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A New Generation Of Countermeasures Kit
CSR Pro Extreme Countermeasures Set

Sweeps A Room For Bugs And Wiretaps From
400KHz to 8.5GHz! Has Built-In Plug-In Telephone And Telephone Line testing Gear!

The all new Pro Extreme- CSR/PRO countermeasures set. Incredible frequency range of 400KHz to 8.5GHz. System includes Hard Shell Carry case, RF Probe, IR Probe, all new phone line tone injection/locate unit and much more. Custom manufactured in Israel by a leading Israeli military countermeasures contractor.

Featured New Product! Zap Checker One
The ZAP ONE is a new generation countermeasures RF sweeper that detects and displays RF (Radio Frequency) signal levels with uniquely high sensitivity, similar to a broadband receiver. It provides Linear and Logarithmic measurements of RF signals over a broad span of frequencies. The ZAP One allows the user to detect and measure signal strength and to distinguish between analog and digital transmissions.

Scrambler Phone Set
Keep your telephone conversations secure from being recorded or being listened to, as it will scramble everything. A simple press of switch activates the scrambler, which has 4 settings. Can also be used as a normal phone. Another scrambler phone at other end will descramble everything. Set of two scarmblers phone.

Featured New Product!
Covert Bug Detector Built Into A Working Pen!

Silently And Covertly Detects Bugs, Wiretaps,
Hidden Cameras And Other Eavesdropping Devices!
The Covert Pen Bug Detector can protect you from hidden cameras, bugs and wiretaps. Push button design saves valuable battery life. The red flashing frequency will increase while approaching the signal and is detectable up to 10 feet. This is a functioning ball point pen and stylus for touch screen devices.

Featured New Product! Lineman Telephone
This lineman's telephone lets you connect to a telephone line anywhere you have access to the wires! Just connect it to the red and green wires of a telephone line and you're set. You can then monitor that line as well as dial outgoing calls.

UV Security Marking Pen & UV Light

Here is a handy pen that has a UV light on one end and a UV marker on the other.

Tone And Probe Telephone And Electrical Line Tracer
In conducting TSCM jobs is becomes important to isolate telephone lines and other wiring for testing. The Progressive Tone And Probe Line Tracer gives you just what you need! You simply connect the tone generator to any modular telephone jack or use the clips for other wires

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Bug And RF Detection Gear Wiretap Detection/Phone Privacy
Sound Masking/Jamming And Scrambling Computer Countermeasures
Countermeasures TSCM Sweep Kits UV Light And Other Detection Aids
Video Camera Detection Books And Manuals On Countermeasures

Featured New Product
New Generation Portable High Security Telephone Scramblers- Works With Both Cell Phones And
Land Line Phones

This Telephone Scrambler attaches onto most cellular or land line telephone handsets. It is designed to scramble your conversations over the telephone line by using a unit on each end. This tactical device will protect your conversation from various methods of eavesdropping from wiretaps or electronic bugs.


Take A Slide Show Tour Of The New CPM700 Ultra Advanced

Advanced Countermeasures TSCM Sweep Functions That Will
Impress you!


Review The CPM700 Sweep Kit

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New Generation!
JM One Countermeasures Bug Tracer

With Verification Feature
The high sensitivity to nearfield signals makes the JM One Tester ideal for security, counter-surveillance and radio communication testing applications. The Tester can lock automatically and almost instantly on to any signal within its frequency range. FM signals are demodulated and output it through its built-in speaker or audio earphone supplied.

Featured New JM-50 Pro Bug Sweeper

Fast Countermeasures Scanning From 1 GHZ TO 6 GHZ
The JM-50 PRO is a time proven high quality and dependable RF detection meter. Now updated to detect RF signals from 1GHz to 6GHz.  New high-gain flexible antenna covers entire frequency range, no need to switch antennas and double your work to find bugging devices! No longer can the new 4.2 and 5.8 GHz transmitting devices hide form the JM-50 PRO. No longer can the new 4.2 and 5.8 GHz transmitting devices hide form the JM-20 PRO. The compact size and silent vibration alert enables you to conceal it on your body for private sweeping of wireless listening and video transmissions.

Featured New Product! New Generation Just Released!
RapidTec Advanced Personal RF Detector And Bug Sweeper
Now Sweeps Up To 6 GHZ!

The all new pocket size Personal Radio Frequency Detector locates stuck transmitters or bugging devices in a room or automobile. This personal RF detector excels at silent detecting of RF signals for RF security and counter-surveilance applications.

What's New In Covert Video Micro Video And Pinhole Video
Covert Video Cameras Built Into All
Kinds Of Stuff
Bodywear Covert Video Cameras-
Cameras You Wear Or Carry Carry It! Wear It!
Tiny Bullet And Weatherproof Cameras Access Video Off The Net From Anywhere
Portable Mini Digital Video Recorders Complete Video Monitoring Systems
Total Digital Video Cameras & Gear Video Recorders
Quad Systems And Processors Simulated Video Cameras
Other Surveillance Aids And Optics Surveillance Training Aids

Featured New Product! The ZapChecker Advanced
A New Generation Detection Device! Utilizing new integrated circuits developed for use in cell phones and wireless devices. Hundreds of times more sensitive than standard field strength meters, and more sensitive than most spectrum analyzers 10MHz to 4.5 GHz sweep range. Ergonomically engineered design. Small enough to fit in your pocket

Featured New Product! New Generation Just Released!
Scan One! Analog & Digital RF Detector & Frequency Counter
1 GHz range position for frequencies 30 MHz to 0.8Ghz
2.8 GHz range position for frequencies 500 MHZ to 2.8 Ghz
Representing the next generation of radio frequency detection is our Smart RF Detector. This high quality unit features a 7 digit LCD, ultra sensitive synchronous detector and 16 section bar graph to show RF signal strength.

ProExtreme-Acoustic Leakage Probe-Contact Mic
This Super High Power Acoustic Contact Microphone certainly meets the qualifications for the best in it's class! The small acoustic "super sensor" pick-up is simply placed against any surface and all sound vibrations will be amplified up to 100 times via our portable 1 watt RMS amplifier and fed into specially manufactured perfectly matched active noise cancellation stereo headphones. The result is truly incredible.

Flexible Borescope Viewer With Light
Can See Where The Human Eye Can Not! Look Inside And Under Stuff Even In Total Darkness! Look Behind Walls, Inside Engines And Electrical Equipment, Down Drains, Behind Light Switches, Inside Computers, Inside Electrical Outlet Coverings-You name It! Because Not Using One On Countermeasures Sweeps Is a Sin!

UV Detection Powder

This ultraviolet detection powder is designed for the detection and identification of stolen and altered items. An article can be marked so that it is invisible to the eye, but under ultraviolet light the item and anyone who touched it can be identified.



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