Forensic Ultraviolet Lamp And marking Pen Kit
This economical and efficient transistorized hand-held ultraviolet lamp provides rays in the UV-A (blacklight) range (365 NM to be precise), perfectly matched for use with our detectable substances. Its convenient coat pocket size makes it as practical in the field as in the lab. It also has a standard white flashlight bulb built in. Use this UV (Ultraviolet) light for close examination of the crime scene to reveal evidence not visible under normal lighting to the naked eye. With this portable Forensics UV Light, hidden blood, fingerprints, fibers, and subcutaneous bruises on living and dead bodies will have no place to hide. Uses four AA batteries (not included). The UV lamp comes with a UV pen marker so the user can mark objects to see if they have been tampered (such as screw head markings) or mark serial numbers or other identifying markings on anything.

At a Glance...
• Forensics UV Light
• Compact and portable
• Crime Scene Investigation
• Detect invisible markings, blood, fingerprints, fake money, and more
• Comes with a built-in flashlight

Detection Features
• Reveals evidence Not Visible Under Normal Lighting Conditions
• UV Light Spots Hidden Blood, Fingerprints, Fibers, subcutaneous bruises And More.
• With The Marking Pen, You Can Detect Tampering
• Mark Screw Heads With Pen And Quickly Determine If Phone Or Electrical Plat Has Been Tampered With

• LED Type: 6 Inch Black Fluorescent UV Tube
• LED Power: 4W
• Built In Flashlight
• Power Source: 4x AA Batteries (Not Included)
• UV marking Pen
• UV Forensic Light Size: 2" x .75" x 6".

Note: A small segment of the population is sensitive to radiation in this region of the spectrum and may experience adverse effects.

Forensic Ultraviolet Lamp And marking Pen Kit $39.95


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CounterTeK Spy Dust - UV Detection Powder $28.00
There is an old story about spy dust that goes something like this. In the 1960's and 1970's the Russians needed a way to ID spys at our embassy in Moscow. The spys worked in a room upstairs in which no one else in the embassy was allow into. Some how, the Russians got into the room and place "spy dust" on the door knobs. By using IR detection equipment when people came out of the embassy, they were able to determine who had been in the room. UV detection power has many uses in the surveillance, spying, investigation and detection.

This ultraviolet detection powder is designed for the detection and identification of stolen and altered items. An article can be marked so that it is invisible to the eye, but under ultraviolet light the item and anyone who touched it can be identified. Simply add a small amount of the powder to any surface. When touched, it is immediately transferred to the hand, clothing, etc. Excellent for large or small objects. Ideal for currency, paper, clothing, and any other surface.

Since it can not be seen by the naked eye, ultraviolet detection powder or spy dust can be used in many other ways. It can be placed on the backs of vehicles for surveillance and night surveillance and then viewed under IR light sources for easy identification. It can be used in other investigative and surveillance methods to ID people leaving buildings who have touched certain items within the building. It has even been used to determine if someone has touched another person.
Use with our Mini Ultraviolet Lamp. Non-toxic. 2 ounce bottle. Long lasting. $39.95
UV Detection Powder Only $39.95


CounterTeK Spy Dust - UV Detection Powder $28.00



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