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January 10th, 2005 Edition



Investigative Articles

NAIS Author Michael Corwin Reveals Difference In States
When It Comes To Capitol Murder Charges

Peterson wouldn't be convicted in New Mexico.....In California, Scott Peterson was charged and convicted for murdering his wife. But, had Peterson murdered his wife here in New Mexico, he and his new girlfriend would be settling in to a comfortable house in a new neighborhood without a care in the world.

The Evolution Of Electronic Surveillance
This is a slide show with explaining how electronic surveillance technology has evolved. Produced by the Discovery Channel.

Who's Watching You?
Do you have that strange, unsettling feeling that someone might be looking over your shoulder? Well, in this era of post-September 11 hypervigilance, consumer data-mining and nosy bosses at work, your suspicion may be correct. Take this quiz to assess your personal paranoia level.

Profile: Mari Frank: Theft Gave Her A New Identity
Mari Frank, a Laguna Niguel lawyer, went from victim to victims' advocate by educating herself during tough times. For someone who makes her living persuading others to lock themselves up with a key, Mari Frank takes surprising leaps of faith in people. Identity-theft victim turned advocate, Frank greets strangers like old friends, is generous to a fault and has helped people even when she was not sure she would be paid for her services.
For Frank, a lawyer in Laguna Niguel, the professional and personal payoffs for taking such leaps have been huge.

PI Profiles: Kenya's Private Eyes!
When the mistress opened the door, he took mental snap shots of her and left quickly. He then befriended the kiosk owners around, who told him at what times the Subaru was spotted at the place and whether its driver was the only male visitor to the lady. JOHN KOIGI takes you around the world of Kenya's private detectives .

Understanding Facial Reconstruction Techniques
When skeletal remains are found, and the victim remains unidentified after traditional means of identification fail, investigators may call upon the forensic artist to utilize the three-dimensional facial reconstruction technique. The three-dimensional process is initiated by placing the skull on a workable stand, where the skull can easily be tilted and turned in all directions. The skull must be positioned in the Frankfort Horizontal position.

Literary Forensics
Ransom notes and hoaxes -- what can you do to figure out what's t

Master File: How To Find People's E-mail Addresses
This is a massive article that has been and often is updated and is considered a work in progrtess so you might wannt to book mark it .

The Importance of Accurate Corroboration Within A Confession
Of all possible evidence presented against a defendant at trial, a confession is afforded the most weight. A John reid article.


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Profile: Forensic Anthropologist Reads Clues Left By Bones
Southern Nevada investigators bring her in when skeletons are found in the desert. The skeletons don’t leave many clues. By the time they turn up in the desert surrounding Las Vegas, the extreme environment and curious animals usually have taken their toll, leaving little besides a pile of bones.

Skip Tracing Techniques
The ability to locate an individual depends on several factors.  These include:  type of locate (debtor vs. friend), length of time elapsed, available resources and geographic area. By Daniel Beers

K-9 Forensics
Dogs are used for many different law enforcement purposes. This article looks at the trem

Surveillance Training From A Military Prospective
This article gives you good techniques on conducting a surveillance as well as gives you an inside prospective of how the military does it.

Winter Surveillance Tips
Insightful, helpful and humorous is this string of tips from members of the surveillance forum.

Seveenteen Point Checklist For Working A Capitol Murder Case
"The smallest detail which was unimportant at the time maybe the one
thing that keeps your client from getting the death sentence." By Suzanne Serdahley

How Do Bullets Fly?
This article attempts to explain the basics of the complicated subject of bullet motion through the atmosphere and avoids formulas as well as mathematics, but expects familiarity with the way of physical thinking. It includes new experimental observations of bullets fired from small arms, both at short and at long ranges. Numerous illustrations are included and can be viewed via links to promote further understanding. This article is also thought as an introduction for all types of readers (hunters, sportsmen, ballisticians, forensic scientists), interested in the "mysteries" of the exterior ballistics of bullets, fired from small arms.

Forensic Voiceprints
How an offender can be identified with voiceprint.

Lying To ASuspect: How Far Can an Investigator Go?
During the course of an investigation an investigator often must rely on duplicity and pretense in an effort to develop evidence against the guilty suspect. Common examples include the use of undercover operatives, hidden surveillance video or "baiting" a cash drawer with extra money. Provided these procedures do not entice a person to commit a crime (entrapment), they are generally acceptable practices.

Profile: J. Edar Hoover
Hoover was buried in Congressional Cemetery, not far from the row house in which he was born, next to his parents and a sister who had died in childhood. Even though the Director was dead, his bureaucratic wars continued as though he were still alive.  The most immediate battle was over the notorious store of damaging information that Hoover had collected over decades. 

Investigative News


Right To Know Debatable In Pa.
Officials Disagree On What Qualifies

Ray Markel depends on public records to make a living.
As a private investigator and owner of REM Investigative Services in North Codorus Township, Markel needs those records to help track witnesses and defendants or to serve legal papers.

