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May 10th, 2005 Edition

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Investigative Articles

Profile-Megan Pingston- Forensic Facial Artist
As a child, Officer Megan Pingston used a Fred Flintstone tracer to draw faces. These days, she combines her artistic talent with her duties at the Hamburg Township Police Department to catch criminals.

Skip Tracing- The Art Of Finding People
A several page online tutorial on what a skip is and how the pros track them.

Tracking The Global Criminal
Catching today's sophisticated white collar criminal is like peeling an onion, going through layers and layers of business entities, paper trails and false identities, ring by ring, coming ever closer to the core of the crime. By Ed Pankau

Do You Invite People to Lie to You?
No one wants people to lie to them. Yet, I have encountered numerous parents, teachers and investigators who regularly invite deceptive answers from people they question. I am certain they do not do this intentionally. Rather, these individuals have little understanding of the psychology of deception. This web tip is written for individuals who are not dealing with rapists and murderers everyday. Rather, it is written for those of us who face everyday issues about a person’s credibility. A John Reid article.

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Profiling an Internal Fraudster
"As internal auditors, we are obligated to be familiar with the characteristics and warning signs of fraud. The main purpose of this article is to examine some of the characteristics of those who commit fraud." By Mark R. Simmons, CIA CFE

New Technology-Car Computers Track Traffic
Picking up doughnuts on the way to work recently, George List slid back into the driver's seat and heard a voice from the cup holder suggest an alternate route.The car wasn't talking, exactly. The voice came from a handheld computer nestled in the holder that links his car to 200 other vehicles in the area. Data from all the vehicles -- where they are, how quickly they move -- is being used to create snapshots of area traffic patterns.

Hunting Down E-Commerce Bandits
Retailers and manufacturers are using teams of undercover agents to find products being sold on the Web illegally. On a typical night, some 20,000 violations are discovered.

Tracking Criminals ( A Radio Interview)
Seattle radio station, KPLU, interviews computer forensics examiner Pamela Quintero about law enforcement's ability to trace e-mail and track down criminals. An Arizona man runs away with a 13-year-old girl. After months of pursuit, the FBI tracks him down yesterday in the Seattle Public Library because of e-mails he and the girl sent from there. You might wonder just how police were able to do that. The FBI says it never reveals its investigative techniques. So KPLU Law and Justice Reporter Paula Wissel turned to someone who follows cyber trails for a living.



Study-Is Technology And The Internet making Us Dumber?
It's not clever to send too many texts and e-mails!

Cutting Edge Research-Virtual Jail- Global Positioning Satellite Tracking System Of Sexual Predators
The group that I am profiling is sexual predators who are being tracked by a new surveillance tool used by law enforcement. This information technology tool tracks sexual predators while they are on probation and parole. This GPS monitoring system is currently being used in 27 states ( Eyes in the Sky 27 States). The Global Positioning Satellite technology, or GPS, is a method that enables correction facilities to aide in their overcrowding problem. The probation and parole agents are able to track these predators at all times while they are on probation or parole. This protects the victims and any prospective victim. A research paper by Albert De Amicis -Masters of Public Policy and Management.

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Profile- Myriam Marzak- Morocco's Lady Detective
I am the only woman private detective in Morocco. When I started up, people came to my office in Casablanca out of curiosity, saying ...

Detecting OC Spray with an Alternative Light Source
Recently, in the early morning hours, a woman was run down by an automobile. The automobile was operated by a female, with another female passenger. The victim suffered compound fractures to both legs and her jaw. She also suffered extensive "road rash" abrasions to her body. The ensuing investigation showed that this was not the average hit and run. Rather, it seemed to be an intentional act. After striking the victim, the car drove off. by H.W. "Rus" Ruslander

Cyber Sleuthing
From the FBI to the County Sheriff, crimes are being investigated with the aid of electronic tools. Software can look for patterns between crimes, and computer networks give law enforcement officers an advantage when approaching suspects.

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New Net Technology-Startup Helps Control Personal Info on Web
A Cambridge startup is offering a service it says gives a measure of control over the personal data Latest News about personal data the Internet disgorges, giving new meaning to a practice commonly termed "ego surfing" or "Googling yourself."

New Biometric Technology-May I See Your Voice, Please?
As speech-related biometric technology joins the fight against identity theft, your credit card may start asking you to speak louder.

Geekfathers: CyberCrime Mobs Revealed
Organized gangs are taking over crime on the Web. The dons aren't traditional gun-toters and roughnecks, but they're not script-kiddies or digital pranksters, either. In this report we map out some of the major players, what they call themselves, how they work, and how big a threat they really are to legitimate businesses online.

