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February 10th, 2005 Edition
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Investigative Articles

Degree Of Separation Part II
My previous article on the degree of separation we talked about locating a subjects by directly not looking for them but looking for family members and friends and others. By Sgt. Nicholas Ciullo C.M.P.I.

The Future Of Lying And Liers Beware
Imagine the Pentagon equipped with a machine which can read minds. Sound like the plot of a Hollywood thriller? Well, it might not be that far away.

Transition Of The Bodyguard
To have one is a status symbol but to have a retinue of them portrays someone who occupies an exulted position, either in government or in private business with connections in the high echelon of power. In recent years, the bodyguard has undergone transformation. He is now called a security escort. And in most cases, he cuts a menacing figure in egg-white polo barong. By Elinando B Cinco

Are Your Clients Villains In Disguise?
Due dilligence on targets identified by the client is the stock in trade for investigators, but what if the client wants to use the information for dubious reasons?

Types of Identity Theft
It sounds like some dastardly Orwellian plot that involves making a plaster imprint of your face and fashioning silicone fingerprints and fake passports. But identity theft is an all-too-real modern-day phenomenon. According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than a half-million Americans will have their identities stolen in a year.

Protect A Person's Identity
Phishers and other online thieves are targeting people's money and personal data--and they're getting sneakier. Here's how to defend against it, and how to erase the damage when one gets scammed.

How Private Investigators Are Cashing In
On Identity Theft

This page explores the swelling demand for identity theft services that private investigators can provide. It's a new area of specialization you can offer with huge demand.

Surveillance and Security - Personal and Corporate Espionage / Spying- Are you being bugged ?
Surveillance is getting easier. Bugs are getting better. The other day I was lecturing to twenty senior executives from a major international high technology company on the future.

Family Member's Identity Theft May Create Credit Crisis Sticky situation puts onus on the credit-card holder to clear up the problem.

New Threat Slurpware: You Heard It Here First
The newest term in Internet security threats has just been coined: slurpware. "It's when all the effective Internet attack elements come together to potentially steal a lot of money," said Jay Heiser, a vice president and research director at Gartner said.

Profile: Joseph Culligan-The Find'em King
Sally Jessy Raphael calls him a "guardian angel." To Vicki Lawrence, he's a miracle worker. Maury Povich jokingly complains about the size of his fees. If you're a fan of daytime television, no doubt you've seen the man who has all the talk-show hosts talking. He's Joseph Culligan, a Miami private investigator who's fast becoming America's favorite gumshoe.


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Employee Screening Today
The information is there, but be careful how you use it
Hotel Security Report

Doing a good job of conducting thorough reference checks and background investigations of job applicants has become increasingly important in the hotel industry in preventing personnel-related crime and the legal consequences of such crime. However, there are many obstacles to obtaining information on applicants. In this report, we'll explore in depth the current state of background checking as described by officials at companies who provide background checking services, as well as the latest in legal practices from a leading attorney in the field. By Barry Nadell of InfoLink Screening Services.

Biometric Identifier Adoption Accelerates
Having trouble remembering whether your Amazon password is your dog's name or the year you graduated from high school? Never fear. It appears that biometric identifiers are the identify verification method of the future

Listening In to Net Phone Conversations
The solution that serves law enforcement needs also compromises users' privacy.

The ability to make phone calls over the Internet creates new communication options for all of us--including, unfortunately, criminals. Federal law enforcement officials want to make sure that when bad guys use Net phones, the cops can listen in.

Between You, Your Doctor, A PC And Ah The Internet!
Medical records go online and privacy issues are in the air.

20 Google Secrets You Might Not Know About
You got'a read this if you wannt to use Google as your ppower search source.
This article tells you how to do some searching that you might not even know could be done using google.

Google GuideBook
And if the abve article isn't enough, here is a huge online guidebook so you can learn all the ends and outs of google. If it was a printed version, this online guide alone would be hundreds of pages long.

