New Tool Gives the Scoop on Snoops
Free utility can reveal rootkits, hidden software used by hackers and crooks. Computer users have yet another tool they can use to find out if stealthy malware--such as a hidden virus, Trojan horse, or spyware application--has found its way onto their PC. The tool, called RootkitRevealer, permits Windows users to scan a computer for the telltale presence of certain kinds of malicious software. PC World Article And resource.

Keyhole lets your download a free trial of their software that lets you input anny address and do a bird's eye fly-by of that address. The personal edition is only $29.95

Three Cool Search Gizmos
These three simple little search gadgets each do one thing, but do their tasks very, very well. Sometimes less is more.

Get Your Bots
Derived from the word "robot," a bot is a software program that performs repetitive functions, such as indexing information on the Internet. This place lists and lets you download a lot of them.

Best Security Files: Lock Private Files, Encrypt E-Mail
 These programs let you lock away files and ensure that your e-mail isn't intercepted by snooper. PC World And Resource.

Terra Server Satellite Imaging
Input an address and get stored data on various satellite images. You can usually pull several different photos by date. You can also purchase blow-ups of any of these photos but the name and address to image online service is free.

E-Mail Detective - Forensic Software Tool
for use with AOL

There are many tools used today by law enforcement officers for the recovery of evidence from personal computers.  Leading software applications, such as Encase, provide the investigator with a comprehensive image of a user’s computer. However, in the field of Computer Forensics, only Hot Pepper Technology provides a software tool that allows investigators to extract all email contents (including graphics) from America Online’s database stores on a user’s disk drive. 

old-Spybot Search and Destroy v1.3
Protect your privacy by removing spybots and replacing them with empty dummies.


Computer Security Software Tools
This page hands you a huge collection of free downloadable software dealing with computer security. This is a very extensive list of over 25 downloadable software programs that will have something for everyone. You will find Network Monitoring Tools, Authentication/ Password Tools,Service-Filtering Tools, Tools to Scan Hosts for Known Vulnerabilities , Multi-Purpose Tools, Integrity-Checking Tools and more.

Investigative Shareware
A collection of links to various free shareware downloads you will find quite useful. From this page you access several dozen different software programs you can download.

Hushmail is a free tool you can use to encrypt email messages so only you and the party you are writing to can read them.

Netsetter is a little gem that lets you surf the net up to one hundred times faster.

IntelliCAD 2000
Free downloadable drawing software useful for investigators.

CyberSnitch Forensic Software Links
This is a very extensive for all computer users. There isn't much free but most of it is very reasonable in price.

Zeroclick is a small, simple, free program for users of Windows95, 98, NT and 2000 which allows you to "disconnect doubleclick from the internet" and this in turn prevents their banner ads, their cookies and their tracking of your activities.

Forensic Toolkit
The Forensic ToolKit™ contains several Win32 Command line tools that can help you examine the files on a NTFS disk partition for unauthorized activity. We built these tools to help us do our job, we hope they can help you as well.  This tool OPEN SOURCE.

CPR helps you find special features of Windows 98 that normally are hidden in the user interface. These valuable programs will definitely help you troubleshoot and solve problems, tune-up your system and prevent system errors from occurring.

Duplicates the entire system drive which can boot Win9x.


Encrypt Pic
Encrypt Pic is a free download shareware program that lets you embed data into a graphic file for security reasons. In no way will it alter the graphic file and only the receiver can open the encrypted file.

Media Enforcer

I wish the need for this program didn't exist. Unfortunately, it does. There has been an explosion of online piracy of all types on different kinds of services- mainly because they disassociate the user from the feeling of stealing and allow them to act irresponsibly. Media Enforcer is, at its core, a line of defense for owners of different media to put the responsibility back to the offending users. The current version supports Napster and Gnutella services, with more being added all of the time. The application will run for as long as you wish, checking all servers on all services for illegal material- giving you enough identifying information to either submit a ban on the users from the service, or to hold them responsible in a court of law if it comes to that. While many people try to argue their theft with variants of "information should be free" it is simply not true. Take the music industry. There are many people involved besides the artists who live off the royalties of album purchases. Too many producers and engineers are being hurt by this rampant piracy- not just artists- and we've got to do what we can to keep it under control.

Evidence Eliminator
Evidence Eliminator security wipes deleted files so they can not be recovered and wipes out your internet cashe, typed URLs and Internet history for both Internet Explorer And Netscape.

