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March 20th, 2005 Edition


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Your Cost Per Mile!
What Does It Cost Per Mile To Run Your Vehicle And How Much Are Your Charging?

It might be time to change your per mile vehicle rate. Most people think the cost of owning a car is simply the amount of their monthly payment. We generally think of mileage as gas money but running a vehicle is a lot more than that. When you take a close look at these figures, you may determine that you are not charging enough to cover your expenses.

Bob Brown's Infidelity Checklists And Tell Tale
Signs Of A Cheating Mate

30 years Of conducting domestic investigations has made NAIS Lifetime Member Bob Brown of Orlando, Florida one of the nation's top experts on infidelity. Obtain his infidelity Checklists and Tell Tale Signs of A Cheating Spouse information.

ID Hijacked? Hire A Private Eye!
CBS News Now Reporting Private Investigators Using Their Skills To Help People Fight ID Theft!

Computer Detection Techniques Of A
Cyber-Cheatng Spouse

Tips and techniques on how to check out a cheating spouses's computer without installing any software Along with extensive resources.

Eyewitness Identification Incorrect 50% Of The Time
Eyewitness identification is one of the most potent and effective tools available to police and prosecutors.  It is compelling, and time after time, it convinces juries of the guilt of a defendant.  The problem is, eyewitness identifications are WRONG at least 50% of the time!

Guess What? Fingerprint Evidence May Not be So infallible After All
Fingerprinting has not been put through the same process as DNA profiling to determine error rate, validity and statistics.

Tracking a Computer Hacker
A report written near the start of the Information Age warned that America's computers were at risk from hackers. It said that computers that "control [our] power delivery, communications, aviation and financial services [and] store vital information, from medical records to business plans, to criminal records," were vulnerable from many sources, including deliberate attack. "The modern thief can steal more with a computer than with a gun. Tomorrow's terrorist may be able to do more damage with a keyboard than with a bomb." National Research Council, "Computers at Risk," 1991. -By Daniel A. Morris- Assistant United States Attorney

New Forensic Science?
Remote Physical Device Fingerprinting

We introduce the area of remote physical device fingerprinting, or fingerprinting a physical device, as opposed to an operating system or class of devices, remotely, and without the fingerprinted device's known cooperation. We accomplish this goal by exploiting small, microscopic deviations in device hardware: clock skews. Our techniques do not require any modification to the fingerprinted devices. A PDF Download.

Pioneering Surveillance Science
You aren't going to believe your eyes and ears on the breakthroughs and stuff that's just around the corner. Hyperspectral Sensing, and Millimeter Wave scans just to name a couple.

High Technology-New Generation Screening Equipment
The next word in security is a system so thorough that it will reveal even the contents of a cigarette pack hidden in your coat pocket.

Homicide, Blood Spatter Evidence
" It was the defendant’s word against two eyewitnesses–until allegations of perjury surfaced. In this homicide case, reconstruction of the defendant’s story proved he was telling the truth, as demonstrated by crucial blood spatter evidence. A dramatic animation proved instrumental in illustrating what really happened."
From legalalerts.com

Credit Reports To Help Consumers Fight ID Theft
Demand for financial, personal data mounts

Identity theft has been called the fastest-growing crime in the nation, but experts say the cops have a long way togo to catch up with the robbers.

Best Practices for Electronic Service of Process
Best Practices for Electronic Service of Process (adopted as of 9/1/04 from the American Bar Association)

High Technology: DNA Testing Goes Mass Market
Commercials hawking prescription drugs directly to consumers have driven doctors crazy for years. Now comes a new kind of medical marketing that is already troubling some medical professionals: at-home genetic testing.

Handling Digital Photographs for Use in Criminal Trials
The focus of this page is the admissibility of digital photos in criminal trials. Many of the huge number of links deal slightly off-topic – such as forensic examination of seized drives.

