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July 10th, 2008 Edition


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Breaking News!
Geek Squade Uproar In Texas Over New PI Licensing Law
A Texas law passed in 2007 has computer repair shops statewide up in arms. Seemingly pressured by the Private Investigator lobby, lawmakers enacted House Bill 2833, which seems to require computer repair personnel to obtain a Private Investigator license before being allowed to work on customers' computers.

Investigative Articles

5 Cheap Ways To Check A Love Interest's Credibility
So your son or daughter is dating someone who sends red flags flying. How can you make sure your child is not getting hurt or sucked into a scam?

New iPhone 3G Coming This Month!
A new iPhone is coming this month that will be twice as fast and half the price of the old one. Watch the ad.

High Technology- Nanotechnology is revealing when it comes to fingerprints
Archaeological evidence indicates that ancient Chinese and Babylonian civilizations already were using fingerprints to sign legal documents as early as 1000 BCE. As early as 1880, Dr Henry Faulds, an English physician working in Tokyo, published a letter in the journal Nature suggesting the use of fingerprints for identification purposes.

High Technology-Forensics on cell phones
Inside and outside government, professionals increasingly carry data on their cell phones, including e-mail messages, documents, videos and instant messages. And there are those — such as law enforcement officers, some employers and, yes, hackers — who want to get at that data without the owner’s permission.

So Long, Bill Gates, and Thanks for the Monopoly!
He's a merciless competitor, a shameless "fan" of other people's ideas and an unapologetic monopolist. And because of all that, Bill Gates has done more to create the thriving computer industry than anybody else.

Profile-Tom Hawthorne The Life Of A Private Eye
Durham— Tom Hawthorne is a private investigator with more than 21 years' law enforcement experience. He works from his home in Durham on a broad range of investigative jobs in Maine, New Hampshire and, occasionally, in Massachusetts. Hawthorne describes the focus of his work as criminal cases.

The Use O f Visual Aids During an Interview or Interrogation
Investigators rely extensively on their verbal communication skills to elicit information during an interview and to persuade a suspect to tell the truth during an interrogation. It is often beneficial to reinforce verbal communication with visual aids. Consider the difference between verbally telling a person how to get from point “A” to “B” as opposed to reinforcing the verbal directions with a written map. With the visual aid, the person is much more likely to arrive at the destination. This web tip will address the use of visual aids to increase an investigator’s rapport, credibility, and ability to learn the truth.A John Reid Investigator Tip Article.

Solving A Cold Case:
A look inside a detective's bag of tools

When it comes to solving a cold murder case, DNA may be the new kid on the block and all the rage, but investigators say there is no substitute for dogged, painstaking detective work.

Tech tools get to truth of accident scenes
Big money often rides on findings of forensic engineers, who use computers to determine the cause of accidents on roads or at work.

Surveillance Technology Now and in the Future
This article is a basic 101 on what's available in surveillance technology field today and where technology is allowing us to go in the future. I am sure you have heard of some pretty amazing things when it comes to criminals being caught by surveillance cameras. All you have to do is watch TV there you can witness shows like world's dumbest criminals to crimes caught on video's, or projects like A Surveillance Camera Town etc. If you are my age though you look back and remember things like Get Smart gadgets and Agent 99.

Profile-Mick Featherstone Private Eye And Gadget The Man or How private eyes track your every move!
When most people think of private detectives, they think of a scruffy bloke with a long camera lens trained on a bedroom window. This quaint notion is far removed from reality.

FBI Surveillance Team Reveals Tricks Of The Trade
The FBI has an entire army of people whose sole job is to do surveillance. Whether they are tracking a terrorist suspect or mobster or potential spy, the secret isn't about being a master of disguise. Instead, it is all about blending in.

Spies Want a Second Life of Their Own
First, American spooks said they wanted to scour Second Life and other virtual worlds for terrorists. Then, they said that kids who hang out in those digital spaces may be unfit to join the intelligence community. Now, the country's spies want to build a Second Life of their own. And they want it to have a time machine.

Helping prevent online fraud
Consumers have weapons available to fight identity theft. As if identity theft wasn't scary enough, last month's string of fraudulent withdrawals from hundreds of accounts at local financial institutions gave area residents more reason to worry.


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Gas Gas Gas!
What are YOU doing to deal with gas prices? How is it affecting your bottom line?