Port Detective
Port Detective can tell you what ports on your computer are restricted and also tell you about port blocking on you ISP.

APB Tool Bar
This is an add-on to your web browser that gives you instant- up-to-date crime news.

Directory Snoop
View and recover deleted files with Directory Snoop. This program lets you see your drives at a very low level, allowing you to view your File Allocation Table, raw clusters, and filenames of previously erased files. In this case, "erased files" refers not only to files sent to the Recycle Bin, but to files that have actually been deleted. You can use Directory Snoop as a security measure to totally wipe filenames from prying eyes. Better yet, use it to recover data that you had no hope of seeing again. Depending on a few variables, such as how long the file has been deleted and how much disk writing has occurred in the meantime, the recovery process is a snap. Other features include hex, text, and directory cluster viewers, file and cluster search, secure file and cluster wipes, and more. This powerful program will make a valuable addition to your desktop utility collection.

Rapid Address
Extremely useful utility to use in address and people searching. Check it out!

Eraser is an advanced security tool (for Windows), which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.

3-D accident reconstruction samplers as well as a trial download of the software.


Full Motion Video
Full Motion Video (FMV) is a PC-based movie and audio player that lets you view movies however you wish. You can change zoom, speed, audio, and even select just part of a movie to watch without having to edit the source video.Transfer video content to the Web in either true reduced-size video format, or extract bitmaps to produce animated G files in a third-party image editor. Not only does FMV function as a multimedia jukebox for any audio or video format supported by the Windows Media Player and the latest Apple QuickTime 4.0, but it lets you categorize your entire video and audio collection and add notes to each track or clip. In addition, both still and moving images can be given hundreds of different transitions, wipes, fades, chroma keys, implosions, and more. FMV will then let you create a video screensaver of your output.

Internet Answering Machine
Never miss a call again and do it all on the net.

Voice Contact And Hear Me
Free download for love voice over the net.
Two applications lets you send voice email
and present your voice live over the net. Site also has chat rooms with live voices you can use.

Driver License Number Development Tool
The applications allow you to construct driver license numbers from personal data for nine (9) states. In addition, you can extract SSN's from Nevada driver license numbers. (Requires registration for free access)

Can anyone crawl into your computer while you're connected to the Internet? You may
be VERY surprised to find out! This product tests your computer!

Where To Write For Vital Records
A downloadable PDF on the complete guide to obtaining divorce, birth, death,
and marriage certificates.

OptOut Anti-Spy Software
OptOut will scan your computer for covert spy software that may be lurking which you don't even know about.

TaskInfo automatically finds programs (even hidden programs) that are running
on your computer.

The high-speed graphical traceroute with integrated whois and ping. It is extremely fast, simple to use and returns a wealth of information. NeoTrace is very popular for detecting network problems and finding net information, it is also a great tool for spam hunters. The #1 internet tracer!

Pretty Good Privacy Encryption software. You can download the free version.

Deductive Reasoning Worksheets
Improve your deductive reasoning ability with these worksheets.

Super Shareware
A huge site that lets you search for and download all kinds of software programs
for Windows 95/98 NT.



SBA Shareware
A huge collection of free business software from the Small Business
Administration you can download.

Cookie Cruncher
Find out what information your computer is giving out in a cookie and crunch it.

Security Scanner
Download a very good security diagnostic scanner to know the risks. Note: currently for Windows 95 and 98 users running Internet Explorer. Support for Netscape Navigator coming soon.

Offline Explorer
Offline Explorer downloads complete web sites so you can read them offline.

Frequency Database
If you conduct countermeasures, a frequency database can be very useful. You can download a free demo at this site.

BookMark Synchronization
If you have ever lost your bookmarks (IE calls them "favorites"), or if you have
been on a computer from aremote site and wish you could access your home bookmarks, I don't have to sell you on BookmarkSync. It's a free service that allows, with a very short download, access to your bookmarks from anywhere with your password. They are stored on a server for safekeeping and kept updated as you make changes. You can publish your bookmarks for others if you want to impress them with your Net savvy.

Drag Strip
Drag Strip is a menu utility that can be used to quickly access frequently used files and programs.

Free Spy Software Downloads From CNet

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EyeCatcher (Syncronys Softcorp)
File size: 2MB
License: Demo
This motion-detection application can turn your Windows 95-compatible camera and PC into a security and surveillance system. Users can set EyeCatcher to trigger an alarm, capture video of an intruder, play a recorded sound, use a voice modem to call the user, fax the recorded frames, or send the user an email in seconds.

