The Official Newsletter Of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists
November 10th, 2004 Edition





Investigative Articles

Anonymity on the Internet
Pros And Cons- The internet community is quickly changing and evolving as more of the world comes on-line. Free speech and anonymity have always been important real-world societal issues and have been the topics of numerous heated court cases. These issues are becoming increasingly important as more people discover the digital world and find the need for anonymity in this new society.

Paternity: Establishing Fatherhood
A father can acknowledge paternity by signing a written admission or voluntary acknowledgement of paternity. All States have programs under which birthing hospitals give unmarried parents of a newborn the opportunity to acknowledge the father's paternity of the child. States must also help parents acknowledge paternity up until the child's eighteenth birthday through vital records offices or other entities designated by the State. Parents are not required to apply for child support enforcement services when acknowledging paternity.

Profile:William Simon
Meticulous Cybersleuth Takes On High-Tech Cases

Businesses, suspicious spouses use PI to track down, test or testify about hard-drive hijinks- Just call William Simon the Sherlock Holmes of computers. The cyberspace sleuth would love the comparison. In fact, he named his business, Abberline Investigations, after his distant cousin Frederick Abberline, a Victorian-era Scotland Yard investigator.

Profile: Nick Ault
Like many private investigators, Nick Ault is a former police officer who decided to work for himself. The skills he acquired in investigation and interviewing suspects through a long career in law enforcement are integral to his present job.

Infidelity Signs - 30 Clues to Cheating Spouses
A cheating spouse or significant other will tend to exhibit some of the signs of infidelity listed below. If you are suspicious of a loved one, go through our signs of infidelity checklist. Does your mate shows any signs of unavailability at work, increased time away from home or unusual cell phone usage, or other signs of infidelity? If more than a few of the indicators below are present, the next step is to conduct surveillance to confirm your suspicions. At TRAX Investigations we deliver quality investigation backed-up by 30-year track record. By contacting us, you will be able to obtain piece of mind.

Inside The US Secret Service
Since 1902, 27 US Secret Service agents have died in the line of duty. This National Geographic presentation gives you an inside look at the world's most famous executive protection detail.

Understanding Adultery As Weapon For Divorce
Adultery, as an allegation and not as a practice, is being misused by some men facing divorce in courts. Going by some cases that came in the family court for trial, there are men who foist adultery cases against their wives to gloss over the cruelty they might have inflicted on them prior to their seeking a divorce while some use a false charge of adultery as the only weapon when faced with no other plausible charge to make.

Unmasking The Mystery Of Hidden Assets
The thought of conducting a hidden asset investigation can send shivers up the spine of many a good investigator. The word "hidden," almost conjures up a thought process that the assets can't be found because they were intentionally hidden. By Kelly Riddle

Cable Piracy Do’s and Don’ts For Private Investigators
This article is a reissue as it ran last year. However, it's obvious that many investigators do not understand the opportunity in cable piracy investigations nor the steps you need to be successful with them. The author consistently makes between $3,000 and $5,000 on this types of events and there is a lot of opportunity when do right. When done in a slip-shot method with no pre-investigative steps- you are just wasting your time. By: Jack Murray CLI,CFE,CCDI

Profile: In Spirit: The....ah..Ghost Detective Agency?
McMillan heads her own...ah... ghost detective agency called "In Spirit." It investigates supposed paranormal activity free of charge. "I'm a skeptic," McMillan said from her home office on Lincoln Street. "I go in more to prove there isn't, rather than there is."

The Price of Safety
The U.S. government's multibillion-dollar drive for homeland security has produced a boom in anti terror technologies. At the same time, it has created problems ranging from industry confusion to lack of basic accountability, and privacy concerns are higher than ever.

Good Or Bad? Does National ID Cards Spell The End Of Privacy
The idea of creating a hard-to-counterfeit identity card has been kicking around for quite a while. Originally, it was proposed as a way to defeat illegal immigration and identity theft.

Locating The Noncustodial Parent
To establish the paternity of a child, to obtain an order for support, and in most cases, to enforce that order, the CSE agency must know where the other parent lives or works. When a legal claim is made by one person against another, the defendant must be given notice of the legal action taken and the steps necessary to protect his or her rights. To notify the noncustodial parent in advance--either by certified mail or in person--child support enforcement officials need a correct address. If you do not have the address, the CSE office can try to find it. The most important information that you can provide to the child support office is the noncustodial parent's social security number (SSN).