Sensors & Sensibility
It's alarming! It's no big deal! How personal information is being collected and protected, used and misused

An Identity Theft Nightmare
Almost 10 million Americans were victims of identity theft last year. And the recent revelation of a major security breach at the private data broker ChoicePoint has focused even more attention on the growing problem. CBS News

ID Theft Victims Could Lose Twice 
The recent security breach at data aggregator ChoicePoint that exposed at least 145,000 consumers to identity theft and renewed a call for regulation of the data industry will likely leave victims of the breach twice bitten -- first from the identity theft itself and second from thwarted attempts to recover damages for their losses if they decide to seek recur.

Tax Season Puts Consumers At High Risk for Identity Theft; Identity Theft Resource Center and Fellowes Urge Tax Payers to Protect Information
The days and weeks leading up to Income Tax Day, April 15th, can be an especially vulnerable time as tax filers are reviewing financial information that is highly attractive to identity thieves, such as bank records, payroll forms and loan documents that contain very valuable and private information.

Find Out How You Can, As A Private Investigator, Cash In Big And Have A Massive Case Load Because Of Identity Theft

Neurolinguistic Evaluation During An Interview
"The outer cortex of the human brain is divided into left and right hemispheres. When performing different activities, one hemisphere dominates over the other. In 80% of the population the left hemisphere is associated with creativity and assessment whereas the right hemisphere is associated with analytic thinking and factual recall. Furthermore, the direction in which a person breaks gaze (right or left) reflects the hemisphere of the brain being accessed for information. Because of the arrangement of neuropathways, breaking gaze to the left indicates that the right hemisphere of the brain is being accessed and breaking gaze to the right means the opposite." A Reid.com article.

Police, Prosecutorial And Judicial  Misconduct
"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice ..."

Blood Spatter - What Is It?
Interpreting blood spatter (not splatter) is an art unto itself. The laws of physics concerning liquids apply; therefore a basic understanding of physics is useful. Math is also handy.

Understanding GPS Tracking Technology
GPS is a complex technology but understanding it can be quite easy if you take it one step at a time. This tutorial is designed to give you a good basic understanding of the principles behind GPS without loading you down with too much technical detail.

The Surveillance State
If we believe in yesterday's utopias of technological progress, we must be happy now. We are happy to turn into handy consumer data on customers' and credit cards in the world of goods, because on their basis our wishes and needs can now and in the future be determined even better than we ourselves could do.

It's Time to Dump Internet Explorer
...or so says the Department of Homeland Security, computer security experts, and even (surprisingly) Microsoft---at least, some of the time. A PC World Article.

Online Data Brokers: How Consumers Can Opt Out of
Directory Assistance and Non-public Information

There are many web sites that sell or provide for free, personal information about individuals. This information is gathered from many sources including white pages listings (directory assistance), publicly-available sources and public records.

Profile: Dennis Parsons-Forensic accountant and investigator
Here is a profile on what the career is like for Dennis Parsons-Forensic accountant and investigator of In depth Forensic.

Skip Tracing Sniffs Out Debtors
Barb Owens has a pithy description of people who skip out on loans: "They won't do the things most people do to keep in touch or be found." That means moving frequently, not publishing their phone numbers, and leaving no forwarding addresses. "This is the pattern of people, who, unlike those who lose jobs or get divorced and experience a temporary financial setback, have no intention of paying."

Product Liability/Personal Injury: Dietary Supplement Containing Ephedra
"Ephedra-based litigation that attempts to tie the use of dietary supplements containing ephedrine to a variety of health problems is increasing. In this case, the plaintiff alleged that his non-fatal incident of Sudden Cardiac Death after a day of recreation in a hot climate was caused by his ingestion of defendant’s product despite any clear medical evidence in support of his claim."
From legalalerts.com

Interpreting Verbal Phrases Of An
Investigative Interview

"During an interview a subject freely chooses which words or phrases to use when responding to the investigator's question. This choice is not random or haphazard; it is carefully selected to offer either the most accurate response possible or to avoid the anxiety telling less than the truth would cause." A Reid.com article.

