellicano, will finally stand trial this week on charges of racketeering, wiretapping and fraud, after years of delays.

New details offered in private eye's case
Los Angeles police officer on Anthony Pellicano's payroll plumbed law enforcement databases for confidential information on two reporters after Hollywood super-agent Michael Ovitz told the private eye he believed the journalists had written negative stories about him, federal prosecutors alleged in court papers released on Friday.

World's Smallest High
Defination DVR With Screen $269.95

Private investigator to stand trial in May
Shreveport Times - Shreveport,LA,USA

A local private investigator and former Shreveport Regional Airport Authority board member will go to trial May 15 on theft and fraud charges.

Police seize counterfeit Nikes
GoErie.com - Erie,PA,USA

Police began the investigation after being tipped off about the counterfeit shoes by Stu-Mar Investigations, a private detective agency contracted by Nike. ......

Former Delaware Co. Pros. arrested for bribery
WISH - Indianapolis,IN,USA

MUNCIE (WISH) - Police have arrested a Delaware County attorney and his private investigator for bribery. The attorney once served as the county prosecutor. ...

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Investigative Resources
For NAIS Members

New NAIS Section Has Massive Updates!
PI Vintage-A Collection Of Links To Historical Gear Pertaining To Private Investigation And Spying
You will live this new section! In fact, you will like it so much, you might spend hours here. Bookmark this!State-By-State Directory Of Laws On Bail Recovery This is an excellent site with laws on every state as it pertains to bail enforcement and fugitive recovery.

NAIS Public Records Links Updated
This section has been completely Updated thanks to the help of NAIS member Allen Elfman. Here you will find public records on the county and state level for each state, federal public records links and a host ofother links all on one links page. Bookmark this!PI Daily
News updated each day, every day just for professional investigators. Bookmark this for daily reading. It's like a daily newspaper just for investigators.

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