Small-Size Thermal Imager TPV-1M2

Thermal Imager

The Thermal imager is a civil optical and electronic device for everyday use and is designed for visualizing of the heat radiation from different objects. It can be used for visualizing of different technological processes and energy testing, in rescue operations and prevention of industrial and residential accidents and breakdowns. The device can be used at a temperature within the range from minus 10°C to plus 40°C and relative humidity (RH) of 80% at plus 20°C.

It is very comfortable in use especially in conditions completely void of any ambient illumination, for spotting of heat leakage at home and in industrial facilities.

The temperature resolution of 0,2°C of the device enables seeing of a general panorama when looking through the device.

It features a light-weight construction and is comfortable in use.

  1. Turning on the device is performed by the "POWER" button. To economically use the energy from the batteries the device has an integral timer, which shuts off the device if it out of use for longer than 30 s.
  2. Using button "SELECT" you can choose viewing of objects having different levels of heat radiation. This mode is used with the cooler being both ON and OFF. When observing an object having a temperature over 50°C the cooler should be OFF. When viewing objects having a temperature within the range of 10°C to 50°C, the cooler must be ON.
  3. To make viewing more comfortable for the eyes of the user, there is a brightness control on the side of the housing to adjust the brightness of the screen.
There are the following modes of operation:
  1. Maximum sensitivity mode - the cooler is on. "The upper mode"
  2. Increased sensitivity mode - the cooler is on. "The lower mode"
    These two first modes of operation are used for viewing of objects having a temperature not more than 50°C
  3. Mode of decreased sensitivity - the cooler is off.
    Viewing of objects having a temperature within 50°C to 150°C
  4. Mode of low sensitivity - the cooler is off. "The lower mode"
    Viewing of objects having a temperature within 150°C to 500°C
Operational status: available

Magnification, X 2
Field of view, ...°
    vertical, not less 4
    horizontal, not less 9
Range of vision (man's figure), m, not less 700
Thermal resolution, K, not more 0,2
Geometrical resolution, milliradian 1,4
Operating spectral range, μm 3 ÷ 5
Frame format 64 128
Frame frequency, frame/s, not less 30
Screen color red
Power supply 1 rechargeable battery CGP-D28 (7,2V, 2,8 @/h)
Non-stop operation from a fully charged battery, h, not less 10
Dimensions, mm 138 173 100
Weight, kg 1,1

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