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January 20th, 2005 Edition
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The Elusive Numbers On False Rape
Haws teaches journalism at Iowa State University.Readers of The Kansas City Star were told last March that, according to police estimates, perhaps 25 percent of all rape reports nationwide are false. But in Dallas, two months before that, the Morning News reported police findings that 6.2 percent of the 793 rapes in that city in 1995 (the most recent year available) were considered false. By Dick Haws

"MANHUNT - The Search For Abbie Hoffman" And Long Time NAIS Member Steve Rambam
Steven Rambam, Pallorium's Senior Director, was honored to be a featured investigative expert interviewed for this episode. Mr. Rambam, a recognized expert on locating missing persons and fugitives, and on international and multi-jurisdictional investigations, was interviewed in all three segments of the show.

How Airport Security Works
According to the Department of Homeland Security, 730 million people travel on passenger jets every year, while more than 700 million pieces of their baggage are screened for explosives and other dangerous items. Find out how high-tech solutions are being used to make flying as safe as possible.

Profle: Kimberly Hale The Bookish Private Investigator Shares
Books With Juvenille Prisoners In Boston

Books had made a difference in Kimberly Hale's life, and she was eager to share them with girls at a juvenile holding cell in Boston.
Hale didn't know that the impact would be so drastic.

A Study Of Children's Eyewitness Reports After
Exposure to Misinformation From Parents

This study examined how misleading suggestions from parents influenced children's eyewitness reports. By Debra Ann Poole and D. Stephen Lindsay

Consideration For an Investigator’s Attire
The very first impression a subject forms of an investigator will be based on physical observations -- not only gender, race and body type, but also attire. The desired perception a subject should have is that the investigator is professional, intelligent, non-judgmental and trustworthy. A John Reid Article.



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Forensic Knot Analysis
This site uses graphic photographs to illustrate the concepts presented.

Digtital Evidence FAQ
This is a very good FAQ article on the investigation and examination of digital evidence while worth your time to read

Forensic Artist Helps Authorities Nab Criminals
Marla Lawson still keeps in her portfolio the cocky expression of an armed robber she committed to paper three decades ago.
The man has a sparse mustache, and his nose is turned up, and he seems to look down at whoever looks his way. By Tim Sturrock.

Sensitivity to Uncertainty
It is common practice for accident reconstructionists to rely on equations to guide them to some numerical answer. Each of the measured or estimated values that drive the equation will carry some degree of uncertainty. by Dr. Oren Masory and Bill Wright

False Reports - Red Flags
Laws surrounding false reports vary. New York State Penal Law defines falsely reporting an incident in the third degree as follows...

DNA Testing: An Introduction For Non-Scientists
An Illustrated Explanation- The explanation of DNA testing that follows is intended as an introduction to the subject for those who may have limited backgrounds in biological science. While basically accurate, this explanation involves liberal use of illustration and, in some cases, over-simplification. Although intended to be informative, this is a brief and incomplete explanation of a complex subject. The author suggests consulting the scientific literature for more rigorous details and alternative views. by Donald E. Riley, Ph.D

How Stun Guns Work
On the old "Star Trek" series, Captain Kirk and his crew never left the ship without their trusty phasers. One of the coolest things about these weapons was the "stun" setting. Unless things were completely out of control (as they frequently were), the Enterprise crew always stunned their adversaries, rendering them temporarily unconscious, rather than killing them.

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How Autopsies Work
Medical examiners are doctors just like any other, except that their patients are dead, and the tools they use in their examination are more likely to come from a hardware store than a medical supply house ("Nurse, please hand me that bread knife..."). HowStuffWorks talked to Atlanta's Deputy Chief Medical Examiner to find out how autopsies work, and what we've learned may surprise you.

A Beginner's Primer on the Investigation of Forensic Evidence
Sponsor of The Forensic Resource and Criminal Law Search Site. By Kim Kruglick

The Faltering Common Law Jury System: A Psychological Perspective
A trial by jury is possibly the single most defining feature of the common law legal system.  As a people we hold a trial by jury as the ideal form of unbiased judicial procedure.  However, one should be concerned with this belief, especially due the the preponderance of experimental evidence that suggests the jury system is failing in almost every one of its goals.  This review considers evidence that portrays the 'jury of one peers' as a group that is highly susceptible to stereotypes, manipulation, and influences, all of which go far beyond the scope of legally relevant information. by Michael W. Decaire

Behavioral Profiling In Unsolved Serial Rape Cases
By definition, the serial rapist is a successful criminal because law enforcement fails to connect his crimes, fails to understand his motives, and subsequently fails to identify and apprehend him. It has been demonstrated that the serial rapist, as a career sex offender, develops over time any number of means for keeping his identity unknown, and evading detection by law enforcement.

Cruise Ship Liability; Rape and Injuries on the High Seas
The very same panoply of accidents that can occur on dry land can occur on cruise ships: slip and falls, falling objects, you name it. In addition, crime also occurs aboard ship - some of it committed by passengers and much by crew members.

Profile: Moving Up: Michael Booth
Earned accreditation as a certified institutional protection specialist through the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection.

Forensic DNA: How It Works
Invented 20 years ago by British scientist Sir Alec Jeffreys, forensic DNA has been used to identify rapists and descendants of kings and to settle paternity suits.

Cutting-Edge Web Searching With Google

Google Suggest
Google has just released what they call Google Suggest! As you type your search, Google offers keyword suggestions in real time. It's in beta testing right now but you can use it.

