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April 20th, 2005 Edition

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Investigative Articles

Tracking And Tracing With PDF Files
Remote Approach has launched a new service that will give you the ability to track and trace PSF files sent through the internet.

Case of The Year
You are going to get a lot out of this one!

Financial Elder Abuse Investigations
The year was 1994 and I had just begun working for The Rat Dog Dick Detective Agency.  The owner, Fay Faron, had been investigating, for the past year, an alleged murder-for-profit scheme involving several elderly men in San Francisco.  The main suspects were all part of a Gypsy family.  As word of this unusual type of crime spread through the media, our agency became inundated with cases of financial elder abuse.  I was thrown into this an area of investigation, learning everything and anything I could about crimes being perpetrated against the elderly.

Interviewing And Defensive Demeanor Profiles
HIghly interesting article on profiles of those in defensive demeanors during an interview. A PDF file download. by Martha Davis, Stan B. Walters, Neal Vorus, Brenda Connor.

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The Six Things You Need
to Know About Executive Protection

Shielding executives from threats is about brains, not brawn. Best practices from practitioners and the Secret Service show CSOs should rely on risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis and old-fashioned legwork.

Six-Figure Jobs: Crime-Scene Cleaner
This career is truly a case of "no guts, no glory." But don't expect much in the way of glory. It's not just the blood. It's not just the gore. It's not just the stomach-turning stench. It's also the anthrax, the hazardous bodily fluids and the combustible chemicals used to make illegal drugs that make the job of crime-scene cleaner so challenging.

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Profile-Mary Brazas-Forensic Artist
When Mary Brazas was in high school, she would get in trouble for drawing. She would doodle on napkins, newspapers, book covers, homework, anything she got her hands on. It would drive her parents and teachers crazy....

Profile-Jacque Poppe-Small Town Private Investigator
Private investigators have been the topic of TV shows over the years, but Jacque Poppe's life doesn't necessarily imitate art.

Is Identity Theft Inevitable?

A giant data brokerage company exposes the records of more than 145,000 people. A cell phone conglomerate admits that its system was compromised. Anyone with Senate clearance can learn the Social Security number of Brad Pitt.

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Web Browser Forensics
Electronic evidence has often shaped the outcome of high-profile civil law suits and criminal investigations ranging from theft of intellectual property and insider trading that violates SEC regulations to proving employee misconduct resulting in termination of employment under unfavorable circumstances. Critical electronic evidence is often found in the suspect's web browsing history in the form of received emails, sites visited and attempted Internet searches. This two-part article presents the techniques and tools commonly used by computer forensics experts to uncover such evidence, through a fictitious investigation that closely mimics real-world scenarios.

Profile: Matthew Hilty, John Bukovack and OC Investigations
here is a house in West Ocean City with a textbook, "Criminalistics," on a ground-floor bookshelf, next to a copy of "The Da Vinci Code." The surveillance equipment and computers are upstairs, while a dog's chew toys are in the downstairs living room.

What Search Sites Know About You 
For most people who spend a lot of time online, impulsively typing queries into a search engine has become second nature. Got a nasty infection in an embarrassing spot? Look up a treatment on your favorite search site. Obsessing about an ex?

Technology-New Way Of Mapping Gemstones
American forensic experts say they have come up with a way to map the profile of individual gemstones. Jewelers and scientists say each gemstone is unique, but until recently, proving this had been difficult.

Protecting Horses From Theft
This is a very good article from NetPosse which specializes in and has a database and other services related to horse theft. At the end of he article is a collection of state-by-state laws.

Counter-Surveillance And Papal Deliberations
As cardinals gather in Vatican City to choose the successor to Pope John Paul II, the temptation to eavesdrop on their deliberations could prove too much for some.

Identity Theft: Are Organizations Obliged To Notify Clients?
"Although identity theft is not a new offense, the Internet has provided perpetrators with new means to misappropriate personal data. An ever-increasing number of people are using the Internet to disclose personal information, which in turn gives rise to significant risks related to identity theft and privacy breaches." A TechNews World Article.

Battling for the Future of Facial Biometrics
Grant Evans beams a smile as he ponders the potential of his company's 3-D face-recognition technology.

