Sonic Bug Detector And Pinger
The New Generation Bug Detector With A Soner
That Locates Bugs, Not Just Detects Them!

We are happy to introduce new technology for countermeasures and TSCM work. The new generation Sonic Bug Detector And Pinger is a triple mode bug detector with a new function called pinger mode. The Ping mode works like a soner of submarine. Bug Pinger gives out a cracking sound. Hidden bug picks up this sound and sends it to the air. Then Bug Pinger picks up the radiowave from the bug again. From this cycle, Bug Pinger calculates the distance between itself and the hidden bug.

1. Pinger Mode. By this function, Bug Pinger calculates the distance to the hidden bugging devices.

2. Alarm Mode & Receiving Mode. Electronic alarm synchronized with LED meter helps you to locate hidden bug. Receiving mode is very helpful to find if the radiowave is really coming from hidden bug.
Pinger mode works like a sonar used by submarines.

•Size 37 (40) x 69 (74) x 174 (184) mm / Antenna O14.5 x 115 (shortend) - 615 (extended)mm
• Weight: 293g (including battery) / Antenna 28g
• Power Supply: "AA" (R6P / LR6) type battery (1.5V ) x 4
• Battery Life: Approx. 5 hours (by alkaline battery, alarm mode-waiting condition-.
• Receiving Frequency: 28 - 2000MHz
• Min Sensoring Level: Transmitter power 0.05mW
• Alarm Mode: LEDs & Syncronizing electric alarm indicates the presence of bug and distance from it.
• Receiving Mode: Helps you dis-criminate between the bug wave and others.
• Pinger Mode: Using pinger sound like submarine's sonar, LEDs indicates distance from the bug.
Pinger Mode works just like the sonar (Sound Navigation Ranging). Bug Pinger gives off clacking sound. And bug-A picks up this sound. Bug Pinger receives the radio wave from the bug-A. This is the cycle. Bug Pinger calculates the distance between you and the bug-A on the basis of time the cycle takes.

Easy To Operate

1.Load batteries to battery compartment on the back (AA x 4pcs) and attach an antenna to
Bug Pinger . Extend the antenna to full length. Attach a earphone to earphone jack 2.Turn on Power/Volume switch and set the switch to 4. Now Pinger Mode is set to . Once Bug Pinger receives any suspicious radio wave, it indicates it by LED signal meter and alarm sound.

1.Turn on mode switch and set the mode switch to 4 to 6. Play BGM by CD player or MD player. It helps you while you are searching.

2.Push radio mode button once. Now it starts searching for the radio wave. Bug Pinger stops searching every time it receives suspicious radio wave. Confirm if you can hear your voice or the BGM you played in advance. If you can not hear it through the earphone, then push radio mode button again. Bug Pinger starts searching again. If there's a bug in your room, then you can hear your own voice of the BGM through the earphone.

1.Take out earphone.
2.Make sure you are receiving radio wave from a bug (If your room is bugged, your voice or music can be heard from speaker or earphone). Push pinger mode button . Bug Pinger starts giving off sharp clacking sounds.
3.Aim the speaker at outward and walk around the area Bug Pinger reacted while you searching by DETECT MODE. Now check LED signal meter. Getting nearer to the bug, the more LED lights up. If every LED lights up, the distance between you and the bug is 50 to 80cm.

1.Attach earphone to earphone jack . 2.lift up the receiver of telephone and call an informational dial.
2.Enter radio mode (Continue same procedure of A-2). If you can hear your own voice or the informational dial you called in advance from earphone, there's the possibility of bugging. Enter pinger mode (Continue same procedure of A-3).

If you want the latest technology in a high quality portable countermeasures sweep unit, this is it. It leaves everything else in the dust with it's new soner detection mode! Be the first one on your area to use this new advanced TSCM technology.  


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Sonic Bug Detector And Pinger
The New Generation Bug Detector With A Soner That Locates Bugs,
Not Just Detects Them
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