In The Security Hot Seat
Symantec's network security chief, Tim Mather, talks about attacks on his company, the folly of regulations and why he'd never hire a hacker.

Why Google Is Like Wal-Mart
One is an internet search powerhouse, the other a massive retailer. They have more in common than you might think. Commentary by Adam L. Penenberg-a WiredNews Article

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A Beginner's Primer on the Investigation of Forensic Evidence
Sponsor of The Forensic Resource and Criminal Law Search Site- By Kim Kriglick

Profile-U.S. Military's Elite Hacker Crew
The armed forces assembles a clandestine cadre of hackers capable of launching cyberwar against enemy networks. By John Lasker-A WiredNews Article.

Introduction to Spyware Keyloggers
Spyware is a categorical term given to applications and software that log information about a user's online habits and report back to the software's creators. The effects of these programs range from unwanted pop-up ads and browser hijacking to more dangerous security breaches, which include the theft of personal information, keystroke logging, changing dialup ISP numbers to expensive toll numbers, and installing backdoors on a system that leave it open for hackers.

Tips to Help Businesses Avoid Break-Ins
Southern Pines business owners learned recently that the best way to prevent burglaries and break-ins is to have secure locks and good lighting.

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Skeletons On Your Hard Drive
Tax records, resumes, photo albums--the modern hard drive can keep increasingly larger volumes of information at the ready. But that can turn into a problem when it comes to effectively erasing the devices.

Check Yourself Out on Google
Google is experimenting with a new feature that enables the users of its online search engine to see all of their past search requests and results, creating a computer peephole that could prove as embarrassing as it is helpful.

How Podcasting Works
Have you ever dreamed of having your own radio show? Or, are you a recording artist hoping to have your songs heard by the masses? Decades ago, you would have had to have a lot of connections -- or a fortune -- to get heard.

GPS Can Track Offenders
Butler County Commissioner Mike Fox says he has found a low-cost but high-tech way to keep track of convicted sex offenders, people who are on probation and those who are under court orders to stay away from specific locations.

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Video Promises To Liven Up E-Mail Messages
Little by little, the traditional barriers that have hindered video transmissions over the Internet are beginning to fall. Inexpensive, quality Web cameras and microphones have been integrated into desktop systems, laptops, and even handheld devices; and LAN and WAN bandwidth has increased so networks can support video transmissions.

How Cell-phone Jammers Work
It's great to be able to call anyone at anytime. Unfortunately, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, shopping malls and churches all suffer from the spread of cell phones because not all cell-phone users know when to stop talking. Who hasn't seethed through one side of a conversation about an incredibly personal situation as the talker shares intimate details with his friend as well as everyone else in the area?

New Technology- Holographic Memory Becomes A Reality
InPhase Technologies Inc. demonstrated a prototype of commercial holographic data storage at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas.

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New Technology- GPS Enabled Digital Camera
Ever taken a picture and forgotten where it was shot? A new GPS-enabled camera lets Marines tag photos with precise location, a written memo an even an audio recording -- helping them with perimeter defense, reconnaissance, and keeping tabs on locals.

The Changing Nature Of Innovation
Early developments in electronics came out of big labs
Rampant competition on a global scale means big changes for the way that companies carry out research and produce new products.


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Web Site Finds And Tools
Note: Some web site finds and tools found by Shelly Daniel And Barbara Thomas

Electronic Discovery Law
This web site reports on legal issues, news and best practices relating to electronic data discovery. It includes a searchable database of hundreds of state and federal cases relating to electronic discovery issues.

Who's A Rat!
Who's A Rat is a database driven website designed to assist attorneys and criminal defendants with few resources. The purpose of this web site is for individuals and attorneys to post,share and request any and all information that has been made public at some point ..

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Phone Finder
Enter and area code and 3 digit prefix to learn the geographic name AND the phone carrier. Works with pager and cell phone numbers, too. Hot resource! You can enter an area code and a 3 digit prefix to obtain the geographic location and phone carrier. This will also work with pagers and cell phones. There are two
searches: US and Canada search and another search in which you can search for international phone number locations.

DOB Search
This e-company has extracted 138,000,000 dates of birth from public records and put them up on the web -- for free.

Post Office Locator
Input an address and obtain the nearest post office branch.

Federal Inmate Locator
Search for federal inmates by name!

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Free Forms
Thousands of free legal forms are at your fingertips with our one of the kind legal forms search engine.
Check out their links too.

