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July 20th, 2004 Edition

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Investigative Articles

Could Your Voice Betray You?
A Look At Voice Stress Technology As A Deception Detector-A Cnet Article.
By Douglas Heingartner

New Technology--Car Zapping!
A hi-tech device that can bring speeding cars to a halt at the flick of a switch is set to become the latest weapon in the fight against crime.

Not All Criminal Records Sources Are Created Equal!
What every investigator should know about criminal records checks-a PDF file download.

Forensic Science Not All Glamour
Movies, television shows and crime novels often portray forensic science as a field of gripping intrigue and gory glamour where bold analysts draw dramatic conclusions about violent crimes in less than two hours or in one short chapter.

Congress Submits Additional
Questions To NCISS Witness

Here are the questions and answers.

Nonverbs Vs Statement Analysis
Interesting Investigative Analysis Techniques by Mark McClish

Seventeen Point Checklist For Working A Capitol Murder Case
The smallest detail which was unimportant at the time maybe the one
thing that keeps your client from getting the death sentence. By Suzanne Serdahley

Using Consumer Credit Reports
What Employers Need to Know-An FTC Article

Forensic Nursing A Fast-Growing Field
A look at an old profession with a new twist.

Statement Analysis-Jeffrey MacDonald
On February 17, 1970 at Ft. Bragg, NC, someone entered the residence of Green Beret Captain Jeffrey MacDonald, M.D. and murdered his wife, Colette, and his two kids, Kristen and Kimberly. When the M.P.’s arrived at the house, they found MacDonald unconscious and injured. When he regained consciousness, MacDonald stated that he had fallen asleep on the couch. He was awakened by the screams of his wife and his oldest daughter Kimberly. MacDonald stated there were four people in his house who attacked him and left him unconscious

Internet Fraud Brings Profit
To Security Firms

From identity theft to bogus stock sales to counterfeit prescription drugs, crime is rife on the Web. But what has become the Wild West for savvy cyber criminals has also developed into a major business opportunity for cybersleuths.

Identity Theft: Prevalence and Cost Appear to be Growing
report From The US General Accounting Office- a PDF download.

Those Dark Hiding Places
The Invisible Web Revealed

By Robert J. Lackie, Assistant Professor-Librarian, Rider University

Navigating the Maze of Criminal Records Retrieval This article is an updated version of an article previously published on LLRX.com- By Lynn Peterson

Staying Invisible While Online
This is a daily updated list of really functioning free public proxy servers plus proxy related information and tools.

Know How to Spot the Telltale Signs
Of A Cheating Spouse

Since couples therapists report a 50% increase in female infidelity this is a goldmine for the modern PI.

Deductive Criminal Profiling
Comparing Applied Methodologies Between Inductive and Deductive Criminal Profiling Technique. By Brent E. Turvey, M.S.

Profile: A Couple Of Undercover
Moms In Boise, Idaho

Word-associate the phrase "private detective" and the first image may be of Humphrey Bogart or somebody like him—a male detective
in a felt .

Interviewing for Credibility: Accurate Identification of Deception Behaviors
Whether conducted by the patrol officer, the victim’s advocate, the prosecutor or the investigator assigned to a special unit in the criminal investigation division, the interview of a victim, witness, suspect or informant is a critical element of any investigation.  Precious resources in the form of man power, money, time and equipment can be wasted because of the failure of the interviewer to conduct a complete interview and accurately evaluate the credibility of the information gained from the subject interviewed...by Stan B. Walters

PI Profile: Ken Dewey
Owner of Carolina Professionals in North Carolina

PI Profile: Jim Brieske
Owner Of Brieske Investigations

Footwear, The Missed Evidence!
By Dwayne S. Hilderbrand, CLPE
Lead Latent Print Examiner Scottsdale Police Crime Lab

Domestic Violence Homicides
By Vernon J. Geberth, M.S., M.P.S.
Former Commander, Bronx Homicide, NYPD

Investigative News

NJ Woman Convicted Of Worker Comp Fraud From Private Investigator Video Surveillance Evidence
A prosecutor said Wednesday that a videotape ''spoke volumes'' and apparently convinced a judge that a woman, who complained that she was unable to perform her job at Fair Acres because of a back injury, collected more than $20,000 in benefits from workman's compensation under false pretenses.