Google Scholar
Search through journal articles, abstracts and other scholarly literature. Another working Google beta test you can try.

Google Web Page And News Alerts
Find out about new web pages or news on a topic of interest on an ongoing rate. Goggle will automatically email you what if finds every day if you wish.

Investigative News

Wireless World: Security Monitoring Grows
Chicago, IL, -An executive walks into a meeting and unobtrusively puts a stylish pen down on the conference table, atop his notebook. The off-the-record session is for informational purposes only, but down the street from the high-rise office tower where the meeting is being held, a security team in a van with a plumber's logo on it is monitoring the meeting on video screens.

Schwarzeneggers Sued Over House Sale
Claim: Governator sold moldy home with damaged pool, tennis court, A lawyer who recently bought a $7.95 million Pacific Palisades home from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver is suing California's first couple, claiming that they hid damage to the estate's pool and tennis court, as well as a mold problem in the screening room.

Private Investigator James Ash Catches
Child Abuser With Nanny Cam

A 3-month-old Henderson baby remains hospitalized after police say he was shaken and hit by his nanny. Eyewitness News spoke with Ryan's mother at UMC Tuesday.

Matrimonial Detectives Censured
Khaleej Times - Dubai,United Arab Emirates
... I believe that the attempts of wives and husbands to prove their spouses are having illicit affairs do not warrant the attention of a private investigator. ...


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GPS Devices Can Help Track Work Goof-Offs
Customers and nosy neighbors sometimes accuse house painters at Neubert Painting Contractors in Cleveland of leaving work too early. It used to be the workers' words against their accusers'. But now the company trusts a printout. Global-positioning transmitters in the company's trucks log how long the vehicles are at a location.

False Testimony-Texas Mom's Murder
Convictions Overturned

Houston- Andrea Yates' capital murder convictions for drowning her children were overturned Thursday by an appeals court, which ruled a prosecution expert witness gave false testimony at her trial.

Tipsters Help Solve Old, New Crimes
Tacoma News Tribune - Tacoma,WA,USA
... Tacoma police detective Larry Andren said Crime Stoppers tips helped him ... Donations come from private citizens, companies and philanthropic organizations. ...


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Ex-official Sues TV Reporter
WBRZ - Baton Rouge,LA,USA
... Magri accuses reporter Paul Gates of ignoring evidence that Magri was wrongly fined $3,000 in 1993 by the state Board of Private Investigator Examiners for ...

Wal-Mart Stung In $1.5 Million Bar-Code Scam
Police charge two Tennessee couples in a scheme to use bogus bar codes at hundreds of stores in 19 states.

Court: No Warrant Needed To Search Your Work PC
Police do not need a search warrant to examine an employee's computer for incriminating files, a Washington state appeals court has ruled

Trade Secrets-Apple Computer Files Another Lawsuit
Apple Computer filed another lawsuit in the Superior Court of Santa Clara County on Tuesday against a Web site alleged to have posted proprietary information or trade secrets.

Up Close: The Truth About Faking One's Own Death
Galveston -- The search for the missing is a constant race against time to bring loved ones home safely. But those who are still alive and vanish without a trace often leave a trail of deceit

Trademark Lawsuits: The Price of Online Griping
Companies sue to close 'gripe sites'! Scores of disgruntled customers who criticize businesses on Internet "gripe sites" are finding themselves entangled in costly court battles with companies charging trademark infringement.

24 Years Apart, Overjoyed Siblings Reunited
The Tennessean - Nashville,TN,USA
... The 36-year-old was born in Nashville. ''She should be a private investigator,'' Silverman said of his sister's diligence in tracking him down. .

Nanny Cams Create Dilemma: Is It OK To Hide And Peek?
Ethics, legality and privacy come into play when secretly videotaping caregiver. To tell or not to tell? That's the burning question for many parents when it comes to videotaping the nannies they bring into their homes to care for their children.

New Law In Austrillia: Police Can Use Extra Spy Technology
Police will be able to use optical and data surveillance and tracking devices to investigate federal crimes, under a law which passed federal parliament.

Wife, 89, Beats Husband, 88, To Death
Omaha man dies after holiday fireplace poker bludgeoning
Meet Lulu Bach. It was indeed a tough holiday season for the 89-year-old Nebraska woman whose repeated blows to the head of her husband with a fireplace poker may have resulted in his death.

Father Charged With False Report About Child Abduction
Savannah, Ga.- A 28-year-old man has been charged with filing a false report after telling authorities his 5-year-old child was inside his car when it was stolen.

Denver-Forensic Experts Added To Child
Sex-Assault Investigations

Specially trained forensic interviewers will now be part of investigations into sexual assaults on children, a dramatic change in a procedure that in the past has been left to the police, Denver District Attorney Bill Ritter announced Tuesday.

Judge Orders Addict to Stop Having Children
Rochester, N.Y. – A Family Court judge who last year stirred debate about parental responsibilities ordered a second drug-addicted woman to have no more children until she proves she can look after the seven she already has.

Judge Judy Gets Dirty
Judge Judy and husband Gerry Sheindlin have pleaded their own case in Connecticut, in a dispute over a mudslide on their neighbor’s property that mucked up their backyard.

Where The Bodies Are Buried
Mob boss John Gotti knew a thing or two about caskets, but the feds think there are still more victims out there -- as many as 15 buried in one New York neighborhood alone, including one who may have been murdered as payback for the death of Gotti's son.

Judge Dismisses Civil Suit Against Kennedy Smith
Ex-assistant admits having consensual sex with William Kennedy Smith after the supposed "assault."

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