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February 20th, 2005 Edition
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Investigative Articles

New Trends In Private Investigation- Covert Video Mystery Shopping Booms For Private Investigators
This new explosive trend is going to amaze you! There is a new type of mystery shopping service you can become involved in called Covert Video Mystery Shopping and growth for this type of service has been explosive.

New Trends In Private Investigtion- Criminal Profiling
for Private Investigators

Investigative Criminal Profiling has become a well-received concept with the law and the general public. Sadly, the portrayal of profiling on television and in literature includes the use of psychic measures or presents profiling as an infallible science that requires only the input of variables to obtain an exact description of the suspect. Either viewpoint greatly discredits the critical involvement of law enforcement's investigative inputs and experience and greatly discourages investigators from bringing in profilers to aid in the investigation. By Allen Elfman

Investigating Reality
An investigator had best perk up when someone says "I believe..." For that is a very tricky statement. This article teaches you how to deal with that. By Jim McCord

The Lady of Foreclosure- A New Use Of Public Records
This public-records sleuth extraordinaire trawls city hall for oddball real estate opportunities.

Ten Ways Process Servers Can Grow Their
Business In 2005

here ae then easy to follow tips you can use to get more clients and grow your process serving business. A serve-now.com article.

Understanding People Is Still A PI's Top Priority- Hi-Tech Investigation Not Always The Answer
Private Investigators see the answer in clients searching for hi-tech solutions to their problems. These clients assume that their "answers" are also waiting to be discovered scientifically.

Free Public Record Databases Are The Future
There's an increasing trend toward offering public records indexes and documents, for free on the internet. Paradoxically, there's a parallel thrust to close or curtail access to some or all of the content in court, real property, voter registration, motor vehicle and other government records, either in the electronic form, or in hard files.


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How Technology Has Changed Us-
Information is Power and Geeks Rule

And Whosoever Holds the Keys to the Information, Holds All of the Power! Not only that, it's all about Google. Just how evil is Google... really? As you read this ask yourself this question - are you prepared to hand over everything to Google?

A Review of Legal Issues Concerning Trickery and Deceit During an Interrogation
A number of recent cases involving an investigator’s use of trickery and deceit during an interrogation have caused problems in the subsequent trial. In some of these cases the confession was suppressed. These cases have not involved a novel legal argument or radical interpretations of current law. Rather, existing laws have been applied in a predictable manner in situations in which investigators attempted to push the envelope to test the court’s tolerance. This web tip offers a review of some of the legal aspects regulating an investigator’s use of trickery and deceit. An appropriate starting point is to define trickery and deceit from a legal perspective. A John Reid Article.

Digitized Prints Can Point Wrong Finger At Innocent
Deep inside a sprawling complex tucked in the hills of Clarksburg, W.Va., a roomful of supercomputers attempts to sift America's guilty from its innocent.

TinyTech! World's Smallest
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Cell Phone Mapping And GPS Locates
All new cell phones have what's called. E911. An E911-capable phone can give your wireless carrier continual updates on your location. The phone is embedded with a Global Positioning System chip, which can calculate your coordinates to within a few yards by receiving signals from satellites.

Identity Theft-When Facts Become Fiction
February 6 - 12, 2005, was designated National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) to highlight consumer protection and education efforts around the country. The subject of this year’s NCPW is Identity Theft: When Fact Becomes Fiction.

The global counterfeit business is out of control, targeting everything from computer chips to life-saving medicines. It's so bad that even China may need to crack down.

Some May State-GPS Cell Phones May Cost Privacy!
But determining the location is the most important thing in any call to 911. Problem it, it has other uses like for ah......say...a private investigator!

How To Copy A Microsoft Outlook Mailbox From A PC
Very good article on how to do this found by Joanne Waldron

Google Eyes-The Other Evil Side Of Google You
Might Not Have thought About

There is another side to Google, and it’s one that the company would just as soon you not think about. It’s what happens each and every time you look up a piece of information. Maybe an old boyfriend.

Profile: Joan Shirley, An Investigative Role Model
Joan Shirley laughs, a common occurrence, while making the rounds at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe. Shirley was at the Legislature on Wednesday to support a funding bill for New Mexico Survivors of Homicide.

Can Terrorists Build the Bomb?
It’s the ultimate nightmare: a nuclear attack in the U.S. masterminded by terrorists. Here’s how that could happen— and how we can prevent it.
A Popular Science Article.

