Sonic Measuring Tool

The Easy-To-Use Tape-Less
Distance Measuring Tool

Get The Whole Footage In Minutes Without
A Tape Measure!

Anyone who uses an ordinary tape measure will want a Sonic Measure electronic measuring tool when they see how convenient and easy-to-use it is.

The Sonic Measuring Tool sends out narrow beams of sound waves that "bounce" off solid objects back to the hand-held receiver. Custom electronics and a microprocessor then convert elapsed time into a distance measurement and display it on the LCD. (When used with its electronic target, the Combo PRO model uses both sound waves and an infrared beam.) The Laser Targeting Range Finder adds a visible laser to assist the user in locating their target area.

The Sonic Measuring Tool has a built-in calculator to add linear measurements and compute areas and volumes. Intelligent software, improved accuracy and easy-to-understand instructions complete the attractive package.


  • Measures from 1'10" Up To 45 Feet (13 meters)
  • Displays measurements to the ¼"
  • Computes areas and volumes
  • Adds linear measurements, area, volumes
  • Measures in Ft/In, M/Cm
  • Tracking and Validate Modes
  • Automatic internal temperature compensation
  • Auto shut-off 7 minutes after last use
  • Multi-lingual Detailed instruction booklet
  • Multi-lingual Quick Reference instruction label
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Requires One 9 Volt Battery(not included)
  • Accuracy 99.5% +/- 1/4" (1cm)
  • One Year Warranty


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