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October10th, 2008 Edition


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Investigative Articles

Homeland Security Detects Terrorist Threats by Reading Your Mind
Most preventive screening looks for explosives or metals that pose a threat. But a new system called MALINTENT turns the old school approach on its head. This Orwellian-sounding machine detects the person — not the device — set to wreak havoc and terror.

Trends! iPhones and BlackBerrys contributing to corporate espionage
The world of computer forensics used to be largely confined to the computer hard drive, but as more and more business professionals carry sensitive data around with ease on smart phones, BlackBerrys and iPhones, the challenge is to sort through the massive amounts of data being created and stored, as well as getting to grips with the different storage formats of all of these mobile devices.

Trends! Repo Biz Up 400%! Business 'booming' for repossession industry as owners default on car-loan payments
With soaring oil and gas prices, record home foreclosures and the cost of just about everything else rising, it seems times are tough for everyone. Except maybe the repo man.

Profile: Inquiring mind: Private investigator cases range from mundane to high-profile
Many people view his line of work with awe or disdain, but Ron Lax says being a private investigator isn't as glamorous, exciting or unsavory as often perceived.
"I enjoy what I do. It's rewarding. It's fun. It's just nothing like portrayed on TV and in the movies," said Lax, president and owner of Inquisitor Inc.

Future Technology -Success Of The Human Jet
Could this be the future of overhead surveillance?

New Trend! The Photo Detective
This is Maureen Taylor's web site which should give you some clues to a new trend with the emergance of digital photography and the internet. Don’t let heaps of unidentified, damaged, or disorganized family photos get you down. The Photo Detective can help. Maureen Taylor’s expertise in photography, history, and genealogy can help you find missing photos, interpret unidentified pictures, and preserve and organize your precious photo collection.

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High Technology-Memphis police will use device to scan cars' plates
Tool means no call needed to verify vehicle theft, warrants! A device about the size of a fat textbook will soon be strapped atop Memphis squad cars scanning license plates in search of scofflaws.

Security researchers ponder possible Palin hacks
There are lots of ways someone could hack her Yahoo e-mail, say experts. Security experts speculating today on how Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's Yahoo e-mail account had been hacked put forward several theories, with some skeptical of claims that the access was gained by a simple password reset.

Profile- Brad Kelly- Columbus Investigator Catches Cheating Spouses
Brad Kelly, a private investigator who has spied on thousands of cheating spouses, says its not just men who sneak around on their spouses. Kelly has busted everyone, from a newlywed to a man who has been married for 35 years .

If a Lie is Repeated Often Enough, Can The Person Come to Believe That The Lie Is True?
During our seminars participants ask many interesting questions about the psychology of lying and factors that affect lie detection. A common question relates to the effects of repeating a false statement. Specifically, if a person tells the same lie over and over could the individual eventually come to believe the lie? A John Reid Article

How To Be a Whistle Blower
Nobody wants to be party to coverups, outright lies and the other scandalous behavior sometimes exposed in the worlds of big government and big business. But what should you do if you discover something you think is unethical or potentially criminal? Something totally nefarious and evil? Here's our guide to snitching on the bad guys without getting caught.

Not Sherlock's Lab Anymore
It's not so elementary in the CSI Lab

In the old days crime scene clues and forensic analysis was simple. Sherlock Holmes would review the clues, analyze the evidence and simply proclaim, "It's elementary my dear Watson." In the twenty-first century, however, it is not quite that simple. Improvement in evidence identification, collection and storage methods along with advanced technologies for the analysis of all categories of evidence have made the modern CSI lab much more than a two man team of Holmes & Watson.

PI work is hardly glamorous
The field of private investigation is one in which a great many people express an interest. Much of that interest, unfortunately, is based on what they see on television and in the movies, which seldom conforms to the reality of the job.

Trends! Demand Mounts for Workout Specialists and Forensic Services as Delinquencies, Foreclosures, Fraud Rise
U.S. foreclosure filings rose to a record in August as falling home prices made it harder to sell or refinance homes to pay off the mortgage, according to RealtyTrac Inc. Mortgage loan delinquency rates also increased for the sixth straight quarter. Traditionally seen as a precursor to foreclosures, mortgage delinquencies jumped 9% during the second quarter (the sixth straight quarter in a row) from the first quarter, according to a report recently released by TransUnion, the Chicago-based credit bureau. That’s a national average high of 3.53% for the second quarter – up 51% from the same period a year ago. Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating 24 cases of potential corporate fraud related to mortgage lending – a substantial increase from July, according to Reuters.

Interviewing Elderly Subjects
Interviewing techniques presented in textbooks or during seminars generally assume that the person being interviewed is an emotionally healthy and mature individual with a normal IQ. Twenty-five years ago, when the epidemic of unreported child sexual abuse attracted national attention, specific interviewing techniques were developed to address the special circumstances of eliciting information from a child. Contemporary investigators are now dealing with a new special interest group.

Wayne Treible-In bad times, the repo man thrives
A repossession man for nearly a decade, Treible knows your tricks: when you park down the block, or trade cars with a relative, or insist the check was just mailed.

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Video Presidentation Of The Solar Sunrise Investigation Computer Hacking Brake-In To US Government Computers
This presentation is very good video done on the Solar Sunrise Investigation by the FBI you will enjoy!

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Curbside Investigator Podcast!
The Crubside Investigator is a podcast that features information of interest to private investigators. Scott talks about surveillance and pretext tips from 2001. It’s information that was destined for the trash this week until he read it and laughed. You’ll get an insight into what was going on in 2001 and how things have changed. Keep current privacy laws in mind and remember this is only for educational and comedy purposes.