Amdocs Sues Senior Employee For Spying
On Behalf Of Competitor

Amdocs is considered a very secretive organization that rarely discloses information to the press. Now, however, the Israeli high-tech giant claims it is the victim of internal industrial espionage.

Eavesdropping Against Law Even For Parents In
Washington State

In a case of snooping parents vs. their children, a mother's eavesdropping on a telephone conversation between the woman's daughter and her daughter's boyfriend violated the children's privacy, the state Supreme Court ruled yesterday.

Private Investigator Becomes Judge
Lewes resident Jim Horn, 70, a retired local businessman, didn't turn his mind off and decide to "play" when he retired in 1999. He did some traveling but he soon realized that he liked a more "fast-moving" life and needed to be back at work again.

Investigator Reunites Father, Daughter After 30 Years Apart
Persistence and a private investigator played equal parts to help put a father back into his daughter's life after more than 30 years of separation.

Veteran Internet Executive Joins Leading Bail Bonds, Criminal Attorneys And Private Investigators Directory
AboutBail.com the leading online directory and resource center for Bail Bondsman, Criminal Lawyers, Private Investigators, and Bounty Hunters, today announced the addition of Joseph Caroni as Brand Manager of AboutBail.com

Pathologist Says Tasers Might Not Be As Safe As First Claimed
The Advertiser - Lafayette,LA,USA
A forensic pathologist at the Lafayette Parish Coroner's Office said he believes Taser guns may not be as safe as the manufacturer and the officers ...

New DNA Evidence May have Cracked The JonBenét Case
Authorities have DNA evidence that could reveal JonBenét Ramsey's killer, who private investigators believe was an intruder who stalked and raped another Boulder girl in her home nine months later, according to a Saturday evening CBS News program.

On the Open Internet, AWeb Of Dark Alleys
The indictment early this month of Mark Robert Walker by a federal grand jury in Texas might have seemed a coup for the government in its efforts to police terrorist communications online.

Apple Sues Under Trade Secrets
Law Over Internet Info Leak

Apple has filed suit against unnamed individuals who it says have tipped Apple's hand about new products by posting details on the Internet.

Houston Looks For Investigators To Investigate The Cops
The city of Houston is accepting proposals from anyone interested in ramrodding the investigation into the evidence-handling scandals that have hounded the Houston Police Department for the past two years.

Wife Stalker To Be Monitored By GPS Tracking Device
A Maineville, Ohio man was ordered to be monitored by a GPS tracking device as part of his sentence for stalking his wife after she informed him that she intended to file for divorce.

Stolen Car Trade Is Sophisticated
A lot of work goes into rebirthing cars and many buyers are unsuspecting, writes John Silvester. When police raided a warehouse in Melbourne's south-east, they discovered the level of sophistication of illegal car dealers.


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DNA Tests May Set Two Men Free
Evidence Should Never Have Been Allowed In Court
CHICAGO -- DNA test results may be the only thing standing in the way of freeing two Chicago men -- after they have spent nearly 20 years in prison.

Fingerprint Database Already Giving A Lift
Tacoma News Tribune - Tacoma,WA,USA
Three weeks into using a new statewide fingerprint database, Tacoma police forensic specialists have already generated leads for more than two dozen unsolved ...

Expert: Bite Evidence Has No Teeth
A Canadian dental expert says he would never try to identify the killers of 1990 murder victim Kathy Morgan by using a bite mark found on her body -- prompting a defense attorney to call for the release of two men convicted in the crime.

When It Comes To Enthusiasm For Science, High Schools And Colleges Find Crime Does Pay
When Babylon High School students showed up for their "Living Environment" lab one day last spring, they couldn't get in: bright yellow "Crime Scene Do Not Enter" tape crisscrossed their classroom door.

A Stalking, A Shooting — And A Surprise Ending
Wherever Katerina Sheridan went, it seemed, someone would spot the shiny red truck.

Counterfeiting Proliferating in Northwest Arkansas
Police departments in northwest Arkansas say counterfeiting is a growing problem in the region.

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Laundering Reputations In Russia New Trend
Moscow- Laundering a man’s reputation is a little like laundering money. The more you churn the facts, the harder it is to remember them; the less damage they can do; and the whiter the outcome.

Crisis Center Offers Solace To Victims Of Sex Assault
Jiovanna knows what it's like when her clients are waiting without any clothes in a cold hospital bathroom.

Freed Killer Eyed In Two More Deaths
Schizophrenic killed his parents in 1972
After Jack Lee Colin shot, beat and stabbed his parents to death when he was a college sophomore, he played with a steam engine train set near their bloodied bodies for hours.

Men Sentenced In Private Detective's Death
China Daily - Beijing,China- Zhao Jun, chairman of the Beijing Meili Rensheng Healthcare Company, found a private detective Huang Lirong monitoring him in December last year. ...

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