Why Insurance Fraud Succeeds
Private property and casualty insurers lose $100 billion every year to insurance criminals. Insurance fraud is a prevalent problem that receives little attention by the police and judicial system. Often seen as a "victimless" crime, it is not. This drain on society can be plugged if insurers, insureds, and others raise their voices to point out the problem and be vigilant about seeing that justice is done. By Barry Zelma

The Toxic House
Welcome to The Nature of Things Toxic House. This is a presentation about the hazards of indoor pollution, largely created by the synthetic and organic chemicals that are a part of our daily lives. It might sound like a place you want to stay away from, but really it's a place intended to help you make informed decisions about the places and spaces in which you live. We can't live without chemicals, and in many ways they help to improve our lives. However, as environmental engineer Dr. Richard Corsi points out, some chemicals are better than others, and we can make educated choices about their risks versus their benefits.

Infrared Detection of Water Damage
The problem faced by most property owners is that moisture behind walls, over ceilings, and under floors is often impossible to detect until the problem is excessive and visible to the naked eye. Since the investigation and removal of infestations of not yet visible mold in structures is often difficult, technology is now being used to do what once was impossible. By Barry Zelma

The Hardware Behind Echelon?
You've probably heard about Echelon, the vast listening system run by the US, UK, Canada and Australia that scans the world's voice traffic looking for key words and phrases.

Profile: Spinelli Corporation Licensed to Provide Private Investigative Services in Washington
Spinelli Corporation announced today that State of Washington, Department of Licensing has approved the Company for corporate licensure to provide private investigative services. The licensing process includes a thorough background check and a review of the Company's investigative experience.

Sexual Abuse Of Women in U.S. State Prisons
This report examines the sexual abuse of female prisoners largely at the hands of male correctional employees at eleven state prisons located in the north, south, east, and west of the United States. It reflects research conducted over a two-and-a-half-year period from March 1994 to November 1996 and is based on interviews conducted by the Human Rights Watch Women's Rights Project and other Human Rights Watch staff with the U.S. federal government, state departments of corrections and district attorneys, correctional officers, civil and women's rights lawyers, prisoner aid organizations, and over sixty prisoners formerly or currently incarcerated in women's prisons in California, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and the District of Columbia, which is the nation's capital.

Free Downloads

Disk Investigator-Free Download
Disk Investigator helps you to discover all that is hidden on your computer hard disk. It can also help you to recover lost data. Display the true drive contents by bypassing the operating system and directly reading the raw drive sectors. View and search raw directories, files, clusters, and system sectors. Verify the effectiveness of file and disk wiping programs. Undelete previously deleted files.

Clean Disk Security-Free Download
This program gives you secure file deletion, making sure that deleted files cannot be undeleted again. Deleting a file normally just removes the file's directory entry, but the data itself remains on the disk. This program completely eliminates the contents of deleted files. The highly acclaimed Gutmann disk cleaning method is now available as an option. This program can also clean the Window's swap file, and can optionally clean unneeded temporary files from your hard disk, such as your Internet browser cache, files in your system's Recycle Bin, and can clear the "recent files" list. Comes with a direct disk viewer for discovering exactly what is on your hard disk.

Delete Doctor-Free Download
Delete files that are difficult to delete, such as some files left by viruses and trojans, or files with corrupted file names. This program can also delete files like the "index.dat" files, which store Internet history, by scheduling them for deletion upon system restart. Select a file to delete from the built-in file browser or drag a file to the application's icon or window from Window's Explorer.

Stay In Control
By monitoring the changes made to your system when you install new software, it enables you to troubleshoot any problems that come up. Virtually every modern program uses an install utility that installs or updates files; these utilities may also record data in the Registry and update INI files or other essential text files.

ShowCal 3.1
Calculator with running tape to check your work.

ESB Unit Conversion Utility
User-friendly Win32 FREE Utility to easily convert between units of measurement. Includes Units for Temperature, Distance, Mass, Area, Volume, Pressure, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles, Luminous Intensity, Illumination, Time & Radioactivity.

