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A New Generation In High End Law Enforcement Grade Covert Video Systems!

The POV.1 is built to capture hands-free video from your Point-of-View. From DVD-quality recording, to cut-and-splice editing, to online distribution, the process is simple and seamless. The durable camera head can be attached almost anywhere to capture the action. Aside from that, this is a huge and complete system with 21 different parts. (see below diagram and photo)

The POV.1 is a fully integrated point-of-view (POV) video system that's waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant. The system includes a mountable camera head, built-in video recorder, wireless remote and software for managing your point-of-view videos.

The POV One leaves just above everything else in the dust when it comes to top performance. Just take a look at the features and specs of this complete system!

• High-quality wearable video camera records with 720 x 480 resolution at 30fps
• Ergonomic user interface design enables single-handed operation and
hands-free video capture
• Modular mounting system provides camera stability while attached to
helmets or other high impact gear
• Components are shock-resistant, water-resistant and dustproof for use
in the most hazardous environments

• POV.1 Recorder with LCD
• Wearable camera head
• LVDS cable
• POV Manager software
• Wireless remote control
• 1GB SD card
• USB cable
• Analog A/V cable
• AA batteries
• Carrying case
• Mounting accessories

Hardware General:
• The POV.1 records in 2 modes, LOOP or CLIP. In LOOP mode, the user
TAGs and saves key video segments. In CLIP mode, video is continuously
recorded as in traditional video recording. Recording, playback and set-up
are controlled by buttons on the POV.1 Recorder.
• Video: Frame rates: 30fps, 25fps, 24fps, 15fps
• Resolutions: 720x480, 720x400, 640x480, 360x240
• Formats: MPEG4 AVI (DivX Codec) digital, NTSC/PAL analog
• Exposure control: Automatic exposure control and white balance

Imaging Hardware:
• Sensor: Advanced CMOS sensor with electronic global shutter
• Dynamic range: 75dB to 110dB
• Sensitivity: 5 lux color sensor (Sub 0.1 lux monochrome sensor)
• Processor: 32 Bit MIPS processor, 12 Bit image

• Sensitivity: F2.0, relative illumination @ full field 74%
• Effective focal length: 4.5mm

• Mic type: Monaural Omni directional cable-mounted, -40dB sensitivity at 1kHz
• Resolution: 16-bit half duplex
• Sampling rate: 32kHz
• SNR: 80dB
• Speaker: Monaural 8ohm mylar, 0.7W Max

• Recording capacity: Includes 1GB SD card, 2GB SD card capability
• I/O Ports: SD card slot, USB 2.0 high speed (Mini -B), Mic-In, NTSC/PAL
Analog TV/Audio Out

The POV.1 records its videos using MPEG4, so you can use your Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac computer to view them.

• Mac:
Plug the POV.1 into a USB port or insert the SD card into a card reader in your computer. After a simple installation of quicktime components for MPEG-4, you'll be able to browse all of the videos, view them through Quicktime, and edit them in iMovie!

• PC:
Install V.I.O.'s POV Manager software: simple, intuitive software that allows you to view, edit, and share video easily. For example:

• A POV Recorder window shows thumbnails of videos saved on the connected POV.1, and a POV Library window shows thumbnails of videos stored on your hard drive.

• Drag and drop video clips from the POV Recorder to the POV Library to move them between the POV.1 and your computer, or drag onto a play area to play them back in either actual size or full screen.

• See tags on the timeline during playback, and extract clips to the “Storyboardâ€? window to quickly edit your video.

• Use the Share function to email your clips and upload them to V.I.O. where they can be seen by your friends.

System requirements:
• USB 2.0 port or SD card reader
• Windows: Microsoft Windows XP or Vista and a CD-ROM drive
• Macintosh: Macintosh OS X 10.4.7 or higher
• V.I.O. releases frequent updates to POV Manager software, which is free to all
• POV.1 customers. Upcoming features will include titling, audio overlays, transition effects, and a version for Mac.

A New Generation In High End Law
Enforcement Grade Covert Video Systems!
Complete high grade law enforcement quality covert video system with all the above accessories. You will never need another covert video camera system.




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