Fight Back Against Surveillance Software
 Detect and disable key loggers; reject e-mail return receipts; and use hardware and software firewalls. You probably know by now that using a computer can be hazardous to your privacy, especially if you use your system online. But your privacy can be compromised even if you never link to a network. Sure, Web sites track your browsing habits with ads, cookies, and Web bugs, and they sell your personal information to marketers. Also, spyware and adware install on your PC by piggybacking onto file sharing utilities and other free software downloads. This column frequently discusses such privacy threats. A PC World Article.

ANI and Caller ID spoofing
This article will explain many methods of caller ID and ANI spoofing that can still be used as of today. I have also included a brief FAQ for those of you who may not be familiar with the terminology and should help you understand this article more.

Profile: On A Forensic Nurse
Forensic nurse stresses importance of rape evidence
Public education, examiners help catch perpetrators
Rape is not about sex but instead about power and control over another person, a forensic nurse examiner said.

Human Interest -Hollywood -A Lawless Place
With PI Pellicano

The 77th Oscars was bursting with Hollywood glam and glitter. But away from the gloss and hype lies a tarnished side of Tinsel town - a world full of sex, drugs and murder.

Human Interest- Clara Harris Blames
Unready Defense Attorney

Clara Harris, the Friendswood dentist sentenced to prison for murdering her husband by running over him with her Mercedes, blames defense attorney George Parnham for her conviction.

Guide to Common Cyber scams
Here is a list of common Internet fraud schemes drawn from the 100-plus investigations launched under Operation Cyber Sweep, a government initiative to combat online crime. The investigations were prompted by referrals from the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, which posted the list.

Spam Blocking Dangers-Lawyer Who Missed Court Date Because of Spam Blocker Won't Be Sanctioned
A plaintiffs' attorney in a wrongful-death lawsuit, who missed a court date because his firm's spam blocking software automatically sidetracked the court's e-mail notice, has narrowly escaped being sanctioned for failing to appear at the scheduled status conference.

Auto/Truck Black Boxes And Privacy Issues
As James Fitzgerald wheeled his tractor-trailer down Interstate 40 near the Nashville International Airport last summer, little did he know that a small black box aboard the truck might later help clear him of homicide charges. His truck collided with a police car, killing an officer who had stopped to assist a disabled vehicle. Police alleged that Fitzgerald was traveling at least 80 mph at the time of the crash, and he was jailed on charges of vehicular homicide and aggravated assault.

New Technology-'Sperm Clock' Could Pinpoint
Time Of A Rape

The predictable death of sperm in condoms laced with spermicide could help police pinpoint the time of a rape, and possibly even corroborate the testimony of the victim or the defendant. An increasing number of rapists are using condoms, forensic medical examiners report. A 1999 study in Oakland, California, found that 13.5% of assailants used one, probably to protect themselves from identification by DNA profiling. Those condoms are sometimes recovered if they are discarded at the crime scene, or at a suspect's home, and can be useful in a police investigation

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Click Through Buyers Beware! Click Fraud:
A New Kind Of Fraud

Last week, I served on the "Click Fraud: Problem or Paranoia" panel at the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York. At one point, Jessie Stricchiola, one of my fellow panelists, tried to gauge the extent of the problem by asking the 80 people in attendance to raise their hands if they had ever been victims of "click fraud." About half of the audience members, most of them small businesses owners, raised their hands. A Wired News Article.

Bad Data Fouls Background Checks
ChoicePoint data brokers erroneously reported that subject's misdemeanor was a felony. It also stated that he spent seven years in prison when he spent 51 days in county jail.  