Interview With The Keystroke Caperist
A former claims adjuster for a US insurance company is the first to be charged under federal wiretap law for the covert use of a hardware keystroke logger, after he was caught using the device while secretly helping consumer attorneys gather information to use against his own company.

New Study Shows That Identity Theft Is More Prevalent Offline with Paper than Online
One Surprising Finding: In Half of the Cases Where the Perpetrator is Known, Identity Fraud is committed by Someone Close to the Victim

Dating Dangers: Love's a Minefield And Why
The Need Background Checks

Your parents did it. Hitchhikers, rocket scientists, even nuns probably do it, at least once. The topic is dating, and the custom is as old as Adam and Eve.

Mapping the Risks: Assessing the Homeland Security Implications of Publicly Available Geospatial Information
After the events of September 11th, the United States government and its diverse set of agencies became very concerned about the amount of publicly available geospatial information. The primary concern was that terrorists and other militant groups could use such data to attack key parts of the country's infrastructure. Utilizing the resources of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, a team of researchers at the RAND Corporation wrote this report in order to develop a framework for assessing the implications of making such geospatial information available. The report itself consists
of five chapters and an appendix that details which federal agencies were examined, which federal geospatial data sources where identified, and so on.
Chapters contained within the work include one on key policy recommendations and another that outlines what the key information needs of potential attackers might be. A PDF Download

New Technology-PodCasting
Podcasts are audio files created to be distributed over the Internet. They’re available for free and usually encoded in MP3 format. But the cool part is the way they get to you. With the right software, you can subscribe to podcasts and have new shows downloaded automatically (and even transferred to your iPod) while you sleep.

New Technology-More Mega Pixels And Wireless Transfer With Cell Phone Cameras
Your mobile gets more megapixels. You get legit prints.Last year, camera cell phones were something of a novelty. Their optical sensors captured VGA-quality stills at best (that's about half a megapixel), so the resulting shots were destined to live in the digital realm. This summer, 1-megapixel combos capable of producing album-worthy 3-by-5-inch prints hit stores. One-hour photo outlets are capitalizing: Already you can point your 1MP mobile at a wireless, digital photo kiosk and—like that!—print your snapshots. A Popular Science Article.

The Secret List of ID Theft Victims
Consumers could be warned, but U.S government isn't talking. Linda Trevino, who lives in a Chicago suburb, applied for a job last year at a local Target department store, and was denied.  The reason? She already worked there -- or rather, her Social Security number already worked there. 

FTC Special Yearly Report And Study On Identity Theft
This is a 71 page report in a PDF download that gives you the complete study with the explosive growth of ID Theft.

Profile: Joe Collins : Sleuth Finds The Needles In Adoption Haystacks
The details of Joe Collins' latest case came over his fax machine last week, and immediately it didn't look good. His 18-year-old client wanted to find her birth mother named Patricia Murphy, but it was far too common a name for Collins' taste. (need to input any DOB and zip code to access)

Find Out Why Women Cheat
Mike Lewis i a private investigator at Cleveland's Confidential Investigations Inc. reveals warnings signs.

New Trend? Privatising Police
Call it an evolution of the good old private detective service. Or see it as a revolution in private security services. But it is a case of privatization breaking into the domain of policing, which is a public service run for the people's welfare on their money. It is the new police force - that will be at your beck and call, well, for a payment - that has come to town with a private detective company announcing a new service called 'help line'.

Deception Detection- Psychologists Try To
Learn How To Spot A Liar

"Is he lying?" Odds are, you'll never know. Although people have been communicating with one another for tens of thousands of years, more than 3 decades of psychological research have found that most individuals are abysmally poor lie detectors. In the only worldwide study of its kind, scientists asked more than 2,000 people from nearly 60 countries, "How can you tell when people are lying?" From Botswana to Belgium, the number-one answer was the same: Liars avert their gaze

Herbert MacDonell:Forensic Scientist Uses
Blood To Solve Crime

Herbert MacDonell discussed the techniques he developed for blood spatter analysis as part of the Forensic Science Seminar Series, which is located in Pastore Chemical Lab on Friday evenings.

Investigating Possible Fabricated Claims
A recent case involving a University of Wisconsin student who falsely claimed that she was abducted highlights some important characteristics of these investigations. This particular case quickly achieved national attention and was followed on a daily basis by morning talk shows. The reason for this attention was probably because the media were able to build suspense by showing surveillance video of the victim leaving her apartment the night of her alleged abduction. It certainly was not because of the scarcity of missing person cases nor was it the rarity of claims of alleged abductions. Indeed, while this drama was unfolding in Madison, Wisconsin, police 150 miles to the northeast were investigating another mysterious disappearance of a school teacher that also turned out to be faked. Because these cases tend to be high profile, an agency must be sensitive, but also diligent, in their investigation.