 Download now for the PC!
(Prescient Systems)
File size: 2.4MB
License: Demo
This surveillance software goes into action whenever it detects motion, but you'll need a digital camera and video capture card.

File size: 1.7MB
License: Demo
Why settle for watching other spy cam sites when you can create your own? If you have a Video for Windows-compatible camera, this software helps you serve live video images and streams over the Web. It's an HTTP Web server and also supports uploads via FTP and Dial-Up Networking.

(International Web)
File size: 461K
License: Shareware
This is QuickTime-enhanced Web cam software for Macintosh. It lets you transmit captured images to remote FTP sites or to a local machine (if you're running server software locally).

Cyber Snoop
(Pearl Software Inc.)
File size: 7.6MB
License: Shareware
Cyber Snoop monitors Net activity on your PC and presents the results in an easy-to-read report. Not only will it let you check out suspect Web pages, email messages, or chat rooms with a single click, but you'll also be able to block sites and screen email messages.

Desktop Surveillance
File size: 4MB
License: Shareware
Did you ever wonder what your kids or coworkers do at your computer when you're not around? This program can record their every mouse click, and play the entire stream of events back for you later.

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 Zone Alarm Security Software
Notifies you and stops hacker attacks on your computer. Discovers and stops Trojan Horses and spyware. Keeps your information Confidential and safe.

Free Software Lets You Fly Through Cyberspace flyswat is a new way to get info out of cyberspace fast. It automatically creates links from any word anywhere - on the Web or any desktop app - directly to the best of the Web's related resources. Get answers on-the-fly!

Gator remembers all your personal info and fills out online forms automatically.

eSafe Desktop Protection
All-in-one security software.
Contains virus scanner, personal firewall
and a lot more.

Online Skidmark Analyzer
Just go to the site and use the analyzer.

Free Firewall
Need a free security firewall for your
computer? Check this out.

PC Guardian File Encryption
You will find several fileand folder encryption
program downloads at this place.

Send Voice Mail Instead of eMail
This little program download lets you
send voice mail not just text mail.

File And Harddrive Shredder
You can burn files and hard drives with ease
with this Windows program.

Send encrypted email messages that
can be decrypted with a password.

Software that lets you send a text message to
any text based mobile phone in the world!

Netrocam's WebCamWatcher allows the user to open a file of internet image addresses, and have those images dynamically downloaded and automatically refreshed over the internet, according to user specified refresh rates. Image zoom, print and save are supported. Image ranges may be saved and played back in VCR mode

National Law Enforement Technology Center
A huge selection of downloadable and free Articles and publications on a
number of important investigative topics.


 Accident Reconstruction Calculator
Free download With all the forumulas you'll need.

Webshots is a free sample downloadable of photo wallpaper to
add color to your desktop. For Windows.

Customizable Business Forms
The site gives you downloadable business forms you will find useful.

PC/Mac Appraiser
Downloadable Software to get an idea of what your computer is worth.

AOL Instant Messenger AIM
Want to chat with anyone on the internet
anywhere in the world? AOL's new AIM lets you do just that.

Copernic is now in both Windows And Mac Versions. Copernic is an
internet searching utility tool that searches all the best web engines at once
and easy installs as an extension to your web browser.

California Worker's Comp Forms
Worker's comp forms just for Ca.

GuruNet is a free new one-click information service that works whenever
you're online. It automatically analyzes pointed-to text in context and pops
up a simple window without linking or leaving your document. You don't even
have to select the word. GuruNet's got reference information (dictionary,
thesaurus and encyclopedia) and real-time information (e.g. news, sports,
weather or stock quotes). And Lots more exciting content on the way.
Best of all, GuruNet works in any PC application, such as e-mail, MS-Office,
PIMs and, of course, any browser.


Downloadable Database
Area codes, time zones, internet siffix database. Quite useful free download.

Software Download Reviews
You'll find Invisible Files PC Activity Monitor Stealth Keyboard Interceptor
PC Security Guard Hook Protector

Free Farrets
Farrets are little programs and plug-ins that help you search the web easier and faster. You'll find a huge selection of Free Farret downloads from the site above.

Sam Spade
Sam Spade is a great & free tool/program for finding website owners, domain names, their contacts and more.

Customizable Business Forms
The site gives you downloadable
business forms you will find useful.



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