April, 2005 Edition

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Skip Tracing- The Art Of Finding People
A several page online tutorial on what a skip is and how the pros track them.

Tracking The Global Criminal
Catching today's sophisticated white collar criminal is like peeling an onion, going through layers and layers of business entities, paper trails and false identities, ring by ring, coming ever closer to the core of the crime. By Ed Pankau

Do You Invite People to Lie to You?
"No one wants people to lie to them. Yet, I have encountered numerous parents, teachers and investigators who regularly invite deceptive answers from people they question. I am certain they do not do this intentionally. Rather, these individuals have little understanding of the psychology of deception. This web tip is written for individuals who are not dealing with rapists and murderers everyday. Rather, it is written for those of us who face everyday issues about a person’s credibility." A John Reid article.

Hunting Down E-Commerce Bandits
Retailers and manufacturers are using teams of undercover agents to find products being sold on the Web illegally. On a typical night, some 20,000 violations are discovered.

Tracking Criminals ( A Radio Interview)
Seattle radio station, KPLU, interviews computer forensics examiner Pamela Quintero about law enforcement's ability to trace e-mail and track down criminals. An Arizona man runs away with a 13-year-old girl. After months of pursuit, the FBI tracks him down yesterday in the Seattle Public Library because of e-mails he and the girl sent from there. You might wonder just how police were able to do that. The FBI says it never reveals its investigative techniques. So KPLU Law and Justice Reporter Paula Wissel turned to someone who follows cyber trails for a living.

Tracking And Tracing With PDF Files
Remote Approach has launched a new service that will give you the ability to track and trace PSF files sent through the internet.

The Skip Trace Portal!
A Huge collection of tools, searches and resources for private investigators and skip tracers.


ChoicePoint Division Changes Tack
A division of ChoicePoint that conducts background checks for employers and other organizations will begin notifying individuals when it provides damaging personal information about them. The newly announced policy is designed to bring the company into compliance with a federal law that requires such notice in certain cases.

Congress Tackles Identity Theft 
Responding to outrage from consumers whose personal information has been stolen, Congress is primed to pass new laws to try to prevent break-ins and to require businesses to confess to customers when private data is taken. The government's new interest in requiring disclosures reverses years of efforts by the FBI to shield corporations that have been victims of hackers from bad publicity by keeping such crimes out of headlines.-A WiredNews story.

Florida May Use GPS To Monitor Sex Offenders
Legislature may pass bill within days to require lifelong tracking


Who's A Rat!
Who's A Rat is a database driven website designed to assist attorneys and criminal defendants with few resources. The purpose of this website is for individuals and attorneys to post,share and request any and all information that has been made public at some point ..

Phone Finder
Enter and area code and 3 digit prefix to learn the geographic name AND the phone carrier. Works with pager and cell phone numbers, too. Hot resource! You can enter an area code and a 3 digit prefix to obtain the geographic location and phone carrier. This will also work with pagers and cell phones. There are two
searches: US and Canada search and another search in which you can search for international phone number locations.

DOB Search
This e-company has extracted 138,000,000 dates of birth from public records and put them up on the web -- for free.

Post Office Locator
Input an address and obtain the nearest post officebranch.

Federal Inmate Locator
Search for federal inmates by name!



The Skip Trace & Information Professional's Resource System On CD
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Here is a very innovative system for finding missing persons, locating non published numbers, and background information on just about anyone. You will find the information you need faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible!  And the information you'll gather is reliable, up to date and, best of all, it's FREE !  I know from first hand experience in my own company (and from scores of other businesses I've helped) this proprietary information will save you time and money.  If you've been searching for the perfect "Work at Home Business", this is it!  This is absolutely the most specific reference and resource based material for information professionals you may ever be exposed to. This is definitely NOT your garden variety  “Go to the court house and look it up” kind of book.  Nor is it one of those expensive online services, this system shows you how to get the information you seek yourself for FREE! Many investigators sell these services for upwards of $100 each.  Now you can learn how to do it yourself for free. Following the steps outlined will put you on track to becoming a professional Information Broker in no time.  The skills you will learn are fast and  easy for you to master.  Using your newfound proficiency the information you'll gather can include:

  • Addresses
  • Non-Published Phone Numbers
  • Bank Accounts
  • Bankruptcies
  • Places of Employment

And a whole lot more! Whether you have been an investigator or collector for years or are just starting out, this is the one book you MUST HAVE on  your desk. With these resources at your fingertips you can't help but make money!   We’ll show you how and where to contact companies that will be most happy to help and give you information such as the current address, telephone numbers (published and nonpublished alike), employment, references, and more on just about anyone in the United States!

THESE NUMBERS ARE IN THE BOOK, plus over a thousand resources that will give you the information you seek ABSOLUTELY FREE! Did you ever wonder how some people are able to get help from companies that turn you down cold or tell you to mail in your plea for help? Now you can have the insiders' book of skip trace numbers. The all new SKIP TRACE RESOURCE BOOK  includes listings for all:

  • Major Banks
  • Credit Cards
  • Department Stores
  • Government Offices
  • Military Locator numbers
  • Naval Ship Locator numbers
  • Prisoner Locator numbers

and much more. MANY OF THESE ARE NON-PUBLISHED 800 NUMBERS! If you’re tired of being Ripped-Off by so-called resource books that give you a hodgepodge of outdated numbers with no rhyme or reason in their order or why they’re even in there, then you owe it to yourself to check out this system!

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