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Tracing Lost or Missing Persons
This article provides information about how to search for missing persons, including runaways and abducted children, birth parents, servicemen and women, refugees, former classmates, persons in the criminal justice system or relatives from whom one has become estranged or who live overseas.  A Resource Guide in a FAQ presentation .Prepared by staff of the Dallas Public Library.

Credit Reports And Pre-Employment Screening
by Lester S. Rosen, President of Employment Screening Resources

Understanding The Covert Video & Mystery Shopping Services Boom
An Old Investigative Service With A New Twist Creates A Booming And Highly Lucrative Trend! By Ralph Thomas

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Trap Lines And Blind Line Services For Skip Tracers And Other Investigators
Trap lines have become a very effective investigative tool in skip tracing and other types of investigations such as when you need to find out where someone works.The idea behind using a trap line is that if you capture the telephone number that the party is dialing from, you have a fact that they were at this location at the time of the call. This could be their home address. If you set it up right and ask them to call at a certain time, they could be calling from their work number. Of course, once you get the number they call from, you need to turn the telephone number you captured into an address. By Ralph Thomas

Cable Piracy Do’s and Don’ts For Private Investigators
This article is a reissue as it ran last year. However, it's obvious that many investigators do not understand the opportunity in cable piracy investigations nor the steps you need to be successful with them. The author consistently makes between $3,000 and $5,000 on this types of events and there is a lot of opportunity when do right. When done in a slip-shot method with no pre-investigative steps- you are just wasting your time. By: Jack Murray CLI,CFE,CCDI

Location Tracking And Technogical Trends
Location tracking is one of those double-edged swords of technology. It can help find people in an emergency, but it can also make your whereabouts known to strangers. Explore these new system

Can't Hide Your Lying ... Face?
In search of the ultimate lie detector, researchers turn to thermal facial scans, brain wiring and eyeball tracking. But deception still, well, deceives. By Randy Dotinga- A WiredNews Article

Legal Ways To Locate Bank Accounts
The following information has been compiled from various sources to aid law information, bank investigators, law firms and researchers who are in need to obtain checking account information for investigatory reasons only.

Defining Moments In One On One Surveillance
Is it patience, experience, positioning, luck, or perhaps a sixth sense at work for surveillance specialists who consistently provide clients with crucial video evidence? By Thomas J. Severin, Severin Investigation

Covert Video Surveillance In Child Abuse Cases
An important investigative tool or a breach of trust? There has been controversy among professionals and the public surrounding the use of covert video surveillance (CVS) in cases of suspected child abuse.

Automotive Black Box Data Recovery Systems
For years, airplane crash investigators have had the benefit of retrieving data from the flight-data recorder, or "black box." This data has proven invaluable for helping to determine what happened in the seconds before a crash. Now, in order to improve vehicle safety, General Motors is using similar technology in about 40% of its Model Year 1999 vehicles. By Don Gilman

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What You Should Know About
Conflict of Interest

Employees, in performing official duties, are expected to act on behalf of and in the best interests of the organization that employs them. A conflict of interest arises for an employee, officer or director of an organization when that person acts, or appears to act, on behalf of someone other than the organization; and has, or appears to have, a self interest of which the organization is unaware and that is actually or potentially adverse to its best interests. If a conflict of interest results in economic or financial loss to the organization through fraud, waste or abuse, then administrative, civil or criminal remedies may be pursued, as circumstances or policy dictate. By Mark R. Simmons, CIA CFE

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The Skip Trace Training Manual


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