Developing an Interview Strategy
" Some interviews are free-flowing and spontaneous. Often, these interviews are conducted in an uncontrolled environment such as a street corner, an employee’s office or over the telephone. Because the person being interviewed in these situations is generally telling the truth, the investigator does not have to carefully structure an interview strategy. However, when interviewing a person who is motivated to lie to the investigator, the interview should not be haphazard or spontaneous. It should be carefully planned out and structured to achieve the desired goals." A John Reid Interviewing Article.

Instant Messaging – Expressway for Identity Theft, Trojan Horses, Viruses, and Worms
Never before with Instant Messaging (IM) has a more vital warning been needed for current and potential IM buddies who chat online.

Profile-Jay Patel, Abika.com-Your Data, For All
The World to See

Tucked away in the rodeo-ridden town of Cheyenne, Wy., is a small, seven-person company that is quietly blurring the conventional boundaries between public and private life. Founded by India-born Jay Patel, Abika.com is a self-proclaimed "worldwide leader in people information, verifications and profiling" in the emerging field of person-to-person search technology. The firm utilizes proprietary person-based data query/extraction systems (akin to old-fashioned intelligence gathering) in addition to online algorithmic searches to deliver "All Best Information Known Accurately.

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Microsoft New Forensics Cybercime Tools
Microsoft is developing analytical tools to help international law enforcement agencies track and fight cybercrime.

The Perfect Worm- Coming Soon, A Cell-Phone Virus That Will Wreck Your Life.
Two weeks ago, antivirus companies discovered CommWarrior, the first significant mobile-phone worm to be released "in the wild." The previous phone viruses you might have heard about were all pretty harmless.

Company Bypasses Cookie-Deleting Consumers
United Virtualities is offering online marketers and publishers technology that attempts to undermine the growing trend among consumers to delete cookies planted in their computers.

Smuggling Case Reveals a Nuclear Anti-Proliferation System in ...
... recent trip to South Africa where he interviews Karni's lawyer and rabbi, as well as the lawyer who interrogated Karni and a private detective who trailed him. ...

Profile-London Private Eye Exposes
Illegal "Lap-Dance' Club

A SHOCKING insight into the sordid world of an illegal London lap-dancing club emerged this week through the eyes of a private detective .

Keeping Online Daters Honest
One of the clichés about online dating is that you never know if the people behind the profiles are who they say they are. A WiredNews article.


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Web Site Finds And Tools

Law Links-Free Investigative Links Portal
This is a new portal for investigators that is very good and extensive--check it out.

Interactive Airport Security Screener
This interactive page lets you test you skills as a security screener so you understand exactly how air port security screening works. An MSNBC page.

Everything For Your Computer Site!
This place has massive downloadables, tools and aids you will use. It will also tell you if the program is shareware, freeware, or adware/spyware. It gives popularity & reviews of the programs & more. Found by Shelly Daniel--finder of PI useful websites!

Google Maps Integrates Satellite Images
Google today announced the integration of its Keyhole digital mapping service with the popular Google Maps service http://maps.google.com. Clicking the new Satellite link will convert your map into an aerial satellite view. Depending on your location, you may not get rooftop-level detail -- if satellite imagery is not available the software will suggest that you zoom out.

Go to this page, input an address and fly over the location. Very useful.

Those who live in the big city likely don't understand or have ever heard of the problem, those who live in rural areas should be quite knowledgeable. This site is about hose thefts and contains a lot of tools, references and aids.

PC Tools(TM) Fights Identity Theft and Spyware With the Release of Spyware Doctor(TM) 3.2
New Keylogger Guard(TM) Keeps Even the Savviest Crooks Away From Users' Computers

PC Tools, creator of the award-winning spyware removal and real-time protection software that detects and removes thousands of potential spyware threats, today announced the release of Spyware Doctor 3.2 with groundbreaking Keylogger Guard technology that protects users from identity thieves. This announcement supports the company's ongoing commitment to providing the most updated privacy and security tools to Windows platform users.

Hospital Compare
This tool provides you with information on how well the hospitals in your area care for all their adult patients with certain medical conditions. This information will help you compare the quality of care hospitals provide. Hospital Compare was created through the efforts of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and organizations that represent hospitals, doctors, employers, accrediting organizations, other Federal agencies and the public.

