Milo Speriglio, detective, 62
• Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 08:37:04 -0700
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• Subject: Milo Speriglio, detective, 62
Monday May 29 5:38 AM ET

Marilyn Monroe Detective Milo Speriglio Dies at 62

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Private investigator Milo Speriglio, who maintained
Marilyn Monroe was murdered in a Mafia hit, has died of lung cancer at age
62, the Los Angeles Times reported on Sunday.
In 41 years as a detective, he was perhaps best known for the three books we
wrote and co-authored, attempting to debunk the official reports of Monroe's
death by suicide. Speriglio also investigated the deaths of actress Natalie
Wood and TV ''Superman'' George Reeves.
Speriglio investigated Monroe's death for two decades, and argued she was
the victim of a mafia hit from Chicago, ordered by family members of
President John F. Kennedy.
Family members said he died on April 30, leaving a wife and two daughters,
the paper said. The detective agency he directed, Nick Harris Detectives,
was not available for comment.