What Exactly Do Forensic Scientists Do?
TV gives students wrong impression of profession
Lab rats. That's the term William Eggleston uses to describe forensic scientists. By Blake Ellett

New Technology!
Student ID Badges Raise Privacy Questions

A pilot program that used radio frequency ID badges to take attendance at a small California school may have failed, but the founder of the company that provided the technology says this isn’t the end of what could be a forward trend in American schools

Eyewitness Identification Of Suspects In Criminal Cases
Eyewitness identification of suspects in criminal cases is often subject to impeachment if it can be demonstrated that variables such as lighting, distance, positioning, obstructions, or impaired sight existed at the time. In this case, almost all of those factors were in play. Compounding the problem was accurately reconstructing the line of sight at a location no longer in existence.
From legalalerts.com



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Web Site Finds And Downloads

New Tool Gives the Scoop on Snoops
Free utility can reveal rootkits, hidden software used by hackers and crooks. Computer users have yet another tool they can use to find out if stealthy malware--such as a hidden virus, Trojan horse, or spyware application--has found its way onto their PC. The tool, called RootkitRevealer, permits Windows users to scan a computer for the telltale presence of certain kinds of malicious software. PC World Article And resource.

Best Security Files: Lock Private Files, Encrypt E-Mail
 These programs let you lock away files and ensure that your e-mail isn't intercepted by snooper. PC World And Resource.

Humor! PI Barn!
A Cartoon video from the spiesonline.net web site. This is the funniest presentation since Al Gore said he invented the Internet on TV!


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Investigative News

Secret Filming Of Nannies Raises Thorny Legal Issues
Stores that rent concealed cameras are doing a brisk business these days, thanks to the parents who caught their nanny abusing their children on videotape via such a camera. But the stores noted that most of the worried parents who come in have not troubled to investigate the legality of such cameras.

Do You Know Who Owns Your Info?
... Francie Koehler, a licensed private investigator based in Oakland, Calif., said her organization, the California Association of Licensed Investigators ...

Speed Trap Cameras Flawed In England
Two drivers who found themselves facing a stern slap on the wrist for allegedly attempting to break the land speed record on the Queen's Highway will not after all face the full weight of the law. In both cases, the offenders were able to prove that the speed camera evidence was flawed.

LexisNexis Reports Theft of Personal Data
Washington Post - USA ... be notifying all the individuals concerned and providing them with ongoing credit monitoring and practical support to ensure that any identity theft is quickly ...

ChoicePoint Faces TFC Inquiry And Curtails
Data Sales

Facing an SEC inquiry over its business practices, ChoicePoint says it will exit some parts of the personal data business and sell information only in situations where specific criteria are met.

Covert Bug Detector
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Firm Calls Detective's $150,000 Fee Outrageous
When George Ruhl called the private detective he'd hired last fall to ask how much the investigation had cost so far, he was told, "Forty-two." He assumed that meant $4,200, but in fact it meant $42,000, according to a recent court filing.

Phone Records Info Brokers Indicted In England
Following wide press coverage of the questionable activities of private investigators, prosecutors in Daegu have indicted 14 people including the director of firm of private eyes for conspiring to reveal confidential information. The offenses included obtaining mobile phone and fixed line records and other means of spying on the spouses and lovers of the private investigator's

Supreme Court Bans Executions Of Those Under 18
The Supreme Court’s ruling Tuesday banning the execution of those under 18 years old could change the punishments for two Hidalgo County death row inmates and one in Cameron County.

Payroll Hole Exposes Dozens Of Companies
The payroll records of at least a dozen companies were exposed to the Internet by a flaw in the online W-2 service of PayMaxx, the accounting firm has acknowledged.

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Retired Cops And PI Accused Of Mob Links
In what appears to be one of the worst allegations of police corruption ever for the NYPD, two retired detectives have been charged with being mob associates who had a role in 11 murders and attempted murders.

Texas Supreme Court Considering Removal Of SSN Numbers, DOBs And Driver License Numbers from State Public Records
The Supreme Court of Texas is considering a new rule regarding public access to case records, both in the courthouse and electronically. 

Google Exposes Web Surveillance Cams
Blogs and message forums buzzed this week with the discovery that a pair of simple Google searches permits access to well over 1,000 unprotected surveillance cameras around the world - apparently without their owners' knowledge.

Data On 1.2 Million Federal Charge Card
Holders Goes Missing

Bank of America, one of five federal charge card providers, lost a small number of backup tapes containing personal information for 1.2 million federal employees, the company confirmed today.