High Profile Trial Coverage

The Scott Peterson Trial
The Robert Blake Trial
Martha Stewart Coverage
Michael Jackson Trial
Jayson Williams Trial

Investigative News

Churches Installing Cell Phone Jammers
Mexico - It was the reporters who noticed first. Unable to call their editors while covering the weddings of the rich and famous, they asked the priest why their cell phones never worked at Sacred Heart. His reply: Israeli counterintelligence.

Unproven Forensic Techniques Sway Courts, Erode Justice
Settling into the witness chair of a Kane County courtroom, Stephen McKasson tutored jurors in a murder trial on the wonders of a rarely used divining tool: lip prints.

Millionaire Pays Private Eye To 'Set Up' Wife
..but detective changes sides, works for wife

AUSTRALIAN millionaire and supermarket tycoon Bill Sims tried to pay a private detective to frame his ex-wife for blackmail.

New Caller I.D. Spoofing Site Opens
Web-based caller I.D. spoofing is back, and this time it's available to everyone. A new website offer subscribers a simple Web interface to a caller I.D. spoofing system that lets them appear to be calling from any number they choose.

Anatomy Of A Police Fiasco?
Murdered businessman Alec Steenkamp, who disappeared eight years ago, did not die without a struggle. So says private investigator Christian Botha, whose work led to the exhumation in the past week of what is believed to be Steenkamp's skeleton in a Brixton backyard.

New Screening Technology Is Nigh
Machines built to find weapons hidden in clothes or to sniff out bomb residue may be coming to an airport or train station near you, if transportation officials ever deploy technologies now being tested. By Ryan Singel A WiredNews Story.

Microchips In People, Packaging and Pets
Raise Privacy Questions

Implanting a microchip in a pet has become a common practice, but until last week, it may have seemed quite a stretch to implant one in a person.

Monica Lewinsky To Study Forensic Psychology
She says, "Forensic psychology combines my interest in psychology with my interest in law."

For Homicide Investigators, The Streets Yield Few Allies
D.C. Case Illuminates Obstacles, Frustrations

Two hours after a killing on a busy street in the middle of a holiday afternoon, only two signs of murder remained: a small puddle of blood slowly dissolving in the rain and D.C. homicide detective Tony Patterson.

Identities Stolen in Seconds!
Pausing in the foyer of a comfortable suburban home two days before Halloween in 2002, Kevin Barrows, a special agent with the F.B.I., could not bring himself to open the front door. He and a team of agents had just spent several hours searching every room in the house, in New Rochelle, N.Y., but they were leaving empty-handed. Months of investigating had led Mr. Barrows to believe that someone was orchestrating a huge fraud from the house, yet he had not found a single scrap of evidence.

Court Begins Case On Private Investigator's Death
The Beijing No 2 Intermediate People's Court Tuesday heard a case involving a local private detective allegedly killed by the person he was investigating.

Man Arrested For Attempting To Hit Katherine
Harris With His Car

Florida man has been charged with attempting to run over controversial Republican congresswoman Katherine Harris with his Cadillac. According to the below Sarasota Police Department report, Barry Seltzer, 46, told cops that he was simply exercising his "political expression" when he drove his car at Harris and several supporters, who were campaigning last night at a Sarasota intersection.

Inventor Rejoices as TVs Go Dark
Tired of blaring TV sets at shops, bars and waiting rooms? A new
universal remote called the TV-B-Gone lets users turn off virtually any set. A trial run in the streets of San Francisco shows the device to be quite effective. By Steven Bodzin -A WiredNews Story.

New Police Database Links Crimes
Two men who have raped at least 10 women in the city are wondering around freely, while Philadelphia police try to figure out who they are. Through science, investigators have connected these men to multiple victims each. Police don't have the rapists' names, consistent descriptions or any other identifying factors other than their DNA, stored in rape kits collected after the attacks.

Mac Malware Discovered
The malware, which has been dubbed Opener by Mac user groups, has the potential to disable Mac OS X's built-in firewall, steal personal information or destroy data. At the moment, however, it seems to pose little danger.

See-In-The-Dark Photo Phone Gives One
More Than Bargained For--It Sees Through Clothes!