Forensic Computing Uncloaks Industrial Espionage In England
Forensic computing techniques proved decisive in winning a recent High Court action involving underhand dealings and industrial espionage in Britain's automotive tools industry.

Police: Private Investigator Led Accident Fraud Ring
Kenner , La.: A private investigator specializing in automobile insurance fraud is the suspected leader of a ring that staged 70 wrecks over seven years while defrauding insurance companies out of nearly $200,000, state police said.

Polish Private Investigator Nabs Blackmailers Sweden
A Polish private detective, recently elected to the European Parliament, masterminded the capture of a gang of Polish blackmailers in Sweden -- only to find himself briefly detained by Swedish police at the scene

Galena, Kahn: KBI Investigation Of Private Detective's Death Under Way
'I don't think he shot himself"

Judge Orders D.A.To Testify
At Jackson Hearing

Defense claims Sheldon  violated attorney-client privilege during search,

Man's Surveillance Cam Captures Firebombing Of Home
Orange County Fla.- An Orange County man, tired of criminals making mischief in his neighborhood, was shocked to find what his newly installed surveillance camera captured Tuesday morning: arsonists firebombing a neighbor's house, then returning five minutes later to use their vehicle to push a flaming car up against the house.

Corporate Espionage Inside Canada Airlines
In a case involving electronic snooping and purloined trash, each of Canada's biggest airlines accuses the other of stealing business secrets and otherwise behaving badly.

Judges Will Decide On Jail Phone System Privacy Plan In Georgia
A three-judge panel will decide Wednesday whether a plan developed by the Athens-Clarke County Sheriff's Department does enough to ensure phone calls between inmates and their attorneys cannot be monitored.

China's Only Private Investigator Association Called Illegal By Government And Cancels First Convention
The Civil Affairs Bureau of Shenyang in North China's Liaoning Province announced that the association had not registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs and therefore the conference is illegal.

New Regulations For California Security Guards
New regulations call for better training of California Security Guards

House to Tackle Internet Calls
Congress will hold hearings this week to determine what to do about voice-over-IP phone services. Michael Grebb reports from Washington. A Wired News Story

Court Creates Snoopers' Heaven
A recent federal ruling clearing a rare-book dealer could make it
legal for e-mail and phone service providers to read e-mail or listen to voicemail messages of customers. by Kim Zetter. A Wired News Story

Search Engine Paid Inclusion
Losing Charm?

Microsoft and Ask Jeeves are dropping paid-inclusion links from their search engines, a move that's winning praise. Yahoo is the last major search engine that champions paid inclusion, but for how much longer? A Wired News Story By Chris Ulbrich.

New NC State Law Allows Private Dog Handlers To Conduct Drug Searches For Businesses
Some law enforcement circle concerned.

Crime Fighters Use Digital Video
A few police departments across the country are trying out Tivo-style video systems to record criminal activity and avoid lawsuits. Officers especially like the 'pre-event' feature.

New Tri-State Law Enforcement Web Site Links Several States
Criminals who go from town-to-town committing crimes in the Tri-state will find police close on their heels, more than ever before.

Speed Past Pesky Security Checks
Northwest passengers on Wednesday can begin skipping parts of the airport security check in the Twin Cities, but only if they have signed up for fingerprinting and a background check. By Ryan Sin gel-A Wired News Story

RFID At Mega Retail Stores To Produce Instant
Electronic Checkout

Radio-frequency chips are retail nirvana. They're the end of privacy. They're the mark of the beast. Inside the tag-and-track supermarket of the future. A Wired News Story

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