Stopping Google Hacks Simple
Hackers who turn to search engines like Google to sniff out network vulnerabilities or unsecured devices and documents can be stymied with a simple technique, a security analyst said .

Should Big Brother Visit Your Home?
Parents, experts debate idea of taping the sitter- To tell or not to tell? That's the burning question for many parents when it comes to videotaping the nannies they bring into their homes to care for their children.

The Future Of Fire And Arson Investigation
As the legal climate for arson and fire investigations becomes more demanding,their need for a rigorous scientific foundation is growing.Fortunately,federal research efforts are already starting to close the gap. A PDF Download.

For 2005-Talk Is Cheaper As Internet Phones
Come Of Age

For Voice over IP (VoIP) 2004 was a trailblazing year, as consumers got a first peek at home broadband's next big thing. Promising lower phone bills and enhanced phone features, the technology caught on quickly, garnering close to 1 million paid subscribers in the U.S. by year's end, according to The Yankee Group.

Smoke, Mirrors and Silence: The Browser Wars Reignite
Think the web browser wars are over? Think again. World War I was dubbed “The Great War" and "The War To End All Wars.” Alas, that was an optimistic prediction; WWII followed in short order. The browser wars are here again.

New Generation Trojan Horse Makes Secret Video
Recordering Through One's Web Cam

Spanish police have arrested a man suspected of creating a Trojan horse software program capable of making secret recordings of Internet users through their Webcams and stealing confidential information

Looking For Someone? Private Investigator Joseph
Culligan Shares His Secrets

Joseph Culligan believes with some tenacity and ingenuity you can locate whomever it might be. "By the time I get a case, usually it's been worked to death, or it is a news case and is a breaking story," said Culligan, author of "You Can Find Anybody"

Profile: C.J.: Frisco's Palladino: Have eyes, Will Travel
Robin Williams' private investigator is on the case of the St. Paul man who fronts for a Williams impersonator.

Code Amber, The Web's Amber Alert System
Year End Report - 2004

Mandeville, LA -Triumphs, Tragedies and Powerful Partnerships Mark an Eventful Year for Code Amber. In a year that began with the horrible, senseless murder of Carlie Brucia in February, in Sarasota, Florida, Code Amber has seen the extremes of emotion across the country.

Privacy May Be The Price for Certain Conveniences
For many a resourceful investigator, criminal or nosey, wanting to gain insight onto your life, information is just a phone call away. With the advancements in technology, and in a race to be at the forefront of their particular industry, some public service providers such as a large bank, the traffic police, and Saudi Telecom amongst others, are providing anyone who asks, with some personal information about their clients.

PC Safety Toolbox--Five Steps to
Protecting Your System

The ins and outs of backing up, defragging, defending against intruders, and creating an emergency boot disk.

Is Your Corporate Culture on Drugs?
Strong corporate values can be undermined or fall on deaf ears. As is often the case, there is a cost for doing something and a higher cost for doing nothing. Every organization has its "corporate culture," its atmosphere and attitude. Unfortunately, the corporate culture perceived by management may not be the culture in practice. What standards of right and wrong exist in those areas out of management's immediate view and control? How high are those standards? How well are they maintained? These questions are the prime focus of any company's culture. By Barry J. Nadell of InfoLink Screening Services -first appeared in Occupational Health and Safety.

Remote Observation System - REMOBS
Some of you may have heard of devices called REMOBS which stands for Remote Observation System. These Devices allow supposedly authorized telephone employees to dial into them from anywhere, and then using an ordinary touch tone phone, tap into a customer's line in a special receive only mode. [The mouthpiece circuit is deactivated, allowing totally silent observation from any phone in the world (Wire tapping without a court order is against the law)]. by Jolly Roger

Records Resources
Through the wonders of micro-technology, we can now search a wide range of resources to analyze information and find information about almost anyone and anything. While the computer itself does not conduct investigations, it can narrow the parameters of a search and focus the investigation far faster than any means previously available. Today's technology enables investigators to network with other resources at agencies around the globe. by Edmund J. Pankau