PC Magazine Utilities From A-Z
Can't find the utility you're looking for? Browse through our alphabetical list (or our categorical list) of utilities from the past 5 years.

White House Tapes
Between 1940 and 1973, six American presidents from both political parties secretly recorded just under 5,000 hours of conversations. This site is designed as a service to the research community by making freely available all of the presidential recordings, along with relevant research materials, so that scholars, teachers, students, and the public can hear and use these remarkable tapes for themselves.

Barry Zelma's Insurance Insurance Fraud Newsletter
if you are interested in insurance fraud, this is the place to look. Mr. Zelma is one of the USA's leading attorneys on insurance fraud and his newsletters are highly informative.

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Investigative News

Identity Theft In NC
Greenville,NC- Police say 51-year-old Susan White stole personal information from a dozen people. She's a nurse, and her victims -- her diabetes patients. ...

Meet Eugene Williams-A Grandmother Tracks
Internet Predators

Some Police Take Dim View; Others Glad For Help

No. 1 Source of Identity Theft
Shocking Statistics - Half of all identity thefts are committed by spouses, relatives and close friends!

About half of all identity theft is committed by close friends and relatives, who gain access to the personal records in your home, office, wallet or pocketbook. They not only steal bills and credit cards, but also you LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT and the identity that goes with it. That's the shocking conclusion of a new survey of 4,000 consumers, about 500 of whom were identity theft victims, that was conducted by Javelin Research and the Better Business Bureau for Check Free Services Corp., Visa USA, and Wells Fargo Bank, report MarketWatch and The Associated Press.

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Skip-Tracers, The Professionals Who Track Debtors On The Lam, See Rise In Business
When the economy goes down, business picks up for New York City private investigator Skipp Porteous. More calls are coming in from angry landlords, car dealers, banks and fraud victims. They are owed money and their debtors skipped town. For a flat fee, Porteous will find them. "Our business is growing more than ever," said Porteous, one of country's 2,200 independent skip-tracers.

Journalist Wins Case For Names Of Pardon Applicants
The federal government may not withhold the names of unsuccessful applicants for federal pardons in order to protect their privacy, a federal district court ruled.

RFID Cards Get Spin Treatment
Sensitive to privacy concerns associated with RFID, the Department of Homeland Security wants to call the tags in its new employee ID cards -- and, potentially, U.S. passports -- "contactless" or "proximity" chips. By Mark Baard.

Police Investigator Needs License, State Says
State officials said Wednesday that a consultant hired to investigate suspended Billings Police Chief Ron Tussing should have obtained a Montana private investigator's license.

High Court: Title IX Protects Whistleblowers
A closely divided Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a teacher or coach who claims sexual discrimination on behalf of others is protected from firing under the same landmark law that greatly expanded athletic opportunities for women.

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Identity Theft - US banking regulators take action
... institution" regulators, have instructed banks to develop procedures to promptly advise federal officials and customers of suspected cases of identity theft. ...

Civilian Patrol Makes Some On Border Uneasy
Volunteers say they're defending U.S., but critics call the armed group vigilantes- Traveling in RVs, trucks and private planes, hundreds of people — many wearing cowboy boots, hats and pistols — have descended on this historic town for what they claim is an operation to defend America.

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Record Number of Products Tagged with ADT's
Anti-Theft Labels

More than 4 billion products source tagged with Sensormatic last year

Critics Fear Database For Tracking
Homeless Goes Too Far

Raleigh, NC- Critics fear a statewide database that will track the homeless as they get help will put victims of domestic violence in danger, make fraud easier and discourage people from getting help.

98,000 More At Risk Of Identity Theft At University
Of California

The University of California, Berkeley, is warning more than 98,000 people that the theft of a laptop from its graduate school admissions office has exposed their personal information.

185,000 Patients May Be Vulnerable to Identity Theft Following ...
Las Vegas ... names, addresses, confidential medical information and Social Security numbers, potentially exposing as many as 185,000 individuals to identity theft. ...