National Address Server
Given a valid U.S. postal address, this server attempts
to rewrite the address in the proper format along with the
ZIP+4 code.

Research It!
A good collection of useful reference materials.

Search by, By Country or Category Across Countries or Categories A to Z listing Across Countries, Across Categories

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Investigative News

The 30-Year Fugitive Caught
Outside one of south Texas' most popular resort lakes, a Texas ranger and local detective were delighted as they peered through their binoculars. They didn't expect it to be this easy. Just a few minutes into their stakeout, the pair spotted one of Toledo's longest-sought fugitives easing his old pickup past their unmarked Ford Expedition and into his driveway on Hideaway Lane.

Little Known Law May Help Freeze
ID Theft In Ca.

A 2003 statute allows Californians to block access to their credit reports. Few knew about it until the ChoicePoint scandal.

Senator Feinstein Floats Heftier Bill on Data Theft
The day before data broker LexisNexis increased by nearly tenfold the number of identities feared stolen in last month's data breach, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Monday filed beefed-up identity legislation that privacy experts hope will close large loopholes in existing and previously filed legislation.

Florida May Use GPS To Monitor Sex Offenders
Legislature may pass bill within days to require lifelong tracking

Watching the Watchers
Misuse of database information by insiders happens everyday, and there's little we can do about it.

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Westchester Sex Offenders May Be Tracked By Satellite
Westchester County may soon be using a global positioning system to track the movements of convicted sex offenders, County Executive Andrew Spano said Thursday.

Meet Eugene Williams-A Grandmother Tracks
Internet Predators

Some Police Take Dim View; Others Glad For Help

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Private Detective Passed Celebrity Secrets To The Media
A private investigator involved with a gang which sold celebrity secrets to national newspapers, avoided jail after being given a two-year conditional discharge.

Family Gains Access To Dead Marine's E-mail
Ends court battle over Yahoo! account, Wixom, Michigan (AP) -- E-mail provider Yahoo! has pledged to give the family of a Marine killed in Iraq full access to their son's e-mail account, ending a court battle that began after his parents sought messages he wrote before his death.

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Fraudulent Emails Increase Risk Of Identity Theft
Anybody with an e-mail account has probably had a problem with spam or unsolicited mail filling up his or her inbox. Usually, these e-mails are easy to spot and delete, but occasionally, they look so authentic people are tricked into giving out personal information in an increasingly common scam known as "phishing."

1.4 Million ID Theft Compromise At DSW
Ohio (AP) -- Thieves who accessed a DSW Shoe Warehouse database obtained 1.4 million credit card numbers and the names on those accounts - 10 times more than investigators estimated last month.

Juror Fined $1000 A Yawn
A juror was cited for contempt and fined $1,000 by a judge for yawning loudly while awaiting questioning in an attempted murder trial. The fine later was reduced to $100.

Google Fights Click Fraud in Court
Google sues a former Web-site ad partner, accusing it of purposefully inflating clicks to gain more revenue from sponsored links.

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U.S. Gets New Cyber Terrorism Security Center
A new private-sector cyber terrorism security center that aims to watch over much of the nation's critical business infrastructure with its own real-time cyberthreat-detection network opened here today at the University of Pennsylvania

Area Codes Blur Boundaries
Thanks to cellular and internet phones, anyone can make a call from anywhere -- and use any area code in the country.But the added mobility doesn't always bode well for businesses trying to operate in a messy world of multiple personal phones, calling numbers and area codes that differ from a person's home address. -By Elisa Batista- A WiredNews story.

New Operating Systems- Imitation Is Purest Flattery As Apple, Microsoft Battle
Do you have any idea where you saved your last file? Both Microsoft and Apple Computer are betting the answer is no. And their newest operating systems bear uncannily like-minded search tools as a result.

Police Foil $420 Million Keylogger Scam
The British Hi-Tech Crime Unit foils what would have been one of the biggest computer crimes in history, where thieves attempted to transfer $420 million from a London branch of Japanese bank Sumitomo Mitsui.

Nurse Sues To Keep Address Out Of Public Records
A Juneau nurse, represented by the Alaska Civil Liberties Union, filed a class action lawsuit Monday against the state of Alaska to keep her personal address out of the public files, which she says can endanger her.

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Congress Tackles Identity Theft 
Responding to outrage from consumers whose personal information has been stolen, Congress is primed to pass new laws to try to prevent break-ins and to require businesses to confess to customers when private data is taken. The government's new interest in requiring disclosures reverses years of efforts by the FBI to shield corporations that have been victims of hackers from bad publicity by keeping such crimes out of headlines.-A WiredNews story.