To Catch A Thief In Hollywood!
A new crime wave is sweeping America's wealthiest streets. Burglary gangs armed with inside information are targeting the millionaire mansions of Hollywood's elite - and the LAPD is baffled. Gary Humphreys investigates

Technology Innovation Will Continue To Outstrip
Privacy Legislation

A recent edition of Fortune Magazine reported that an independent body of experts was commissioned by the US Defense Secretary to evaluate the privacy implications of a proposed universal database holding billions, if not trillions, of pieces of information about the citizens of the USA. “In concluding that today’s privacy laws are often inadequate to keep up with the new technologies for snooping ... ” the body of independent experts observed that” ... these inadequacies will only become more acute as the store of digital data and the ability to search it continue to expand dramatically in the future.”

Making Sure Sensitive Files Are Really Deleted
Don't rely on the "Delete" key for removing confidential files from a computer. Misconceptions about the Delete key can create serious problems for people who discard old computers, do personal business on company time or share computers at home or work.

Model Phone Buying Tips
Few tools of modern technology have become as prevalent as the cell phone, which allows you to be in touch (almost) all the time, (almost) anywhere. And you can do more than just talk--modern phones let you send and receive e-mail and text messages, and even surf the Web. Sifting through the sea of service plans and handsets can be difficult, but we'll walk you through what you need to know to get the phone and service plan that's right for you.

Raising Awareness Key To Thwarting Spyware
A new study by InformationWeek Research on spam, spyware, and adware makes it clear that companies will have to rely on increasing user awareness about not opening suspicious-looking E-mails, visiting unfamiliar Web sites, or downloading and running .........

Adoptee/Reunion Law Reform
Adoption laws in California continue to deny adoptees access to their birth records, even if those records contain important medical information. Such antiquated laws are ostensibly kept in place to protect the privacy of birth parents, but those laws hurt adoptees!

Alert! S uprise! BlackBerry PIN Messages Can Be Traced
In a lawsuit recently filed in Toronto, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) submitted multiple messages sent on Blackberry wireless handheld devices as evidence that several former executives misappropriated confidential information from the bank and attempted to recruit others while they were still employees at the bank.

Alert! Cars May Be The Next Target For Virus Writers
Kaspersky Labs is investigating reports of Lexus cars being infected



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Web Site Finds And Downloads

Where's George?!
Do you ever wonder where that paper money in your pocket has been, or where it will go next? This is the place to find out.All you need to do is enter the denomination, series, and serial number of any US dollar bill, and your current USA ZIP or Canadian Post Code.

FireFox Web Browser Gaining On Internet Explorer!
Two and half months after Firefox's 1.0 launch, the Mozilla Foundation has more to celebrate than non-stop media coverage: Firefox has surpassed 20 million downloads. There is a reason for it--check it out.
Click To Download FoxFire!

GasBuddy.com can help you find cheap gas prices in your city. It is comprised of 170 gas price information web sites that help consumers find low gasoline prices

Free PI Gumshoe Online Game!
YOu'll ove this. An online game (high end) on solving gunshoe mysteries you can waste some hours on! try it you will like it.

Keyhole lets your download a free trial of their software that lets you input anny address and do a bird's eye fly-by of that address. The personal edition is only $29.95

AskNow provides immediate and reliable information from librarians throughout California 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now you can ask a researcher at the library abnything you wannt to and ask for free. You have to provide a CA city and zipcode to get answers.

Leah Hulan's Grumpy Bail Bonds
Just for fun, you will want to take a look at this former Mrs. Tennessee's bail bond web site. Although this is no bull, she doesn't look that "grumpy" to me.

Computer Countermeasures-
Free Software Downloads

Spybot Search and Destroy v1.3
Protect your privacy by removing spybots and replacing them with empty dummies.

