Web Promotion's Animated 3-D Gifs
Web Promotion has one of the best libraries of free 3-D fast loading animated web graphics you will find on the internet. You can buy a CD very inexpensively (less than $50.00) or download the graphics from their web site as long as you give credit and provide a link back to their site. There's certainly nothing wrong with that.

The Cool Archives
This place hands you thousands of animated gifs, graphics, fonts, clip art, buttons, backgrounds, icons and anything else that has to do with graphics.

Andy Art
Andy Art was no doubt developed by non-other than Andy himself. The front page on this site is quite interesting. It will take a minute or two to load but you will be quite surprised with the java scripts he has done here and you'll even be more amazed at the free graphics you can use when you credit him. Andy offers a lot of free graphics you can use under his term or you can purchase his CD.

Gif artist is a gallery of gifs, mostly animated that you can obtain. Some of them are quite good and quite unusual.

The Animation Zone
This is really a sharp site and easy to navigate. You will find a huge selection of animated graphics you can download and use on your web site. You will also find some background tiles that work quite well.

Media Builder's Animated Graphics Library
A huge selection that is sections off by subject. You'll find some of the better animations at this site.

Michael Shaikun Animated Gifs
Michael's place has over 1,250 gif animations you can use. I have watched his site grow over a number of years. Subscribe to his emailed updates and he will send you notices when new animations go up which they do about every other week.

Gif Animation Thrift Shop
Some really good animations can be found here that you can use on your web site.

Rose's Animated Gifs
This is a huge site will all kinds of free stuff including gifs and backgrounds.

The Animation Factory
Huge selections and well done site. You'll find some great animations you can use on your web page at this place. This place wants $29.95 for what they call their "Premier Gold" site but you can still access the free samples section.