As an NAIS member, you licensed to use all of the graphics from the main page as long as you maintain your NAIS membership in good standing and follow the below conditions. You can NOT include any of this material in other collections or resell any of the material in any way. These graphics can ONLY be used on private investigative agency web sites. They CAN NOT be used in conjuction with sites who's primary function is to promote investigative books or equipment. In order to use the graphics, you MUST place a link to the main page of the NAIS web site:



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Some Graphics Produced And Developed By NAIS
Used With Permission As An NAIS Member.
Copyright: 2001, NAIS. All Rights Reserved.

You must also notify RThomas007@aol.com that you are using NAIS member web graphics by providing a URL on the web page in which the graphics appears in the email. The license to use any graphic in this collection will expire when your NAIS membership expires.

The overwhelming majority of these graphics were handmade by Ralph Thomas with Photoshop 6.0 and ImageReady. The badge graphics were mainly done from actual digital photos taken.


Have fun searchng through this collection.

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My Best,

Ralph Thomas