Ad-Aware SE v1.05
Rid your system of adware and spyware with the latest version of this free utility.

CWShredder v2.1
Eliminate an insidious pest that Spybot and Ad-aware can't stop.

Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta
Protect yourself from unscrupulous files that change your Internet settings and exploit private information.

Block Web bug elements in email messages without having to turn off HTML.

New Net Technology

Blinkx New Generation Search Technology For 2005
Your going to love this. Blinkx is a tool for your PC that changes the way you interact with all kinds of information. Fundamentally, blinkx understands what you are looking for. Blinkx reads what you have on your computer screen (or opened email or opened web page) and automatically links you to related information - Web sites, the latest news on the Web, even documents and e-mails on your own computer It also creates "smart files" that automatically update themselves.

Google Launches Video Search Engine!
Listen to their release.. Our mission is to organize the world's information, and that includes the thousands of programs that play on our TVs every day. Google Video enables you to search a growing archive of televised content – everything from sports to dinosaur documentaries to news shows.

a9.com More New Cutting-Edge Search Technology
You have to take a look at this new search engine technology they call a9! Run a search and notice you can hit the "get site info" button and you willl get a host of site information such as traffic rating, other sites people also went to from this site, ownership and on and on. A list of graphics from the site will appear on the right. Really worth looking at.

P-Zoom: More Cutting-Edge Search Technology!
Tired of hunting through pages and pages of search results, trying to find that one useful site amid all the garbage? With p-ZOOM, a $40 browser add-on, you can sidestep a great deal of this tedious process. When you type a keyword or phrase into one of the leading search engines, p-ZOOM sorts the results into a series of relevant categories, making it much easier to find what you're seeking.

Google Set To Offer Free Long Distance
Phone Service

The company behind the US-based internet search engine looks set to launch a free telephone service that links users via a broadband internet connection using a headset and home computer.

Snap presents you with search results based on your query. However, Snap results are different from other search engines — Snap uses traditional search engine methods plus post-query click-stream data to determine the Snap Rank, which is the order in which Snap displays results.

The Future Internet Is Starting To Arrive!
The Internet went from boom to bust and then kind of got lokced in it's status quo for a few years. But now the next big things are starting to arrive and they are driving the future.

Retrieve Public Records Search Engine
Retrieve is a search engine that is specifically geared towards finding public records relevant to a person, business, or address. Our search database knows about thousands of public records sources, and can match your search information to the relevant sources for you. And, even though we already cover a large number of public record sources, we are constantly expanding our coverage to offer even more search results.

SideStep For Travelers
SideStep bills itself as the travelers search engine. It gives you side-by-side costs of airline flights, hotel rates and car rental rates so you can price shop.

Clusty is the search site owned and operated by Vivísimo that aims to change the way people search online. It uses our award-winning Clustering Engine to organize search results into folders grouping similar items together. Thus a search for ‘pearl’ organizes the top 250-500 results into subject folders such as Jewelry, Pearl Harbor, Pearl Jam, Steinbeck Novel and Daniel Pearl. Clusty allows users to focus on the area of interest without all the chaff.

Simple Snoop-Proof Email Launched
Software that aims to make encrypted email communications simple enough for even computer novices to use has been released.

Three Cool Search Gizmos
These three simple little search gadgets each do one thing, but do their tasks very, very well. Sometimes less is more.

Best Online Reference Sites
Looking for an answer to a specific question? Check out this list of the best reference sites of 2004, as compiled by the American Library Association.

Get Your Bots
Derived from the word "robot," a bot is a software program that performs repetitive functions, such as indexing information on the Internet. This place lists and lets you download a lot of them.

Investigative News

NAIS Member And Egroup Activist Vicki Siedow of Glendale, CA. Takes On Another Career As Television Commercial Actress!
"Vicki-Scuba"--featuring Vicki Siedow of Glendale, CA, and Diet Snapple Apple Ads.
Vicki, a private investigator, says she loves Diet Snapple Apple because it doesn't taste like a diet drink.