ID Theft: Strategies and Help for Fighting Back
Your personal and financial information can be as good as cash to a fraud artist. Here is our latest "to do" list for keeping your identity to yourself.

Identity Theft Exposed
Bill’s first hint that something was wrong was when he applied for a new car loan. Although his credit was always excellent, he was turned down for the loan. When he asked why, the auto dealer told him that he had too much debt to take on any more.

Project Honeypot Aims To Trap Spammers
A blow-by-blow account of how one of the world's most prolific senders of spam email was tracked down and prosecuted had an audience of spam fighters on the edge of their seats last week.

Most ID Theft On formation Found Offline, Not On Net
Not every identity thief is trolling for your personal and financial information on the Internet. Most are looking in a much more accessible place -- your wallet.

Protect Yourself And Your Clients From Identity Theft
As with any crime, you can't guarantee that you will never be a victim of identity theft, but you can minimize your risk. By managing your personal information widely, cautiously and with an awareness of the issue, you can help guard against identity theft.

What Is A Private Investigator Worth?
Very good prospective on what you should charge.
By Nelson Andreu

Fighting Back Against Surveillance Software
Detect and disable keyloggers; reject e-mail return receipts; and use hardware and software firewalls. You probably know by now that using a computer can be hazardous to your privacy, especially if you use your system online. But your privacy can be compromised even if you never link to a network. Sure, Web sites track your browsing habits with ads, cookies, and Web bugs, and they sell your personal information to marketers. Also, spyware and adware install on your PC by piggybacking onto file sharing utilities and other free software downloads. This column frequently discusses such privacy threats.

Remote Picture Blurring
Celebrities bedeviled by paparazzi may soon find recourse in a new Hewlett-Packard technology. The company has applied for a patent on a system that would allow people to remotely blur their faces in digital photographs. "A captured image of a scene is modified by detecting an inhibit signal emanating from an inhibitor device carried by an object within the scene," reads the patent application.

How Private Investigators Are Cashing In
On Identity Theft

This page explores the swelling demand for identity theft services that private investigators can provide. It's a new area of specialization you can offer with huge demand.

Microsoft to Require Windows Piracy Check
 Users will have to validate their OS before using two downloads. Microsoft in mid-2005 will put a piracy lock on two of its download Web sites, requiring all Windows XP and Windows 2000 users to validate their copy of Windows as genuine before downloading software, the company says.

Video: The Next Big Thing in Searching?
Just when you thought search-engine companies were pouring all their resources into new tools to search your hard drive, there's suddenly a new Holy-Grail-of-Search: Video content. Google has launched an experimental search engine for video, and Yahoo has responded by unveiling its

Digital Cameras Are Good For The Environment
As we consider the digital camera revolution that has taken place over the last decade, most people think about it in terms of enhanced benefits for consumers. We can take a lot more pictures at much lower cost with digital cameras versus film cameras. We can also more easily manipulate and share those...



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Web Site Finds And Downloads

MacRae's Blue Book
With over 120,000 industrial companies and over 500,000 industrial product listings.

Salary Wizard
The Salary Wizard accesses Salary.com's proprietary compensation database, which contains salary information on thousands of job titles. The Salary Wizard calculates salaries based on job title and geographic location.

Handwriting Wizard
You can use this on-line software to quickly analyze your own or a friend's handwriting. Based on your input, the computer will generate an accurate and in-depth written report about the personality of the writer. We use your eyes and our brains to generate an amazingly insightful personality profile.

E-Mail Detective - Forensic Software Tool
for use with AOL

There are many tools used today by law enforcement officers for the recovery of evidence from personal computers.  Leading software applications, such as Encase, provide the investigator with a comprehensive image of a user’s computer. However, in the field of Computer Forensics, only Hot Pepper Technology provides a software tool that allows investigators to extract all email contents (including graphics) from America Online’s database stores on a user’s disk drive. 

Computer Countermeasures-
Free Software Downloads

old-Spybot Search and Destroy v1.3
Protect your privacy by removing spybots and replacing them with empty dummies.