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News Stories

Data-Retrieval Law Has Computer Techs Under The Gun Is A Publicity Stunt?
Houston computer repair technician David Norelid is worried that a new state law is going to turn him from Magnum PC to Magnum P.I. The author of the law — state Rep. Joe Driver, R-Garland — said the computer technicians are misinterpreting the law. And he said the lawsuit was a publicity stunt by a new legal advocacy group in Austin.

Pellicano File Lawsuite For New Trial
Attorneys for convicted Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano filed a motion for a new trial on Monday, claiming there were several instances of juror misconduct in his wiretapping trial.

Malaysia asks Interpol help to find missing detective
Malaysian police on Sunday issued an international alert for a missing private eye after he made, and abruptly retracted, allegations about the deputy prime minister's links to a high-profile murder case.

Lawyer suspended from bar for e-mail snooping
CHARLESTON -- A lawyer who gained unauthorized access to another firm's e-mail accounts in Huntington and Charleston has been suspended from the State Bar for two years.

Internet org paves way for hundreds of new domains
The Internet's key oversight agency relaxed rules Thursday to permit the introduction of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of new Internet domain names to join ".com," making the first sweeping changes in the network's 25-year-old address system.

Hospital: Forgers defrauded patients
A check forgery ring targeted patients at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, using private checking account information and stolen identities to take as much as $3,000 from each victim, according to hospital and law enforcement officials.

IT professionals admit to snooping
One in three IT staff abuse administrative passwords to gain access to confidential data, according to a recent study.

The Fixer: Parking tickets vanish
Anyone who receives a $30 Toronto parking ticket can almost certainly dodge the fine by applying for a court date.

Canadian Citizen Gets Two Years in Night-Vision Espionage Case
This summer, we could see several people of Chinese descent prosecuted in the U.S. for economic espionage. Yesterday, district judge Jeremy Fogel became the first judge to sentence a defendant convicted under economic espionage laws since Congress passed them in the 90’s.

Civil servants investigated over 'insurance leaks'
FOURTEEN employees of the Department of Social and Family Affairs are being investigated for allegedly passing comprehensive personal information to insurance companies on a regular basis.

Guy Gets Fired And Ruined For Having A Virus On His Notebook
A report in the Boston Herald describes the sad story of Michael Fiola, a former investigator with the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents. To make a long story short, Fiola's state-issued notebook computer became infected with malware, and subsequently overloaded with pornography, including child pornography. IT staff noticed, Fiola was fired and the matter turned over to the Massachusetts State Police who filed a criminal complaint. According to Fiola, his friends all ran.

Corporate Espionage Detailed in Documents
They scavenged through trash and tailed people for hours. They used undercover operatives to infiltrate private meetings. The targets were not agents of foreign powers but advocacy groups that had been critical of corporations.

Russia poses biggest security threat to Britain
Russia now poses its biggest threat to Britain since the Cold War, according to security sources. MI5 fears that Britain has been swamped with spies since the breakdown of relations over the tit-for-tat accusations over the poisoning of former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko

"Computer Illiterate" Acquitted on Child Pornography Charges
Michael Fiola, who was convicted of possessing child pornography, was cleared of the charges after the computer forensic reports revealed that his laptop was infected with detrimental software that was surreptitiously browsing illegal Web sites.

U.S. Satellites Snooping on Iraqi Army
The satellites are "imaging military installations that the Iraqi army occupies," a former U.S. military official tells the Los Angeles Times. "They're imaging training areas that the Iraqi army utilizes. They're imaging roads that Iraqi armored vehicles and large convoys transit." A source with American forces in Iraq just confirmed the story to Danger Room.


Repossession business booms with poor economy
The economy may be hurting many businesses, but one Suncoast company can't keep the business away. We're talking about the Repo man.

Process Server Killed While Delivering Divorce Papers
A process server was slain, and two children were taken to a hospital after a confrontation in Loveland. The Larimer County Sheriff's Office said the person who died was serving divorce papers and a restraining order at the home of 45-year-old James Scott Whitler on Wednesday night. Whitler was arrested in connection with the slaying.

Pellicano case a cautionary tale for PIs
The story of Anthony Pellicano, the rogue private investigator from Hollywood, has put a bad light on the field of private investigations.

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