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Two Executives Hit By Same Secretary For $10 Million
How Rose Erwin allegedly fleeced top dealmaker and Zenith's former CEO out of $10 million while answering their phones! Where did Rose M. Erwin, a secretary from southwest suburban Mokena, get the know-how and nerve to allegedly steal $9.5 million from her boss, former Zenith Electronics Corp. CEO Peter S. Willmott?

State Supreme Court Rules PI's Surveillance Is Not Stalking Lansing, Mich. -- A private investigator's surveillance for an insurance company does not constitute harassment under the state's anti-stalking law, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled.

Neighbor’s Dispute Leads To Video Privacy Bill
The lawyer for one of two Merrimack neighbors embroiled in a bitter feud said Tuesday that technology demands that policy makers protect the privacy inside someone’s home.

Spammed Man Sued By Alleged
Spammer Wants Cash

A man who claims he has been receiving unsolicited emails from a US company for two years is now being sued by them, for branding them spammers and reporting their actions to ISPs

Piracy Crackdown Nets 5.9 Million Discs In Asia
In a wide-ranging sweep of the Asia-Pacific region, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) seized 5.9 million pirated optical discs and local police arrested 277 suspected motion picture pirates, the association said.

ASCAP Launches Infringement Actions Against Establishments Performing Copyrighted Music without Permission
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers filed 24 separate copyright infringement actions against nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in 15 states and the District of Columbia. These establishments have publicly performed the copyrighted musical works of ASCAP's songwriter, composer and music publisher members without receiving their permission to do so, resulting in lost income.

Click Here To Find Out How You, AS A Private Investigator, Can become Involved In Piracy, Trademark And Copyright Investigations!

Physicians Being Targeted In Identity Theft Scheme
The OIG says scammers are getting the information so they can file false claims with Medicare.

Find Out How You Can Cash In On Piracy Investigation As A Private Investigator.

Murder Trial In Kentucky Has A New Casualty
A judge removed himself from a high-profile Georgetown murder case yesterday, four days after the defense attorney in the case was arrested.


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Bill Seeks To Create New Domestic Violence Law
Nashua Telegraph - Nashua,NH,USA... retaliating against the abuser. As a former police officer and current private investigator, Republican Rep. Daniel Dumaine said ...

FBI Abandons Web Surveillance Technology
The FBI has effectively abandoned its custom-built Internet surveillance technology, once known as Carnivore, designed to read e-mails and other online communications among suspected criminals, terrorists and spies, according to bureau oversight reports submitted to Congress.

Bill Would Allow Criminal Records Of Students By Schools
Boston - Citing the stabbing death of a school counselor in Springfield, Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly is leading an effort on Beacon Hill to give school superintendents sweeping new powers to obtain the criminal records of students.

Identity Theft So Massive Police Can Not Investigate
All Of Them In Baltimore

The Baltimore County state's attorney is seeking money to hire additional staff to handle identity theft cases, so numerous that some currently don't even get investigated by police.

Car Salesman Convicted Of Identity Theft
Winter Park,FL,USA - A Central Florida man convicted of identity theft will spend the next five years in prison. Hector Colon, a former Mitsubishi car ...

Mayor Daley's Daughter Victim Of Identity Theft
Nora Daley Conroy reported to Chicago Police that somebody charged $2300 to her credit card without her authorization.

Find Out How You Can, As A Private Investigator, Cash In Big And Have A Massive Case Load Because Of Identity Theft

Is A New ID Theft Scam In The Wings?
An e-mail security executive warns that a new method of ID theft he calls “pharming” could crop up in the near future.

Thieves Find Golf Course Locker Rooms
Ideal For Identity Theft

Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa police on Wednesday arrested several people belonging to a ring of thieves suspected of stealing money from other people's bank accounts using stolen cash card information gathered from golf course locker rooms, investigators said.