Michigan May Require Online Dating Checks
Lansing Mich. -- Sandie Cornillie did a double take when she first heard about a bill that would force online dating sites to say whether criminal background checks have been conducted on their members

Florida Committee Recommends Court
Records Be Available Online

Most Florida court records would be electronically accessible to the public under a recommendation made Monday by the Florida Supreme Court Committee on Privacy and Court Records. Nine of 13 voting committee members supported providing online access to court records, said Carol LoCicero, an attorney with Holland & Knight in Tampa, Fla., who has monitored the issue for more than a year. She represents a media coalition of Florida newspapers and television stations that has urged the committee to make electronic access the same as courthouse access.

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Pirated Books Flood Markets in Hanoi
It is easy to see bookstores and mobile bookshops along major streets in Hanoi. They display books on pavements, near schools, and bus stations, even pagodas, cafe bars and restaurants. Fake books are flooding the market.

Forensic Science: A Weapon in the War on Terrorism
FBI to Increase Local Law Enforcement
AssistanceThe proper collection, preservation, and forensic analysis of evidence is a tremendous tool that must be fully exploited. Since its inception, the FBI has been the world leader in using science to solve crimes.

Milford School Drug Bust Results From Private Investigators Undercover
The eight-month undercover investigation at Milford High School by a private detective, hired to pose as a student and infiltrate the school's drug scene, was so secret that school board members didn't even know of the $60,000 expenditure to the Dayton security firm that provided the detective.

Court Officials in Kansas Want More Security
Handgun training, bulletproof benches and, of course, more X-rays and more access control all are part of proposal.

Victim Of Identity Theft Gets Caught Up In Frustrating Legal Maze
Lisa Jackson thought she was going to her longtime finance company for a routine refinancing of her pickup truck.

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US Senator Seeks Safeguards After Identity Theft
Dianne Feinstein called on Tuesday for more government protection against identity theft after a laptop storing nearly 100,000 Social Security numbers was ...

Wal-Mart Worker Charged with Stealing More than $100K in Electronics
Security cameras caught employee leaving Wal-Mart distribution center with merchandise.

Airports Get Alternative To Pat-Down Searches
Passengers at dozens of airports soon will be directed through screening machines that sniff for explosives and avoid the need for some pat-down searches.

England Group Calls For Courts To Drop Common People For Juries In Complicated Scientific Evidence Cases
A group of British MPs has called for juries to be dropped from trials involving complicated scientific evidence. The Commons select committee on science and technology argues that jury members are often unable to evaluate this kind of testimony, and can be swayed by the charisma of the witness.

Nude Pix Put Cops In a Fix
Forget Paris Hilton; here's a wireless security story that'll make one's heart pulsate the next time a cell phone or PDA lands in someone else's possession.

Shreddin'Ttime- Identity theft Ups Demand For Shredders.- What To Look For In A Shredder
You've decided you need a shredder. As with any household appliance, there are competing brands, competing models, different features. The cost can be as little as $19 and rise to $200 or so for a home model. What to buy?

Do Your Belong To One Of the PI Kiddie Rant And Rave Groups? Better Think Twice Before Joining In The Late Night PI KiddieScum Rave! Forum Poster Sued For Libel And Loses!
A libel battle in London financial circles may have punctured the idea that posters to internet forums can remain anonymous. Chief executive of finance group Collins Stewart Tullet Terry Smith won substantial damages from fund manager Jeremy Benjamin in the UK's high court after Mr Benjamin was found to have made false allegations against Mr Smith on the investment website the Motley Fool

Did the PLO Kill RFK?
The issue of a possible conspiracy in the murder of Senator Robert F Kennedy in 1968 has once again been resurrected with the publication of Peter Evans's book Nemesis and the recent calls from Hollywood celebrities and magazine writers to re-open the case.

Web Site Lets You Compare Hospitals
At one hospital, patients arriving with heart attacks always get an aspirin, a simple but effective measure that helps save lives. At another, though, that doesn't happen. Until now, the public couldn't find out which hospital was which. By Carol M. Ostrom


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Sleuthing 101
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Unique Approaches And Perspectives On Conducting Background Checks And Providing Pre-Employment Screening Services
By Barry Nadell

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Training Manual On Private Investigation
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By Michael Corwin


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By Douglas Crewse, CFE

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