Investigative News

Private Eyes Were Once In The Public Eye
Retired sheriff's detective is the latest to try job as private investigator. Though venturing into "Magnum P.I." territory, recently retired Jackson County sheriff's detective Bob Cole isn't trying on Hawaiian shirts or test driving Ferraris just yet. Input any zip code and year of birth to access.

New Net Technology Review
Now You Can Recall, Erase And Self Destruct Email You Have Sent And Send Email That Doesn't Print

Sending an e-mail in haste and instantly wishing you had not done so, is not very uncommon. One is left helplessly staring at the blank screen or cursing oneself for even thinking of writing that e-mail in a haste.

Yahoo To Launch Search Tool
Yahoo is unveiling a new tool to allow Internet surfers to search for online information specifically related to an article or other content as they read it. A test version of the Y!Q tool searches the Internet for "contextually relevant" content with a single click of the mouse.

Is Employee Spying Going Too Far?
Could Be this time! Consolidated Freightways, a California-based company, was recently exposed for hiding cameras in restrooms. Some cameras pointed directly at the urinals.

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Employees To Be Billed For Personal Net Use?
Employees who surf the Net at work could receive a bill each month for the cost of borrowed bandwidth and wasted time if Australia-based Exinda Networks' URL- and bandwidth-monitoring system takes off.

Who's Got An Eye On You? -Everyone!
If Your Outside You Are Now Recorded 50%
Of The Time!

Secret Cameras Are Everywhere! If you're making your way around Los Angeles -- or any metropolitan area in America these days -- there's a good chance your movements are being recorded by a surveillance camera.

This May Blow Your Mind-Religion And Forensics
Forensic Scientists Create Image of Christ as a Child.
It sounds impossible, but within the last few years, forensic scientists created a picture of Jesus from the shroud of Turin.

Nanny Cams Put A Focus On Privacy
To tell or not to tell? That's the burning question for many parents when it comes to videotaping the nannies they bring into their homes to care for their children. As video surveillance technology gets smaller, easier to conceal and less pricey, it is becoming a popular way for people to keep an eye on those who are supposed to be watching everything from their kids and homes to their pets and aging parents.

Identity Theft Jumps 15% In Chicago Area
Chicago area residents might want to invest in paper shredders or at least be vigilant about tearing up unwanted mail and credit card receipts before tossing them in the trash.

English Playboy Arrested Over 'Phone Tapping'
Multi-millionaire playboy Matthew Mellon has been arrested over claims he conspired with police officers to tap phones illegally.

Flash! New Software Pegs Customers
As Well Nice Or Bad

You might think twice now before you call a company up and act like your God's gift to the world. A new software program for customer service departments is on the market that will peg a customer as nice or a...well "nor so nice" so companies can help the nice ones and keep the bad ones out of their life.

More Illinoisans say they're victims of identity theft
A new study shows that a growing number of Illinois residents say they've been victims of identity theft. A ...

Parents, School Officials Weigh Level Of
Background Checks

Should a person who volunteers to shelve books in a school library or chaperone a school field trip be subjected to a background check? Should they be required to disclose their birth date and Social Security number so officials can check their criminal past with the Wisconsin Department of Justice?

Court: Tracking Isn't Stalking
Private investigators' surveillance does not constitute harassment, Michigan justices rule.


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Ohio Supreme Court Justice Arrested For DWI
A state Supreme Court justice was pulled over and charged with driving under the influence after several motorists called to report an erratic driver on an interstate.

New Online Technology-File Sharers Can No
Longer Hide!

Copyright and piracy is running wild on the net! It's easy to steal someone's graphics, photos, music, movies or whatever is posted to the net. A new service makes it so "file sharers" can no longer hide.

Mix-Up: Suspected Stalker Is An Insurance Investigator
Osceola County,Fla. -- It's a relief for parents. Concern that a man was stalking Osceola County daycares was all the result of a big mix-up. Investigators now say the man on surveillance video is actually an insurance investigator.

New Technology-Qualcomm Turns Cell Phones
Into GPS Systems

New technology could help lost travelers find their way. Qualcomm can now convert cell phones into mobile Global Positioning System devices by adapting emergency-tracking technology for display on individual phone screens, the company announced Wednesday. GPS systems help lost travelers by pinpointing their location and suggesting directions.

Forensic Lab Gets Down To The DNA
Hayward- Unlike their television counterparts, these forensic scientists do not carry guns or badges. They don't drive Hummers and wouldn't dream of showing up to the laboratory in open-toed shoes.

