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June 10th, 2009 Edition


New NAIS Certification-Certified Surveillance Investigator
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Investigative Articles

NAIS And SpyTek Wholesale At ISC West
Review This Year's ISC West with photos

The Surveillance Vehicle Cooler
For all of you Surveillance Operatives working in hot climates, here is an idea that will keep your surveillance van, car or four wheel drive cool. The system uses ice water circulating through a cooling element. Air is then drawn over the element and circulated through the vehicle. By Mark Gamer

Finding People's Email Addresses
This is a run-down and step-by-step source list of how to find people's email addresses.

Police & Prosecutorial Misconduct Can Equal Wrongful Conviction
After twenty-one years as a private investigator specializing in criminal defense, I wish I could report a decline in police and prosecutorial misconduct. Sadly, it is alive and well in America! By Paul Ciolino

Theft Prevention and Inventory Management – What’s the Connection?
Does your company sell widgets of some sort? From apparel to electronics to tools, if your business physically handles and stores tangible product, then the concept of inventory accuracy is a very familiar refrain. Profitability, customer retention, operational productivity all hinge on reliable inventory numbers. By Lee Schwartz

Outwitting Holders of Hidden Assets
With costs of litigation added to losses suffered which gave rise to the initial lawsuit, Plaintiffs can spend “good money after bad” and end up holding only worthless judgment paperwork when unscrupulous Defendants successfully hide money offshore.By Kent Perkins

Defending the Innocent in Child Sexual
Abuse Cases

A four or five year old takes the stand and states, "He (she) touched my pee pee." In dozens of courtrooms across the country, this scenario is played out again and again. More often than not a judge or jury is swayed by this generally emotionless testimony--testimony that is repeated with the sincerity of a nursery rhyme or a rendition of "What I had for breakfast this morning." It is, indeed, common for a child to be unable to remember what was served for breakfast that morning, or the day before. By Paul Ciolino

Absence of Evidence is Not Evidence of Absence
From the Journal of Forensic Identification By Paul Erwin Kish And Herbert Leon MacDonell

Behavioural Interviewing Techniques
The suspect was sitting in the interview room of Flemington police station listening to my every word. I had arrested John on suspicion for the commission of 25 burglaries in the Flemington area. Now I had to prove it. By Steven Van Aperen

Keeping The Expert Honest
Re-inventing themselves is what many of the self-anointed "experts" are really experts at achieving. Your job as the independent or staff legal investigator is to make sure that your team is not on the receiving end of one of these charades. By Paul Ciolino

Lee Harvey Oswald-Backyard Photos
An Analysis of the famous Back Yard Photos Of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Common Asset Hiding Places
A List ofd common places to look in which people hide assets.


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Curbside Investigator - Here’s to your health
Scott talks about health concerns for surveillance investigators after reading an article in Pursuit Magazine. It’s an interesting article with lots of good info, but there’s some problems with it.

Curbside Investigator Don’t forget the report
More silly stories from Scott. No one enjoys writing reports, but they need to get done and sooner is always better than later. Listen for more.

Curbside Investigator- Do your homework before it’s due
In this episode, Scott talks about the importance of laying a good investigative foundation. That means doing everything you can in the office before you take to the field. It also means…..well, you’ll have to listen for the rest.

Video PodCast
A Day in the Life - Private Detective/Investigator
A typical day in the life of a Private Detective/Investigator. Courtesy of CareerOneStop. Learn how to get there at www.MYCAREERRX.com. Colleges Educate. We Create Careers.

Video PodCast
How to Conduct Vehicle Surveillance : Mobile Surveillance: Following the Subject.
Follow or tail a subject correctly when conducting vehicle surveillance; learn how with tips from our expert private investigator and detective in this free surveillance video.

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Compeltely Self-Contained Covert Video Stationary Surveillance Equipment Explained
This isa part text and graphics review and part video review of the CovertTek Stationary Covert Video Camera line that has covert cameras and DVRs built into normal every day products with motion activation and time and date staamping with Cody Woods.

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Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
Gives His "Video Views" on crimes and legal issues in the news. A Fox News link.

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News Stories

Casey Anthony case: Private investigator won't release records
Private investigator Dominic Casey won't release all of his cell-phone records in the Casey Anthony case.

Covert Key Chain Video Recorder DVR
Instant One Button Covert Video Evidence Grabber In Your Hand!Man convicted of killing process server

By Monte Whaley A Larimer County jury Monday convicted a 46-year-old man of first-degree murder of a process server who served him divorce papers.

Lawyer wants charges against 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' star
A Colorado public defender is taking the rare step of asking a judge to force prosecutors to file charges against Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of A&E Television's "Dog The Bounty Hunter."

Police: Bomb threat over car repossession leads to arrest
A bomb threat at an auto dealership Thursday night led to the arrest of a Spokane Valley man, police said.

Mistaken for turkey, private investigator shot
Utica Observer Dispatch - ‎May 29, 2009

Instead, Wehnke shot a 26-year-old private investigator from New Jersey named Matthew Brady. But this was no ordinary investigator. ...

Focus on private investigator's actions
Utica Observer Dispatch

By COURTNEY POTTS Local private investigators said Monday they had several questions about the actions of a New Jersey investigator who was shot last week ...

Suits Charging Illegal Surveillance Dismissed
The New American

The act allows suits to be dismissed if the government secretly certifies to the court that either there was no surveillance, the surveillance was legal, ...


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Recovery This
is an excellent site with laws on every state as it pertains to bail enforcement and fugitive recovery.

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