A developer in Tokyo has created an add-on for Vodafone handsets that's meant to be used as a night filter to let people take pictures with their phones in the dark. Unfortunately, the night vision camera has an unexpected side effect, according to Japanese developer Yamada Denshi. In the right circumstances, it allows users to see a lot more than they bargained for.
As well as taking snaps in the dark, the Yamada Denshi infrared filter apparently sees through people's clothes.

Police Look for Volunteers to Help Solve Old Homicide Cases
Virginia Beach police are looking for volunteers to help them with unsolved homicide cases. They're seeking people unfamiliar with the old cases that could bring a fresh perspective.

Police Minister Faces Questions Over Murder
Of Private Eye In England

The family of a murdered private investigator are to meet Minister for Policing, Hazel Blears tomorrow (20 Oct) to renew their call for a public inquiry into the Metropolitan Police's handling of the case.

Reeves Says EBay May Cause Identity Theft
Martha Reeves, former lead singer of Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, says eBay left her open to identity theft by posting a contract on its Web site that showed her Social Security (news - web sites) number and signature.

Detective Accused of Ordering 'Hit' on Businessman
A murder squad detective was arrested today and accused of ordering a contract killer to carry out a hit. Police believe the 47-year-old detective and a private investigator hatched a plot to assassinate businessman Charlie Butler who was gunned down on his own doorstep.

Computer Virus Costs Family $1700
William and Mary McEwan were stunned when they received their August phone bill from Verizon. The total bill came out to about $1700. We normally pay about $70 maybe $80 a month. They say Verizon told them they'd been the victims of a virus that took over their computer, usurped their internet provider and made calls to a foreign country.

American Passports to Get Chipped
The United States plans to issue passports with personal data stored on radio frequency identification chips. The documents would be harder to forge, but might leave holders vulnerable to identity theft. By Ryan Singel-A WiredNews Story.

Impostor, Or Just Savvy Investigator?
Client didn't pretend to be U.S. marshal, lawyer says The Peterson Trial. U.S. marshals are upset that a private investigator searching for clues in Laci Peterson's murder may have passed himself off as one of them.

Self-Destructing DVDs
A little-known Atlanta company hopes to change Hollywood's thinking about movie distribution with a novel marketing plan that includes using relatively new disposable DVDs, the company said on Monday.

Beat Cop Now Has Portable Database
A police officer stops you on the street, then taps something into a device in the palm of his hand. The next minute, he knows who your relatives are, who lives in your house, who your neighbors are, the kind of car you drive or boat you own, whether you've been sued and various other tidbits about your life.

Google Used In Phishing Scheme
A new phishing scam is redirecting users three times through Google to fake registration website so it can beat antispam technology. The email says it's from Yahoo administrators and tries to get people to sign up for new email accounts. The hackers are using a clever combination of Yahoo and their own sites to claim the accounts.

‘CSI’ Inspiring New Breed Of Forensic Investigators
Students in Richard Vade Bon Coeur’s forensics classes readily admit they probably wouldn’t be there if they hadn’t been mesmerized by watching TV characters Horatio Caine or Gil Grissom use a tiny fiber to hunt down a murderer.

Unprecedented Music Piracy Case Hits Courts
A man is in court accused of copyright infringement due to allegations that he was responsible for two terabytes of music files that were downloaded between November 2002 and October 2003

It Takes a Con to Know a Con
With all sorts of important and interesting stories to pursue, CNN
latched on to Martha Stewart's incarceration, but it didn't get the
real story. Commentary by Adam L. Penenberg -A WiredNews Story.

Covert Video Taping Bill Passes Senate In Ma.
The state Senate has taken a first step toward making it a criminal act to secretly videotape an unwitting person who is nude.

Study Shows Up Chat Room Dangers
Almost 60 per cent of teenagers in an Adelaide study had no parental attention or guidance when using internet chat rooms.

New Web Site Finds

Key Code Direct
Key Code Direct offers one stop shopping for the legal acquisition of automobile key codes from year 1999 through 2004.

Exalead is a new search engine some say might be better than ah---Google? Try it yourself.

Kartoo is a new generation search engine that gives you a graphical look at your search results and has many advanced features. Try it you'll love this one!

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