4-Year Prison Term Possible For Fraud
Anyone knee-deep in debt probably has considered using those "convenience checks" the credit card companies send out.San Diego police say a local man used them in a criminal art form that enabled him to steal more than $769,000, travel internationally, and buy guns, gold bullion, stereo equipment, real estate and a diamond ring for his wife.

New Technology- Radio Technology To
Fight Terrorism

U.S. officials want to see if the same technology that speeds cars through highway tolls and identifies lost pets ca unclog border crossings without compromising security.

Providers Push Insurance Covering Theft Of Identity
Ed Bloom considered himself a very educated consumer when he made the decision last year to purchase identity theft insurance. "I'm a victim," said the retiree from Ayer. "Having been through this before, I saw it as a great benefit."

PI Sues Doctor For Giving Address Info
Last fall, many doctors sent thousands of letters to patients promoting a $496 million bond measure that would finance most of Palomar Pomerado Health's plans for a new hospital and other projects, but a California PI is suing his doctor for 100K for
violating his privacy by giving his name and address to the political action committee so that they could send him a letter educating him on the bond measure.

Law Enforcement Wants Privacy Protection In Arizona
Those who protect rural Arizona citizens on a day-to-day basis have asked the state Legislature to protect them with a bill that would allow them to take their residential and telephone listings out of public hands.

Senator Feinstein Introduces Bills To Prevent ID Theft
The Privacy Act– The Social Security Number Misuse Prevention Act – The Notification of Risk to Personal Data Act – “Nearly ten million Americans become victims of identity theft each year,” Senator Feinstein said. “That’s ten million people whose good names and financial records are damaged for years afterward. These victims rack up debt, experience credit problems and, in some cases, even face criminal charges due to the actions of identity thieves. We’ve toughened penalties on perpetrators of identity theft, now we need to make it harder for these invasive crimes to occur in the first place.”

Feds Move To Thwart Diploma Mills
Federal regulators launched a two-prong attack this week on the US$200 million diploma mill industry, an industry populated with online enterprises where students can purchase a degree with minimal or no course work. The first prong was spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE)

File Share Blunder Leaks Military Docs To Blogger!
Look away now if stupidity offends...

A blogger has exposed a massive security blunder by the Dutch military which saw highly sensitive documents shared with users of the popular file-sharing application Kazaa.

San Diego Defense Contractor Warns Employees Following Computer Theft
San Diego- Science Applications International Corp. issued a warning to all 45,000 of its employees after thieves stole several computers containing personal information on current and former owners of the defense contractor's stock.

Greece Bans Email Snooping On Employees
Greece's personal data watchdog has ordered companies not to violate employee privacy by snooping into their private email.

Californian Gets 16 Months For Stalking By Satellite
Pasadena-A man charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend by attaching a global positioning system to her car was sentenced to 16 months in state prison, prosecutors said.

FBI Silent On Reports That It Watches The Web
Is the U.S. government spying on its citizens' e-mail and web surfing habits? The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a group that defends civil liberties on the Internet, believes the answer is probably "yes". Earlier this month, the San Francisco-based watchdog filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other U.S. Department of Justice offices.

University Parking Ticket Raises Privacy issues Winnipeg-A Winnipeg man says the University of Manitoba may have abused his privacy rights by sharing his personal information with a collection agency.

FTC: Identity Theft, Fraud on the Rise
For the fifth year in a row identity theft has topped the list of fraud-related complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the agency released this month.

MSN Launches New Search Engine
MSN continues to take on Google! This month it launched its new search engine, which it said it has built from scratch to consumers' tastes

Hackers Use Porn Worm To Take Over PCs
Antivirus experts today warned that a mass-mailing worm designed to fool computer users into believing that pornographic content has been found on their PC actually allows hackers to gain remote access to compromised computers.

At Celebrity Trials, Spotlight Is Sharp but Shifting
Robert Blake, the B-list actor who is accused of killing his wife, shuffles around the courthouse in Van Nuys these days, alone, a Pall Mall tucked behind his ear. He goes unrecognized by the public and unhounded by the trickle of reporters and others who bother to keep up with his trial.

Judge Suggests Governor Has Right To Ban 2 Reporters
Baltimore- A federal judge on Jan. 28 suggested that Gov. Robert Ehrlich likely has a right to prohibit his staff from talking to two writers for The (Baltimore) Sun. The judge told the newspaper’s attorneys that the governor has the same right any citizen has — to stop “associating with citizens he doesn’t want to associate with.