8 Tips to get on an Insurance Vendor Panel
Scott talks about 8 proven tips to help investigators attain a spon on an insurance vendor panel. This was taken with permission from an email post to the CALI listserv by CW Sellers of The Sellers Investigative Group.

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Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
Gives His "Video Views" on crimes and legal issues in the news. A Fox News link.

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Compeltely Self-Contained Covert Video Stationary Surveillance Equipment Explained
This isa part text and graphics review and part video review of the CovertTek Stationary Covert Video Camera line that has covert cameras and DVRs built into normal every day products with motion activation and time and date staamping with Cody Woods.


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News Stories

OJ Defense Uses Secret Tapes to Their Advantage
They didn’t get him in California, we’re going to get him now,’” according to one of the hotel room recordings after police were called to the scene, taped without knowledge of the police.

Google Dream Phone Makes Its Debut
The long-awaited, breathlessly-rumored, Google-powered (and still unavailable until next month) G1 phone was unveiled today with a list price that undercuts Apple's iPhone by $20 but with few design or software elements that had not been anticipated.

Police admit DNA evidence not fail safe
Victoria Police admits it can't guarantee DNA evidence used against alleged criminals will be free from contamination.

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed by Southern California Consumer Protection Attorneys Brennan, Wiener & Associates Against Debt Collector Mel Harris & Associates for Alleged Fraudulent "Sewer Service" of Debt Collection Lawsuits La Crescenta, CA (PRWEB) September 24, 2008 -- On behalf of its client, David Youssefyeh, Southern California's Premiere Consumer Protection law firm, Brennan, Wiener & Associates, has filed a class action lawsuit against the large New York debt collector MEL HARRIS & ASSOCIATES, alleging fraud in service of debt collection complaints upon California consumers (Youssefyeh v. Harris, Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC 398 315).

Private eye broke driver-licence scam
A private detective recalled yesterday how he and his team of investigators scoured garbage to solve an investigation into one of B.C.'s biggest driver-licence scams.

Do RIAA Snoops Need P.I. Licenses?
By now, we all know how the Recording Industry Association of America nabs alleged file sharers, more than 20,000 lawsuits and counting: Hired snoops from MediaSentry -- aka SafeNet -- log onto Kazaa, Limewire or other file sharing programs, peer into open share folders, take screenshots, download a few files and obtain the offending IP addresses

RIAA defendant accuses Media Sentry of felonies
A STUDENT at the University of Michigan targeted by the RIAA for alleged file-sharing has accused its gumshoes at Media Sentry of felonies and suggested criminal prosecution. The 'John Doe' student identified so far only as 'Case #162983070' sent a letter to a state investigator. In his letter, he complains that Media Sentry has and continues to investigate Michigan residents such as himself without a private investigator's licence as required by state law.

MediaSentry defends work for RIAA in music piracy cases
Company says it gathers public info, disputes claims that it needs investigator's licenses. MediaSentry Inc. today strongly disputed accusations, made by legal opponents of the Recording Industry Association of America and some state officials, that the company is engaging in what amounts to an unlicensed private investigation practice as it gathers evidence for the RIAA to use in music piracy lawsuits.

One for The Books! Man Passes Gas, Charged with Battery on Officer
As if getting a DUI wasn’t enough, a man arrested for driving under the influence got in a lot more trouble at the police station.

T-Mobile's G1 Android Phone: Neither Open nor Exciting
The T-Mobile G1, the first Android-based smartphone, made a decidedly disappointing debut Tuesday.

Private eye tracks down stolen dog
A FAMILY were reunited with their missing basset hound after hiring a private investigator to track it down.

Private Eye Insists Domino's Shares Customer Database
A private eye insists that the pizza chain shares its database with law enforcement and collection agencies, despite a strongly worded denial by Domino's Pizza LLC to allegations by the private investigator on CNET News that the pizza chain shares or sells its customer database.
And he says he has proof. Steven Rambam, the founder and CEO of Pallorium, Inc., a licensed Investigative agency, said, "I personally have seen Domino's and Papa John's databases used by law enforcement. It has nothing whatsoever to do with a theft of Domino's or something directly involving Domino's. It was a fugitive whose cell phone number was known and they plugged it in to see where the stuff was being delivered."

Ruling: No new trial for Pellicano
federal judge on Monday rejected a request for a new trial by an attorney for Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano, who alleged that jurors might have been influenced by a prosecutor's comment outside court and by an Internet blog.

Judge declines to bar surveillance
Ginger Aldrich and her parents should seek a protective order from criminal court if they continue to be bothered by a private detective monitoring their travels in rural Waterford, a Chittenden Superior Court judge said Monday.

New Jersey taking aim at illegal bounty hunters
New Jersey is starting to crack down on bounty hunters who sometimes act like they're in the Wild West. A 2006 state law that's now taking effect requires bounty hunters to be at least 25 years old and have at least five years' experience in law enforcement or as a private investigator.

Investigator helps find Ivy a year after going missing
A FAMILY who enlisted a private investigator to track down their missing dog have been reunited with the animal a year after she disappeared. The Keck family were devastated after discovering Ivy the basset hound had vanished from their home in August last year.

Hearing to decide private investigators' future
At least 16 people are expected to object to the renewal of private investigator Peter Gibbons' licence at an unprecedented hearing in Dunedin next week.

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Could you be a spy like us?
Judging by my experience with MI6 the qualities you will need are very different from what you might expect from watching James Bond films.

Process Server Caught Using Racial Slur
PHOENIX -- Camerafraud.com released a video Tuesday catching a process server using a racial slur while delivering a photo radar ticket. ...

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State-By-State Directory Of Laws On Bail
Recovery This
is an excellent site with laws on every state as it pertains to bail enforcement and fugitive recovery.

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