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More Than Twice The Recording Time At Half The Price!

WARNING! Don't Buy Last Year's Technology!
The Profusion Confusion Is Now Over! Why buy a bigger bulky recorder
with less memory and more viability with it's shinny parts when you can
get today's cutting-edge technology for less dollars!

New StealthTek 2008 Audio Recorder
Renders Other Recorders Obsolete!

Smarter, Cheaper, Better And With More Memory!
And So Stealth And Small-It's Almost Invisible!

Above is a Photo of the new StealthTek Audio. It's twice the recorder at half the price of like models. It's specifically designed for the investigative market place. There is no shiny highly visible silver trim that reflects sun and calls attention to itself as well as draws one's eyes to it because of it's shinny silver top, bottom and trim. This is the giant killer of 2008. It's, smarter, cheaper, better and with more memory than any of it's competitive models and completely stealth with no shinny parts. Coming in May! Worldwide Exclusive! Up to 324 hours of recording time makes this recorder the choice of the professional. Forget all the other now outdated audio recorders and get the latest in technological innovation. You will be light years ahead by using today's technology instead of last year's technology.

New StealthTek 2008
Audio Recorder Renders Other Recorders Obsolete!

Smarter, Lighter, Cheaper, Better And With More Memory!

If you want last year's older out dated recorders that is fine as we are closing them out at reduced pricing to make room for the new generation StealthTek 2008 which is a new generation recorder that is smaller cheaper better and with more memory than any other digital recorder in it's class. Not only is StealthTek 2008 a whole lot smaller than the other recorders in it's class, it's memory starts out at 35 hours (not 17 hours) at about the same price! In fact, this recorder make the other recorders in it's class look like a Dinosaur in both size, price, color, memory and function! You can now forget what others call "Jet Black." This recorder is non-reflective Spy Plane Stealth Black with no highly visible shinny sliver trim and it doesn't reflect light back to one's eyes like the Forus Recorder does! Forus Jet Black color reflects light back to one's eyes calling attention to itself. The new stealth black color of the StealthTeK recorder does not. It's so small and so stealth in color, she's almost invisible!

First there was true Stealth in the form of The Recluse and Stealthcams in the covert video market. Then there was the StealthTeK GPS live tracker and the Stealth QuickTrak Pro GPS Tracker. Now we are delighted to present the StealthTeK digital audio recorder for 2008 and this is technological innovation at it's best! Last year's Forus Recorder in light reflective shinny black and shinny reflective sliver parts that made them stand out like a sore thumb is now rendered out of date when compared to StealthTeK Audio. In fact, the new StealthTeK audio recorder makes the other recorders look like an elephant in size and a dinosaur in color technology. The new StealthTek Audio solves all those problems and renders the other recorders in it's class a thing of the past that needs to be relegated to the Spy And Private-Eye Museum where all old outdated and obsolete recorders go when they die. The new generation SteathTeK Audio 2008 is the tiny recorder that kills the giants with their larger non-stealth recorders that was last year's and last decade's technology.Not only is the StealthTek Audio Recorder the latest technology in stealth, shape, color and design, she's gives you well over twice the recording power at half the price when you compare it to other like models. The final design of the StealthTeK Audio Recorder is so revolutionary and so innovative, we were keeping the design top secret until now and we are now revealing it's final design! Take a close look at the photo at the top of this page.

Specifications And Features:

• New Non-Reflective Stealth Spy Plane Black Color
• No shinny silver tops, bottoms Or Trim To Call Attention To Itself!
• New Stealth Color, Size And Design Renders Other Recorders A Thing Of The Past!
• Smallest Digital Recorder In It' Class. Makes Other Recorders Look Like An Elephant!
• New Smart Stealth Technology Turns Other Recorders Into A Dinosaur!
• Voice operated recording
• MIC sensitivity choice
• Telephone recording function
• Cell Phone Recording function
• Automatic power off function
• 3 recording modes
• Play and speed control function
• Built in flash memory
• Bright Easy To Read LCD display
• USB port
• AC Power Adapter for Long-Time Telephone Recording
• Power supply 2AAA batteries
• Long play 34 hour model at the other recorder 17 hour price!

Package Includes:
• Tiny StealthTek Audio Recorder
• Stereo Earphone
• USB cable
• Voice manager Pro Installation CD
• 2 AAA batteries
• Users Manual
• Audio cable
• Telephone recording Control adapter
• Cell phone recording control adapter
• Cell Phone Voice Changer Included
• Telephone cord
• AC/DC power cord
• External microphone
• Hand strap
• Optional Extension With Incoming/Outgoing Dialed Number Capture

While we know there are many different recorders from a number of different sources that are imported into the US market, we decided to take a different approach to the needs of those who need a good long play small audio recorder. That is, go to a highly respected recorder manufacture and have them make a recorder for the investigative industry to industry specifications, not something with shapes, trim, features and so forth made for another market. We came up with this design because it is easy on the hand, easy to use, very small, very black and very stealth with no shinny parts to attract attention! Stealth will fit in the palm of your hand with instant recording ability when you need to do that. It's instant telephone recording connection make it an ideal automatic telephone recorder that will record both sides of telephone conversation. She is so small and so dark with no shinny parts most would not even notice it is there even when it's simply out in the open. Not only that, in our exclusive design of this recorder, we gave our recorder developer a challenge! That was to make a recorder not only specifically for the spy, private-eye and investigative market, but make it with twice the recording power at half the price! They came through on that will flying colors!

So Stealth, it's almost invisible! Get the new StealthTeK recorder today before you get left in the dust and become obsolete like last year's outdated recorders will become! Preorder your Stealth Recorder today and be the very first in your area to use the new StealthTeK 2008 technology! The first SlteathTek recorders will ship in May 2008.


StealthTek 2008 Audio Recorder- Simple, Black, Small And Stealth!
35 Hours, 128 MB With Automatic Telephone Recording Control $99.50
Perorder Now For Delivery In May 2008

StealthTek 2008 Audio Recorder - Simple, Black, Small And Stealth!
324 Hours, 256 MB With Automatic Telephone Recording Control And
Incoming/Outgoing Dialed Number Capture Feature. $139.95
Perorder Now For Delivery In May 2008.




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