New "Identity Theft" Bank Security Protection
The First Major New "Identity Theft" Security Product for 2005 Blocks Illegal Wireless Links To Banks and Financial Institutions: A new security software program which allows Banks and Financial Institutions to detect increasingly sophisticated "identity theft" criminals from accessing account and customer identity details using illegal wireless connections has been released by GFI – a leading global network security company whose products are widely used by corporations in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

8 People Receive Prison Time
For Roles In Identity-Theft Ring

Fort Lauderdale, FL- Eight of 15 Central Florida residents who pleaded guilty last year in one of the largest identity-theft rings dismantled by federal, state and local ...

Man Indicted On Eight Counts In Identity Theft Case
Duluth,MN- ... Kobinsky of Cross Plains was accused Thursday of four counts of identity theft, two counts of mail fraud and two counts of misusing a Social Security number. ...

Bush Pushes Computerized Medical Records
President Bush said Thursday that the medical industry is behind the times, using paper and pen for many records and prescriptions when computerized records could reduce cost and errors.

Army to Hackers: We Know Where You Live
The executive producer of "America's Army," the free online game funded by the U.S. Army, is hopping mad at hackers who have taken advantage of the game's security holes, saying, "the Army is angry, and we're coming for you."

Michael Moore Bodyguard Arrested On Gun Charge At Airport
NY, A bodyguard who has protected outspoken moviemaker and gun-control advocate Michael Moore was arrested at Kennedy International Airport for allegedly carrying a pistol without a New York license, authorities said .

Private Investigator Suspects Foul Play In NSU
Student's Disappearance

Tahlequah, Okla. -- A private investigator hired by the family of a missing Northeastern State University student says he suspects foul play in the young man's disappearance.

Forensic Expert's Testimony Helps Robert Blake
Gunshot residue on Hollywood actor Robert Blake's hands and clothes doesn't tie him to his wife's shooting, a forensics expert

Will Spyware Cause System Gridlock Within A Year?
The problem of spyware on home and corporate desktops is reaching epidemic levels according to many in the security industry, but with much of it going undetected it is still very much a silent killer.

Cordless Phone Of Neighbor Tapped With
Police Scanner

It was no ordinary prankster who dialed up Betty Ketcherside 30 or 40 times over three months. He seemed to know things about her life. And he made up others, she said, telling her that he was a private detective and once telling her husband that she was having an extramarital affair.

New-Age Parents Spy On Children
Fourteen-year-old Nikhil was behaving rather erratically of late. His parents called up his South Mumbai school only to be told that his attendance is regular. But when cash and jewellery started disappearing from their home, they decided to approach a private investigator. Investigations revealed Nikhil was in the habit of hanging out with unknown faces outside school hours.

Experts Warn Of Trick To Bypass IE Security
A computer security researcher and an antivirus company are warning Microsoft customers about an unpatched hole in the company's Internet Explorer Web browser that could allow a remote attacker to bypass security warnings and download malicious content onto vulnerable systems.

New Mobile Phone Virus Spreads Two Ways
A Brazilian virus writer has unleashed a new mobile phone virus, called Lasco.A, that is capable of spreading both through the short-range wireless Bluetooth technology and by attaching itself to files, according to the Finnish antivirus company F-Secure.

Da! Adultery Main Cause Of Marriage Breakdowns
Extra-marital affairs are still the main reason for divorce, a survey published today confirmed.

Parents Play The Spy Game With Children
Nikhil (14) had been behaving rather erratically of late. His parents called up his SouthMumbai school only to be told that his attendance is regular. But when cash and jewellery started disappearing from their home, his parents decided to approach a private investigator.

Computer Game Helps Students Recognize Stalkers
An interactive computer game that puts students in the role of detective to catch on-line stalkers is being brought into the Ontario school curriculum.

New Fight to Protect Exploited Children Online
The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children launched a new campaign against online child pornography Thursday morning backed with a $1 million contribution from philanthropist Sheila C. Johnson and Microsoft.


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