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Shoe Shoppers Become Identity Theft Targets
Houston,TX,USA- The company discovered the theft of credit card and personal shopping information on Friday and reported it to federal authorities, said Julie Davis, general ...

Not The First Time For ChoicePoint
Company Has Faced At Least 11 Lawsuits

ChoicePoint's Feb. 15 admission that it unwittingly sold sensitive personal information on 145,000 people to criminals isn't the first time the data warehouser has been in the crosshairs of the legal system. A review of public records across the country reveals the Alpharetta-based company has been involved in at least 11 lawsuits since 2000 involving possible misappropriation of information.

ChoicePoint Sting Highlights Identity Theft Issue
ChoicePoint Data Cache Became a Powder Keg

The man on the phone called himself James Garrett.
Speaking with a lilting accent, the man said he was an executive with a Los Angeles company called M.B.S Financial. He told an employee at ChoicePoint Inc. that he wanted to open an online account with the company to receive electronic reports on people.

Unshredded Document Dumps of Personal Information Huge Identity Theft Problem In America--Here's Just One Example
A Las Vegas mortgage company admits it does not know how thousands of pages of unshredded sensitive financial documents ended up in a public trash bin.

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Investigative agencies around the country are turning up with identity theft cases in large numbers and finding large case loads with this new service you can offer.

ChoicePoint ID Theft Stirs Up Congress
... Feinstein said in a statement. "As a result, identity theft incidents are escalating into the hundreds of thousands at a given time.". ...

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California Woman Sues ChoicePoint 
A California woman has filed the first lawsuit against ChoicePoint for fraud and negligence in the wake of the company's recent disclosure that it sold personal information about more than 140,000 people to identity thieves.

Potential ID Theft Victims Eye Information
Burned by ChoicePoint Breach, Potential ID Theft Victims Face a Lifetime of Vigilance

Legislation Targets Identity Theft By Internet Hackers
Governor Rod Blagojevich Tuesday proposed legislation that would require companies both inside and outside Illinois to quickly notify Illinois consumers if their personal information is compromised due to a breach in company security. The governor’s action comes days after public disclosure of a massive security failure in October involving Georgia-based ChoicePoint, which resulted in the theft of personal information, including Social Security numbers, of approximately 145,000 people in all 50 United States — including roughly 5,000 in Illinois.

Call For New Laws On ID Theft
Sacramento -- Consumer groups called for new legislation Tuesday to protect the public from identity theft, a problem that has gained a high profile recently.

Internet Has Made Theft Of Identity Simpler To Do
Mansfield,OH ... While it's been happening for decades, the Internet has simplified the identity theft process. People used to steal names and driver's licenses. ...

Colorado Bill To Make Identity Theft A Felony In Colorado Fails Because There Is No Room In Prisons
... Lawmakers have proposed making identity theft a felony, a move which failed last year because the state didn't have enough money to imprison all the people ...

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Ex-Employee Of Call Center Arrested In
Identity Theft Case

Baton Rouge, LA, -- A former call center employee has been arrested after she allegedly gave a customer's personal ...

Identity Theft Suspect Charged In Beverly Hills
... Subsequent searches of the suspect's apartment yielded mail of suspected identity theft victims, including credit card applications. ...

Check This Out! Find Out How You Can, As A Private Investigator, Cash In Big And Have A Massive Case Load Because Of Identity Theft

Secret Monitoring Of PC Use Is Illegal,
Appeals Court Rules

Beverly Ann O'Brien suspected her husband was playing more than dominoes when he squirreled himself away on their computer long into the night.

Forensic Science Perfect?
Only on TV‘CSI’ raises expectations of public, prosecutors. The honeymoon is over between real-life crime scene investigators and the stars who that play them in the immensely popular TV show “CSI.”