Police Cuff US Student Keystroke Logger
A Houston High School student faces a fine possible $2,000 fine or 180 days' jail after admitting rigging a keystoke logger to a teacher's PC and using it to download exam

Iraq Battle Plan Leak Sparks Overhaul Of
Cybercrime-Fighting Techniques

The DOD probe involved combing through 60TB of data. The U.S. Department of Defense seized hundreds of computers and around 60TB of data as part of an investigation into how details of the U.S. invasion plan for Operation Iraqi Freedom were leaked to The New York Times, a Defense Department official said.

German Gov't: Prostitution Legal, So No
Unemployment Benefit

A 25-year-old waitress who turned down a job providing "sexual services'' at a brothel in Berlin faces possible cuts to her unemployment benefit under laws introduced this year.

Sex Offender Uses Megans Law Database As
Ah..A Dating Service

Glen Westberg scrolled through dozens of online photos, wrote to several people he thought looked good and, when the time came, even showed up early for his date. Trouble was Westberg was Internet dating by using the new online Megans Law database and trying hook up with another convicted sex offender, authorities said.

Secret 'Bus Cams' Challenged In Court
Officials in the Twin Valley School District, located in the heart of Pennsylvania's countryside, thought they had devised a novel way to reduce school bus disruptions by unruly students.

Supreme Court Puts Hacker Sentences Up For Grabs
A landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision last month giving judges more leeway in deciding federal prison terms could be good news for computer intruders who don't fit the classic criminal mold, legal experts say

Glen Robinson Former Private Investigator And
First Black U.S. Marshal Dies

The first black man hired as a deputy U.S. marshal has died of pulmonary disease at the age of 73. Glen Robinson of Mill Valley died last Wednesday. He worked as a private investigator in San Rafael before he joined the U. S. Marshal's Office in 1962 as its first black deputy marshal.

Phones, Car Engines Face Security Threats
Daily computer security headaches such as viruses and spam threaten to spread to a far wider range of devices -- from phones to car engines, a survey to be published by IBM on Wednesday has found.

College Drop Use Of SSN Numbers Because Of Identity Theft
Social security numbers will no longer be used as a method of identifying students at ISU.

Pro Kickbox Town Hero Has Identity Stolen
We're learning more about identity theft allegations against a hometown hero who made his mark in the world of pro kickboxing

Scammers Can Steal Information By Setting Up Wireless Access Points To Simulate Legitimate Access Points
Security experts are saying that scammers can set up their own wireless access points in order to steal login information and credit card information. These "Evil Twin" access points jam the legitimate access points while they simulate legitimate access points and allow Wi-Fi users to connect to them. The connected users then have their information stolen by the scammers running the false access point.

Tech Support Tips Police Of Child Sex Abuse
A Clackamas, Ore., Sunday school teacher is under arrest on several counts of sexually abusing a child after police were tipped off by a computer technician who allegedly found child pornography while he was working on the man's computer.

Fighting Identity Theft
Brookings residents were urged to protect themselves against identity theft – the fastest growing crime in America – during a special presentation at a recent Friends of the Library meeting.

Forensic Evidence Leads Police To Alleged Killer
Orange County District Attorney Frank Phillips late Friday said young Jerica Rhodes was stabbed multiple times, causing her death. The body of the seven-year-old was found in a boys' bathroom at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School in Highland Falls yesterday. Phillips said the cause of death was definitively identified by a medical examiner's autopsy yesterday.

Ex-AOL Employee Pleads Guilty In Spam Case
A former AOL software engineer accused of stealing 92 million screen names has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and interstate transport of stolen property.

RIAA Sues The..Well ..Ah..Dead
Death is no obstacle to feeling the long arm of the Recording Industry Ass. of America. Lawyers representing several record companies have filed suit against an 83 year-old woman who died in December, claiming that she made more than 700 songs available on the internet.


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Video Recorder With Screen



Wireless Color Micro
Video Pinhole Camera-Color
And Black & White

6.0 Mega Pixel Tiny
Digital Camera And
Video Camera!
Up To 7,000 Pics
10 Hours Video

Advanced Phone

Records Incoming And
Outgoing Dialed Numbers. Logs Up To 2,000 calls. Gives You Time And Date Stamp!

TinyTech! World's Smallest
Digital Recorder!
Amazing Results
With Automatic Telephone Recording Control

Ultra Mini Digital
Video Recorder With Screen--The World's Smallest!

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