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Spy Reveal Counter Surveillance Software
Instantly Detects And Removes Spy Keyloggers!

Do you instant message, bank online or write important business reports on your computer? Do you ever have the feeling that your X knows things they shouldn't?

Now's your chance to be proactive with SpyReveal, the only dedicated spy detector on the market. With SpyReveal you can find commercial spy software on your computer and take action before it's too late. SpyReveal was the first anti keylogger in the security industry to develop software designed to protect the general public from so called "undetectable" keylogging programs and continues to be the leader in this field of privacy protection software. The primary goal is to uphold your right to privacy!

• Find Spy Software that can record every keystroke.
• Disable or Eradicate detected spy software.
• Save the results to a text file for future reference.
• Find out when a spy program was installed.
• Prioritized & unlimited email customer service.
• 1-click update for both the database and program.
• Lifetime updates
• Scan your system against the largest commercial spy database on the planet!

• Best Anti Keylogger
SpyReveal is one of the most recommended anti keyloggers on the market. Numerous investigative reporters and journalists have written articles about SpyReveal, always highly recommending us because of the features and capabilities of our software.

• Detect Keyloggers
SpyReveal was the first in the industry. We've had a head start in collecting keyloggers and detecting them. SpyReveal can currently find hundreds of commercial keyloggers.

• Find Keyloggers
Some of our competition, especially the newer antivirus packages, may claim to find viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and more, all in one product. It may sound convenient, but like they say: jack of all trades, master of none.

• Remove Keyloggers
Our software helps you quarantine and remove keyloggers. We provide you with peace of mind, knowing the keyloggers are no longer able to function.


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Spy Reveal Counter Surveillance Software - Instant Download Only $29.95

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Lawmate Grade Covert Video


LawMate Grade Stationary Covert Video -Where Innovation Goes On And On!

Stationary Covery Video

Stationary Covery Video

PV900EVO High Definition Evolution!
Looks Like A Cell Phone But It's A Stealth Mode Covert Video Recorder With High Grade Camera/DVR!
Can Also Dual Function As A Pocket Digital VIdeo Recorder With Dozens Of Different Bodywear And Special Ops Covert Video Cameras.

LawMate New Generation MiniCam

LawMate New Generation MiniCam -When We Say Mini We Mean Small And LawMate Brand Means Law Enforcement Grade!
High Resolution! Half The Size - Twice The Power And Wait Still You See The Included Options That Come With It!

PV500 Digital Video Recorders From LawMate

The PV500 Series Of Covert Video Recorders Can Be Used To Set Up Stationary Covert Video Operations Anywhere And Any Time!
These Popular Pofessional Grade Video Recorders Can Be Obbtained With A Huge Assortment Of Innovative Cameras!
There Are Now Three Models To Pick From!


PV900 Digital Video Recorder From LawMate

PV100 High Res Digital Video Recorder From LawMate
The PV900 From LawMate Is The World's Most Popular Portable Digital Video Recorder For Special
Covert Video Operationa And Offers A Number Of Add-Ons And Accesories That Will Make Your Mouth Water!

Covert Video Camera Mega Shift From LawMate

LawMate Grade Special Ops Covert Video cameras

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