'Good Guys' Show Just How Easy It Is To Steal ID
Elite teams of computer gurus hack into Google and find loads of credit card numbers and sensitive information. Teams of hackers surfed the Web at Seattle University yesterday, harvesting Social Security and credit card numbers like a farmer cutting wheat. In less than an hour, they found millions of names, birth dates and numbers -- cyber burglar tools for the crime of identity theft -- using just one, familiar Internet search engine: Google

Did NYPD Cameras Invade A Couple's Privacy?
CBS 2 has obtained a videotape that the New York City police department doesn’t want you to see. It shows cops on surveillance just before last year’s Republican Convention in Manhattan. But it is what they were checking out that is a little disturbing.

No Encryption for E-Passports
Despite cries from security watchdogs, the United States plans to roll out RFID-enabled passports without encrypting the personal data, downplaying theft threats. By Ryan Singel.

Employee Must Get Background Check Records in 'Reasonable Time'
An employer investigating suspected misconduct by an employee must provide the employee with copies of any public records it uncovers "within a reasonable time" rather than within a fixed period, a California appellate court has ruled on an issue of first impression under the state's Investigative Consumer Reporting Agencies Act.

Pupils Allegedly Strip-Searched
Staff at Hunterdon elementary school under investigation, lawsuit in pipeline. Law enforcement officials are investigating allegations that two girls were strip-searched at the township's kindergarten to eighth-grade school.

Analysis Claiming 'TASER(TM) Danger' Miscalculates Safety Threshold by Factor of 100
Report Applied Incorrect Standard to Evaluate TASER Output-TASER International, Inc. (Nasdaq: TASR - News), a market leader in advanced non-lethal devices, today responded to a report presented at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences conference in New Orleans wherein Mr. James Ruggieri presented an erroneous paper claiming that the electrical output of the TASER M26 is above the fibrillation threshold for 50% of the population.

Watchdogs Sniff Out Terror Sites
On the web site of Internet Haganah, self-described as "an internet counterinsurgency," the mark of victory is a makeshift graphic -- a little blue AK-47 assault rifle.

Scientists Restore Columbia Astronaut's Notes
A small heap of paper that survived the fiery disintegration of space shuttle Columbia, a 38-mile fall to Earth and two months of exposure to rain and sun in a Texas field has been painstakingly restored by forensic scientists, yielding the flight diary and notes of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon. A CNN story

Wiretap: Man Says He Recorded Employee's Phone Conversation Legally
It was legal because it could be heard in a public area
A 3rd District judge has tossed out felony wiretapping charges against a former Salt Lake Community College employee. Judge Timothy Hanson sided with the defense last week and dismissed all nine felony counts of "unlawful interception of communication" against Allen P. Andersen, who worked as a part-time administrator for SLCC's Small Business Development Center in Sandy.

Southwest Ohio Packs The Most Heat
More Concealed Guns Here Than In Other Parts Of State

Cincinnati- Since Ohio's concealed carry law went into effect, more people in Southwest Ohio are packing heat than anywhere else in the state, News 5's Sheree Paolello reports.

eBay Scrambles To Fix Phishing Bug
eBay is fighting to repair a software glitch that opens the door to phishing attacks using one of its own legitimate URLs.

Strange Criminals-Woman: 'I'm Addicted To Scamming Seniors' -42-Year-Old Says She Stole From More Than 1,000 People
Orlando, Fla. -- A 42-year-old woman charged with scamming seniors in Central Florida said she is addicted to scamming people and has targeted more than 1,000 people in recent years.

Police Recover Stolen Ray Charles Tapes in L.A.
Los Angeles - Police said on Thursday they had recovered boxes of original recordings of soul music legend Ray Charles from the home of an audio engineer accused of taking advantage of the singer's blindness to steal the tapes in the final months of his life.

Domain Owners Lose Privacy
The U.S. Commerce Department has ordered companies that administer internet addresses to stop allowing customers to register .us domain names anonymously using proxy services.

Libel Case Chills World's Papers
For many, reading newspapers over the Internet has become part of the daily routine. But that could change as a result of an Ontario libel case being watched closely by media organizations around the world.


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