Paralegal For Large Company Sentenced In Identity Theft scheme
Phoebe Nicholson, 40, was sentenced to three to nine years in state prison and ordered to pay restitution of $1.3 million on the charges of grand larceny in the second degree.

Ameritrade Warns 200,000 Clients About
Potential Data Breach

A backup tape with account information is missing.


A New Identity Theft Happens Every 12 Seconds.
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Pet Detective Boom In England-Dog Snatch
Mysteries Deepens

DOG snatching in the borough has reached crisis point with one pet being taken from its loving owners every week, according to an expert.

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ChoicePoint Division Changes Tack
A division of ChoicePoint that conducts background checks for employers and other organizations will begin notifying individuals when it provides damaging personal information about them. The newly announced policy is designed to bring the company into compliance with a federal law that requires such notice in certain cases.

Woow! Nigeria Bandits Get Reward To Go Straight
Nigeria's Yobe State is to pay bandits 20,000 naira ($193) if they repent their violent ways, a huge sum in this impoverished west African country

Web Bugs May Break State Law
Looks like potential privacy violations aren't the only problem with the use of so-called Web bugs to track people's actions as they file online tax returns .

Search Battle Heads to Video
After competing for your search queries, e-mail patronage and browser homepage, the next internet portal war will likely be for your video viewing time. By Joanna Glasner- a WiredNews story.


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Private Investigator Sentenced For Witness Tampering
A Dutchess County private investigator convicted of helping a Poughkeepsie lawyer conspire to tamper with a federal witness was sentenced Tuesday to four years in prison.

Virus Pits Itself Against Music Pirates
A hacker has created a virus that targets music lovers by deleting MP3 files on infected computers, according to antivirus company Sophos.

Study: Web of Hate Growing in Cyberspace
Internet sites that market racism, white supremacy and neo-Nazism to a young audience are spreading like wildfire in cyberspace, according to a new study.

AOL to Block Identity Theft Sites
America Online on Wednesday is expected to unveil plans to block identity theft sites and monitor suspected Web sites around the clock.

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Mail Carrier, Son Arrested For ID Theft Scheme
... her son, 25-year-old son Lavelle Moore. The 43-year-old woman faces charges of grand theft and identity theft, NBC 7/39 reported.

Federal Airport Screeners Not Better than Private Screeners
Key House member says GAO report will show that TSA-operated security is no improvement over private operations

Does the FBI Have Your Fingerprints?
Anna Ayala, the woman who found a finger in a bowl of Wendy's chili last month, was arrested on Thursday and charged with grand larceny and attempted grand larceny. Police have not been able to determine the origin of the finger, even after searching for matches in "the F.B.I.'s database of about 50 million prints." Who's in the FBI database?

Charges Against Deputy Dropped
King County prosecutors have dropped all charges against a sheriff's deputy accused of stalking his ex-wife, aiding an escort service and stealing from an 85-year-old man.

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Processors Respond to Warnings of Terrorist Attack on Food Supply
Security of food processing plants strengthened with surveillance, product tracking systems.

Husband From Hell In NY Jailed
He truly is the "husband from hell."A Long Island man was arraigned yesterday on charges he violated a restraining order against his estranged wife — for the seventh time — and was finally held without bail to prevent him from tormenting the terrified woman and their three children.

Woman In Wendy's Finger Case Arrested
Las Vegas-The woman who claimed she found a finger in her bowl of Wendy's chili last month has been arrested, the latest twist in a bizarre case about how the 1 1/2-inch finger tip ended up in a bowl of fast food.

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In-Site Location Selection Investigation: Don’t Make a Move Without it-In-Site Location Selection Investigation Offers Home Buyers And Business Owners Crime And Hazard Protection
Las Vegas - “Until now, home buyers could expect to receive more protection from bugs than from the threat of crime or hazardous situations,” says Robert A. Gardner, CPP, a security consultant and private investigator with offices in Ventura, CA and Las Vegas, NV. “While government regulations may require termite inspections and disclosure that a property has mold or may be at risk from a 100 year flood, there are usually no requirements that prospective buyers be told of potential crime risks or other hazardous conditions”.

Peeping Tom Trojan suspect cuffed in Cyprus
A 45-year-old man from Cyprus was arrested Monday on sexual harassment charges after allegedly hacking into a webcam in order to take illicit pictures of a young woman in her bedroom, the Cyprus Mail reports.



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